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  1. Red drops from the Lava cave I think we got out MC Direbear BP. Any deep sea crate should also have them.
  2. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Its frustrating not having the kibble. I always take 2 or 3 more kibble than what the calculator says - can never be too safe I hatched another of my Pteras, still coming out at 287 - cannot get the final stat to merge - but I wont give up haha I now have a 400+ melee bear, a 400+ melee Ptera and an Argy with 400+ melee. If only I could get a Spino with 400+ base melee too haha I didnt do a great deal this week as had some irl issues which will affect my game time for the next few months but Ill happily hatch a Ptera or two until I get online. I quickly ran the northern Ice Cave and came out with MC Ptera BP so I was happy about that. Still tame capped but seems to be freeing up more often now which is nice.
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sounds similar to TheCenter60 NA-PVE. We are capped too, and with some help from the server, we all agreed to kill off dodos and low lvl dinos so we could all get a few babies done. I managed to raise a pair of Spinos, nothing too decent but 221 was enough to keep and use as it was imprinted. Managed to get a light baby blue Ptera to hatch so was a keeper and am now hatching lvl 273 baby Pteras with 5 of the 6 best stats. Had a mutated stam go to 495 so that was also good to go with the 422 mutated melee stat now. Other than that, I farmed a lot of metal, stone and grinded my way up to lvl 92. With 8x we could have done so much more but there are tribes with 500 dinos that just dont want to kill anything off, so we were capped for 96% of the time.
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I havent posted for a week as I have been on half term looking after my daughter - Daddy days out! Ill keep it brief, but I basically bred whenever the tame cap was lifted... its been so annoying and hard to do anything. Managed to get 4 out of 6 stats on my Ptera, it now has a mutated neon green wings, with a neon green body! Stats are currently HP 2041, Stam 480, Weight 232 and Melee 410. Hopefully I can get the 8k food and the 870 Oxy on there soon as its already hatching at 271. I started a Direbear breeding programme too as I lost my Direbear in the most unfortunate of circumstances - forgot any armour when going for a meat run - got 1 shotted unconscious by a 140 Theri - it killed my Bear - just not sure how That was a day after i lost my 270 Spino to a hoarde of Megalodons and an Alpha Megalodon - I got encumbered and couldnt clear it quick enough So, not a great couple of days as I lost some progress with my Bear and Spino - but bred a new Bear with decentish stats but around 90% imprint. Ive had a few days off so will log on later to check out this Halloween event - not overly bothered as the server will still be capped no doubt.
  5. Bear Cave on Center 62 long and 35 lat - thats a simple one I use and there is one further round the corner inland from the river too possibly about 58,42 but this one is harder for me to pinpoint. Good luck
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sorry to hear of your news. We had a blue mutation on our first ever breed back on our legacy server - a Direbear! I truly loved my bears on there and was so disappointed when we left the server and had no place for them to go. We currently have 3 mutations - a pink Dimorph, a neon green footed Argy, and 2 blue Ankys. Tonight Ill be breeding my Pteras so I can get a load hatched at the weekend again.
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Did you fill the dinos with meat or the troughs? I always cook up a load of meat and leave cooked meat in the dino as well as the trough. The problems with troughs are - your other dinos will eat the meat too. Also, was your dino (the one that died) out of range of a trough? Sorry to hear you lost one but at least 2 survived
  8. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Good weekend for me too actually... ill keep it as short as I can Hatched all 15 Ptera eggs and kept 5 - no mutations but some stats merged which was nice... one baby came out at 261 - thats with just a good HP and Food stat. I tamed 2 x 145 Pteras and 2 x 150 Pteras too mainly for the colour as the 480 stam stat matched what I already had - but the colour was red wings and black body. We hatched a couple of Anky's with blue mutations - looked really nice. Then I created a new char on SE and managed to get to lvl 65 in a couple of hrs as we had transferred a couple of bears - god they are OP for SE. I managed to get some explorers notes and matched with the 2x event - just killed anything I saw - ding, ding, ding, ding - 65 in no time at all. Spent the rest of the weekend getting res and looking after the juveniles. Noticed that the drops on SE are so much better then Center and found a MC Direbear saddle BP - havent had a drop like that on Center for ages. Other than that... the weekend was uneventful - no losses, and no great finds but hey-ho, life goes on.
  9. I like the fact that we are near capacity, and when you want to chat or ask a question there is always someone to answer. There are some really good relationships on our server and its always a bonus when you need some help. The downside by having so many players is the Lag. Partly my own fault for playing a US server when Im in the UK but that's where my clan play - they're americans! Our server so far has been stable, and hasnt caused me any outages which is nice too. 90% happy with my official I play on tbh
  10. Why no 2x raising?

