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  1. We hopped for a little on last night and our gigas finally finished growing up with 100% imprint. 3 of them had 197% melee and 34k hp and the one with the melee mutation had just under 210% melee and similar hp ( cant remember exact numbers) Next we turned 2 to male with the s+ tek mutator (all 4 were born female) Then left a pair (including the melee mutation) on the island for breeding and took the other pair back to extinction. Stole the ascendent saddle from their parents and took them out leveling. One of my brothers also joined us and it was his first trip to extinction. He came along with his character, some gear and his ravager from our Island server. We decided to show him around the wasteland and walk to the snow biome (from green obelisk). Him on his ravager, us (my wife and I) on our imprinted gigas. On the way there we came across a low level element vein and decided to give defending it a shot. We quickly learned to keep the gigas away from the vein itself as they were destroying it pretty quickly. So my wife and I intercepted any corrupt dinos before they got to it, and my brother on his ravager took care of anything that got close to the vein. This vein was super easy, biggest thing being corrupt stegos so the most difficult part was not damaging the vein itself, lol. We finished it and walked away with about 100 element, 30 or 40 shards and 3k dust. So instead of continuing to the snow dome we decided to head back to base, which turned out to be a great decision because 5 minutes after we get back a meteor shower starts.After it was over we spent a few minutes looking for OSDs, and after not finding one we logged for the night. Today we didnt do a whole lot, mostly gathering. Gathered a pile of stone, wood, and thatch as well as element dust and metal and we wrapped up the day by getting the last 2 walls built and moved most of our dinos outside. We finished them enough to keep things out but we still need to even them out so they look better. Plans for this week are to finish the walls then start working on turret towers on the sides closer to the wasteland and hopefully start running some osds, if they ever spawn again. Not sure what else after that, destiny 2 has another expansion dropping in a week so we will be playing ark less often for a while.
  2. Running into the same issue myself, shows green like you can place it, makes a sound like its being placed but doesnt place.
  3. Private pc cluster, Extinction, This Island, and Aberation Last night we decided to hatch our gigas. Hatched 4 eggs and all came out female, but one had a melee mutation. Luckily with the s+ mutator we can turn 2 females to male at the cost of some element. We got them to 25% last night before shutting down the server so we could go to bed. This morning we fired up the server and continued with the giga raising. My brother sat afk to watch them while we did stuff on extinction, just popping by to do imprints. Our 1st task of the day was to tame another gas bag. I did build a better trap this time. After about 20 minutes of hunting we found a 197, grabbed it, popped it in the pen, tranqed it and tamed it. Next we set out to look for a black pearl gacha. First one we tamed was a 210 female, but no black pearls. Shortly after we tamed a 127 male, and jackpot, he had black pearls. Got them back to base via cryopod and expanded the base a little so we could keep our black pearl and metal gachas inside and far enough away to be happy. Our final task was farming to build a second ascendent giga saddle. Did a quick metal run then hopped on our gigas and went on a killing spree. I almost found out the hard way not to kill kentros with a giga. Attacked a small pack and my rage meter instantly hit 90%...oops, lol After about an hour we had enough hide so we built the saddle the hopped over to the island to take over with afk giga sitting. Our gigas should be fully grown in about 6 more hours so tomorrow we can start leveling them and running osds. In between that we are also going to try to finally finish the wall.
