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  1. Technically, Ragnarok is a MOD and not their baby first and foremost. I know they’ve adopted it due to its playability and high success. My only point is not that I don’t agree that it should not have focus in terms of priority, but rather that it may not be highest on the list. I know they are taking feedback seriously based on complaints about New Content over addressing known issues, bugs, exploits, etc. I am sure they are going to kick it down a notch on content and work out some of the core issues with the game for awhile, or at least I hope so. They have the funding, now they need to invest that money back into the core product or they are going to start losing what player base they have. Hope you guys are reading because I’ve seen online petitions and plenty of complaints that have gone unanswered, and I know you folks at WC have seen these. Please put some time into the core product to address the major concerns out there today rather than anything for new expansions etc. Fix taming, clan ownership issues (leave your own clan and lose all right)Fix more bugs, open Ragnarok, fix more bugs, optimization’s, server stability, server quantity due to over population, more bugs...Fix’em. Please. I do love your your game as many others do and you guys have so much going for you, but remember people only show up to the diner because the food is good AND the service is good, change one of those and you will see less customers. Less customers means less data for you to fix these issues. Take advantage of it. Fix it. Please.
  2. Thank you @WildCard #WildCard for addressing this issue with Sony. Just bought 3 “Complete Your Season Pass” for myself, my wife, my brother. My other brother also picked his up.
  3. On a side note, my constructive rant got the US-PS4’s “Complete Your Season Pass” fixed. Thank you @WildCard #WildCard for addressing this issue with Sony.
  4. Great comment—so much to add about addressing a problem that has been known literally for months. Clearly my post was there to say, “Please give me a reason to walk away from this game.” and not “Please address a well known issue, that looks as if it was deliberately avoided, given I have a lot of time (and money) invested in this game.” For the record, there are three others in my family who are in the exact same boat (two of those I purchased for them) and the solution isn’t “just give WC the extra money”. It’s more along the lines of, I know we aren’t the only ones affected, it’s not been fixed in months, and someone at WC is paid to have these business conversations because it affects WC profits as well. Especially since WC already acknowledged the problem and that the issue is on Sony’s end. Not every gamer lacks intelligence, or business process, such as conversations that need to happen between WC and Sony to resolve this I already did my part as a consumer to talk to Sony first and make sure the issue is still there, given PC, Xbox, and every other supported country has this working for PlayStation. However, I can’t thank you enough for the well thought out response about addressing the problem at hand. Good job.
  5. Can we get the PSN Issue fixed sometime before the next expansion pack? I.e not another 4 months of waiting for this fix....
  6. No, this doesn’t help. Several months ago WC stated the US PlayStation Store has a problem with the “Complete Your Season Pass” and I can guarantee they knew this was still a problem. You don’t launch a product not knowing the availability of it for people, especially where the issue was already known and you didn’t check. I called PlayStation support and confirmed this issue is not resolved, I’ll have to either buy the Season Pass at full price and *ATTEMPT* to get a refund from PlayStation if they do get the issue fixed, or pay full price for Aberration. WC—You knew this was an issue which is also why your link for the PSN Aberration pack isn’t the US site nor is there mention of the Complete Your Season Pass for PSN users. So we have to wait or give you more money. I’ll wait, if it’s not resolved I’ll move on to another game and I quite enjoy Ark. There’s more than one way to make this happen, like say...give a discount code for ya to enter in the PSN store OR a code to redeem Aberration if we have the funds in our account OR a check for Scorched Earth users and discount Aberration individually OR...several ways to do this, and it’s been unaddressed for months. This was a poor choice to not have addressed before launch, and leaving your PSN user base in the US in a bad spot. I’m going o go out on a limb here and say the US user base is pretty high, not just with PSN. Let’s get this addressed...somehow?
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