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So what did you do in ARK today?


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I started off the weekend as normal with some planned hatches but quickly changed course after popping a few eggs.

We have secured a nice spot in the farthest right corner of the rag desert. It has several high rock formations (I snapped a screenshot but forgot to transfer it around so I could include it), is right near the ocean, metal, obsidian, crystal. Really a good area. I put our newest tribe mate in charge of this area from the building perspective and said I want a palatial Persian feel to it. We are going to build out of adobe (which looks so good) besides for our outer perimeter which is metal to keep Giga's and Rock Golem's that may be kited at bay. 

This same tribe mate is also our Abberation guy so along with the bridges he brought over some zip lines to connect these areas. We spent a lot of time grinding out clay so yesterday was more of a play around with the ravager's and zip lines. It's definitely a lengthy project. Just building some behemoths and the bridges we probably used about 4 or 5 vaults of clay. Luckily i have a weight wyvern (2300 weight) so gathering thatch/cactus sap is easy) though I am trying to figure out a better way to harvest sand. We have a real good doedic but even over burdening to about 1700 weight with sand still takes a fair amount of time and grind. I think it's going to be worth it though. 

My other tribe mate has been fairly busy but did start to work on our new flyer barn on the cliff side above our water pen (see previous post for location) and it is coming along great. I traded a couple of yuty's for tek doors and tek dino gate sets and they are awesome. We decided we need tek behemoth sets to really make this flyer barn optimal. I'll see if I can scrounge up a couple of trades until we get our new rex line set up to make our own. 


So after getting the magenta Anky's last week I bred the male with our female with the stamina a few times. I kept 2 of the eggs. One was a male that got the stam, weight, melee but the old hp and not the color but now with a male with that stam I can breed with the magenta female. The other one was a female that got the stam, weight, melee but got a hp mutation on the old hp and introduced a new color into the line. I am calling it abberant green. My abberation tribe mate invited some of his buddies over to look around and they all said they could see that thing walking around over there. The great part is the magenta and abberant green are on different sections of the spikes so there is a chance we'll get that combo as well as the whole collection of stats. 

Popped a few more vultures and kept 3. All have over 925 hatch hp and 325 melee with the best being 975 hatch hp. I also hatched a gift egg with some nice blue feathers but it doesn't have the greatest stats. Easy raises so I am going to raise it and try to get our current hp and melee with that color. I also started trying to find some head colors to add into these. PS4 PvE so if you know anyone who has yellow or green heads on their vultures, drop me a line. 

i probably didn't cover previously but i have been looking for a male thyla with decent melee and 0 mutations since we tamed the female with 6440 hp. people want exorbitant amounts for Thyla's and most have littered mutation lines. I get the kibble is fairly expensive ( i was willing to pay 200 ing an egg from one guy but we have a friendly relationship so he did it for 150 ing an egg) but knocking out and taming a Thyla is not hard at all. After they opened the desert I was flying back to base one night and spotted a 145 male Thyla. I had time until I got off the game so I knocked it out and was rewarded with 240% melee pre-tame. Tamed it up and it came out with 338% melee. Not a great stat roll but since I was only looking for 350% as a starting spot i was satisfied. I bred them this weekend but the baby pulled the worse hp and melee from both parents. I'll try again next week. 

I did get some luck with our saber line as we birthed a level 240 female. She got our hp (2250) stamina (980) and melee (387). I am glad she is female too since our weight we want to breed in is on a male (364). I have seen better hp and stamina out there (stamina I have seen is mutated) and weight (seen 404) but I haven't seen better natural melee yet. I have a few people inquiring on doing some breeding but the melee jump for them would far surpass the hp or stamina jump for me and I live in a saber rich area so I'll just keep knocking them out trying to get it ourselves. 

None of the Argy's popped with all stats so we'll try more of that next weekend. 

