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  1. When you unintentionally turn informer...cringe....
  2. Sounds nice, but that'll just delay that optimization that we're waiting for. Come on, the game is pretty much done.
  3. Someone getting murdered? No one can be THAT addicted to ark lmao
  4. That's correct. It's only the post-taming values that matter, not imprinting boosts.
  5. tbh they shouldve just added ORP (with structure decay) to begin with.
  6. Base breeding stats aren't affected by imprinting.
  7. feed them dodo kibble. High stack size, decent food, longer spoil times.
  8. takes a lot to fully imprint a giga.
  9. wait...isnt the ovis thing a bug? Or is it intentional?
  10. Ya, they definitely shouldn't have locked speed. That's my main problem with the rebalance. But the rebuff after the nerf helped a lot otherwise.
  11. Well, ptera and others are decently fast now (except quetz) and overall, their stats have increased since the nerf. Did you see the spreadsheet?
  12. I think the flyers are pretty balanced now. They balanced the barrel roll (3 second delay) and they re-increased the speed to a healthy extent. My main problem (and probably the same for majority of the players) is that land dinos get stuck on the smallest obstacles, making flyers the only option. The devs should fix this problem first. But it seems that the main reason for the nerf was because of pvp unblanaces, so the devs could just increase the pvp damage multiplier on flyers. How's that?
  13. I don't think so....the dossier says otherwise. But then again, how many times was the dossier proved to be wrong?
  14. The healing doesnt seem to be that powerful, if you look at the bloody daeodon, it was barely getting healed.