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  1. PvX adapted for PC and Consoles. When it was released last year on Mobile, I thought this was a genius mode and I would really like to give it a try on PC. More on PvX:
  2. I disagree. Extending the timers would just be a step back to tame cap issues. If you want your tame to lasts as long as your metal building, just freeze them and they will be safe in your cryofridges. Also, if you place your cryofridges directly on the ground instead of placed on a foundation or ceiling, their decay timers would be 40 days so you could leave for a month and still keep your tames even if the cryofridges are not powered since the pods themselves are good for 30 days when charged. You would still lose your other structures, but we are talking about tames here.
  3. You can submit a Support Ticket but I don't think they will be able to assist. When you removed your tribemate from your tribe, all their personally owned structures followed them. You will most likely have to wait for their structures to decay and rebuild unless you are able to contact them and invite them back into your tribe. I would suggest that in the future, make sure to set the governance of your tribe's structure to tribe owned rather than personally owned.
  4. The value is simply rounded when displayed on your client. Each imprint gives 2.851205673899291% which is displayed as 3% and 2.851205673899291 * 4 = 11.40482269559716 which is rounded and displayed as 11% rather than 12%, etc.
  5. Let's try to keep this thread about the introduction of the Deinonychus. If you guys want to suggest and discuss the addition of some other species, then please do so in the Game Suggestions section.
  6. Server issues must be reported via the outage form: http://ark.gg/outage
  7. Your post is really hard to understand but I think you are unable to transfer out of a server, is that right? If so, this might be related to this issue:
  8. Spinos shares spawns with fishes (coels, piranha and salmon), bary, otters, and hesperornis and they won't spawn unless you kill everything and re-render to trigger the spawners. Usually takes us few minutes to farm enough sails for alpha near green obelisk by simply following the rivers in circle eating everything with tamed spinos.
  9. You used to be able to use cryopods in the first few meters after the entrance and people were unfreezing gigas, etc. there but it was fixed a long time ago from what I know.
  10. I would have guessed Direwolf to be your favorite creature; not sure why.
  11. You can still use snake eggs to make superior kibbles.
  12. The CrossArk ones, yes. However, all the servers from the PVE-Hardcore cluster are listed as being removed; hence why OP asked where he is supposed to migrate.
  13. Racism is against the CoC. Submit a support ticket if you wish to report players that are in violation of these rules: https://support.survivetheark.com/
  14. Submit a Support Ticket: https://support.survivetheark.com/ If players have items they are not supposed to have on a specific cluster, then I'm sure the GMs/Enforcement Team will have them deleted.
  15. If it is not in the list, then your sever is safe until the next migration.
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