I did hatch a few Thorny dragon's looking for either a stat mutation or trying to pull our green spike mutation onto our weight and melee stat. I didn't get either of those but did hatch another level 249 Thorny with all the stats (including 2k hp and 1540 stamina) so I kept him. He's juvenile right now and should get to adolescent by lunch time today. 

I mostly just cooked eggs down and plan on doing more breeding this next weekend since it is my 4 day's off however I made a mistake last night. I was cooking down a Rex egg and my tribe mate called me over to an area so I went, ended up messing around a bit and when I got back, sure enough the rex had hatched. Le sigh. Popped 280, got the 12.5k hp, pulled our 2226 stamina and 940 weight, got the 414 melee and got the Cyan coloring. It also would have cleared up the paternal side for additional mutations. If it was male i probably would have taken the day off of work, lol. It was female and it was too late since I start my 4 day work week so it got the shotgun. I'm sure we'll get it back. We have an egg cooked down in there so maybe that one has the same results but as a male too. 



I moved a few things this week. Completed the boss yuty mating pair trade for the tek doors and tek dino gates. 10 sets of each. They are excellent. I did have to rebuild a few small sections of the base to place them in but it was totally worth it. I love just flying the tape right through without stopping and how we have the one area set up for meat runs, it made transferring meat to the fridges so much easier. Love them and kick myself for not building them and using them on legacy, lol. 

Guy on my rag server was selling a decent Quetzal for cheap (4k ings) as he was just trying to lighten his excess. I snatched that up despite not needing it, moved it to my island server and resold it for 3.5k poly (roughly 7k ings by our value). I need to find more deals like that. 

I moved another mating pair of red belly ravager's to a previous buyer. I cut him a previous buyer deal (same guy I got the mute vultures off of as well) for 200 metal walls. Ravager's are not as big of seller's as I was hoping so while I will try to breed that 3.1k hp with the 240 melee I am mostly content with what we have and probably will revert those to breed to order for future sales. The 200 metal walls is going to help us as we build a new Golem taming trap in the new desert. We already got the metal gates up but someone else tamed the 150 we spotted but we were able to set them up right near a Golem spawn. 

I moved a couple of basil's and a boss yuty egg for some wyvern eggs and a mc yuty saddle bp I can make in our 2k weight thorny. It's nice with 84 armor and our tribe mate is a crafter so should get that up higher. The wyvern eggs were two 185 ice and a 185 lightning. Guy got decent basil's in return. A 150 mutton tame female with 18k hp and a 145 kibble tamed male with 19k hp. Good starting points for breeding. We still have our 145 kibble tamed female with 20k hp and our 135 mutton tamed male with 320 melee for our own breeding.

Moved some additional eggs. A quetzal egg and two thorny eggs for 4k poly.  That was a great deal. One that had been in the works since last weekend but the guy had to postpone. he got a hold of me and it turns out while he is based mostly out of an island server he had set up a base on our rag server and I had even invited him over to our base to check out our sabers, as he is also a saber breeder, previously. He also gifted us the blue feather vulture I am currently raising. That made for an easy transaction. 

I moved a full grown Thorny with our weight and melee stats too for 2k poly. We're pretty set on poly for the time being now and I may be making more ammo, crystal, and metal deals for the future. 


On the docket;

This will be a more raise centered weekend. Will pop the wyvern's, rex's, probably quetzal's to get a male with all the stats, theri's looking for a stat mutation, maybe a few more yuty's since I am doing quetzal's, try the thyla again, try to get the weight on the saber line, pop the anky's and the argy's trying to get full stats, and anything I may make a deal on during the week. I have two possible trades but don't plan on adding more unless a great offer comes across. I'll try to help with more mat farming too so that my tribe mates don't get the whole builds put on their backs. I may postpone the desert build and have my tribe mate focus on his Abberation base. I don't want him to feel obligated to work on our stuff and neglect his.  I'll add some pics into this dissertation as well so it's not all hum drum. 

Thanks for reading, catch you all next week. 

