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  1. I logged in this week, fed my dinos, logged off. We lost our Rag server the other week as other tribemate hadnt logged on to refresh everything... still not got the feeling to come back yet. A few more weeks possibly.
  2. Ill be honest, I have been slacking... just lost interest this last couple of weeks. I have logged on to Center, bred for eggs, left some out incubating and forgot to pick them up. Ive nipped on to trade for some people to help them along and then run a few meat runs. Other than that... nothing. I need a fresh plan
  3. For me the Center is the best. You only need 7 Rexes and a Yuty and Alpha goes down within a few moments. We have probably run in excess of 65 boss runs on Center now and not once have we had issues losing anything or being transferred back within 2 seconds like the OP. There are also times that I have even been mounted during transfer and no issues have occurred. Hope your tickets gets answered OP
  4. I havent noticed too much for an improvement on CenterPVE Official but then I havent been on as much as usual this week. I am currently logging in, getting my ferts eggs out of my breeders, doing a feed and then coming on at the weekends to hatch and raise. Ill be back on in the week but not for much this month as work and real life events are currently taking me out of gaming
  5. Not sure why I am responding to this as I doubt people are actually going to agree. Here goes anyway: 1. I do see why people leave dinos around the Ob; its laziness. I feel for you if your base is a long way away, but just move them further out, leave the zone free for others - its a public Ob. 2. It used to really annoy me, and I will always call out in world chat if I am running a boss fight and people have left their dinos on the Ob - I will not waste an evening looking for someone to move their dino. I'm polite and ask, but I have a game to play so dont come running when its gone. I'm not so bothered about dinos at Obs now but its still 'bad' manners in my opinion. 3. If you are looking to do a trade when people are setting up a boss fight and have many dinos on the platform, then be pragmatic, its easier for you fly to another terminal and trade than it is for someone to reorganise their dinos - but come on, I have had so many complaints from people wanting to trade. 4. Finally, and yes, I have totally forgotten where I was going with this post but now that I have written this much I may as well carry on and finish it... JUST BE MORE THOUGHTFUL, move your dinos out, if they are Rexes or a large group of dinos, set them on a leash further out from the Oby. Let others use it impede free! Sorry for my pointless post, Ill do better next time, got distracted at work.
  6. So not sure where I last left off, possibly with the Rex BP finds... (3 of them at once), well, 2 more popped last night, a 133 armour one and a 97 MC which is like a 3rd of the mats of our asc ones - it will be a good seller. I fed up Center when I logged on and finished off the 28k 960MD Rex and bred with all our females. Lay down a further 6 eggs to incubate and went off to Ext to help on a purple drop. Now that I have taken my main char (Center char which recently alpha ascended) over to Ext with a 97% Giga, these things are easy and the three of us in our tribe claimed an easy 7 wave purple drop. I would really like to see something new drop, maybe more asc haz mat bps but I guess patience is the key. For once the game didnt crash - running in 4k can sometimes be a little sketchy on Ext but it seemed fine last night, have had it in the past where my body is just lying on the floor with 3 Gigas taking on the waves of corrupted and when I get to log back in its... run run run, where is my Giga! My plan now that I have my Max level Reaper, Fire Wyv, Posion Wyv is to get a Lightning and Ice as I only have 185s. Yes, I know that stats matter, but I want 190s I have made a bucket list which is to have all dino types in our base breed out above level 300. At first it seemed really daunting but now that I have started working through it my current list stands at. Above 300 when born/hatched: Rex, Yuty, Theri, Ptera, Argy, Anky, Doed, Bear, Thyla, Quetz, Raptor, Spino Above 265 and currently improving stats: Allo (295), Daeodon (271), Glow Tail (265), Featherlight (293), Mammoth (289) Beaver (282), Tappys (272), Snow Owl (293), Mags (272) Giga (265), Hyena (265) Mesis (265) So out of the main Dinos that we use, Im 50% there and the others are coming along nice. We havent worked on the breeding of water dinos too much yet but we have just built a massive water pen with its own swimming pool so that is ready to go now. I will keep you updated on any good progress - The Allo is so close to being over 300 and with one stat left to get I think it will leave me at 299 and then I just need a little mute just to pop it over
  7. Totally/mostly/kind of disagree; its a sandbox MMO type game. Do Blizzard tell you how to beat its bosses in World of Warcraft? No. Does any gamemaker give you spefic directions in how to beat it? (well, some do sell walkthroughs like Final Fantasy games) but still, not really. I like the fact that people have had to work out you cant take Gigas into boss arenas, or that when using the artifacts you get teleported into a boss arena... and if you arent prepared you will more than likely die. ARK was also EA, so its evolved as time has gone on, it wasnt a complete idea like a AAA game so there is no real expectation made by WC in that they will tell you how to defeat its guardians, they want players to go out and explore. There is a Wiki and each dossier gives you a little info but for the main, its go out there and explore - oh, and communicate with others
  8. I logged on, traded an old 241 Quetz with 6k weight for 5k ingot and then popped to get a 960MD Rex egg with 27k HP. I flew around a bit, socialised, mocked my allies and then went on my way. Oh, and got some more eggs for hatching this weekend It was a short visit to the ARK last night but it was worth it for the few things
  9. I still want one of your Basi babies Bert... I might be comin on your discord later for a Rex egg - just need to get the time And yes, a good bred Basi
  10. I'm going to ask a really dumb question, but I have always been told that no questions are dumb? What do you define as 'Proper' AI?
