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  1. Has Dino AI been improved?

    Today I was xbow taming a high level rex, and from the start it didn't seem to be interested in me, even when i shot it several times. It would make occasional charges twards me, but more often it would run away from me or off to the side, or in some cases, running in circles chasing nothing.
  2. Aberration: Mutated Wyvern

    I think these guys will jump from nowhere and latch onto your face and devour you
  3. Aberration Hype?

    But they can make the tek items first then transfer them back, right?
  4. Tree farm.

    I just hate the fact that near to none of the scorched earth dinos can harvest the trees in the low desert.
  5. Question about the bee hive

    You have to put rare flowers in the hive to keep it "powered."
  6. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    1. Get a tribe to feed the wyverns. 2. Tame a bunch of daeodons so they passive-heal the starving wyverns. (Have lots of food in a trough nearby)
  7. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    I think your supposed to fight the leed the legit way, with cannons and ballistas. But that's probably just me...
  8. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    use a harpoon on a tuso. not too bad.
  9. Favorite Ark Dino (Including DLC's)

    Therizino-nothing more terrifying than seeing those lethal claws coming after you
  10. metal tranq arrows?

    I just want the tranq spear bolts to be usable in the ballista.
  11. HELP! I kicked myself out of my tribe !!!

    If unofficial, ask the admin to cheat-give you your items back.
  12. Getting picked by birds

    Grapple onto the ground
  13. Most Creative Dino Names

    I have an Allosaur called Ripperess, an Ovis named Clovis, a Dunkleosteus named Dieter Relli (after the real-life species name D. Terrelli), a Theri named Sickle-cell Anemia, a woolly rhino named Alexei Sytsevich (after the villain) and when I get a Megalania I'll name it Melania
  14. Smithy and Fabricator crafting menus

    If the "i" button doesn't work (try toggling it repeatedly) then use this link to calculate item reqs
  15. video my new and first ARK Ragnarok lets play Ep#1

    day one is always the best