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Been exploring the Rag desert since its release last week. Hadn't experienced any of the SE weather/effects, Jerboa signals for an electrical storm but it turns out to be just rain (I know Rag isn't suppose to get the effects on the generators and such) & yesterday finally experienced the sandstorm. Decided to make a base out of the lost city ruins. Found a 150 female Iguanodon, 150 female Hyaenodon & 150 female Daeodon... which was needed. 

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Mine is last night...I am sitting at work looking at reddit in my downtime thinking about DILO happened to me last night on Ark and I stumbled upon this thread.

So I am for the most part a solo tribe (other than my two kids that port in to help me now and then) on Official PVP Aberration. I love our server. People are pretty chill. Anyway, I need a crab. Once I get a crab so much will open up to me. So I made a sweat Crab taming trap. Got my catapult positioned and made some boulders. I jump on my high level rav "Theodore" and go looking for a crab to tame. I find a lvl 10...bleh. So I decide to test on it. I pull agro and kite him to the trap. I get careless and not kiting well enough when I get pulled off my rav and squished by his claw...my rav is on passive. poop. I spawn and run back and hes still hitting my rav. I try to go jump on him and run off but the crab snatches me up again and squishes me again. DILO!. I am running back...AGAIN...from even further away...and right when I get close to while aggressive...I get the notification that my rav died. Sad face. rip Teddy. Ok. get over it, I have like 12 ravs. I pull agro on the crab and get him in the trap. Recover my ravs loot. Proceed to knock it out...but I kill it with two shots. I figured.

Ok...I go get another rav and look for abother crap. I see a lvl 135! Sweet. It's go time. I repeat the same poop except now there are spinos spawned on the path back but I manage to avoid. I get him in the trap. Success. I jump on the catapult and proceed. About 10 shots and the crab dies. DILO. I swear I was hitting the body except maybe twice. Now I am annoyed. Screw it. I will go grab my spino and just go kill some poop. In that process...my kid wakes up...I come back down stairs and me and my spino are dead from a lvl 95 Crab...log off.

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On 1/23/2018 at 5:55 AM, MirageUK said:

I have never got prime fish from Salmon with a pick and always use Sickle to harvest for prime fish meat.

Derp I meant to use the sickle, my bad. It's been weeks since I needed prime fish so I completely derped on that. But a pick will also get prime fish - or it used to that is. Maybe that's what has been changed? Ima go test with sickle now. 


Edit: tested again with sickle, got the swarm and 6 prime from about 12 saber salmon corpses (its a really goooood sickle :D ). Edited my original response with those results.

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4 hours ago, MudPuppy said:

Been exploring the Rag desert since its release last week. Hadn't experienced any of the SE weather/effects, Jerboa signals for an electrical storm but it turns out to be just rain (I know Rag isn't suppose to get the effects on the generators and such) & yesterday finally experienced the sandstorm. Decided to make a base out of the lost city ruins. Found a 150 female Iguanodon, 150 female Hyaenodon & 150 female Daeodon... which was needed. 

As I understand it the Rag team is disabling those electrical effects on purpose, 'cause it makes no freakin' sense that you can't shoot a gun or crossbow 'cause of electricity in the air lol. I think they're going to make it interfere with electrical systems still, but don't quote me on that. 

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Very successful day, sorely needed after the weekend and a tough day at work.

First I went out to tame a new featherlight. I did not find the one I wanted alas, but I made the most of my time in the red zone to mine some red gems and collect black pearls.

Finally got around to making an industrial grinder and surprise, that's how you can get ammonite bile on Aberration. Excellent. I wasted no time putting that discovery to good use and quickly made a dedicated storage box to go with my already built tek gas collector. A quick glide around to find an open gas vent, popped it right on, set the box up and I am now happily collecting gas passively instead of trying to remind myself to check the collectors all the time.

I also made a few more things. Another tek generator, which I can place just so to power both sides of the area I'm using, nice. And a tek trough, which covers a massive area and makes life so much simpler. One trough covers my entire base. Made a nanny too and I already had an incubator, so I am now pretty much set to breed in my own base no problem. Just need to get that side's gate up.

