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  1. It is doing the same for all the skins for some reason.
  2. Um . . . where did the bionic skins go? Is this a bug or something? If this is a bug it really needs fixed.
  3. Uh . . . where did the bionic skins go is this a bug or something because it seems like they have been deleted from the game for some reason.
  4. I would love to be able to transfer titans to the Island or Scorched Earth or Ragnarok, or The Center on singleplayer.
  5. That is either a giant owl or a giant harpy eagle type thing.
  6. You do know that the Phiomia is actually an elephant right?
  7. A rework hell, it needs to be made useful on single player in my opinion.
  8. As the title of this bug report says the trike skins are very glitchy. With the Bionic Trike and Styracosaurus skins it is painfully obvious. The mesh on the feet, underbelly, and jaw of the skin just go haywire like the code is having a digital seizure and the mouth piece for the saddle of the trike moves up and down. For skeletal Trike it is not as obvious but once you look at the mouth you can see the part of the saddle that goes into the mouth bugging out as before. For the raptor skins so far I have only noticed one bugging out and that is the bionic raptor. It does not do this as immediately as the trike bionic skin nor does it seem to do this as often. For the Raptor Bionic skin the arm occasionally likes to start making it look like the poor robotic raptor is having a cyber seizure and sometimes I think it is the leg. Sometimes the skin is working just fine until you go adventuring a distance without the raptor and when you get back it is happening. As for the Skeletal raptor I have not noticed anything similar happening and I am not sure if you can tell if the skin is bugging out by the saddle piece or not. I also have not seen this problem with the bionic raptor skin in a while so I am not sure if it has been fixed or if I have been leaving the game before the glitch can happen. I am playing on Xbox One and I am not sure if the same happens for PC or PS4.
  9. Styrac likes to flip the ever living poop out when put on a trike. Same goes for the bionic trike skin and even bionic raptor for the raptors and this is on Xbox One.
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