  11. Communication is key. Yes, players cant see something is happening and yes I agree, it does not mean that nothing is happening but gamers are not psychic, they can't see things that they do not know is there. A simple communication saying that WC are aware of the issue and are investigating would go someway to setting expectations. Granted, even then players will still complain, but at least they cant say they havent been updated.
  12. Last night I was going to have a night off, but I was persuaded by tribemates to log in and do some purple drops to see if we could ever get the ellusive replacement Rex BP that we lost during a server transfer. We had been trying for 3 months with no luck and then 3 in 3 OSDs. 93, 109 and 113 and with our crafter maxxed out, that will be more than enough. Guess, I no longer need to worry about that now then Other than that, imprinted on my 1104 weight Argy and that was that.
  13. I did a lot this weekend, possibly the most productive for the last 6 months. I finished my 277 100% imp Yuty only to be given an egg between 303 and 313 haha - i hate raising Yutys. I also got another Daeodon baby out and came out at 259 (only started a few weeks back so progressing really well). I then realised I'm missing a big Melee stat, and Stam stat so should be breeding out close to 280 in the next week or so. I had no further progress on my Pteras - so many eggs now and nothing new to show for it. oh well, Ill keep on trying. Then I had some good news... out of the blue, Alpha Tek cave run - starting in 15 mins. (It was midnight so I was debating whether to go or not... damn it, lets do it!) So quickly grabbed some Asc Flak, an Asc Shotgun and Ammo, a few canteens and some Prime Jerky, podded a pair of my 100% imp high level Rexes (30k hp and 1700 MD) and went off to Island. Met up with everyone at the lava entrance in the volcano and 19 of us proceeded to work our way through the caverns. Giga after Giga and we make it through to the first 'bubble'. Upon entering, I lost 90% of my HP and had a broken bone icon - quickly ate some jerky and nothing... jerky is not good for replenishing HP - I had rushed my preparation, but luckily 2 friends dropped me some burgers and medical brew. Entered the final cavern, 5 of my tribemates (across server tribes) were all around me and we worked as a unit jumping on each boss and then working on adds as and when we could... it was going rally smooth and then I got kncoked off my Rex and were separated for what seemed like an hr (possibly 45 seconds) running in and out of adds until someone pointed out a standalone Rex on the other side. Managed to jump on just in time before a defender clobbed me from behind. We were just getting the last boss down when some tribemates were knocked from their Rexes and a tribemate made a few shots with his shotgun to finish off the boss as it was nearly dead... a slight lag and another tribemate walked in front of the shotgun... 4 of the 5 tribemates ascended from the ARK on Alpha... one died valiantly and sacrificed himself for the greater good. 1900hrs in and I have ascended off the ARK at Alpha. Thanks WC
  14. Ok, here is some help as I think people aren't being overly helpful. What bosses are you thinking of? Dont take those to the Island, you will get wrecked. Those Rexes will do Omega easily on Center, and possibly Beta. 15 Rexes and a Yuty would be fine for the Center. You say they are popping out at 19k HP and 700 MD - is that base, or is that once you have put levels in? I would take your HP to 25k-30k and the rest melee. Dont put anything in Stam as an unridden Rex wont use any Stam - but make sure you have some Stam on the Dino you are using. Saddles are important but dont go by Acs/MC etc, go by the armour value. Just because its Asc doesn't mean it is great. 124 armour level is the max rating so get as close to that as possible. Some people out there use crafting characters to get JM saddle BPs over 100 armour and they work fine. As long as your saddles are above 50 minimum, you will be fine for Omega and I would look at slightly better armour for Beta. I hope that helps somewhat further.
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