I don't have much time available during the week so that's all I did really, but hey getting critical systems up and running is always a worthy endeavor.

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Today was an interesting one. I tamed a new scorp for eggs, and ended up losing it in the yard to a random raptor. That’s the 4th female I’ve lost in 3 days xD 

I spent about 2 hours making narcotics so that we can start knocking out 150 rexes to find ones for breeding. It’s going to be a pain but worth it! 


I also pulled a 175 lightning egg! Might not be 190 but it’s a step up for us!

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16 hours ago, AdligerAdler said:

Tried to get used to the rock drake controls. Not so easy. You can use the super jump only when you're climbing? And only super jump in certain directions? I already see myself failing when attempting to steal my first drake egg with it.

The "crosshair" boost glide? - Doesn't work on all surfaces but have to be within a certain distance and either already gliding or "climbing" - no need to "jump" just left click when the crosshairs come up near targets - can even be used to glide vertically up if close enough to the cliff edge etc.

Generally I just use normal jump, hold shift when wanting to glide and keep eye on the "claw" icon indicating if I'm clinging to something - right click to swap between latched and not latched - only unlatched will your stamina regen.  The hardest thing is getting disoriented when going upside down in 1st person - 3rd person much easier imo.

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Yesterday on Aberration: A dream come true, more special than I could have imagined:

So, in the last couple of weeks my nursery level in my hangar has been in full swing. With a maturation rate at 0.05 I’m finally getting the significant amount of bonding time I like with my babies.

I’ve bred two featherlights, but their stats aren’t great. However, I did stumble upon the seeker cave, which was blessedly chock full of 100+ featherlights, and of the six I found I got a male and two females with much more favorable stats. I’m putting my first two girls to good use though...since Aberration is so darn dark I’ve ended up justifying my glow pet hoard by tossing them around the hangar levels to supplement the several hundred electric lights that aren’t getting the job done.

I’ve bred four dimorphodons, and I’m working on hopefully someday getting mutations in that bloodline. My research says it’s just RNG and I have abysmal luck...but I also have 5,000 tame slots so...someday. My line right now is pure black birds, so it’ll be a great palate when it does happen.

But all those lovelies cannot compare to what happened yesterday.

So, S+ recently introduced the S+ mutator, which has a mode that allows animals to breed that normally cannot. I found out about this and Hello dream I’ve had since Scorched Earth came out, wyvern breeding. I have wanted to breed wyverns so much.

So I spawned in a couple of wyverns to compliment the one I’d already brought in to raise...went through my convoluted process of spawning, force taming, admining them back to baby, unclaiming / reclaiming to activate imprinting...53 hours later adults that I can try this miracle device out on.

Now, I already had a gorgeous black and orange female, but I spawned a second female because from the very first wyvern I hatched I’ve had a female wyvern I paint gold. It’s a nod to a book series that I absolutely loved growing up, and a symbol that has always stuck with me. These were the “Dragon Riders of Pern” novels by Anne McCaffrey. There were five colors of dragons of varying importance, but none more important than the gold Queen Dragons.

 I love these books so much, in fact, that when my very first wyvern - a fire wyvern - hatched female, I knew that none of the possible color patterns were gold, so I ended up using the settargetdinocolor to 32 - a light brown that looks gold, and named her Ramoth, after a dragon from that series.

In every game I’ve had since I always have a gold female fire wyvern...and anyway, my queen dragon for Aberration I named Izanami...and she’s particularly lovely because she spawned with light orange wings that compliment her gold paint.

Now, I was originally going to use my black and orange female, since only natural colors can be passed on, but I ended up using Izanami instead, because my queens just always get preferential treatment.

I fired up the S+ mutator, and was already over-the-moon excited to be breeding my first baby...such a long-cherished dream I wouldn’t have thought I could be any more excited.

