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  1. Since this is a server config, I believe you should file the server outage form at https://ark.gg/outage for the server management team to look into.
  2. invincibleqc

    Change the logon screen to aberration

    The main menu is based on the last map you played. If you want to launch the game with a specific background, then you have to manually change the last map played saved in your config. I don't think you can do it on consoles, but if you are on Steam, open the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini And change the following option: [Player.Info] LastMapPlayed=Aberration_P You will need to do that every time you re-launch your game after playing a different map.
  3. invincibleqc

    Whose excited?!

    To be honest, I think that none of the people that got wiped in the recent wave were reported. I have a feeling the detection has been made automated and they are analyzing the saves and flagging tribes that matches certain criteria. The main reason why I think that is because all the stories I've saw be it here, on reddit, on twitter or simply from friends none of the servers were at or near cap and the tribes got wiped regardless. I don't think people would bother reporting tribes unless the servers are at cap preventing them from playing. I'm not sure about you, but if I can still tame and breed normally, I couldn't care less if the neighbor have an army of colored chickens. This is a sandbox game, if they like colored chickens then they should be able to enjoy the game the way they want. However, if they have an army of colored chickens, and that as soon as there is an available slot on the server they are taming or hatching a new one, then this is where it becomes an issue and fall under the "purposely capping a server" category. I recently started playing again on officials for a few weeks now, and none of the servers I joined were at cap. Before I leave and start playing on my own cluster early last year every servers (especially ragnarok) were always at cap. And from what I heard, the capping issues have been resolved by the cryopods. At least, on PC. Could be different on consoles and still be an issue for them since the server limit is much lower. Anyways, I'd say be careful with what you tame and be sure to keep them frozen keeping the minimal you need out. I still think it is somewhat a shame that they release events that promote taming but then wipe tribes without warning for playing them. I get the intent, but I think they are 1 year late on enforcing it. Also, why not make the dodos and other small creatures untameable if people are not allowed to have them. Would be more effective and at least players would know and don't have the surprise to log with all their progress gone without prior warning. On my side I will most likely look for some unmutated colored Daeodon.
  4. invincibleqc

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

  5. invincibleqc

    New PC hosted Server - 10 Players

    Since the thread is in the PS4 section, I would tend to say this is a PS4 server hosted on PC.
  6. The only way is to gather as much evidences as you can and submit a ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/ That being said, why are not you guys logging off for a while so your stuff is ORP protected? They would certainly gives up after a while..
  7. invincibleqc

    Ark For PC

    If you buy a game on Steam, you can play up to 2 hours and refund it. The process is automated if your play-time is under the 2 hours so you could always purchase it, test the performance of your computer and refund it if necessary. I think PC is the best version to play, since consoles seems very limited from what I saw being reported. I've never played on consoles myself though. Having access to mods is also a great benefit. It will most likely be on sale soon based on past years so if you are not in a hurry you could always wait for a deal either on the game or the season pass.
  8. You will need to submit a Support Ticket if you want details or appeal a ban. Nobody can assist with that on the forums. Good luck!
  9. invincibleqc

    Checking for swamp fever

    This is CloudFlare's DDoS Mitigation. The forums must be experiencing higher than usual traffic or something and they turned it on. Redundant and annoying? Certainly. But I guess better than the whole thing being down and inaccessible don't you think? 🙃
  10. invincibleqc

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    I guess they are enforcing the following change they made to the CoC two weeks ago: Although it is hard to have an impartial opinion considering we only have one side of the story... if the claims made here that both servers referenced were never capped are true, I'm not sure how someone can be found guilty of purposely capping a server that is not and never been capped. This doesn't really make sense to me, to be honest. I'm sure they had good reasons to make that change but, if a server is not constantly capped then I'm not sure how someone breeding dodos or light pets can be considered griefing and preventing others from playing. So yeah, as mentioned you guys will know more about the situations and the specific reasons behind the taken actions by submitting support tickets.
  11. invincibleqc

    Will wildcard help?

    I think they merged their tribe into the other before leaving and now they want to transfer back their base which is unfortunately not possible without using admin commands. And even with admin commands, the only way with what is currently available would be to manually use "givetome" on every pieces one by one as there is no command that transfer ownership without taking all structures from the target tribe. So yeah, I unfortunately don't think GMs will be able to assist him.
  12. invincibleqc

    General Admin info

    No, reports are privately made between players and GMs. See #1. If you are on officials, you can contact GMs via support tickets: https://support.survivetheark.com/ If you are on unofficials, you will need to contact the owner of the server.
  13. invincibleqc

    Will wildcard help?

    That is unfortunate but, afaik GMs will not transfer specific structures from a tribe to another. Your only way to find out tho is to ask them directly via a Support Ticket but I'm fairly sure they will be unable to assist. Good luck nonetheless!
  14. invincibleqc

    Known Issues: Primitive Plus

    @Korkopadraig Merged your thread here. Your issue is listed in the main post on the first page: If you can provide more details about the issue, please do so as it might help them investigate and get a fix for it.
  15. invincibleqc

    We are Recruiting for are Skull Head Tribe

    Please create a tribe in the ARK Tribes section; recruitment is not allowed anywhere else on the forums. Thanks!