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  1. Kibble as Mechanic

    Or they could make kibble more effective, so u only need to tame 1 kibble dino instead of 5.
  2. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced's not even out'll probably be changed by release.
  3. Transfers into Aberation

    Are we allowed to transfer items to aberration?
  4. The point of playing ark

    IKR? Literally among my favorite things to do in ark is just soar across the island looking for nice creatures even if i have no intention of taming them. I also tried to be more "normal" and play other games (such as Rocket League, CSGO, and others) but I can't stay away from ark. When they made the hardcopy dossier book, I was one of those people who wanted it as a standalone rather than in a bundle. It was just too good!
  5. The point of playing ark

    I'm a bit of a biologist, and the fact that each creature has their own dossier and is somehow unique brought me to the game in the first place. Now i just like to explore the map on a flyer and just go sightseeing for cool dinos.
  6. Aggression Level: Evasive

    Jeremy confirmed this in one of his earlier digests S+ will be integrated so hopefully that includes the hitching post.
  7. What's your guilty pleasures?

    Trying to zap basilos and other sea dinos with my lightning wyvern...tho i'm not guilty about it >:) Also using the spears from my kills and throwing them at random creatures.
  8. "ARK 2"

    wait...where did you hear about this? Link pls Yes they really shouldn't make a sequel. Not only does it make no sense for a sandbox survival game, but the main game is buggy as hell.
  9. Your luckiest moments

    OH MY GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN i was trying to lure a manta for taming into a trap w/ my frog, and suddenly i got pinned in place by 3 mantas, all trying to murder me (this was before frog underwater attack ability). I was able to dismount in between manta hits and whistle my fog to the surface and onto land w/ 60 hp remaining. And I snagged the manta
  10. Ragnarok Boss Arena w/Sloths?

    I know that wyverns tend to damage one another with their breath attack. Is it OK to bring only one type of wyvern (e.g. lightning) and enable breath attacks? Will they hurt each other? Have you done this battle w/ wyverns before?
  11. Alpha giga

    Doesn't have to be the same...the alpha giga could be 100K hp and 800 base dmg. Its up to the devs how to adjust it.
  12. What about c4? You could make a wild pego steal ur c4, then drop it into someone else's base.
  13. Alpha giga

    Doesn't have to be x4....alpha leeds only do a bit more damage. And alpha deathworms aren't that much powerful.
  14. Giga spawning command stupid question

    500 will spawn it about 3 foundations from you. Try 5000
  15. Giga spawning command stupid question

    When you spawn a giga, you can set the distance it spawns from you. Adjust the "500" in the command line to something higher.