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  1. it's clearly a deinonychus. Only question is, is it a new DLC or just an update? Guess we'll find out next week
  2. So hypothetically if I were to set the launch parameters to ActiveEvent=FearEvolved, would that then enable the fear evolved event? Or is the ActiveEvent= a new system and/or only compatible with Winter Wonderland?
  3. I agree with this much. It would be nice to have a rare variant that's magical and is basically how it is now, and a more common variant that is permanent and serves as a mid-game water mount
  4. The only problem I have with a November release date is once FO76 comes out, when I'm not in class that's going to be eating up most of my time until me and my friends have done all there is to do, which means I'm not gonna be able to experience Extinction for very long :((((
  5. The winner's arkwork wasn't even from ark. Impressive yes, but it's the indoraptor from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom lmao. In fact, I think that's even an exact scene from the trailer
  6. To everyone who has played it, is it worth the price tag? I'm interested in it but can't tell if I would enjoy it or not
  7. I get what you're going for. It would be nice if they were more realistic, BUUUUUUUUUUUUT they are supposed to be genetically altered/separately evolved from the real life counterpart, so there are some liberties taken. Plus I think an overlooked fact by pretty much everyone is the size and strength of the giga is most likely a reference to Dino Crisis 2, in which a giga appears that is around twice the size of the rex, and is so much more powerful that it takes it out in just a couple seconds
  8. I agree. Allosaurs wouldn't be stepping on the toes of a rex, and a rex wouldn't let any of other predators in its territory. All predators see anything smaller than them, predator or prey, as prey, and anything bigger as a threat, with the exception of things like packs of raptors against a trike/stego, or a rex against a bronto.
  9. Having multiple latch on to you like the leeches would make them a little more worth taming, especially if you could whistle them to do it/they did it automatically while attacking
  10. I wish they would actually update the model. I understand the art team is busy with extinction, but the parasaur is suffering from over design like many of the initial creatures IMO
  11. I like the new parasaur ability, it's something we've all been asking for for some time, but the model suffers from the same condition as a lot of the launch dinos do: over design. My suggestion would be to get rid of the unnecessary spikes, make the skin look more realistic like the other tlc pass dinos, and maybe a switch stance? IRL they most likely walked on all 4's to eat and graze and ran on 2 legs. Also, I think I'm misinterpreting, but is there going to be two different honks, or only the one in the preview clip? If it's just the one, make it a lot louder. If it's two, an alarm and a scare, then as long as the alarm one is louder than that it's fine
  12. me and my friend ascended on my non dedicated server but he crashed right as the cutscene started and now he can't find his character file and we're considering stopping
  13. Stronger? We'll find out when they've officially announced everything that will be in it, like they did with phase 1. It'll be able to switch stances, bipedal doing a lot more damage as it'll also use its claws in exchange for speed. Quadrupedal switches damage for speed and maneuverability. It'll move faster and have a tighter turning radius, as well as being buffed while in the water
  14. I think of them as separately evolving from the base genome, although being genetically created like the humans in aberration, goes along with a theory about the origins of the ARKs that I have. In the aberration ascension, you get transported to earth. Before you do you can see a large crater. We also learn that the tek tier, which is the same style as the ARKs, is human made. We also see briefly in the cinematic that on earth very similar structures are left in a barren hell, so it's basically confirmed that they're human made. We also learn from Diana that in the future that humanity is split into two warring factions. From this, I'm going on a limb and saying that the war caused a near-human extinction, sparking the creation of the ARKs to secure the future of the human race. Shortly after launching the project, a massive meteor struck the earth, causing that huge crater from the cinematic, as no nuke is powerful enough to create such devastation, only something like a meteor is, which we've seen here on earth in the real world. As a way of preparing the survivors of the ARKs for the harsh realities of the now completely devastated earth, the future humans scanned and cloned humans displaying certain characteristics, such as intelligence, adaptability, lethality etc from across time, as well as some of the most dangerous, either letting them evolve on their own or genetically enhancing them to the point that they're a new species, to allow them to adapt to the horrors they may face when they return. This would explain the name 'Extinction' for the next and final DLC releasing this year, as it would show the extinction of the human race, and possibly all life on earth in the future, and explaining why they're called ARKs, because an ark is used to preserve life after a cataclysmic event, like noah's ark. The only things that don't add up are the defense units in the control station, as they're bio-organic, or in lamens cyborgs. Although if the dinosaurs are genetically altered, it's not too much of a stretch to assume that they would have altered various beings to leave behind to help ensure only the best survive. Unless of course it's revealed that the whole thing was created by an alien race, which would explain the reason the control center and the defense units look different stylistically compared to things on the ARKs themselves. TL;DR it makes sense for them to be genetically altered, and not separately evolved
