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  1. Also, why the hell are there so many rocks that on OTHER maps would be considered small enough to pick up, but instead it says you need an axe/hatchet to do so?
  2. I think you geniuses got the areas labeled "easiest" to hardest, ass backwards. Easiest areas have the most dangerous fking creatures, in large numbers. You literally can't even spawn, because you die during your stupid respawn animation when you look down at your damn arm. Remove the animation.
  3. game crashed when I opened my inventory...
  4. Nobody but you plays on Mac so...yeah. lol
  5. WC is almost(if not just as) bad as Digital Extremes when it comes to ETA times for release dates. Too many delays.
  6. What i really want to know is, have you solved the issue with people pillaring the living crap out of everything to hog it all? It would be REAL nice if you did.
  7. LOL, I had the filter set to Official and not legacy, it pulled up the legacy one, so yeah...you should fix that soon.
  8. You sure? because I logged onto a Rag server and my character data from before was still there(hadn't logged onto that server in 2 months, had stopped playing official servers due to elitist toxicity levels on server)
  9. Will there be something that tells us if the server is legacy or new, for official servers?
  10. I for one, am glad this happens. It'll knock you elitists down a peg or 2.
  11. Dunno why they're calling it cross platform for the Windows 10(non steam version from Microsoft)/Xbox1, because both are literally windows 10 platforms at base. These major platform/console companies need to get off their high horses and allow for TRUE cross platform compatibility, they'll get A LOT more money out of it in the end, and much happier players(allow for steam/PlayStation/Xbox compatibility) but we all know this will either A) never happen, or B) will take another 3-5 years. By then, the game will be probably dead, or so cluttered and un-optimized that ppl will leave
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