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  1. It said it's movement is barely slowed in deep water. That's probably meaning its swim speed.
  2. I am sorry but did you just fricking call Pliosaurus funkei a Mosasaur? Pliosaurs like Liopleurodon and Pliosaurus funkei are short necked plesiosaurs. Yes, Pliosaurus funkei is related to that long necked plesiosaur that it is biting the neck of.
  3. Nigersaurus taqueti would be a fun sauropod to add. It's lawnmower mouth could give it the ability to harvest more fiber and berries. It is a small sauropod like Amargasaurus. For anyone who thinks the name is a joke: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigersaurus
  4. I even completed a mission but I will check again just in case.
  5. They mean it literally isn't there.
  6. I would love to be able to transfer titans to the Island or Scorched Earth or Ragnarok, or The Center on singleplayer.
  7. That is either a giant owl or a giant harpy eagle type thing.
  8. Styrac likes to flip the ever living poop out when put on a trike. Same goes for the bionic trike skin and even bionic raptor for the raptors and this is on Xbox One.
  9. Watch them reveal Extinction at E3 which is the tail end of spring. It is still spring though lol.
  10. Aww, how cute, someone is salty that someone got a runner up over them.
  11. I think you meant isn't based on velociraptor right?
  12. Meant to quote someone else lol. Also good news: Brontosaurus is considered to be its own genus related to Apatasaurus.
  13. 4: Not anymore it seems https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/back-brontosaurus-dinosaur-just-might-deserve-its-own-genus-species-science-180954892/
  14. Actually you might want to reconsider the Brontosaurus an Apatasaurus thing.
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