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  1. Steam vs win 10

    I hear it has low res and only a few servers (i could be wrong) but if ur friend doesn't have an xbox, I fear win 10 is the only option.
  2. Steam vs win 10

    If you has steam, then he has to get steam as well. Steam cannot crossplay with windows 10.
  3. Road to Bio-Luminescent

    There is a very quick path. Find the river from the shore of the lake, the area that's near that single gas vein at the coast (i think its 21.4 44.2, i cant remember). Go up the river that has the silica pearls, and when you reach the big river, go left. This place is pretty safe-hug the right wall until you find the path that loops around the cliff, then go directly south. You should reach biolum
  4. the size

    I think he's referring to when it installs-usually when the files uncompress, they can take up 100-200 gigs more than normal, before shrinking back down. But even then, 400 is a lot.
  5. I got lost on Aberration while gem hunting.

    If you get lost again, follow the rivers. They either empty into the big lake or the biolum. Watch out for crabs tho.
  6. Leech Attaches To The Screen And Not the Player

    it aint a bug, its a leech. leeches belong to the annelid family and are not bugs no sir
  7. Oh Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs

    one step forward, two steps back
  8. I swear to you wildcard ...

    Agreed...not to mention that ark isn't a popular franchise, or even well known enough to attract large enough sponsorships. And a low-budget movie will just make the game look bad.
  9. just lost my lvl 200 crab when 2 sarcos got on top of me and pushed me thru the map :'(
  10. Next Expansion Discussion

    omg that would be so sick...like a venus flytrap that could grab and devour enemies like a megalosaurus....this will be the end of raiding
  11. Next Expansion Discussion

    yah brah thats all what matters what would it even be called? Plant species A? (for Ark?)
  12. Aberration Missing Creatures List

    True, but many of these walls aren't that "vertical" anyway, meaning you can always find a suitable ledge in the middle of the cliff and run along it until you bypass those overhangs.
  13. Best Aberration thatch collector?

    You can also get plenty of rare flowers from the skinny blue shrubs in the biolum (not the blue mushrooms). As for thatch, my go to would be the paracer, which also can take care of itself pretty well. Edit: I also heard that roll rats are the phiomias of aberration (feed them stims and wait for the sunshine) As for the master zoologist achievement, do you know if the aberrant creatures are considered different from the regular ones? Like will we have to tame both a regular iguanodon and an aberrant one to get the achievement?
  14. Aberration Missing Creatures List

    Onyc? Hell no, they'd be a nightmare with the seekers lmao
  15. Arthropleura

    Are you sure you are feeding on time? The feeding intervals get shorter and shorter the closer an animal is to being tamed.