  4. Private Pc Cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today we decided to tame a gasbag. We logged of on the island yesterday so we grabbed some allo kibble and uploaded one of our quetz to bring to extinction. Then we built a taming pen for a gas bag and set out on the hunt. My wife followed in a battle argent to help fend off corrupt pteras. After about 15 minutes we found a 127 gasbag. I grabbed it while it was fighting a carno. Started heading back and a corrupt ptera started attack both of us. I dropped the gas bag and my wife killed the ptera. This happened 3 more times before we got out of the wasteland. Then I spent the next half hour trying to get the darn thing in our pen and chasing it around the green obelisk when I failed. Finally I gave up and had my wife shoot it while I held it, which took way more arrows because they take reduced damage when inflated, but we finally downed it and i surrounded it with gates and gateways and also healed it fully with an owl since it took a beating from ptera. He tames out almost perfect and it was worth the struggle, it had 5k weight and almost 5k hp. Once I get the hang of actually using it it will be my new favorite mount, lol. We are going to hatch our gigas tonight and plan on just shutting down the server when we head to bed. Tomorrow we will continue to raise the gigas while also looking for another gasbag and a black pearl gacha
  5. Private pc cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Spent the last few days preping for another giga tame, as well as gathering to craft an ascendent giga saddle blue print I had stashed on our island server that we almost forgot about since gigas weren't really usefull in pve pre extinction. Today we had some free time so we decided to look for a giga to tame. Used the s+ tek transmitter and it showed a 135 near the snow dome. Loaded up and flew there only to have it despawn Flew back to base and spent the next 3 hrs doing destroy wild dinos and hopping between the island and extinction before finally finding a 135 female on the island. So we locate it, and it was female. We trap it and tame it with no issues. I download our male giga from extinction and we go on a meat/leveling run to load up our fridges in our breeding facility. Then we breed them and pop the egg in the s+ hatchery. No time today to hatch them but the s+ hatchery will pre cook them till 1% and we can hatch over the weekend. Before logging we crafted up a bunch of cryopods and put the rest of our boss rex army on ice. Our plans this weekend are to breed gigas for the 1st time ever, which at our rates take 14 hrs after hatching and we should hopefully have 4 or 5 eggs ready by then. Then we can start farming red and yellow osds
  6. Private PC cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Pretty simple day today. Made a bunch of narcotics. Then raided beaver dams for cp and wood. Next we did a scrap metal, metal and element dust run. And finished up by building the 1st section of our metal wall. Went with only a dino gate on this one. Next section will have a behemouth so our rex and giga can get through. Tomorrow we plan on doing pretty much the exact same thing, lol. Having these beaver dams around have been great, we haven't had to make a single bit of cp or felt a need to tame snails.
  7. Private PC cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today's main goal was to tame a giga on extinction. Started out be heading to our Island base and grabbing all of our narcotics, tranq arrows and tranq darts, as well as any quetz kibble we had kicking around. Brought all of that to extinction, and also crafted as many narcotics from our supplies on extinction. Then we crafted a few large bear traps and 4 metal dino gates, loaded up on cooked meat and water and headed to the snow because we heard now corrupted gigas spawn on the outskirts. After about 20 minutes we spotted a 135 male giga in the wasteland near the snow dome. So we cleared out any dinos, laid down 3 of the 4 gateways with a bear trap in the middle. After about 6 attempts the giga finally followed me, stepped on the bear trap and i put down the 4th gateway, and we perched on a cliff and started tranqing him. My wife was the main tranqer while I kind of tranqed and kept watch. Had to stop a few times and clear out some corrupted dinos that got to close but finally he went down. I immediately dumped about 500 narcotics in him. At our rates It was about 20 minutes to tame with a mixture of prime and kibble. That 20 minutes felt like hours, lol. Had to fend off several corrupted dinos on top of keeping him down. And then I was worried a meteor shower could happen at anytime and take us all out. He finally stood up at lvl 202. We headed straight to the city and uploaded him asap at the nearest terminal, then fly back to base, make a saddle and download him. Next we headed to the desert and built an outpost and ended up taming a 135 velonosaur before logging for the day. That was more of a challenge then the giga, ended up dieing twice and breaking all my good flak armor before we finally got him down. Their ranged attack is crazy. Looking forward to getting a breeding pair and roaming around with a mobile autoturret. This week were are going to restock to prep for another giga hunt this weekend and finally start work on the wall we have been putting off. Hopefully we will have a mated pair of gigas to breed some time in the next few weeks so we can start farming osd.
