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  1. Anarki

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    Not if you trade for the Fridge and Pods you dont.
  2. Anarki

    The island base.

    Just south of the lighthouse, there is a lovely spot of beach with a lovely bay. It is close to the Wyvern Scar so you can get Wyvern eggs. Its a lovely little spot
  3. Anarki

    The island base.

    Play Center or Rag. Island is for beginners and it sounds as though youve played enough to move onto other maps. Rag is definitely more of a challenge with other biomes like the desert
  4. Anarki


    Unplug said controller and play mouse and keyboard which is much better anyway
  5. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I didnt get up to much last night. Hatched 12 Allo eggs, only one was a keeper, and hatched 30 Pteranadon eggs, again, no keepers. Giga is pretty much complete (spare one for meat harvesting) and my Yutys made it to 10% without dying this time! Whohoo!!! Tonight I am going to attempt my 190 Holiday Rock Drake Egg and then tomorrow, Ill be attempting the Wyverns Roll on Friday so I can get home and play some more ARK
  6. Anarki

    Incubation question

    It depends on the region you are in... for instance in the jungle or in the snow or desert. This will affect how many air conditioners etc you will need for certain eggs. I live in the jungle and for our Rex eggs I think we have maybe 7 maybe more as I havent counted.
  7. Now thats an idea... I like that
  8. Anarki

    What do you do for fun?

    Red, Blue, Purple, Green, different stripes... yeah, hatch at 300+ so if you are on PvE Officials Im sure we can do something. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss something
  9. Anarki

    What do you do for fun?

    Red, Blue, Purple, Green, different stripes... yeah, hatch at 300+ so if you are on PvE Officials Im sure we can do something.
  10. I rarely disagree with anything Bert says but on this occassion, it would make trading slightly more annoying. I generally just drop eggs on the floor for allies to pick up. I guess I could go to the hassle of unlocking a safe and getting them to take it from there but I think I prefer the simplicity of just dropping an egg. On this occassion, the OP should just ensure that there base is as secure as can be. I know people glitch in and out but hoping this is rare rather than the norm. I play on PvE but still have a locked door to my hatchery so that the eggs are safe.
  11. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I guess for the week, this topic may be more along the lines of 'what dinos have you bred'. Last night I had a little luck, my Allos (stats are pretty average so wasnt expecting a good level) came out at 246 and a few stats still to go just to move it over the 250 mark, Im fairly happy as wasnt expecting them to get that high, I can no go tame new ones looking for much better stats. Pteras didnt do a lot last night, nothing new, killed off about 10. Yutys, raising 2 at the moment, my nice 258 11k HP and 385MD and my nice Green Mutated 224 as a back up - my aim for this event was to get these raised and imprinted and then do a Rock Drake and Wyvern too. Had a nice surprise when a friend from another tribe said they had me a present, a 190 Fire event egg so looking forward to raising it Had another suprise when she came and dropped 2 nice Spinos are my feet - Abberant versions but one with 520MD and one with 8k HP. Baby popped out 310 so happily taming them both up and will have a breeding pair by the time I get home - I hope (as long as they dont starve). Wife must be getting annoyed with the amount of time Im running upstairs in the evening and perhaps tonight I will have to back off, but I have had some good days so far. Long may it continue.
  12. Anarki

    What do you do for fun?

    And back on topic... I like the challenge of flying the scar on Rag with my little Pteranodon stealing the Wyverns eggs. They Zap me, burn me and beat me up a fair bit but we are still going... just. Hoping to get some event ones this week
  13. Anarki

    Vault dropping pve trolls legacy...

    I guess there are two elements here: 1. Are they/tribe bigger than you? What will be the repercussions should you let them free? 2. Are you as trolling as they originally were... 4 months? There is no right answer here, it is down to your morals. Have they suffered enough and not played on a server that they once enjoyed? Have they made another character and this is now a chance that should they get free they will come back and look to take revenge? So many questions, no real right or wrong answers. Personally, I would take all the bodies to an island, drop them off and prepare for a few battles by moving some dinos/items to other bases on the map. Good luck
  14. Anarki

    Anky taming Help

    Indeed. If you are looking to get a breeding line yourself, tame every 130+ available. On the standard maps, Melee above 350 should be kept and Weight above 450. Abberation Ankys tend to have higher Melee from what I have found but then you can only tame them on that map. There are plenty of good Anky stats out there for trading - just ask on your server.
  15. Anarki

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    Last night I raised an Allo pack. Wasnt the intended plan but my eggs hatched unexpectedly. Tonight will be the start of the Yuty I want to get imprinted, also, finish off my spare Giga for meat runs on other servers and then Friday I will start my Rock Drake. Wyverns over the weekend and then I am set