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  1. amazing concept, was kinda disappointed this didnt gain traction the first time, but seems like you have more of a shot now, gl chief o7
  2. you're giving bleeds to everything...can we have a slight buff to the deinonychus then? They're really fragile, much more than the thyla, who now will be able to output similar damage. It also has the base stats of a raptor for some reason.
  3. Now that you buffed the carno, could you buff the deino a bit? Now that the carno has a bleed, the deino is becoming a bit more obsolete
  4. Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?
  5. apparently ur supposed to activate the pack buff, its not a passive boost
  6. i'm sure we can guess who the "interesting woman who tamed the herd of parasaurs" is
  7. typo in giganto dossier: you wrote "playful once tamed" twice in the bottom left section
  8. Can someone tell me where wally is? I can't find him...
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