  8. Private Pc cluster, Extinction, The Island, and Aberation Today's main goal was to tame snow owls. So we started gathering and building stuff for an outpost and taming pen. Then we loaded up on cooked meat and tranq arrows, hopped on our battle argies and headed to the snow dome. One we get to the snow down, it was nice to see it almost dark at 5am. The always day in the city and wasteland is great for gathering/taming, but sometimes you want dark, lol. Also, I really hope they significantly drop the temp in the snow. With full flak on we didnt even get could the entire time there So we find a nice flat spot to set our outpost and taming pen, and after about an hour we had 3 owls, a lvl 82, 142, and 120 (pre tame). I load them into crypods and head back to our main base. 1st thoughts on the owls is I love them. While they are horrible at combat (which is nice so argents stay usefull) they have decent weight and fly really fast. They also have heat vision and an awesome heal/freeze. We then set them up in from of a couple of our gachas so they will pick up the pellets and always have their favorite food. Tomorrows plan is to head to the desert dome for velonasaur. The plan is to the the same, set up an outpost and taming pen. After that we are going to head back to the sunken forest to search for a black pearl gacha. After that it will finally be time to start work on our wall.
  9. Private Cluster, Extinction, Island and Aberation Been a pretty productive couple of days on extinction. Yesterday we finished building our new base and got moved in and threw any dinos we weren't using into cryo pods. We then did a lot of gathering and managed to build a chemistry bench, couple of ACs and an indy forge. Next we decided to see what these orbital supply drops were all about. The plan was to do it in god mode on our 2 boss rex just to see how they were, and just not pick up/destroy any loot we found, kind of a trial run. 1st one we found was a red, and It was insane and we ended up bailing even with god mode on, lol. But we now have something to work for. Either we are going to bring all of our boss rex over and try them, or tame and breed a bunch of gigas. Our main goal now is getting a metal wall up and turrets/plant x up. This weekend Im thinking we will tame some snow owls too. And somewhere in between head to our main base on the island and cryo freeze a bunch of tames.
  10. If you start fresh in the city towards the center of it, it wont be any harder then starting on the island, although it is a constant 95 degrees so your going to drink a lot with a low to no fortitude character. Biggest dangers are dilos , compys, and raptors, and defense units to your tames. I wouldn't say tek is a must, but Its the easiest maps to get element on so tek is more fun.
  11. This morning we set out to tame gachas. So we loaded up on stone and grabbed half a dozen cryopods then headed to the sunken forest. When we got there it looked like the beaver apoocalypse with hundreds of beavers in the ponds. So we did a destroywilddinos waited a few minutes then started looking. After half an hour or so we filled up the cryopods. Didn't get one that produced black pearls but we got ones that produced other useful things, like obsidian, pearls and red and blue sap. When we got back to base we continued work on the new base and finished enough to protect our replicator and tek generator before having to log. I also parked a rex at the base just incase a corrupted or alpha paid a visit before we could get metal walls and turrets up. Tomorrow we continue work on the base and will probably farm element dust to make more element. I may bring over a mammoth from the island to speed up wood gathering, although raiding dams and using an ascendent hatchet have been doing pretty decent so I may not.
  12. We started out today looking for a more permanent base location, but decided to pretty much stay where we were, only in a slightly differant area. Its actually a pretty good location, head into the city and get tons of metal, scrap metal, crystal, electronics and element dust and if I need poly we just head to the wasteland and farm corrupted dinos. Its also safe from meteor showers once they re enable them. Corrupted dinos can occasionally be a problem but nothing my tames or auto turrets couldnt handle. So after we decided on a spot and started gathering for the base. We are going to keep it somewhat simple, focusing on function over looks along with a decent perimeter wall and turret towers for corrupted dinos and alphas This afternoon my brother finally joined our server and discovered that we can actually transfer stuff and dinos to extinction. I always assumed we couldnt so I never tried, but I guess that must be an official thing. So I decided to bring a few things over from the island. Grabbed my good armor and weapons, stole my aberration s+ tek generator and s+ tek replicator. Then we also transfered a pair of imprinted battle argies, imprinted megasloths and a pair of boss rex. Nothing game breaking but will give us a nice little bump, i mean it is suppose to be an end game map anyways so I'm fine with bring a few dinos and gear over Turns out bringing the rex over proably saved our base and all of our tames. Went to the terminal to pick them up which isn't very far from base, and there was a 180 alpha rex and a pack of 4 or 5 normal rex with it, headed straight for me. I downloaded mine and my wife's rex as fast as I could, managed to pop a saddle on both and jump on mine just as the alpha started chomping away at us. So the fight was on and we won of course but If I hadnt have brought the rex, our base and everything we had done since last week would have been destroyed in minutes. Tomorrow we plan on working on the base and also heading underground to tame a few gacha and also try the cryoballs out for the first time to quickly get the gacha back. Im hoping for gachas that produce black pearls. I know I can eaisly get black pearls on aberation, but for now Im trying to get all my resources for extinction on extinction.
