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  1. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Great to see this post still active, just spent 30 mins having a quick read of peoples fun times. For me, I am having the issue of 'D3D HUNG' so my game crashes every 30 seconds so my 466 dinos are getting no love and affection from me - been 2 months now so I havent any stories to tell except one from last night. Logged in, crashed. Logged in again, crashed. Logged in again, managed to fast travel to the rex cave and refresh my rex and then crashed. Logged back in and fast threw myself in the lava and respawned at my Saber base - one practically dying as I view it. Jump on its back - went out onto lava island and saw a rex, didnt fancy that as my char had been reset to lvl 1 and I hadnt put any lvls in him. Crashed! Log back in to see Saber fighting rex - hadnt looked at lvl. Ran back to jump on other Saber and when I returned, my Saber had killed said Rex. Relieved, put it on follow and then logged out as it was too dangerous to even feed any animals Hoping tribemate logged on last night to save them
  2. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I havent played as much ARK this week, just logged in to refresh things and then to breed a few eggs ready for this weekend. I have managed to borrow a rex with 2400 stam to add to my current 12.5k hp and 465 melee so this should now give me breedable babies over 300 at birth with a clean side on the maternal mut counter. Other than that, feed them and breed them for the next few days until the weekend.
  3. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sorry Cymas, my post wasnt meant to antagonise you, I was purely happy to see you back on official. I love reading peoples stories, finding out any new stats they have managed to breed out, or looking at the design of a beautifully crafted building they have designed. I will be honest and say I lose a little interest when people tell me they have a Rex with 1000 melee because they have their rates turned up on an unofficial server with practically instant tame times. However, I do appreciate we all want a balance of play and homelife so I dont take anything away from those players, hell, I may even try one one day Anyway, back to our point. I thought I would feed my dinos last night as I couldnt remember if I had done it at the weekend. 420 dinos, over 4 buildings took me over 90 minutes to feed them all with berries, meat and fish. I pray fro 2x this weekend haha Other than that, I bred a few eggs and got the timers down. I dont tend to tame/hatch in the week as I just dont get time - raising is usually a weekend thing for me. I wont be doing much tonight but tomorrow I will attempt to get a pair of Boss Rexes hatched and follow up on my Ptera bloodline cleansing.
  4. Anarki

    2x Maturation Events Becoming Less Frequent?

    Also, with the new servers being made available it would be stupid to have 2x at the moment. The new servers would have mega bases within a day and there would be nowhere to build. I play on Official PvE servers where they are always capped. This weekend it seemed to ease up but I dont want to see 2x for a while so I can actually play the game again as for the last month I have done nothing due to the cap. I hope they hold off for 2x for a month or two so that people can actually play and everyone has a fair chance to get a spot on the new servers. If 2x wsa on those new servers everything would have been pillared within the first few hrs.
  5. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I love it when I hear people coming back to Official. We are not all the evil melodramatic types you know Sounds like you are really enjoying the experience that ARK was originally designed for. I am guessing you are on PvE - which map? I only logged in last night to refresh my Rex which lives in the Lava Cave but to my dismay my tribelog said I had lost an Oviraptor - guessing something spawned in a building and it got killed before my neutral dinos could intervene. Ill log in later and have a proper scout and go tame another. Im hoping my tame cap is still free, but I guess I will find out later. Other than that, my first Featherlight survived the journey from egg to adult and it was a very easy raise - possibly the easiest I have had to be honest. ill update you all tomorrow on what happens tonight as I may try a boss run with some friends.
  6. Anarki

    Question on breeding

    No, I believe it is possible to clean lines completely, it just takes some time and luck - which most people are not willing to invest their time into. My example is: lvl 320 M Ptera had 18/20 on the Paternal side and 20/20 on the Maternal side - so it was pretty much maxxed. I went and tamed a wild 145 F Ptera and bred it for a week with the M 320 Ptera above. I got 5 eggs. Hatched them all, most were rubbish and with only a few stats going over until i finally got a 310 with all but 1 stat (Oxygen I think) going onto the baby. The mutation count was 18/20 on the Paternal side but the Maternal side was now 0/20. The wild Female introduced a clean line. Now with some patience, I will go and tame a high lvl male Ptera and breed it with 310 female and with any luck I will get the stats all on the new baby with its Father introducing a 0/20 mut stat count as its a wild one. All I know is I currently have a 310 Ptera with one clean side 0/20 so it must work and reset the counters - but it takes time and patience. Hope this helps
  7. Anarki

