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  1. Correct. You can use it whenever, and it will increase the taming bar by 50%. No, cannot be used for passive tames.
  2. To be honest, I think the removal of event items is just a way to compensate the extra memory used by the recent updates (hint; that anti-meshing seems to be quite hungry on high populated servers).
  3. Okay, I think this thread has run its course. Let's all remember the #1 rule of the community. Also, if your official server suffer from crashes/performance issues, report it through the server outage form so that it can be investigated. Thanks!
  4. Isnt your melee 28 points? Mine with 33 points is 319.9 melee 290.5 is indeed 28 points. Must have used a wild stats calculator which extracted the taming bonuses as points.
  5. Alright guys, let's get back on topic. This is not a thread to complain about x or report y, but a thread to showcase and discuss the theme song of the upcoming DLC. There are other channels specifically available for the other topics. Thanks.
  6. The Valentine event always had hard-coded rates included. The rates were mentioned in the Patch Notes, and I believe you can offset them for your needs (e.g. if you want 5x breeding, then try to set breeding to 5 / 3 = 1.666667x while you have the event enabled, etc.).
  7. Oh boy, this thread is getting silly with the non-sense conspiracies. If you see someone that break the CoC, report them through tickets. If you have questions or concerns about the rules, submit a ticket. If your official server suffer performance issues, submit a server outage report. If you are victim of an in-game bug, submit a bug report. If you don't enjoy your play time on a server be it official, unofficial, legacy, non legacy, dedicated, non dedicated, mobile, static, red, blue, orange, or whatever then play elsewhere or move on. Perhaps find yourself a new hobby for a while. I got an idea! What about a collection of homemade tinfoil hats? Sounds very interesting. Locking. I don't see the discussion becoming constructive any time soon. PS: It's time to stop pointing at specific races; there's douchebags all over the world. Anyone can get banned for not following the rules in place. No matter where they come from. The banlist is public; check it yourself: http://arkdedicated.com/banlist.txt
  8. Fishing the red coals that have heart particles will yield chocolate, candy, chibies.
  9. You need to change your filters if you want to see the most recent suggestions. Otherwise, the default is the most up-voted. → https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/64-game-suggestions/&sortby=last_post&sortdirection=desc Your initial suggestion is at the very top, please refrain from making new ones with the same content. Thanks!
  10. Officials are back online. If you cannot see them, then make sure your client is up-to-date. This was a major version update, so you won't find servers if your client is outdated.
  11. The event includes 3x maturation, 3x incubation, 0.33x mating interval, 2x XP, 2x taming, 2x harvesting...
  12. Give them time to re-deploy. They are updating.
  13. Last year was part of ActiveEvent, before that was -vday. Though, seems like they re-branded the event to "Love Evolved" so I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes ActiveEvent=LoveEvolved or something.
  14. I would not trust that calculator. It says "3.97 elements per hour for 10x", which is not accurate at all.
  15. Take a frog in swamp cave, or tame snails.
  16. A bit less than 6 elements a day.
  17. Players cannot build into the Artifact caves on the island. Though, some are buildable on other maps. The dark cave on ragnarok, for example.
  18. You most likely don't have enough memory on your PC. Official saves are huge.
  19. Snap a wall or a fence foundation to any of the foundation otherwise they decays after 12 hours. Press H, and you will see the timer.
  20. The max level is (255 * 7) + 1 = 1786 or (255 * 6) + 1 = 1531 for flyers. A creature cannot have more than 255 points into a single stat regardless of your config. You can spawn creature with more, but they will get clamped when saved. There is also no limit for mutation; as soon as one parent have less than 20 markers, you can still mutate the stats of the others.
  21. Because only a few flyers actually have an additive bonus applied to speed. This is a multiplier setting, meaning if the specie have no bonus in that stat then the result of 0 * 1.5 is still 0. More details: https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/ee7ryu/flyer_speed/fbsrqq1/
  22. I haven't tested, but I trust they did. However, if you are playing single-player or non-dedicated, then it won't be fixed because that fix was just pushed server-side and won't be for those two until a client patch is pushed.
  23. Was fixed yesterday: Make sure your servers are up-to-date.
  24. Last year the food consumption was lower, but that is not included this year from what I know.
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