    The game wasnt designed for PvE? It was designed for both or there wouldn't be the option to play on a PvP or PvE server. By the sounds of it, a non-offical pvp with 2x breeding constant is what you need.
  11. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I logged in, said my usual ‘Hello Center60’ and got to work with mating my Pteras, Anky’s and Gallis. I ended up trading a fertilized Galli egg to some player for 200 ingots – not sure if that is good or not, but I am always happy to help players where I can. Other than that, I went on a meat and berry run but all the metal in the immediate areas were already harvested so I just went to get some crystal instead. It wasn’t an overly productive night but tonight will be much better. Tonight will be the late night as I prepare for a weekend of hatching, taming and breeding. So really, I need to make lots more narcs and darts, get troughs full of berries and cooked meat, and start to turn my eggs into kibble. I’m not too bothered about imprinting this weekend as they are only gen 1 hatches and until I get my 6 stats onto at least 1 bird (aim is to get 2 sets breeding birds with my highest stats on) then I won’t imprint as it’s a waste of kibble really. I’ll probably gather a load of resources and do a few cave runs but my aim is to spend a 5hr gaming session preparing for a weekend of babysitting I bred my Pteras, Ankys, Gallis ready for hatching this weekend. Ended up trading a Galli egg
  12. To chat or not to chat

    Sorry I dont fully agree with this. There are good and bad Alphas. Even if you asked politely to be allowed to chat, setup base etc and be given a duration of protection just to get a start up - some Alphas wont and dont care for your efforts. Each PvP server, players, Alphas and situations differ vastly and you can only attempt to play your game in any way you feel. Take one step at a time and see how you 'feel' you are doing in relation to the rest of the server and whether you are accepted or not. The thing with PvP is not to take things personally, and realise early on that it’s a ‘game’. You might find a server with players who are more allowing of new players and introducing yourself is a good way to go about being accepted early on. Alternatively, just by saying hello to the server, they see fresh meat and specifically hunt you. Personally, I’d make myself known early before I had built myself up… if the server seems decent then I get out my pick and axe and start my adventure. If they don’t seem all that interested or even hostile, I know it’s not the server for me. I hope this gives you a little guidance but it is by no means ‘perfect’. Good luck!
  13. Why no 2x raising?

    Ill be honest, if we had 2x and 3x taming every weekend - the server cap would be reached too quickly and people wouldnt be able to tame/hatch anymore dinos. Through the week, the game should be normal settings and on occasions only, there should be an event. I have 15 Ptera eggs ready to hatch (would love to this weekend) and obviously I'd like a 2x event but it would also take away the longevity of my game. Its a difficult one - in my opinion, but I wouldnt raise a thread especially 2x events - if that is what you want on a more regular basis, perhaps officials arent for you?
  14. Who's in the wrong?

    Its a horrible situation to be in. You dont want to lose face, you dont want to make an enemy and you dont want to lose a tame which by rights is yours (thats of course if you hit it first which might be difficult for you or them to prove). My advice here is to try and find a reasonable person in their alliance... this could possibly work in your favour as you might be able to get something out of it. Ive had this happen once before, a long time ago on a Rex. I wasn't aware there was someone one the cliff above was also taking aim. Neither of us really knows who hit it first but I stopped halfway through and sent a message saying they could take the tame. It would have been my first Rex tame and I was really looking forward to the attempt. About an hr later, they came back to the base and offered me some fert eggs or varying dino's including a Rex. The moral of the story here is that if you can reconcile differences - you may make a good trading partner, or even someone who could help in the future. Im not saying give up the Giga, but it might be worth the extra effort in trying to communicate. Worst case scenario is that you let it out, make it clear in Gloabl chat that you are doing the right thing and your reputation wont get damaged. For future trades, reputation can be everything - especially if people have an opinion of you on the server. Good luck, let us know the outcome.
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I’m sure it isn’t just me this happens to… you know, when you spend all weekend looking for 150 tames and you have all the time in the world to search and find one, but don’t find one. That was my last weekend’s goal actually – didn’t want to hatch too many eggs due to no 2x maturation. So last night it was a case of logging in, getting some spark powder for the preserving bins, meat and berry run and feed the three buildings. I’m pretty much done, and bred my Pteras as part of my breeding project ready to hatch possibly two dozen eggs at the weekend (hoping for 2x hatching, maturation etc). I fly back up to the cliff base when I spot a lovely finned Spino out the side of my eye. Now usually, any dino I see with a nice colour is when inspected a low level. I wasn’t thinking any different – this was light green with a bright orange fin. I got my scope out and took a closer look – 145 female!! Seriously! I had already told the wife I wouldn’t be on long and that I’d get an early night (that was the excuse I used to abandon her to her tv programme and come on the pc early). Im in a quandary now, our ally and previous tribemate lost his Spino last week to a 145 Alpha Rex. I call him up on TS and say Ill help him get it down. Typically, I get the last hit and it goes down. My ally goes to access the dino to put the kibble and narcotics in – but cant… its assigned to me isn’t it! There is no way I’m spending 2 and a half hrs taming this thing, wife will already kill me for being up later than I said I would. I force my ally to leave his alliance and join ours again to complete the tame. I feel bad, but what can I do… it’s a lovely looking 145 female Spino and he had only just lost his. I’m ready to log off, have a little glance at a lovely looking coloured Ptera – thinking to myself those colours would work well with our breeding line. 150!! I cry out in frustration. All weekend I was seeking a new Male 150 and found nothing. Now that I am desperately in need of my bed, I make a decision… Im late anyway, Im going to get in trouble with her anyway. I end up grabbing some bolas, tranqing it down and starve taming if for 50 mins just in case I fall asleep. My tribemate (leader) logs in so I hand over the reins to him and log off. I did receive a message this morning that the stats were very rounded off but no standalone stat is particularly high. It ended being a perfect tame though. Don’t you hate nights like these?