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  1. State of the ARK - Updates

    Optimizations when?
  2. Stasis Food Usage

    The consumption of food during stasis is too much. You can no longer go offline for more than a few days without your creatures starving due to the recent patch that made dinos consume more food during stasis. I was away for nearly 3 days and my sheep have nearly starved to death, along with many of my other dinos. Having a character on 3 separate maps makes it too much. Any thoughts?
  3. so ice wyverns

    Dont get so aroused, they're basically recolored fire wyverns, something a pugnacia modder could make.
  4. You could also take a squadron of theris. Considering how I was able to shred an alpha rex with just 2 of my guys, with almost no health lost, a few more will easily be able to shred a giga.
  5. Golden Rules of Ark

    Beautiful comment and moderator advantage.
  6. Golden Rules of Ark

    i play unofficial so i dont dc as much, but sometimes i do when a bronto attacks all my pipes and overloads the screen with numbers
  7. Questions about Ascension

    Hello, does anyone know if you gain additional levels if you do the same version of the tek cave? For example, if I did the beta cave twice, would I get twice the levels? And is there a limit to how many levels you can get after repeatedly completing the cave?
  8. Golden Rules of Ark

    If they stop moving, won't it be too late to find a safe spot?
  9. Tames ranked easiest to hardest

    Tusoteuthis is a lot easier to tame than many of these creatures
  10. Ragnarok Unofficial Servers!

    Any more info about the new content? Will there be all the scorched earth creatures in the new map?
  11. Will the game run a lot slower now due to the new content? Like it did with scorched earth? :\
  12. Golden Rules of Ark

    Rule 6: Dont be lazy and place your items in the first tamed dino that you see in your base (unless you wanna run around looking for your stuff because you forgot where you put it) Rule 7: Don't ever land in the swamp/redwood biomes, and dont even fly close to the redwood trees unless you want to get brutally murdered.

    The kapro currently has a bug on my server where it cannot grab water creatures. It can grab land creatures fine, however. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. Chalicotheriums. Worth It?

    def worth it. Rock does insane dmg-i use it to clear eels hanging around my base. Also a unique dino for your base. Plus, the fact that you can NEVER find a high level chalico (at least on my server) basically requires you to tame the highest level you find. Beer isnt that hard-just gather tons of berries and wait-and it doesnt spoil.