But then my baby was born and a miracle had occurred. It seems the S+ mutator interpreted Izanami’s painted colors as natural, and a natural born, pure gold baby was born.

He’s a boy, but that’s okay. I know now that I will be able to breed a natural gold female, and words fail to express exactly how much that means to me.

Since my boy is a direct clone of his mother I’ve named him Izanagi, and he means the world to me as the product of one dream come true, and the promise of fulfilling another. 

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Very short Ark day today.

Took my main spino out to the blue zone to hunt Lampreys. Need lots of leech blood to build more dedicated storage boxes. Got a nice stock of biotoxin and a few more black pearls in the process, not bad. With a fairly decent stock we headed back to base and I ended up building 3 more boxes before I got too tired and ended my session. Now I am happily storing Hide, Green Gems and Element Ore. The next boxes will probably be for stone, chitin, then red and blue gems. Then metal and metal ingots. Basically I am just going by whatever I have large stocks of, then filling in the gaps later.

Will also need to do some artifact runs to make an intake for these boxes.

Overall very happy with my progress.

Also I have passively harvested over 5k gas balls with my Tek+ collector and dedicated storage box combo. I don't think anyone in my tribe will have to worry about those ever again.

I should probably breed my featherlights again so I have a backup bird in case the current one dies. Maybe tomorrow.

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If your unofficial uses S+ karkinos can breed @rororoxor with the S+ mutator.

Last night was fairly uneventful--I hadn't expected to be home after work and I was pretty tired. A quick check of the dino scan showed something I desperately needed had finally popped, a level 300 anky. My tribe has one anky, but I want to breed my own. I gathered up my supplies and set off to the blue zone. By a twist of luck I found the anky right at the outer limits of someone's base. I only had to clear a couple of karkinos out. Got the anky down and tamed with no issues and luckily for me she's a female, which means I can breed her with our male.

Transmitted her home then went to bed.

I haven't decided what to do yet today, I know for sure I need to hunt more rock drake eggs as I haven't found any good ones yet.

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It was the full weekend and by full I mean literally 8+ hours a day for the full weekend, including Friday but last weekend I made a surface man-cave.

Loving the S+ "glass" structures and the tinting ability and the half tiles (railings) work well too.

Essentially started off with a single metal cliff platform which ended up being expanded to 4 with lowered stone foundations to square it all off to the surface ledge before pillaring down to line up the elevator entrance at the bottom.


(from the surface looking down on it - looks tiny from this angle)


(Inside looking out across the main room. open tinted windows showing views to surface and cave)


(viewing balcony with sleeping area around the other side, doors to access the roof and sloped hatch frames to allow quick auto-opening escape for Drakes running from any Reaper Kings on surface)


(water tanks on the roof - no rain but seem to collect enough water with so many placed)


(elevator from the cave up to the surface base)


(separate entrance with a platform to fly up on drakes instead of using elevator)


(me, sitting, resting, admiring the views)


(.. and of course my beautiful open fireplace during the day)

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Added fireplace :)
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On 23/03/2017 at 12:35 PM, Bruvas78 said:

Logged out last time with my door open (PVE) and some nugget turned off my generator, so I was stomping round on my high level bear to replace the cooked prime / normal meat that spoiled in the fridges.

Then I made an ungodly amount of narcotics ?

You mean godly? Ungodly suggests you made like 3 narcotic or something lol

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The water tank trick is pretty neat isn't it? I use it too because I got tired of my tribe's main base being blocked in by other players. I'd say half the population on our server has a base at the edge of the lake, surprised there are any spino spawns left in it it's gotten so crowded. I chose to go up, all the way at that top ruin area with a big platform jutting out. That platform is where I keep my drakes, can't build on it sadly but I did gate it off just in case. My Tek Trough should be blocking it but there is a Basilisk spawn spot up there.

