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  1. Atm im raising dimorphodon hatching at 200+ 1.1k health and 330 melee for a server wipe today lol. Imma throw em at ptera's and dragons...
  2. If someone wiped the dudes right next to the snow biome that'd be great, you'd be doing all of ark a favor. Their whole tribe are scammers.
  3. Quest is on 654 now, if you want em go and get em, they got some spawns blocked though.
  4. I have not been able to find these mythical tripes, it sucks that they are so rare nowadays? It seems like the only people who own tripes are the alpha tribes?
  5. He was burning up in the scorching heat... hah, see what i?.. no? ok...
  6. Im gonna hate dino painting, its going to make normal tames look so dull and you'll see everyone flying a bright blue ptera through the sky. Thats why in not paining my dinos plus it will ruin colors for breeders....
  7. I forgot to mention he almost died once... Mr Dr. Evil
  8. What i do is i use my fire dragon to get milk, i lure a female dragon in the trap with me i shut the door when i'm inside then hop off my drag and run like Muhammad Ali. After this ill tranq the dragon while my fire is tanking hits but only do that when you have a 14k+ health dragon!
  9. You were most likely on a "hardcore server" where bags do not drop upon death...
  10. Delete
  11. That is actually a really good idea and i would like to see all of that come to the game!
  12. since we are on the topic of double taming, does anyone know if baby dragons mature twice as fast or do you still have to wait 100 hours?
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else really-like the poison wyvern... I just love that fact that its attack can go really far which removes the factor of bows hitting you. Then on the other hand you can use it to take out plant species on the island or even a base while stationary. Last but not least there is the poison effect, you can just get a Rex or get a dino stuck in spike walls and shot it 1-2 times and the poison will do the rest. Why do people hate them so much?
  14. You never stated anything about the "exact" time it takes to raise the baby wyverns and how often you would have to obtain the milk. Any idea on how long it would take for both of those?
  15. Rock elementals - Snowmen