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  1. MudPuppy

    Are pg maps safe?

    I've played a few times on a pg map (PS4 here as well)... though I did make another user account so that my main user account wouldn't be affected (not PSN or PS+, I play only offline- single player and splitscreen) and had no issues.
  2. MudPuppy

    Favorite Game other than Ark

    Well $#!^... RDR2 has been delayed (again)!!! I am starting to get bored with Ark (or maybe just needing a break), and God of War isn't coming out until 4/20 so I need to find a new game (PS4 offline) Monster Hunter hasn't caught my eye. Maybe I should try to get into The Witcher 3 again?... nah. Or maybe I should just fire up the ol 360 for some RDR stress relief.
  3. MudPuppy

    [Solved] Life's Labyrinth

    Good to know! I haven't gotten to play in a few days to check it out further but glad to hear this! Thanks
  4. MudPuppy

    [Solved] Life's Labyrinth

    I seen this as well when I found it (PS4 here), I haven't bothered going back to scout more yet. Thought maybe it was the exit but maybe I'm wrong?
  5. MudPuppy

    Character glitch

    Sounds like Stretch Armstrong made a visit I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Maybe he'll stretch out of existence though.
  6. I have done a database rebuild on my (Ark only) PS4 and I'm still having the same bugs & issues in my original post. I play strictly splitscreen & occasionally single player. I know I am not the only one experiencing these bugs, as this forum & Twitter has tons of posts & comments regarding a lot of these same problems. As far as the flier issues, I am mainly talking about when they aren't on follow sometimes they will fly a good distance away and just hover high up. And when they are on follow, they circle you making it harder to remount fast.
  7. MudPuppy

    ps4 Ark ps4 Settings

    If they would simply put in the option for LAN/Local Multiplayer or System Link for local co-op play (this would solve the tether issue & fix lag, graphics and rendering issues).
  8. MudPuppy

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Yesterday I experienced a sandstorm finally in both my single player game and later in my splitscreen game. Though it looks like the splitscreen version is messed up, as my character (Player #2) had the status icon but nothing on my screen, the OH (player #1) had the icon plus the visual effects... and I could see the sandstorm following him around. @genie45
  9. MudPuppy

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Been exploring the Rag desert since its release last week. Hadn't experienced any of the SE weather/effects, Jerboa signals for an electrical storm but it turns out to be just rain (I know Rag isn't suppose to get the effects on the generators and such) & yesterday finally experienced the sandstorm. Decided to make a base out of the lost city ruins. Found a 150 female Iguanodon, 150 female Hyaenodon & 150 female Daeodon... which was needed.
  10. MudPuppy

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Hmm, at least you're getting some of the SE weather by the sound of it. I haven't had any kind of status affect icons, nor any character discomfort or extra water depletion. My Jerboa did the purr and shook its tail, which looks like the signal it does for the electrical storms, but turns out to be just rain. Hopefully they can clear this up for us.
  11. MudPuppy

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Now that PS4 has the desert biome, I am not seeing any SE weather other than rain. Though my jerboa has (twice now) alarmed for a lightning storm, it just turns out to be rain. No heat waves, no lightning storms, no sand storms... is this intended @genie45?
  12. MudPuppy

    Dinos you just feel bad about killing :(

    Kinda glad to see that I am not the only one that feels bad for killing certain dinos/creatures and also protect (well try to) the wild ones as well. For me it's Equus, Doeds, Iguanodons & Ovis. And Hyaenodons if it's something bigger than them attacking. I will try to protect them in the wild as well but like AngrySaltire I usually accidentally kill them while trying to take out the attacker The Equus death scream haunts me to this day... thanks to the Great Unicorn Massacre of 2017.
  13. Updated. Added things I've noticed with v519.1 and mainly while exploring Ragnarok desert. 14) Anytime Player #1 is near water it makes Player #2's screen really wavy (this started happening with v519.1). 15) Spots on the Ragnarok map turn Player #2's screen dark (everything is shadowy). @genie45
  14. MudPuppy

    Ragnarok update, lighting glitch

    Same here and not just supply drops & torches... also flares & fireworks.
  15. MudPuppy

    Unoffical pc server help please

    I would like to know this as well. I accidentally spawned in some beer liquid awhile back as well. It's still in my inventory lol haven't figured out to get rid of it either. Luckily it doesn't weigh anything but it sure is annoying having it in there.