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  1. No, you cannot craft anything into a storage. Look at the description of your blueprint and it will tell you where it can be crafted. For example, this Rex blueprint must be crafted into a Smithy: If there is no mention of a specific station, then it must be crafted into your own inventory.
  2. That would violate the CoC because travelling through, or building into, the mesh is not allowed no matter the circumstances.
  3. There is no mention of that in the official patch notes:
  4. Transfer to another server and come back is often enough to put you back in your tribe.
  5. I raised some recently on map launch with Tek Troughs placed on an ocean platform and did not have any issue.
  6. Actually, that's not the case. The versioning scheme they use for ARK is: <major>.<minor> And the only version that have to match between clients and servers is the major one. The minor one only increase when they push fixes on either client or server depot and is not uncommon for the client build to be higher just as it is not for the server one to be. But, if a client tries to connect to a server with a different major version then the connection will be rejected for version mismatch. It's actually not uncommon for official servers to have a newer version than what unofficial servers can run. Some times it can take days, or weeks, for unofficial to receive updates when it is only for minor patches and some are not even published at all because they update them again before doing so. Often the case if the update only include changes relevant to the official clustering and whatnot.
  7. You need to define 190 levels. With the configuration you posted above, the max level you can reach without ascension is 153 - 85 = 68. So, based on your example, 632547 is at level 89 meaning you cannot gain XP anymore until you ascend, level up a chibi, collect all notes, etc. And when you define up to 163 as suggested above, you still cannot go past level 78. In other words; you need to define the 85 ascension levels on top of the actual max level without ascending you want.
  8. Mega tribes would just gang up and mass report individuals they want out of their way if the amount of reports had any relevant weight. For the most part, and although I have no specifics about their internal enforcement processes, I believe they only take actions if they can prove the misconducts through external sources (game logs, metrics, etc.) so that enforcement is not weaponized and abused to get ahead into a PvP environment. So, as others stated; provide as much details as you possibly can within your incident reports and let them investigate and take the appropriate actions they see fit. Not much else you can do as a player.
  9. It's pretty clear where this thread belongs: The following suggests otherwise:
  10. Creatures, items, or characters that are uploaded are not directly saved into your save file. If your server was clustered, they would have been saved into whatever ClusterDirOverride was defined to. If your server was not clustered, then they were saved locally and are stored into your local profile and should be available for download if these files were preserved.
  11. Bad idea. Cooked meat is less nutritious than raw meaning not only you will have to collect twice as much meat, but you will also have to waste time cooking it.
  12. Watch out, you might get a VAC ban if you continue.
  13. That's not necessarily the case. Most of the time, these exploits have multiple ways of being achieved. Giving details about the exploits, or their fixes, just gives ammo to exploiters for finding different methods to get the same results or directly ways to circumvent the fixes themselves. Not only that, but fixes are not always pushed to all platforms at the same time due to certifications and whatnot. Giving details would just encourage and publicize these exploits on platforms that are not patched yet.
  14. Should not this be applied to your total then? For example, if you want to know the probability of getting at least 1 mutation into any of the strongest stats, it is effectively 3 rolls of 1.375%, not 55% of 3 rolls of 2.5%, etc.
  15. Not sure, but the hard-coded values of APrimalDinoCharacter are set to: RandomMutationChance = 0.025; RandomMutationRolls = 3; Meaning 0.025 * 3 = 0.075, not 0.0731.
  16. Damaged structures cannot be picked up.
  17. Throw a grenade on it and it won't happen again.
  18. You could use the mate-boost indicator.
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