  15. It's implied through the dossiers as they're separate subspecies and look and act a little different than they had in real life. If I remember correctly, Helena also mentions it in one of her early explorer notes on the island
  16. They're subspecies due to evolving independently on the island, but certain traits carry over across species
  17. pteranodon means toothless beak. Realistically, its body wouldn't be capable of a dive bomb, but it wouldn't be able to support the weight of a person either. Anyway, it does need a remodel, take away the teeth, make the wings rounded as they would be in real life, and make them a longer finger like IRL, not hand separate from it. That picture is neat, but not very close. The hair like structures are good though
  18. We pretty much conclusively know that all raptor species had full body feathers, so it'd be neato if they were completely covered in them
  19. The megalania lizard aids needs to affect more than just humans IMO I'm guessing you mean like a ram or using it's horns more. The problem with this is IRL carno's horns were most likely used for show, as well as having relatively weak neck muscles as it was built for speed, like a cheetah, so its headbutt currently wouldn't be possible
  20. 1. Personally I would think it would make more sense if they got within a certain range so you don't lose your tame while it's crying out with that massive nasal cavity 2. IDK about another variant being larger, but it definitely needs a common, permanent variation with no magical effect, or at least toned down a bit. And a model update isn't as necessary as some of the others IMO, but it certainly wouldn't hurt 3. The dossier mentions it being a genetic hybrid of trike and styracosaurus. IMO take away the horny crest and make it a trike and add the styracosaurus as a new creature, give it a better model, animation and maybe sound pass. To add functionality definitely make it a walking barrier with the crest that you can peak over. And maybe add a charging attack like the rhino, and give it a buff when fighting rexes. 4. Only problem is it's directly stated to be particularly stupid and takes all forms of attention as play until it's too late to escape, so it's better suited as a taxi or troop transport 5. Personally I think it's kinda BS that they're like many creatures, they don't attack certain things in the wild, but if those same creatures are tamed you better believe they're attacking. That's not how animals work in real life. If anything, they should be more intimidated by adding the extra size of a person to it. But I digress, nerf the stun some, and have them actually move around and attack things like coel's and other similarly sized things in the water, not just things pertaining to humans
  21. I'm going to keep making suggestions as I come across things in game. Any way, the giga: I like it. Just needs a model update, and its roar should also have a poop effect. As for its steps, they shouldn't sound like crunching paper, they should be massive, heavy, weighted steps like the rex, considering it's bigger. And just like many, myself included, have suggested, add a grab like the megalosaurus to rex, giga and spino, maybe allo
  22. I like the new Sarco, although it looks like its snout is still derpy and ugly. Would it be at all possible to fix that before it actually comes out? My idea for fixing its ugliness would be to just make the end a bit thinner and more crocodilian like. As you can see with these three (unevenly sized) pictures, real life crocodilian species don't have that. That skull is from the IRL sarcosuchus, and while the tip is a bit bigger, it's still not to the scale it is in game. TL;DR make the snout less derpy and ridiculous to look at
  23. I agree, it could use another ability. Maybe a stomp? Or an ability to actually grab things and use its arms and legs to slash it? IRL Rex obviously wouldn't just bite everything. It's theorized that it would've used it's arms and legs to help hold down or slash its prey while the head, with that powerful bite force, crushed it. On that same note, I mentioned this in an earlier comment, but it would be nice if the larger theropods had abilities like that, that help deal more damage if they are able to hold on to their prey. Also just be able to carry and hold on to creatures in general. Also, unrelated but still relevant, as I have also previously stated, it would be amazing if all the creatures got an AI overhaul so the carnivores aren't mindless monsters attacking everything in sight, but rather acted like real animals, and had AI similar to the hyenadon to where it attacks animals it doesn't attack in the wild simply because they're tamed, and the herbivores actually did something like graze, and move in packs, and not just stand there waiting to be killed like a mindless zombie.
  24. The problem with this is if you read the dossier it specifically mentions that they're kinda stupid, and take every form of attention as play, which leads to their death as they don't understand what's going on until it's too late
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