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  1. (Dedi servers only.) Anyone ever wanted Autorun, so you didn't have to weight down the W key while traveling? Or Auto Nofollow, so when you call a birb with follow, you don't have to remember to whistle follow off? We gotchu. Functionality Plus includes both. Check it out, Autorun is well tested and covers virtually all movement modes, from regular mounts to rock drakes to bloodstalkers. It's cool. Auto Nofollow works on everything too, never forget to turn follow off and have to re-park a dino you just hopped off. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2551135996
  2. Hey Mirage, this tool looks great and I wanted to use it to troubleshoot a problem, but it appears you have a crashed website atm. Just wanted to let you know.
  3. I did that yesterday trying to play, except I only got into game for 1 min to make sure it worked again. Update client, update server - 10 mins. Start client and let mod updates install - 3 mins. Start server - 6 mins. Join game - 1 min, crash. Revalidate files - 30 mins. Redownload 3600 and some files - 20 mins. Install same files - 15 mins. Start game, join server - 4 mins. It works - 1 min. Log off, shut down everything and say goodnight - who cares, 90 mins game time gone. I just wanted to look around for a friggin featherlight.
  4. Sure. It adds a whole new taming mechanic which I find amazingly better than Ark's default. The idea is that you generally have to run around in the wild with your prospective tame, getting to be its friend by feeding it, defending it from enemies / helping it kill things, and petting it / giving it care as it starts to like you more, until it's fully tamed. The food is a special taming bait which you make with the mini-stations included in the mod (food or kibble). As I said, there's an option to start the taming by defending it in combat, and once you do that it goes non-aggro to you a
  5. Hah, that's what's great about the Immersive Tame mod, it has a setting for combat assistance starting the tame process. That Burgesssssss guy put a lot of work into that mod.
  6. No, the guards' positions in the pen were unchanged, they hadn't gone after anything. They were just dead on the bottom, right below where I had left them on top. They got Ark'd. So an oxygen-using dino in the water will apparently drown when you come into render range, and that includes log ins. I noticed wild sheep that were in the water, up against the wall, but at the top and unhurt, were dead when I came back for them. I flew out of render on a wyvern and flew back in the same way, so they weren't rendered for long either way. So, there's that. A bary is still pretty big, bu
  7. I've been experimenting with agile water guards to avoid that. I'd had megs on guard in my water pen, but I found a 150 meg had glitched in (render bug) and was chewing on one of my basilos, and the guard megs were stuck on the other side of the basilo. So I tried castoroides, as they're small and agile in the water and hit as hard as a meg. I positioned 4 in the water pen, floating at the top of the water with good saddles on. Next time I logged on, they were all at the bottom, drowned. FYI don't use castos as water pen guards But an important point is that it's a shallow-wa
  8. Installed and tested the Cnidaria Nerf mod. yeeeeeEEEEESSS! Works perfectly, they don't stun or dismount you anymore, but they still hurt and do torpor (and they will break your flippers pretty quickly). Just right as a threat. Although it says eels still dismount you. But eels don't dismount anymore, I've chewed up tons with a sarco. ?? w/e, water is much more balanced now.
  9. Hmm, cave critters aren't supposed to be tameable, but... have you checked?
  10. I'll put in that I gathered ingredients and made feed kibble with a modded cookpot. Nope, that's it. Lost my best shark getting a plesi, got into breeding another, then bred a good dunkle, a good squid, a good megaloceros so I could clear the castle, and ran out of food. However, previously I had gone out and tamed beavers, then mated them to get like 6 good beavers, then set them as guards on my water pen. I tried sharks but they get stuck too much, had a 150 shark glitch through and was eating my basi (slowly), and the guard sharks were all stuck. Hopefully beavers will work better.
  11. Yeah, Portal 1 is a total trap. Try Edge 4. It's dangerous there but there are spots on the edge of the cliff next to the blue zone where it's safe. My base is at 44/46 between the big metal shell and the cliff edge, right on the path down to the blue zone, but no nameless spawn there. I lived on the flat spot on the very edge for safety until I could wall off between the metal shell and the cliff for dino space. I think it's a perfect location, and it wasn't hard to get started there.
  12. You can unclaim or upload to an obi to keep dinos when switching tribes. You might be able to just breed breeders to take away in order to untangle the lines.
  13. Don't give tames, give the tools to get tames - tranqs, kibble, etc. Maybe decent tools too, better pick, axe, bow, etc. Those and advice are all you can give without really disrupting their gameplay.
  14. You know your anky gathers berries at 5-star rating with the right-click attack?
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