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  1. Ice Wyvern Eggs

    I wish I could use mods (console player here). But that's the only 1 I have heard about (classic flyers), that seems to be the most popular... might be the only 1 available, which would explain the popularity lol.
  2. Ice Wyvern Eggs

    Aw, that sucks! Just keep an eye out I suppose. Yeah, was hitting those for awhile when I was having issues with Ice Wyverns & nests spawning. Hit the scar pretty hard, filled 2 fridges lol lvl 4-190. Are you checking the northern (mostly underground) part of the Scar too? There's always more Wyverns in that part of the Scar for me than the other.
  3. ps4 GFI bug

    You need to put in 1 1 0 (1=quantity, 1=quality, 0= item/1=BP) But I am not even sure there is a stone gate. Wood & metal, yes.
  4. Ice Wyvern Eggs

    Good deal! Congrats!! Hit them again today myself, only 2 nests out of 4 spots I checked. Got a 165 & a 60 to add to the fridge.
  5. Ice Wyvern Eggs

    Here are the coords I searched for & wrote down the other day: 33/69, 34/36, 47/51, 43/55, 44/59, 38/65 I can't remember which ones I checked yesterday but came back with a +190 egg and a couple of the other coords were ones that I had found before looking up the coords and got eggs from them before, there was no nests there yesterday when I was out checking.
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    After searching off and on for awhile now I finally found a couple of Otters today. Snagged me up a high level female (+130) & sadly a low level male (+20), will have to keep an eye out for a high level male. They are pretty darn cute! Seen my 1st Rock Golems today as well. And found a +190 Ice Wyvern egg. Other than that worked on tweaking my settings to raise some Wyverns, using the really low level eggs I had as tests. These resulting Wyverns will be taken out and set on aggressive (& probably unclaim) in the future. Oh and also seen/realized how funny we look running with a GPS in hand (3rd person view)... laughed harder than I probably should have . They should rework that. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PS4-Ragnarok-Single Player (offline)
  7. What's your guilty pleasures?

    I am on PS4 but unfortunately live in BFE with very little internet access ...a gamers real nightmare I suppose lol.
  8. What's your guilty pleasures?

    Thylos thylos and then more thylos Ugh, yeah have recently got the Thyla itch... up to 5 (4 wild, 1 imprinted). Didn't help that I just ran across them and they were all 100+. Now I plan to breed these too... sometime lol.
  9. What's your guilty pleasures?

    0.0 Holy cow man! I thought I had a lot. I have been slowly weeding mine out, trying not to keep anything lower than 100 before tame (though I do have a couple of exceptions, mainly because of their color). I need to start breeding lol but nooo, just keep finding myself hunting for them. Really shocked to see a few others that seem to be into the Equus as much as me (or even more). I love reading all of these guys, keep them coming. Even the sadistic, makes me wish I played online lol. I love single player but sometimes I wouldn't mind watching and/or participating in some of these
  10. New to the game, can't save/load

    If you look a few pages back in here (PS4 bug reports & support) there are quite a few different posts regarding this issue (around the time the game was released physically), I myself was 1 of the posters about Split Screen issues (also play offline with no PSN). Back after release, the physical disc is 1.0 during this time is when I tried Split Screen Multiplayer, which I had the same issues as you Myloup. But I have never had your experience Amalar. It's always saved for me in Single Player. Normally the "Exit to main menu" auto saves. My game is now somewhat updated to 516.1 (haven't had the chance to take it to get the most recent updates) but I haven't tried Split Screen since. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PS4/Single Player/Ragnarok (offline)
  11. Players refusing to play on Rag Map

    Playing Single Player (offline) here, so I don't have a lot of these issues BUT what I have noticed is from day 1 every time the game goes to auto-save the game freezes up right before and throughout the duration. Then later on, now that I have a fairly large base (with perimeter walls) and 91 dinos (not even close to my cap) I am now lagging around my base (similar to how it lags on The Island map in the swamp when around numerous leeches). And also having some game crashes around certain area's it seems (not near my base), seems to mostly occur around the small desert-like area with all the vultures (somewhat near Viking Bay iirc) and the jungle (no actual desert map on PS4 yet).
  12. Guilty Pleasures: something that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. I would love to know what other players guilty pleasures are, it could be ethically questionable or even taboo. Mine are: I have WAY too many Equus. I don't even want to know how many I really have but it's probably 50+. I'll get around to breeding them I promise I love stealing Wyvern eggs and leading pursuing Wyverns to unassuming wilds & watching them battle to the death. I tend to enjoy toying with the resident wild Gigas. What's yours?
  13. No Ice Wyverns or eggs

    Just wanted to add: Another destroy wild dinos performed yesterday & still no ice wyverns or nests & eggs.
  14. Question on max dino levels

    Yep, what Archone said. Dungeons and caves will spawn some higher (than all others) dinos. With difficulty to 1.0 you will get wild lvl 120 (iirc) if you have the slider to 1.0 plus Maximum Difficulty checked you'll get wild lvl 150.
  15. What's your main land mount?

    Thyla or Yuty usually. Though I do enjoy running around on the Daeodon too.