  13. Pretty much did 1 thing today, gather to build a 101 ascendent enforcer bp. To start we tamed a 135 doed and a 135 anky. Then we headed to the city with the doed and my wife was on our mega sloth for protection. After about an hour we gathered the 1k crystal, 370 oil and 10k element dust needed by farming lamps, benches and enforcers. Next we gathered all the obsidian we could find for making polymer, but were still 400 shy. Decided to venture to the wasteland to farm corrupted dinos for corrupted nodules which are like organic poly. After about 90 minutes and way too many close calls we had enough for the enforcer. And by that time our metal was done smelting. So we finally had enough mats to build the enforcer. So we head over to a city terminal with it...only to find out the city terminal didn't have nearly enough slots which kind of made me mad, lol. So out of spite I did something I never do and I spawned in an s+ tek replicator, built the enforcer then immediately destroyed the replicator and destroyed any of the mats it dropped. I think the enforcers are pretty sweet. Kind of low hp, but their movement and stamina are really great. And this one als has 1k weight. They also do insane damage to corrupted dinos. So we are dumping all points in hp on this one since everything else seems decent So our big plans for this week are building a tek replicator the legit way (we do have 1 on aberation and 1 on the island, but cant transfer anything to extinction yet), then gathering to build a 2nd enforcer for my wife. The next bp we have is for a 120, and it takes twice the mats so it will be a while before we have enough. We also want to tame a few gasbags and gachas, hopefully finding a gacha that makes black pearls.
  14. We had a pretty productive day today. Started off on a narcoberry run and made a bunch of narcotics and tranqs. Then my wife spotted a lvl 60 anky nearby, so we knocked it out. While it was taming we knocked out a trio of pteras, 2 lvl 60s and a 67. While they tamed we spotted a 112 anky and we knocked that out too. So now we have 5 dinos being tamed at once. Thankfully the pteras were all similar lvls and we knocked them out all at the same time so we only had to set 1 timer for narcotics. All 5 dinos tamed up no problem, while they tamed we threw together a quick taming pen. Then went on a hide run with our raptors to craft up all of the saddles. Came back and a lvl 75 mega sloth had spawned near our taming pen. So we kited it to the pen and knocked it out and let it starve while we looked for prime. While searching for prime we came across 2 low lvl rex, a little shocked they were so close to base, but thankful we got plenty of prime for the mega sloth but also got us to build our walls a little higher, lol. So after the sloth tamed we decided to go on an enforcer killing spree for oil so we could get a generator and fridge going. Ended up with enough oil for a few weeks worth of gas as well as a mountain of electronics. Ended up building a fabricator, generator, indy grill and fridge and managed to fit them all into our tiny 3x3x1 base, lol. Next we took the pteras and did a little exploring of the city and the edge of the wasteland. Anticipated it being a suicide mission we we only brought cooked meat, water and a spyglass. But the trip was cut short due to a meteor shower. We booked it straight home because we were safe from meteors at our base. We were getting ready to log out and we saw a 135 mega sloth, so decided to stick around to tame it. Got it in the pen, almost loosing my ptera in the process. Then we tranqed it and started a prime run. Got back just in time to see a defense unit rip the mega sloth to shreds Killed the defense unit for revenge then logged for the day. So far we are really liking extinction, and we havent even tamed/built any extinction dinos yet. The danger is way up there, I mean we are pretty safe in our little bubble under the green obelisk, but danger isnt far away. I think tomorrow we plan on looking for the sunken forest and taming a bunch of gachas, I hear they are pretty op right now
  15. Thanks We've been playing Destiny 2 pretty hard the last several months, Destiny's Forsaken expansion and the month or so leading up to it have been so awesome. I kept paying for my Ark servers during the break but just turned them off so its like we never left. The night before extinction came out I transfered all of my tames and bps on SE over to my island server before changing it to extinction Extinction came at the perfect time at kind of a lull between Destiny expansions so now we are splitting our time 50/50 between Ark and Destiny. Destiny's next expansion is a month or 2 away so we have a decent amount of time to get our grind on in extinction and see what it has to offer before getting completly lost in Destiny again.
