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  1. Are they single foundations? I believe singles now auto-decay quickly, as a measure to try to cut down on foundation spam.
  2. Or do this with the ptera and just have it follow you down when you parachute. Argie still better for weight though.
  3. It's not your GPU. It's a bug when transitioning from one area to another, there's different lighting in the two, and something goes wonky in the change. You can sometimes fix it by going back and forth until you get the right lighting, but it's fairly rare for the fix to work. For me, it's fairly common on the Aberration map in the blue biome - I think transitioning to the Luminous Swamp area does it most often. It used to happen commonly on Extinction but then they patched something and it's mostly fixed, but can still occasionally be triggered when leaving a biome.
  4. Did you know that you can use charge batteries with S+ stations, and there's a charge node station too? If it weren't for the elevator I wouldn't have a generator anymore.
  5. On valguero? The green fields at the north end of the lake. Confirmed unicorn spawn, I got mine there and this last week, the Neebs Gaming crew got one on Youtube lol. (And then they put it on a t-shirt lolol).
  6. Open chat, then Alt-PrtScrn for evidence. You can paste the pic right into Discord from there. Also, whatta d-bag.
  7. Well, one of the benefits of playing a video game is that you just have fun playing it. And we have some fun, useful dinos, and dinos you just like for no special reason. I like megatheriums and chalicos. They're not great to get around on, but I just like them, they're fun. And they both have useful special abilities. Also beelzebufos. They're great land travel, good water travel and are fantastically useful if you have access to sea scorpions. They get the bug kill bonus and harvest both kinds of pearls, oil, chitin and meat from them.SO nice early on. And there's pelagornis, which are also very useful early game and just fun to drive around. I nominate them for first flyer tame instead of pteras, they live on the beaches, have higher carry weight than pteras and are better for exploration and early travel.
  8. Pixellated water, how to fix? GTX 1060 with default Nvidia CP settings, and high-qual Ark settings. How can I fix the pixellated water? The trees also do it as you move or they move in the wind. Any ideas?
  9. No you cannot fight back, and it's like the #1 wanted feature in response to the pinning. If we could fight back, sword and shield or other 1-hand weapon, they could turn up the tickle-level damage again. Then we might have some fun with this thing they built in, instead of it being a constant potential annoyance, like they made pegos and ichthys. Someone needs to stop thinking that annoying people is fun for them. Ex. Thylas are seriously dangerous, but you can fight back and in fact, break their pin provided you do enough damage and have the armor to survive long enough. Then it's a ground fight or escape, and the last time that happened to me, *it was fun. Really. Good fight.*. FYI they can pin gigantopithecus too.
  10. See that right there is how to have fun in Ark
  11. It's common on PC due to version or mod version mismatch. Not sure about Xbox or Win10 PC version though.
  12. On TI? If so, I used to get all I wanted from the field southwest of the Green Obi, by the river. I put a base on the bluff by the river / pond with the big walkway up, made a behemoth-gate trap on the walkway and just pulled them up and closed the gate behind them. I would generally get a 140+ every session, after I had 6 I stopped collecting. Bonus, there's an ovis spawn just south on the river bank and a quetzl path right over it.
  13. No flyers except Archaeopteryx
  14. Yah you can see it most often with hyaenodons, they have it going strong. They evaluate whether they have enough strength as a pack to take something on, so if you're high level and fully armored, they leave you alone or run if you get too close. But if not, they attack. You can test it by disarming and taking your armor off and dropping your health until they attack, then injuring them or killing pack members. When their strength drops below the threshold, they run away. It's an excellent mechanic and I love that they put it in there. Although, I never knew it applied to other kinds of animals, but with Valguero, there have been changes in behaviors. Maybe they expanded the AI out to more pack animals? I hope so, I love seeing this game take those kind of steps forward after waiting so long.
  15. But it does need to be stated plainly that the torpor mechanic can't register gains and losses at the same time, it's either gaining or losing during a tame. And because you can mass feed berries, they delay the resumption of torpor drain by the longest amount (by far) of any of the taming foods, taking drain right out of the equation for that time. And that's the real reason they're the best taming food. Best of all, the simplicity of the mechanic means that berry torpor gain time is the same for any tame, including high-drain-rate tames like gigas. In those cases, the effect of delaying the torpor drain is probably more important than any torpor gain (not up for the math though lol).
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