I had a pretty busy Saturday. First I spent a couple of hours making 2-3 trips down to the rock drake nesting grounds, collecting eggs, fighting off hordes of angry drakes, and collecting as many Black Pearls and Element Ore as my drake could hold. The end result was this:



Got 4 drakes out of those 3 eggs. Also interesting to note is that 2 eggs were the same level and produced identical babies, so the same parent spawned multiple eggs I guess. Same colors and stats so they were basically triplets. I do have one more egg worth hatching in my fridge, but I really don't need more right now. I'll see if one of my tribemates want it.

Between venom runs (they always seem to want way more than I expected) I spent most of the day working on my base. I finished gating off the nursery area, made a new transmitter platform, and upgraded the old one which is now my charge station platform. Expanded my base plans a little bit more too based on where my second Tek gen is currently sitting. The only other option is to make a 3rd gen and I don't really want to if I can help it.

Also bred and raised a new Featherlight in case I lose my current one since I refuse to take wild tamed breeding animals out of the base if there's even the slightest chance they might die. Learned that lesson the hard way a couple weeks ago.

But anyway I have completely recouped my losses and then some, as including Lenora, my last surviving drake from the original clutch I hatched I now have 5 rock drakes. You can see her behind the eggs, her twin was lost in the red zone due to a combination of lag and the drake controls occasionally not working correctly when climbing. Meant to glide across to the other side, ended up doing the stupid pounce into the element river instead. RIP.

Sunday was mostly about gathering resources, I didn't play too much after being on basically all day to raise the drakes. I got a nice big metal run in, crafted up some more element and tamed a new very pretty male Featherlight. I did farm spino spawns for an hour or so, nothing worthwhile popped. I've also decided at some point I want to breed ravagers so I can bring one or a few with my anky on crystal farming runs. Since the S+ grinder can turn green gems into crystal there's no reason not to keep as much of it as I can, and there are multiple green crystal spots right near my base. It's easier to just bring a couple ravs with me than to transmit it since the stacks are so small. I do currently have one tribe tamed rav, no idea whose it is but I've been using it a lot lately.

Didn't play at all yesterday, and won't today.

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On 22/03/2017 at 1:34 PM, Anarki said:

Eu sempre acho esta uma das postagens mais interessantes para ler. O que você fez no * ARK * hoje?

Eu, por um, domesticado alguns escorpiões, enchei minhas calhas cheias de bagas e carne e então decidi olhar para a possibilidade de domesticar um urso alto pronto para uma corrida de caverna (seria a minha primeira corrida para que não vá bem).

Eu também coloquei um Ballista na parte de trás de um dos Dinos para que isso possa ser um riso para continuar mais tarde.

Além disso, eu vou sair mais tarde com alguns amigos e vai colocar algumas horas em apenas socializar e fazer algumas pequenas tarefas.

I'm trying to go water cave. :)
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Its been a while since I've updated. We have done a lot of little things, not much taming but a lot of exploring. We've aldo done a little work on the base including a large green house with 5 of each berry to help use up all this extra fertilizer we get from our beetles.

 We have been slowly making element. Up to about 20, lol. Had more but used some on the s+ tek elevator. Biggest thing is time, those powernodes take so long to recharge I keep forgetting to make more element when they come back online.

Last Saturday we decided to finally try finding rock drake eggs. Before we set out we mated our megalosaurs incase things went horribly wrong. So the wife and i loaded up a couple of radiation suits, grabbed our best glow pets, hopped on our 100% imprinted megalosaurs and set out on an adventure. After about 20 minutes we found the spine to follow down to the bottom. So we start going and I make a wrong turn and get lost about 10 minuted in. The entire time it seems to be non stop fighting. I must have got dismounted 3 or 4 times and blew threw my 1st suit in no time. At that point I decided to abort the mission and try and find our way back before my spare suit wore out.

After another 20 minutes I find the spine again and we start making our way out...only to have a reaper queen appear. I try to run but its to fast, so we commit to the fight and it actually went down without much of an issue. I was actually kind of dissappointed thinking they were much tougher and we were going to loose atleast 1 megalo...lol.

