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  1. pvp

    Tf lol
  2. I am level 100 and have been on multiple server wipes ( I have pvp experiece). I stay up all day and about halfway through the nights and am a great breeder too.
  3. Im level 100, i have been on server wipes (PVP Experience). I am looking to join. GT "Jerky"
  4. Didnt know it was PC, this is Generall Discussions.
  5. It better have fixed the damn xbox servers that have been down for 9 days.
  6. Waste of time and money. Your "Anniversary Event" was pointless since no one was able to play, If you take a scroll through the bug reports youll see TONS of post about ddos'd server/server connection issues and me and many more players are getting sick of it. Funny me thinking the update you put out yesterday was gonna bring our servers up. Also we all know you're gonna push back the game release more, so when will that be? You take 1 step forward then 2 steps back with the new updates and dino's you're adding too, more bugs and half of the dino's are useless! (I do want the Hyenadon tho)
  7. What youre doing is getting "floating" patched. GG
  8. Agreed, my server has been down for 8 days and counting EU-686 Official. Whenever our server comes up for maybe 5 minutes we transfer turtles and explosives and go wipe tribes . We missed out completely on the event due to the ark servers being trash along with the devs not caring.
  9. Server 686 has been on and off for the past 7 days, we have lost multiple gigas, rex's, ptera's and more.... UPDATE: All babies are now RIP. Official EU-686
  10. Hola
  11. Kentro's aint on center for me (not spawning at all)
  12. Server 686 has been on and off for the past 3 days, we have lost multiple gigas, rex's, ptera's and more.... Server comes up after hours of being down and gives you maybe 10 minutes of 240 ping to walk around, until going down again. We have been hatching quetz and gigas thinking that the server was fixed but no. All of those are now dead. One of my tribe-mates is even quitting ark. Also my birthday is the same as your games too and I would love to craft that cake but all I ever see is 0 out of 100 players on my server. I hope you extend this event. FIX YOUR SERVERS WC Official EU-686
  13. pvp

  14. pvp

    They insided my tribe for our bp's and attempted to kill our tames. Were are raising for it rn.
  15. I got 7 ASC bp's from one fish all were diplo, argy, arthoplura, proctoptodon saddles (Very bad bp's ) The I fed my Giga....