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  1. Music is good Gareth Coker is legendary! Also, we are soooo close to Genesis, and we've been waiting patiently..... I think we deserve a few more sneak peeks ?
  2. You people are funny, complaining about the evo event. Sure, it is an odd one, but would you be happier to get nothing at all?
  3. I say nay to the specialty servers, just bring SOTF back!!!!!! It would be wise to relaunch SOTF now while the battle royale hype is high!!!!
  4. So will this coming update address the difficulty and sometimes impossibility of harvesting certain nodes with an anky? I see a couple notes that may relate to this, but not directly mentioning this issue specifically.
  5. bump.... waiting for the pve legacy saves as well
  6. I know someone with a daeodon named "Amy Swinehouse" Myself, I like to name my Dung Beetles after cereal brands gone wrong..... Poot Loops, Apple Craps, Craptain Munch, Reeces Feces, Frosted Mini-Excretes, and so forth.
  7. I am hearing there are only 3 NA-PVE servers for ragnarok???
  8. I am surprised nobody has asked this yet, buuuuut.... Where the hell did all the volcanos metal go???
  9. the bosses are have far less health than official server bosses. soooo just keep that in mind while i solo bosses on official
  10. 50k hp seems excessive. I think I saw a vid of a succsessful hard dragon clear with rexs that has 20-30k hp. Saddles make a huge impact on their survival. I guess this all boils down to what your boss strategy is. I cant say from experience but from what i have read and watched, seems a large pack of high hp rexs are better than high melee. You can always do ranged damage sitting on a rex from afar while the others play the meatshield role. I plan to go with 30k-ish hp and 500-600 melee with MC or ASC saddles to easy broodmother and work my way up. But I am also generally a solo player so I ha
  11. Dino cap is actually more of an issue in PVE because the dino count is never decreasing, nor is there risk of losing dinos other than misuse. In PVE, dinos become claimable when the tribe quits playing for long enough, which attributes horribly to the dino cap. Guarantee you'll tame a sheep anyway
  12. Permanent 2x is cool, but still a bit of a kick in the balls to all of us who have done the long hard grind before 2x evos came around. I guess I won't really complain since the game can be awfully grindy at 1x rates. Cheers for the change Wildcard, thank you
  13. Ohhh pve has it trolls, arguably more than pvp. Pve players dont have any control over it, which is exactly why carrying wild dinos is off. The plantx in my base would kill whatever gets dropped in, but not the troll whos trying to burn up my fertilizer, and thats no good. If someone put 2500+ hours into Ark and dont want the possibility of losing their work, then they made the mistake of not choosing pve 2500+ hours of gameplay ago. Its unreasonable to for these alpha tribes to think that they should be #1 forever and never lose their base/dinos. These big tribes/alpha t
  14. If a large group of players get together to beat VDD and similar multi-server tribes, I could hop on that bandwagon. Otherwise I'll be blissfully causing trouble on a smaller scale from server to server Edit: As a side note, I think this change opens the door for more gameplay than people think initially, such as cross server commerce and large scale battles unlike the offline raiding you usually see, or the "drop dinos to soak turret damage while shooting rockets" tactic. Sure this poses a threat to the alpha tribes that are used to regulating one server, but it really brings a
  15. Not worried. I have plenty of fun living as a lone rogue on pvp, staying low and undetected, with no base or just poop shacks here and there. I dont need a hundred dinos and a massive base to have fun. I can get wiped and move on with no regrets. I mean nobody any disrespect but I think people are too attached to "tame dinos, build big base" as the way to play. The moment you do this you are a target, where in my situation, I might be a target but I will never truly be found. Maybe they will find a stash, and thats fine because I dont keep all my eggs in one basket Im just trying
  16. Why anyone would go to a pvp server to play in peace makes no sense to me. Im glad the pvp scene will be shaken up, and glad alpha tribes are getting scared, it needed to happen. This will make for some nice cross server espionage and possibly get people to band together to fight the multiserver tribes who are dominating. Imo, that is far more interesting than "keeping the peace" and turning pvp into glorified pve.
  17. Well its certainly not a good pvp server when there is no pvp.
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