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  1. I mean... if I already had a black toaster, I don't think I would consider paying a monthly subscription to paint it green... I would rather pay more upfront and upgrade to an industrial oven or something.
  2. Don't forget that, while yes, you can play it on PC, the Win10 version is still the Xbox's one at the end of the day meaning that you would still have all the restrictions you currently do on PS4. So you would really only pay a monthly subscription for a paint job on your current console. Probably better value to pay more upfront and get an upgrade.
  3. If you play on your own servers, then yes, you can unlock all the engrams and spawn the creatures these DLCs introduces.
  4. Don't quote me on that, but chances are the base game, along with the old DLCs, will be on sale when Genesis Part 2 is officially out. I'm pretty sure all the other launches came with a sale on the old stuff. In any cases, they will likely do a summer sale next month like they did last year. Keep in mind, this is all speculation based on history and nothing is guaranteed. What do you mean by all structures? I can't really give an informed recommendation based on experience because I only ever played on PC, but based on what I saw on these forums over the years I'd say; make the
  5. Then just use admin commands to spawn back your breeding line as they were.
  6. There is always a chance they attack regardless of the map you are on. It's random, based on your behaviours around them. Some may find you simply existing annoying and attack, others might only when you do certain actions and whatnot but there is always a random chance they will attack you.
  7. Oh, I didn't know the game was released on the n64.
  8. If you are playing on an official cluster, keep in mind that this is against the CoC;
  9. When a server is down, everything is paused because nothing is ticking.
  10. Some stuff will work, but some won't. Basically, everything that is specific to an event will only be available during that event. For example, there won't be decorations and/or raptor claus if you activate winter wonderland, there is no dodorex/wyvern nor pumpkins, etc. spawning if you activate fear evolved. Though, all the content that do not requires event-specific blueprints (such as wild dinos colors, etc.) will work.
  11. Events can only be activated when they are live.
  12. That's a known issue that was recently fixed on PC but according to the patch notes haven't been pushed to consoles yet. As a workaround, you can use the following command to get it: giveitemnum 151 1 0 0
  13. Those characters are available for download because your server allows it. Basically, you (or any players) could upload anything locally and download it on your server. You need to launch it with the following option to prevent that: -notransferfromfiltering
  14. A game manipulating and duplicating the data is different than you being able to do so. I'm not saying that ARK should or shouldn't allows multiple saves. Nor that it can or can't do so. I'm trying to figure out if what was requested is allowed or not despite every discussions saying it isn't. So again, can you manually backup your saves (for any game, on any storage of your choice) and restore them or is that not an option offered by Microsoft? At the end of the day, I don't personally care about any of this. I was just trying to help him gather information about his request.
  15. Yeah, but that is not what is discussed here, though. He wants to have the ability to make copies of his saves and restore them whenever he wants so he won't lose everything if something similar happens again in the future. The fact you can use an external drive as local storage is irrelevant, unless you can also copy its content to another and restore it whenever you want including your in-game progress. Can you do that, or not? That is pretty much the question here, as per his suggestion: Every top discussions from a simple search states that the "cloud" is the only backup option avail
  16. That is something you should ask Microsoft about. If you search around, there are a lot of discussions about it (not specifically related to ARK, but any games in general) where it is stated that you cannot do so as per Microsoft policies. As to whether this is accurate or not; I could not tell. I haven't owned a console for at least a decade so I'm definitely not the best person to confirm anything regarding this matter.
  17. Feel free to request that feature in the suggestions section. However, I'm pretty sure this is something Microsoft simply don't allow at all.
  18. The only data that button is likely gonna erase, is the empty world that did overwrite yours when you launched your game while that bug was still live.
  19. As previously mentioned, server reports are all merged here to prevent spamming: And as also mentioned, the forums is not the proper channel for such issues anyway. You can find the official form for you to fill at the top of this thread.
  20. Launch your game with the following options: -forcelogflush log=dxdebug.log -dxdebug Launch your game to make it crash, then check the following file: ../ShooterGame/Saved/Logs/dxdebug.log For potential clues about what is going on. That said, an INTERNAL_ERROR is usually linked to drivers and more often than not occurs because the engine tries to switch back and forth between your builtin and dedicated graphic cards so chances are you will see traces of both in the generated logs if that is the case. I've seen that crash happens when launching the game in fullscreen on some
  21. If you want to restore your world as it was on a specific day then no, it cannot be done. Logs are just that; strings of text that carry no actual data whatsoever. Though, if you simply want to change the day of a new world, you can do so with the following command: setday 253
  22. You probably simply switched to a specific targeting group those dinos do not respond to. Make sure your group is set to [none] and it should works.
  23. You can try to submit a support ticket here: https://support.survivetheark.com/ I'm not sure of their current policy regarding tribe ownership transfer, but in the past, I know they were able to if enough members were on at the time to elect a new owner if the current one was inactive. No promise they can assist you though, but give it a shot. This is your best and only bet either way.
  24. I'm not sure if an update was just pushed to your platform or not, but if that is the case, please give it time to deploy. If your server isn't back up after the usual update time (normally between 15-30 minutes I believe) then report the outage using the following form: http://ark.gg/outage And the server team will look into it. In all cases, the CC is not the place to report nor discuss official servers issues. Thanks!
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