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  1. Jerky

    Ark 4/20 Event

    Make it Happen
  2. Jerky

    Dinos stuck undermap

    This happened to me but it was with a crab, 150 kibble tamed. Its still stuck. I tried everything you have, the best option is to submit a ticket although they take years to respond...
  3. Jerky

    pvp TNT Mega Alliance

    They are a ok sized tribe, but theyre not really heard of.
  4. Jerky

    Ark rock dragons

    I think the weight on it was around the 500-600 range.
  5. Jerky

    How to get Rock Drake eggs

    They dont Its abberation, most if not all dinos have already been exposed to radiation.
  6. Jerky

    Ark rock dragons

    My tribe just hatched a 190 on official its stats are: HP: 5,500 Food : On hatch was 2,000 so we dont have to feed for a while Stam: 1,100 Melee: 317 I know it doesnt really relate but thats a 190's stats
  7. Jerky

    Feel like some creatures are missing?

    I agree completely, after almost taming everything to offer on this map there is definitely room for more. In some areas it seems as if their are not dinos at all. I would really offer more to the DLC if those dinos were added in the next big patch/update @Jatheish
  8. Jerky

    How to get Rock Drake eggs

    Hey, anyone have methods of getting rock drake eggs? Such as what tames to use, gear, how to get away and anything in general that will help. Feel Free to post your methods below - Jerky
  9. Jerky

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack!

    I cant wait to be impregnated with a chest burster!
  10. Jerky

    Start of Aberation

    im gonna eat one of those frog things.
  11. Jerky

    Your reasons for quitting ARK

    I quit ark 100% the only reason I am on here is to see what is happening and to check up with old friends. This game holds a special place w me but it was not something I needed to be playing every day so I quit.
  12. Jerky

    Your reasons for quitting ARK

    I quit two months ago from ark and pretty much xbox in general, I was very unhealthy while playing that game meaning I never got enough sleep it would be constant stress 24/7. I would eat a bag of doritos a day and sodas to go with it. I stopped all of that and now im hitting the gym 4-5 times a week ,(im not a heavier person) having protein shakes every day, my BCAA's, and a lot more to go with it. Quitting ark has been one of the best things I have done in a while, you could gain enemies playing that game and be hated by others, ddosed, cursed out along with the game alone being able to ruin friendships. I experienced this throughout my time in atleast 50 tribes, big alliances, server wars, and much more. Whenever I see a picture of ark or a youtube video on it is always nostalgic.. This game will forever hold a special place in my heart - Jerky Goodbye friends
  13. Jerky

    Done and Moving On: For my traders

    I feel the same man
  14. Jerky

    Man I miss this game.

    Good Times, so many people from the beginning quit playing. This game will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  15. Jerky

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I got 7 ASC bp's from one fish all were diplo, argy, arthoplura, proctoptodon saddles (Very bad bp's ) The I fed my Giga....