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  1. Releasing Patches for Mac and Linux Sounds like a good idea to also release patches for the other supported platforms. Both are now two versions behind and cannot join any official and unofficial servers. I suggest you put CI in place that builds and releases the patches for you and put some monitoring in place to make sure you notice when things go wrong.
  2. 302.1 Linux and Mac? Two patches in a row. No Servers, no event. Does Wildcard realize it is trying to push Genesis onto people and this is a bad PR? Can I get a refund after several years and thousands hours in?
  3. Well the issue is that as Linux people we are also somewhat likely to be hosting some of the servers for ARK... And if we cannot access the stuff we host why host it at all. The blunder with the 301 was from the beginning, even the server binary was not OK, it required a library that they did not ship with it(you could either get the library yourself or the next patch removed the dependency). Now the client did not get built/uploaded? Come on, you can build server and client at the same time with one command... My CI can do it for you as it does for all my UE4 projects... and run some
  4. Exactly, what changed? Are we now sending some metrics to them using that? Do we need to start using AWS to host the servers? Who knows
  5. I am more curious... why are aws sdk libraries needed for the server? And anybody tried installing the sdk?:D
  6. Yes we now got v300, was able to join random server and run around. Case closed.
  7. Do we start a new thread for v300?:) We are now two versions behind.
  8. We complain and then do something that is more entertaining than waiting around for this **** . I am considering shutting down the 7 server cluster I am hosting because I just cannot help out in-game when I am needed and that is almost after every update. And this will affect some amount of people on the supported platform.
  9. It is not even about the target platform. To be honest if I package my UE4 project for Windows and Linux the Linux build even takes shorter amount of time. This is just pure laziness or in this case incompetence on Wildcard side. The codebase is the exact same(or should be the same..) so it is not like there needs to be a special patch to enable Linux running at the same time as Windows version. While the cross compile is not just one more click as most people imagine it is not that hard to automate the process. My best guess is that they do actually keep the Linux and Windows in a
  10. I do not care about the client. I care about the server for my community. I mean I can just shoot myself in a leg now because all of my servers are dead.
  11. Linux Dedicated Server does not contain the Executable for the server!
  12. Private server Map name? It is not Aberration
  13. Am I the only one getting the segfault on the server side? I literally used the setting posted here and the server will not launch... /home/steam/ARK/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer PGARK?RCONPort=32360?Port=7807?QueryPort=27018?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0?listen -ForceAllowCaveFlyers -OnlyAutoDestroyCoreStructures -RaidDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier -NoTransferFromFiltering -UseBattlEye Using binned. 4.5.1-0+UE4 7038 3077 402 6 [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110 Signal 11 caught. EngineCrashHan
  14. You still need the launch options, map name and stuff(I suspect that to be the name you select while generating). Although it should be possible to do the generation on the server side. You also sort of need the location to put it into on the server as that might be different from the single player
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