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  1. prob not cuz theres already a bionic skin
  2. rororoxor

    Global ban

    to be fair those wyverns look cool as hell
  3. rororoxor

    New Extinction Teasers!

    That rex looks amazing
  4. rororoxor

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?
  5. rororoxor

    Are all bosses soloable?

    How about rockwell?
  6. rororoxor

    Any good Lightning wyvern names

    I named mine Huracán, the Mayan god of wind and storms.
  7. rororoxor

    How did you die last?

    Attempted to run the Elemental Vault with my drake, slipped and fell into the molten grape soda. Finally managed to beat the cave with another drake.
  8. rororoxor

    Which Dinos do you no longer try to tame?

    You can never have enough griffins
  9. rororoxor


    Uhh...maybe around 400% melee at least? It's stamina that you should be concerned about. Maybe around 1.5K. I think any high level wyvern (170+ on official) should do the job if max imprinted.
  10. rororoxor


    I've gone on a couple phoenix hunts. Don't use a griffin-the flamethrower method is harder than it sounds. Use a fire wyvern (or a couple set on ai breath mode-whistle passive when it gets close to the phoenix so it doesn't bite). Phoenixes seem to spawn anywhere in the left half of the map, I've seen some in the SW dunes, the southern mountains and the western mountains. Sometimes the phoenix doesn't despawn properly and can be seen outside of a heat wave, but can't be tamed. I've seen people tame phoenixes by building a structure close to its location, then kiting it in with a rare flower.
  11. rororoxor

    Aberration Overall Optimization

    try typing r.shadowquality 0 in the in-game commands. Gave me a massive fps boost.
  12. rororoxor

    Easter Tames

    Stalk em until they lay eggs. Put a bunch of them in a small pen or something.
  13. rororoxor

    Unable to craft blueprint - requires too many resources

    D'oh, 220 armor??? Where'd you even find that? The highest armor I've ever gotten was 86 (server max level is 120, idk about loot quality)
  14. rororoxor

    Unable to craft blueprint - requires too many resources

    lower armor rating though