    Question on breeding

    I have got a bit nerdy with clean bloodlines. I basically mutate all the way to 20/20 on both m and f of my breeds and then go tame a set of wild dinos to bring into the line. Im currently in the middle of doing this with my Pteras as I got to lvl 320 born about 5 months back (on official) and then got bored as I didnt like the mut counters being high. Ive currently got the F 0/20 with my best stats on it and am in the middle of cleaning the M side of it too so hopefully by next weekend or pretty soon I will have it back to 0/0 on both sides with a born lvl of 320. Not sure I will carry on for more muts though as they are decent enough and I could use my time better on the Rexes which I have also started to do. I am in agreement that new clean lines need to be worked on by so called 'breeders' as they arent particularly clean. I got an egg with over 320 mutations on the F side - Yuck!
  8. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Weekend was ok this time as we werent capped. I still didnt want to spend too much time on center though so raised our first featherlights and they are awesome, mine came out at 242 which was ok. Sold an Asc Argy saddle bp 78 armour for 6k ingots - I dont trade much but it was good to move something on to someone who would use it. Ran the lava cave 7-8 times but nothing decent, a few asc bps I already have better than but more worrying my game crashed whilst in there (never happened before) some new crash error. I logged back in to find myself dead. Managed to spawn to a bed and run to my Rex before getting webbed. Now only going to run half the cave until i see this crash error disappear (happened x3 in there yesterday). Logged back into SE to continue building our new base as we dont like the current location of ours. We have a wonderful sky base but its not for storing any dinos, just a few wyvs and all our nice items. We have pillared off a valley and have started a big base - flooring is 35x25 tiles so should be plentiful to bring our Rexes over so we can do the boss fun here too. Other than that, didnt log onto Abberation this weekend, just messed about on Center and sorted inventory items
  9. Anarki

    Solo players given raw deal

    We have a few solo players on my official center server who farm it all the way up to and including Alpha. its possible, its just takes dedication and hard work. One player I know, made a base, not overly big, farmed metal to trade for a Boss Rex egg. After a few months, had 25 boss lvl rexes, had run the Lava Cave to get the weapons and armour he needed and off he went. Its all possible with some effort
  10. Anarki

    Solo players given raw deal

    That is your choice entirely. I play on an official PvE server with one other player. Granted, it would be great if there was 10 of su sharing the workload but we trust one another and are happy to grind between ourselves. My tribemate does by far the hard work i.e. building and taming the hard dinos whereas I feed, breed and organise. I live in a different country to him and due to the 5+ hrs difference in timezone, he does his bit and I do my bit in the week - we are practically solo players. Only at weekends do we hook up for a few hrs and go and do somethings together. I have 100% imprinted bears and rexes but having a large tribe doesnt help achieve this, this is a solo process. Your statement of solo players getting a raw deal isnt clear? Is this because you feel solo players cant get 100% tames? They cant get end game content? They cant beat bosses? Your assessment needs further justification and explanation.
  11. Anarki

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not a lot is the simple answer. Logged in, placed an egg in the hatchery - capped. Spoke to some new players, went for a flight on my Ptera as it was foggy and I thought id test my directional skills and ended up being bitten by a bat by the skull island. Decided to head back, went the wrong way and then finally when the fog cleared, returned home. No sign of illness to me or my Ptera (named it Mines better than yours because Im fairly sure none else is running a 370 Ptera on official, not on my server at least). I jumped into the Lava Cave for a quick run, nothing decent but got a asc bow bp 230% so probably add that to the hoarde we already have. Logged off. Here at work thinking about hatching 2 boss rexes tonight but doubt cap will lift
  12. Anarki

    Rex saddle bp

    Scortched Earth desert drops, deep ocean crates and I believe the Lava Cave on Centre also drops it - good luck, might take many trips
  13. Anarki

    Raptor blueprint saddle.

    I have come across higher tier loot on the Center from drops with rings - not just the second item you are referring too, but MC gear that shouldnt drop from a green drop. Official server too.
  14. Anarki

    Raptor blueprint saddle.

    Find a green drop with a yellow ring - possible loot is higher tier Desert drops on SE Kill Alphas Complete Cave runs Trade Thats your best options above. Good luck
  15. Anarki

    Favorite Dino?

    My favourite Dino which I could have as a starter for any map would be a Direbear - totally perfect for almost everything