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  1. Just updating since this problem has happened recently to a number of people, Battleye appears to need you to restart your computer after installing, and then launch Ark from Steam, or it keeps giving you the Install prompt.
  2. ...as a person who has a lot of shortcuts, including three for launching Ark with Battleye, without Battleye, and using -SM4 to cancel out the glare on Ragnarok, I can assure you making shortcuts works on Windows PCs. Just right-click and hold Shootergame.exe and drag it out to the desktop. When you release it, you will get a menu asking what you want to do, and one of those options is Create Shortcut Here.
  3. You know your anky gathers berries at 5-star rating with the right-click attack?
  4. It's a major pest as a wild. Ever had a wild one push you and your rex off a cliff for massive fall damage while you were in a fight? And it's useless (or at least near-completely use-impaired) as a tame unless you're trying to uncover buried dinos for PvP. They were generally only tamed for specialty kibble (I think it was for allosaurs). Don't get me started on the insanely long tail which can push you around all the way out to the tip. Not that I blame the diplo, I'm first in line to say all dinos should have all the abilities they reasonably could. They should get tail attack (cutting damage, hits like a whip, gathers fiber well) and foot stomp, and brontos should get head push.
  5. ... good lord, kids these days the 670 is literally 5 generations behind the one you're asking about. 670., 770, 970, 1070, 2070 / 1660 etc. It's not even worth comparing. Try comparing a GTX 1060 3gb to the 1660 Ti. I run a 1060 and it pushes Ark on near maximum settings, with shadows and ground clutter distance both turned to low. It pushes Aberration blue zone playable well and is just fine everywhere else. I'm betting your 1660 blows the 1060 away. Edit: it does, over 30% faster. Yeah, you're fine.
  6. Just mentioning, those CPU temps seem to be about half normal. It's very average for a CPU doing nothing to be at 20-25c, regular desktop stuff at 35/40c, and under full load up around 70-75c, shutting down when it gets to 80c or higher. Are you sure your software is working right? not reporting the north bridge temp or something? (lol)
  7. Just spread out the abilities that were developed one at a time for each new dino, to all the dinos that could use them. It's fine, we will all still prefer one over the other, *but all of them will have variety in what they can do*. Examples, front-foot stomp can be applied to trikes to damage without knockback, megalosaurus pickup applied to all therapods for dinos 2 sizes smaller, thyla pounce available to sabers and thylas without having to treeclimb, the thyla/ravager gravity curve for falling applied to everything (no more space-floaty-falling). There are literally so many abilities that could be spread around to so many dinos and they all exist in game already.
  8. Love it, except I'd want these three for all dinos as defaults: DinoIgnore = trueDinoLookAlly = falseDinoFollow = false Each of these is reset on tame and sometimes transfers. This would make dinos behave consistently well by default.
  9. Add classic PvE and I'm in.
  10. Megalosaurus - have them always awake in caves with no sleep debt This is more a "quality of dino life" change. Just as in Aberration, have megalosaurus fully awake with no sleep debt in caves on any map. They're amazingly useless for anything thanks to the daytime nerf and sleep debt, but this would give them a specialized role, especially for cave defending (that pickup attack is no joke).
  11. Tame Tails - make player actors clip through them like dino actors do Player-ridden dinos, tames and wilds clip through tails unless the tail is being used for an attack. But player actors do not clip through them, so we're always hitting/being hit by dino tail animations. Please make our character actors clip through tails the same way our dino actors do? This has got to be one of the most frustrating things about Ark characters, right up there with getting stuck floating between objects.
  12. That completely sucks. If you can't restore a backup, consider deleting the stack mod and going to stack .ini entries? I can post a decent list for you if you want, and you can tune to suit. edit: nm, and grats on getting your stuff back
  13. Yup, that's one of the main benefits of a local server. I was just doing a playtest server and ended up making it my home base server. It now has tames from a few different unofficials Did you know dino stat boosts from server settings will adjust based on their current server settings? It's great, I don't have to worry about getting OP dinos in the mix as their stats shift down to my server's (base) values.
  14. Milsurp

    Ark Alien

    sure, love it, just take all the alien stuff away from the dinosaur islands too. Make it two separate games and I'd likely have bought both. I just hate the hashup that they tried to do, it's the plot of a D-movie on a 3am cable channel in 1980.
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