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  1. The official link ark.gg/outage still redirects there so yes, that form is still valid.
  2. While this is an unfortunate situation, this is a dispute between players that should be resolved between players and Wildcard won't get involved. From a technicality point of view they didn't steal anything. As owners, they rightfully own everything belonging to that tribe. Unless they used any kind of exploits there is nothing to be reported and you are indeed out of luck. The best advice I could give you is to make sure the tribes you join are set to "personally owned" so that your creatures and everything you build is bound to your character even if it leaves the tribe.
  3. You can enable/disable their AI special attacks in their behavioural options.
  4. Yep, which is why you want to find high armor and low durability saddle blueprints.
  5. Stats have been capped for a while now, a quick "ark 755.3" search yields 3+ years old discussions about it.
  6. Yes, the days counter will increase at the speed it does in-game.
  7. Yes, the stats are capped to I believe a quality based on a difficulty offset of 0.2 maxed to 64 times. The calculation of the cap appears to be something like that: round(InitialValueConstant + (InitialValueConstant * StateModifierScale * DefaultModifierValue) + (InitialValueConstant * StateModifierScale * RandomizerRangeMultiplier * (0.75 + DifficultyOffset * 1.75 * RandomizerRangeOverride))) * 64 * RandomizerRangeMultiplier For example, here are the values for a Longneck durability: Which gives us: round(70.0 + (70.0 * 0.001 * 0) + (70.0 * 0.001 * 0.25 * (0.75 + 0.2 * 1.75 * 1000))) * 64 * 0.25 = 1216 That calculation is definitely not 100% accurate since it is slightly off for other stats that are percent based but they are very close, etc.
  8. Into your Game Library, right click on ARK → Properties → SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... and add the following: -culture=en
  9. That means your client thinks it can place it, but the server actually rejects the placement. This usually happens if you try to build anything around a drop location on official PvE, or if your client is slightly desync and the server assume you are too far from the requested location.
  10. Hard to tell why without more data from your testings. However, I ran a quick test just now and was able to craft Flak with higher than 1.5k durability:
  11. @eromtrebor I've removed your videos because they shows names and we do not allow public naming and shaming on the forums. That said, the last update removed the ability to push others' creatures so this should not be an issue anymore.
  12. I believe this means you can no longer craft, or get from drops items and blueprints that exceed the configured ItemStatClamps. For example, it was previously possible to get 200+ armor saddles from some drops that would then only get clamped at the next reboot, etc.
  13. As stated in the announcement: The versioning format they use is <major>.<minor> so 312.57 to 312.65 is a minor version which means those rates won't be coming until at least v313.0+.
  14. Take a look at your configuration files if you have any "Engram Entries" or "Experience Ramp" overrides. If you do, remove them. If you don't, post your config files (or PM them to me if you don't want to share them publicly) and I can have a look. Pretty much. Basically, as soon as you level up to level 2, you learn all engrams available at that level, etc. EDIT: He had the following in his config, which was causing the leveling issues: LevelExperienceRampOverrides= LevelExperienceRampOverrides=
  15. It wasn't, but I've moved it for you. For future reference, server stuff goes in the server sections. What is the config you used? More than likely not formatted correctly. However, rather than messing with the ramping you could just make every engrams learned automatically: # ../Game.ini [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true Or let it as is and allow players to respec infinitely if they run out of engrams: # ../Game.ini [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true I personally use the later. More often than not, all the engrams you learn early game you no longer need later or got blueprints for them by then, etc.
  16. If the tribe of the player that dropped the egg is at tribe cap, then the baby will be deleted on birth.
  17. Load your single-player world on The Island and use the following command: setplayerpos 255157 247694 -14359|giveallexplorernotes
  18. Open your inventory, and look at your tribe limit. You are most likely at the limit which prevents you to claim new babies.
  19. You are not allowed to go in the mesh, period. So if you have turrets in the mesh, this is an admission of guilt that you broke the rules and will be punished for it.
  20. Which makes it boring! This won't win me any friends but; they should make Mantas the "Dimorphs" of the sea and make them target riders. I think this could bring some challenging aspects of being in the sea regardless of the mount you have on both PvP and PvE. Imagine a pack of Mantas breaking your scuba tank before you have time to react.
  21. Game.ini: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] bAllowUnlimitedRespecs=true
  22. Can take minutes, or hours. The first time you open anything it will compiles and cache stuff so the next time you open them it shouldn't take long. I'd say just open everything before going to bed and it should be done in the morning.
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