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  1. Australian doesn't mean white, you know that right? Australian is a nationality not an ethnicity.
  2. Ok, tell me: 1. Why do you have a problem with people who are gay? If you have a problem with a gay couple in media then you should have a problem with straight couples. 2. Interracial couples? Look around, those are common as hell 3. Nerva is Roman, you expect a Roman to not be misogynistic? The dude would hate Rockwell for not being Roman 4. These people are managing to survive in an environment where a heckin dragon exists, pretty much everyone is a strong character.
  3. No ETA on the next update yet but I am hopeful it will either be October or November. Can't believe I am gonna have to start all over again just to take advantage of cutscenes and narrated explorer notes.
  4. Yo, Ark devs. More people remember Alan Tudyk from Firefly than from Rogue One.
  5. You know you can take paint and paint the horn yourself right? At least I think you can.
  6. It said it's movement is barely slowed in deep water. That's probably meaning its swim speed.
  7. I am sorry but did you just fricking call Pliosaurus funkei a Mosasaur? Pliosaurs like Liopleurodon and Pliosaurus funkei are short necked plesiosaurs. Yes, Pliosaurus funkei is related to that long necked plesiosaur that it is biting the neck of.
  8. Nigersaurus taqueti would be a fun sauropod to add. It's lawnmower mouth could give it the ability to harvest more fiber and berries. It is a small sauropod like Amargasaurus. For anyone who thinks the name is a joke: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigersaurus
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