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  1. Unoffical pc server help please

    I would like to know this as well. I accidentally spawned in some beer liquid awhile back as well. It's still in my inventory lol haven't figured out to get rid of it either. Luckily it doesn't weigh anything but it sure is annoying having it in there.
  2. split screen tether

    From what I've read it's not even achievable on the 1X. There's people here on the forums saying there's still a tether even in local splitscreen.
  3. This is my personal list of bugs that I have encountered. I'll try to update this list every now and then. -Please feel free to post your own bugs (though this list is mainly for local splitscreen & singleplayer modes). -The list is for the PS4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved! My personal list of bugs Local Split Screen: 1) Spyglass doesn't work as intended for Player #2 while mounted. 2) When Player #1 uses spyglass it makes Player #2's view zoomed in. 3) Player #2 sometimes gets warped to Player #1 even when I'm literally right next to Player #1 (usually it warps me right on top of Player #1 over & over again, even though I am already right by them). Happens everytime near the Ragnarok Ice Lake with the cave underneath it. 4) Passenger rider rotates with the movement of the dino they are on (i.e. on a Tapejara player ends up upside down, lying on their side, etc) 5) Player #2 can't make their own unique character & name (even though they did), they get a cloned (character & name) of Player #1's character once in game. 6) Egg health, incubating bar & if the egg is too hot or cold doesn't show up at all for either player. 7) When both players are going through their inventories, each others actions while in inventory affects the other. 8) UI is really small, unreadable... even after messing with the UI scale slider. 9) When Player #2 is in the water and Player #1 is not, Player #2 cannot see anything when they are underwater. All they get is half a blue screen. 10) Any player writing on a sign, if the other player was moving in any way, they will continue to (run, turn around, fly, etc) and will not stop until the sign text is closed. 11) The frame rate drop is horrid in local split screen. 12) When Player #1 dies, they take over Player #2's character and Player #2 spawns in as Player #1's character. 13) When either player changes their view (1st person, 3rd person) it changes the other players view point as well. **FWIW: Being attached at the hip takes away a lot of the fun this game could be for a couch co-op, ~250m just isn't much at all.** People that buy/have bought this game with little-to-no internet access &/or looking for a good couch co-op game with their wife, gf, bf, husband, kids, friend, etc are/will be sorely disappointed. Not saying to get rid of the tether, I know why it's there... just an increase, 1000m or 1200m would be wonderful. Or return the slider with a warning and let us decide. Or simply put in the option for LAN/Local Multiplayer or System Link (this would solve the tether issue, & fix issues- #1, #2, #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #13 above) Devs: Please play Local splitscreen to see all the major issues there are. --------------------------------------------------------- Things that aren't just Local Split Screen specific: 1) Tribe log is posted backwards, it should be newest first, would make a lot more sense, easier & a lot faster to check. 2) Reloading guns should come after the last bullet shot, not when you're trying to shoot again. 3) Having a spyglass active and mount a rideable animal, auto-uses the spyglass with no way of putting it down (other than unequipping) 4) Whistles don't always work (character actually doesn't whistle at all), happens most with "Follow One". 5) Transponder does not always beep or locate the dinos. 6) Transponder nodes aren't working as intended (not always locatable, disappearing over time, etc). 7) Flyers not landing, sometimes stay in air forever -need a land now button. 8) Flyers don't get close enough to remount or land when on follow. 9) Absolutely no control on which side the player dismounts, it's always on the right 10) When unmounting you dismount/jump (up & over) pretty far away, easily throwing you into things, off ledges, etc. 11) Spay/Neuter location in the wheel should be moved. 12) Tamed Griffins change color (to brown) upon logging back in. 13) Can't stand on Therizinosaurus, Carno, Allo, etc. but I can stand on a Megalosaurus? 14) Morellatops only fits through a Behemoth gate. 15) Shoulder mounted flyers don't fall to ground when encumbered, instead they float up unable to move and unable to be retrieved by player. They should hover at head or shoulder height out of harms way (mostly) but still retrievable. 16) Ice Wyverns have no HUD picture. 17) When your mount has a leech, toggle to first person view and you'll see it in center of the camera. Leech attaches to camera view, when you get off the creature to get rid of a leech, it is stuck in center (either first person, third person or free view.). Just the status effect icon would suffice. 18) Dismounting a dino can get you stuck in the ceiling (even when the ceiling is a bit taller) due to dismount/jump described in #10. 19) Fliers on follow (no matter the distance set) always end up in the way, usually hovering right in front of you or your mount 20) Ragnarok has lots of issues with crashing (happens a lot for me around Viking bay, caves & jungle). 21) Sound on Ragnarok cuts out often. 22) Birthday pants & shirt can't be spawned in. 23) A lot of the supply drops end up on boulders & can't be opened or the rock destroyed because of this. Some of these are a big deal, others not as much. ------------------------------------------------------------- Things that would improve gameplay & rendering lag: 1) bigger wall panels 2) a "patrol" type option that allow any dino to wonder within a certain (player designated) area. 3) Fixing the clipping issues (with dinos, structures, environments, etc) 4) A multiple saves option I hate complaining. I'm simply noting things that I have recognized playing. Nothing more. And if we didn't care or enjoy the game we wouldn't complain at all. Please keep this thread on topic. @[email protected]@Jeremy Stieglitz __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To note: I am on the Ragnarok map (& of course on PS4)
  4. PS4 Ragnarok Desert