  16. Its been a few months but Im back. Took a break because we were getting a little bored but extinction got us hooked again. So as a recap I play on my own private cluster with my wife and 2 brothers. Before extinction it was The Island, Aberration, and Scorched. Now we swapped Scorched for Extinction. Rates are 7.5 difficulty (max wild of 225), 7.5 taming, and 3x gathering. So my wife and I transfered over to Extinction with our lvl 98 characters. We decided to set up our starter base just out side the city right under the obelisk. Its actually a good place to start. Its up on a plateu with only 1 small path up. Theres several beaver dam spawns so we have all the paste and wood we need early on. Theres a few metal, crystal, green gem and even obsidian nodes around. Probably not a long term place but its nice for now. The defense units do a good job of killing hostile dinos too. So we only have about 3 hours into it now and we've been taking ot slow. So far we have a small 3x2 stone building and metal tools and weapons. This morning we tamed a moose and a low lvl raptor. Its actually been quite uneventful till this morning when 3 raptors decided to pay us a visit. I was out gathering metal and stone when I heard them coming so I took off to our base. Managed to make it inside the walls before them. So i grab some arrows and quickly take out a low lvl one. The last 2 kind of seperate so i hop down and bola one of them and start killing it with my sword. Not 2 wacks in and his buddy shows up and pins me and I get killed. So I respawn, grab my stuff, bola again and get eaten again, lol. Finally 1 runs away so I bola and kill the other. Then run after the 3rd and tranq and tame it. So our immediate plans are to get a stock pile of narcotics and tranqs so we can start taming gathering and pack mule dinos. We dont really plan on expanding this base because we plan on moving as soon as we can fend for ourselves, lol
  17. Today we did some organizing, and moved a bunch of dinos from the rex factory to our main base. Then we did a meat run with the allos before logging out in the tek bed, trying to hit lvl 100 so we can build s+ vivariums to keep our kibble dinos in. Over the next few weeks we are going to greatly reduce our ark play time. We want to grind out some things on Destiny 2 for Solstice of heroes which will greatly cut into our ark play time. It only last till August 28th so we want to get as much done as we can.
  18. We played yesterday but I dont think we accomplished anything, lol. We did log off in tek sleeping pods and by this morning my wife hit lvl 97 so she could build a quetz platform, so this morning we threw together a quick quetz trap and headed out for that 195 female quetz. Found it almost at carno island and it was almost all black (and almost the complete opposite side of the map from our base and a very, very long trip on a quetz, lol) So I landed to top off stam and after a few attempts trapped it and tranqed it. It tamed out and I only had 5 minutes before I had to leave for work so we found a realitivly safe spot and logged out. On my lunch break we flew back. The quetz stood up at lvl 292 with 10.2k hp, 2400 stam, 1520 weight, and 401.6% melee. I plan on just lvling a little stam and the rest weight for heavy hauling. Tomorrow we will probably finish the water pen and maybe finally finish the wall around the base, lol
  19. Today was mostly a taming day, focusing on things we didnt have. Started off on SE for pegomax because they are everywhere. Came home with a pair. Brought them back to the island and decided it was time to tame a whale. S+ tek transmitter showed a lvl 90 nearby. So i throw on scuba, grab some lamb chops and hop on the barry. I find the whale, clear its manta pack and tame it without issue. Get it back to base and move on to the next thing. Next we decide to tame a low lvl female tickle chicken for kibble. Find one not far off, drop her in our metal pen and tame her. On our search for a male we spot a zebra white chalico. I had started a beer barrel a few weeks ago so I scooped her up and dropped her on our beach then grabbed the beer and tamed her. After we tamed her we tamed a low lvl all black monkey on the beach. We decided to tame a low lvl female oviraptor as our last tame. While it was taming a lol lvl pelagornis landed next to us so we 1 shot tranqed it and tamed it too. To finish the day we decided it was time to build a water pen and got it about 75% complete before logging. Its fully secure now all we need to do is level out the walls. This weeks plans are to finish the pen and continue taming dinos we dont have. If we get time we may finally breed our sharks too. Once we finally hit lvl 97 we also plan on building a quetz trap to tame that 195 quetz thats somewhere on the map, lol