So after that excitment we get home as fast as possible and call it a night.

Sunday we decided to make another run. This time we craft 4 suits each and head out again. Halfway to the spine we had a river crossing and my wife gets caught by a beryonyx and a jelly. I get the shore and pump the berry fully of lead with my shotgun. My wife makes it to shore but her megalo is stun locked by the jelly. I try shooting it from shore with my shotgun but an earthquake starts at the same time so I keep hitting her megalo instead of the jelly. So I load up the cross bow with arrows and dive in and finally take out the jelly. As im getting her megalo to shore she is killed by an Arthro. So I grab her stuff, whistle her megalo to follow and meet her back at base to regroup.

Round 2 we finally get to the spine, saw where I made the wrong turn, and made it to the drake trench without any more issues. So we clear out as many drakes as we can and I climb down to the first nest...and the egg spoiled on pickup just like wyvren eggs do. I was pissed. I climb back up to my megalo to deal with the onslot. Then I pick up the next egg, a 135 and it doesnt spoil. Get back to the megalo, fight the drakes...rinse and repeat. Ended up with 4 eggs, a 135, 142, 240, and 75. At that point we decided to head back and make it home with out any issues. 

That night we hatched the 240 and got twins, a boy and a girl. Awesome luck, i imprinted on the male, my wife on the female. 

So this week we plan on leveling the drakes and learning to use them and this weekend we will finally make a black pearl run

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Well... nothing today. But this WEEK, oh boy... 

So first off, I started completely over on a new PC server on Xbox (called The Kings Throne, good Ragnarok server, by the way), and got 2 of my friends to join. Later on, I got 2 others but ill talk about that later. Then we got supplies, then got killed. That went on for about... I'd say a good 2 hours. Finally, we decided to spawn in the Highlands. We then got 2 other people to join our tribe. We tamed 2 high-level trikes (each above level 70), and life was good. They were also mates: Felicia and Troy. We then decided to tame a bird, cuz, how do you even play the game without a bird!? So we tamed a bird, level 120, and named it Terry. We had a good sized stone base in a canyon, life was better. We upgraded to metal gear, except I am still the only one with full flak, cuz the others keep dying xD. After half the day Saturday, I was done. The next morning, I get on ARK, and I'm still alive, so that was a start. Time goes on, and I'm going to trade with someone for plant X seeds, but someone with TEK something comes and knocks me, Troy, and Terry. So the guy I was trading with comes, and there is no sign of them. We then alliance and become great friends. 2 of my tribemates go out to do something, I'm not really sure what. They take Troy with them, and about 10 minutes later, I see the death messages of Felicia and the 2 people. Sad, they respawn on the bed, and we continue with life. Oddly, the tribemate responsible for getting Troy killed, says that Terry "disappeared." I found this odd, as I didn't see anything in the logs on its death, and I don't think there has ever been problems with animals despawning on this server. After he goes offline, I kick him from the tribe. The person we got into an alliance with gives me a level 340 dodo, we recruit another tribe member who gets us a horse, and I go offline, after playing all Sunday. Hulk, the person we are allianced with, messages me when I am on the Xbox app, saying somebody gave him one of each wyvern egg because they "didn't need them." I mean, who doesn't need wyvern eggs? But it was awesome. Yesterday, I went on to check on the tribe, and I sadly find that we were raided. We weren't quick enough to get our plant X and wall defenses up. So one of my tribemates build walls and spikes around the base, and we are currently trying to get some plant X defenses up. Right before I'm about to log off, someone that we got in a miny war with (and won) tells me he is in a big tribe now and offers me a fire wyvern egg. I gladly take it, and he makes me apologize for caging him. :P I give the egg to Hulk since our tribe is incapable of keeping the egg, as nobody has the time to hatch it yet. So yeah, that's what I've done this week! Gist is, it takes a long time to set up new tribes xD

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