    Hmm, wonderful! Here's to hoping for no delays!
  5. PS4 Ragnarok Desert

    Link where they say today? Because they just tweeted a few days ago that it's coming in January, no date given.
  6. Ragnarok Full map ps4

    They just tweeted a few days ago that it's coming in January, no date given.
  7. This Topic About Update

    Yeah, besides the Spring 2018 Extinction DLC, (in the meantime) console will get the Ragnarok desert expansion on the map soon & S+ sometime, Dino TLC pass & Kibble rework... that's all we know so far besides the regular bug fixes & such.
  8. Ragnarok desert map for PS4 .. when???

    They just tweeted the other day saying in January... that's all anyone knows currently.
  9. Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    Link? Where he states" more stuff than PC", I'm not finding it.... just this
  10. Jeremy said on Twitter console Ragnarok

    Finally! "For our console Survivors curious about when they will be able to get their hands on the most recent desert Ragnarok update, an upcoming patch will be coming in December that will bring it line with current spec of PC." By Jen November 10, 2017 Wonder what (if anything, really) he means by "this actually has even more stuff in it than the current PC Ragnarok"? I really hope this holds true! I've been waiting and waiting. I have been collecting and breeding up my expedition dinos for this!!
  11. PS4 Ragnarok Desert

    " For our console Survivors curious about when they will be able to get their hands on the most recent desert Ragnarok update, an upcoming patch will be coming in December that will bring it line with current spec of PC." By Jen November 10, 2017 And we're still waiting
  12. I play SP and local splitscreen with the bf (PS4) with no internet access out here. When I first got it back in Sept the game (physical disc) was version 1.0 and had the issues you're having with splitscreen. But when I updated my PS4 in October (can't remember the version back then) that issue went away. I am now on 518.2 (already behind on updates lol) and still not having those issues (thank goodness). Though we did make separate profiles for each save (1 for my single player save, another for his single player save and another for my splitscreen save and another for his splitscreen save... kinda confusing but since there isn't a multi-save available, it's the only option). So maybe just get it updated and that'll solve your issue... hopefully. Good luck!
  13. Ragnarok FAQ

    I have been trying to find info regarding the SE weather (sandstorms, electrical storms, heatwave, etc) on the Rag desert map to no avail. Though you say it will. But can anyone on PC tell me if it's been implemented yet? (Console peasant here & still awaiting all Desert to be released)
  14. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    Same here. I hope they don't and continue expanding on it. And fix current bugs.
  15. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    I feel that after the next DLC Ark will come to an end, as in no more development/integration or anything. It feels like WC is washing their hands of this (game) slowly but surely. NOTE: this is my opinion