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  1. Well, I'd say his statement is more reliable than what you can see browsing the server list. I mean, a lot of players are playing single-player/lan sessions which is technically PvE. And since you don't have access to that data, while they do, I'm incline to believe this is accurate. Regardless, at the end of the day, nobody cares. This is the beauty of a sandbox game; everyone can enjoy it the way they want.
  2. The following would change the cost of Element to 100 ingots and 200 oil each: # ../Game.ini [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemResource_Element_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_MetalIngot_C",BaseResourceRequirement=100.000000,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemResource_Oil_C",BaseResourceRequirement=200.000000,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=false))) If you don't want it to be craftable using substitute (scrap metal, basi/tuso oil, e
  3. That is because you tested locally, where there is no networking and the server has nothing else to do. I won't address timing/data because I don't think that is relevant but here is a short clip illustrating it: The more busy a server is, the more noticeable it will be. For pretty much the same reasons tames can take few seconds to react when asked to follow you, or the mating progresses are all over the place and keep resetting client-side, etc.
  4. @Bruno5011@Shasa@Babsi@AmaZiinG As of v316.18 (v803.6 for Xbox and v552.6 for PS4) that increased the reward of some bosses, official DLCs now have their own sets: Ragnarok: DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossDragon_Easy_Ragnarok_C DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossDragon_Hard_Ragnarok_C DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossDragon_Medium_Ragnarok_C DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossManticore_Easy_Ragnarok_C DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossManticore_Hard_Ragnarok_C DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossManticore_Medium_Ragnarok_C Valguero: DinoDropInventoryComponent_BossDragon_Easy_Valgu
  5. This can happens if you spawn creatures that are too high, their stats will overflow when saved/loaded from disk if they are larger than 255 points. Take the following example: It has the equivalence of 1222 points allocated into melee that was successively added during the stats distribution. However, when relaunching the game, it becomes: Because it was saved/restored as an unsigned char so that 1222 did overflow and was interpreted as 198 points.
  6. While this is true punching your tames will not make them regenerate stamina faster, it will accelerate the interval at which you see it. Basically, when you dismount your creature, it goes into "idling" state and thinks less frequently (especially on high populated/poor performing servers). When you punch it, it goes out of idling and is replicated (updated to clients) right away giving you the feel that punching it was directly affecting its stamina. For example, if idling creatures think every 3 seconds and that they regenerate a total of 100 stamina points during that time, punching it eve
  7. # ../Game.ini [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] HexagonRewardMultiplier=1.000000
  8. I tried a save from 2017 that I know used to work and I got the same error when loading it in single-player. However, it loaded fine on one of my dedicated VM and I was able to join normally.
  9. That max is 255 base + 88 level ups. So for a Giga, that would be: ((100 + (255 * 5)) + -80) + (88 * (((100 + (255 * 5)) + -80) * 0.0085)) = 2263.7% (Max hatch: 1295%) And for a Rex that would be: ((((100 + (255 * 5)) + 7)) * 1.176) + (88 * (((((100 + (255 * 5)) + 7)) * 1.176) * 0.017)) = 4056.6% (Max hatch: 1625.2%) You can continue your line until 255 points (or 254 if you started mutating on an even number) because the game won't allow mutations if the selected stat + 2 is greater than 255.
  10. Please refer to the following article: My character was erased! That said, ARK Data is linked to your account, not your survivor. Create a new one and you will be able to download your stuff.
  11. I will have a look when I get the chance. Not sure when that will be though, but I bookmarked that thread as a reminder. What did you test anyways? Most creatures carry a 0.8 adjuster for incoming damage of type DmgType_Melee_Human. So if the damage is dealt by a melee weapon, regardless if that weapon is carried by an actual player or a Mantis, then it will be applied. Basically, the damage type is determined by the weapon here, no who is holding it.
  12. As @genie45 mentioned those limits are hard-coded within the assets so you cannot increase them on a per-item basis but you can bypass those checks altogether with the following config: This will affect all structures that are limited such as cables, taxidermy, flags, canvas, etc.
  13. As stated in the link I posted: And since the incoming damage is from a Sword that deals that type of damage, an adjuster of 0.8 is applied.
  14. The problem is the base values used there: You can't use those values as base because they are already transformed. You have to break down the entire calculation as explained there: With that said, we can easily negate what was applied and get the correct results. For example: First of, the weapon multiplier isn't inserted at the right place, as it only affects the output damage (the 90 in that example). But anyways, we can get to the right results with the following: ((34 + (90 * (1.231 * 0.80))) * 3.36) + (90 * 0.2) = 430.04352 2.231 was replaced to 1.231 because
  15. Try to replace the following with your SteamID64: 2a76775b87a14fecad57db43e31767f8|00027b6ede274de4b4a2eb0efce4329e That property is a null-terminated string, so its size isn't hard-coded in the packed structure and should be properly parsed regardless of its value.
  16. The ID of that profile is carried within its structure (UniqueNetIdRepl and SavedNetworkAddress) properties and one or the other is likely used when naming the file. Try to open your profile with a text editor such as Notepad++ and replace all occurrences. It may or may not works, depending if the structures is carrying the length of the ID which will cause unpacking issues since EGS are 2 digits longer than SteamID. Make sure to make a backup.
  17. It was fixed on PC according to the Patch Notes so likely just a matter of certification if you are on console.
  18. Well, you can't force him to like something he don't. Play a game he likes with him, and maybe he will play a game you like with you.
  19. As @Thyme said; Tek Structures will never give any Element back. Also, demolishing a Tek Replicator on Genesis will not give anything at all.
  20. Were they snapped to each others? Lone structures, including Tek Storage, have a decay timer of 12 hours which then allow anyone to manually demolish and collect without leaving any logs. Turn on your extended HUD to see their decay timers.
  21. Instead of waiting, you can use the following command to update the config immediately: admincheat ForceUpdateDynamicConfig
  22. Yeah, well, can't do much from the server. Perhaps a mod would allows you to scan their config, tell the server, and then kick them or something like that. The easiest is to make it clear with your players that such configs are prohibited and just spectate them if some are suspicious and you could easily tell if they have unfair advantages from how they play.
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