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  1. rororoxor

    Mana Changes

    Hey, thank you guys for continuing to update the game. I really like the mana and was pretty disappointed to see it's range nerfed significantly. I think it'll still be balanced on pvp if the freeze range was the same as before, but maybe the damage wouldnt reach past turret range. This way offline bases are safe, and the mana range is still pretty decent. I just thought the range synced well with fighting creatures-jump high above them, freeze and dash for extra damage. With the nerfed range, its hard to freeze dinos in the air. Now it can only be done from the ground, which is pretty boring imo. I get that you want to balance pvp but I think the range reduction was a bit too much. Instead of nerfing manas, how about you buff similar dinos, like wyverns and drakes? Right now wyvern riders can be defeated by pteras, showing how weak a wyvern is in pvp.
  2. rororoxor

    Global ban

    to be fair those wyverns look cool as hell
  3. Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?
  4. Attempted to run the Elemental Vault with my drake, slipped and fell into the molten grape soda. Finally managed to beat the cave with another drake.
  5. D'oh, 220 armor??? Where'd you even find that? The highest armor I've ever gotten was 86 (server max level is 120, idk about loot quality)
  6. apparently ur supposed to activate the pack buff, its not a passive boost
  7. i'm sure we can guess who the "interesting woman who tamed the herd of parasaurs" is
  8. LMAO I assume you didn't play when the eels were just released?
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