  20. We dont have rag on our cluster yet, but I have a decent tapa and my wife to help. We didnt have a ton of ambition today but we did decide to try to tame a low level quetz to use as a quetz trap. Found a lvl 62 male not far off and we managed to tranq it with ease and it landed in a safe spot. I threw down some dino gates to protect it and we stood guard till it tamed. Once it tamed we grabbed a 180 tek stego that was near our base and tamed it. Then we figured we should build a metal taming pen for thezio now that we had a quetz to carry them. I cleared out a spot with the bronto and we built a 5x5 pen. Then we did a scan for thezio and the nearest lvl 150+ was all the way across the map so we decided to pass on that for the day. Next we spotted a lvl 82 female quetz above our base. We were a few lvls shy of building a quetz platform so we went after it with the tapa again. We got it down and it landed right on top of a Purlovia Managed to kill the purlovia before it killed the quetz. We decided to tame the quetz anyways for kibble, even though it on gained 6 lvls. We got it back to base and decided to hop over to SE to feed dinos. Then we jumped on to Aberration to feed as well and then we logged off in the tek sleeping pods to hopefully gain the next few lvls before tomorrow. Our main plan tomorrow is to tame a 195 quetz thats near carno island, but only if we can get a high enough lvl to build the quetz platform so we can trap it. After that Im not sure what we will do, lol. Probably tame more dinos that we dont have to get to my goal of taming 1 of everything before extinction drops
  21. I think im going to try for a low lvl quetz next and build a trap on it to catch a high lvl
  22. Back from vacation and played a little today. Started off spotting a blue and purple event kentro, so we tamed it. Then I decided to try out the revamped dino scan on the s+ transmitter and try and find a decent tapa nearby. Scan showed a 150 not far away so we threw together a quick pen and I hopped on my argent to find it. It was roughly where the scanner showed it so I ate rare flower and kited it to our pen and we tamed it. After it tamed we decided it was finnaly time to try for a quetz. The transmitter showed a lvl 192 east of the volcano. So after leveling the tapa for a bit my wife hopped in the front seat while I drove. We spotted the quetz and start tranqing it. After half an hour and landing for stam several times it went down...right on top of a carno and a pack of terror birds which ate it in a few seconds. So we flew back to base and logged for the day, lol
  23. Last night we bred Allos again. Didn't get any new mutations but kept ones with the previous ones, plus any that came out all black. We will probably do another round of breeding tonight and I need to move most of the dinos from the rex factory up to the main base, it is getting very crowded and probably has 20 allos in it now, lol So we go on vacation for 5 days starting tomorrow so I will be shutting my servers down for that time. Since this morning was our last time playing until next Friday, we figured we would just do an event dino taming spree. We didn't care about their level, just the color. This kentro was first. It wasn't event but I liked the color anyways After that we got a purple scorp (forgot to take a screen shot), a purple anky, a blue anky, a purple Argent and a blue parasaur We missed out on an awesome blue and purple rex, spotted it just as it died to a large pack of raptors This will be my last update until next week unless we get some kind of cool mutation with the allos tonight, but Ill keep reading everyone else's post while i am on vacation
  24. We finished raising our allos last night. We actually only had 2 with mutations, not 3. The bluish color on this one, its actually looks a lot lighter in game Not sure the color mutation on this one or if it got a color on a region it had, but it still looks cool and we tamed this girl this morning Then we spent the rest of our time gathering meat so we can hatch more eggs tonight. We also tamed a low lvl female kentro for kibble. I think we may tame more kentros to breed just because they have cool colors too. Ill probably hatch another 8 or 10 allos tonight, only keeping ones with mutations
  25. Today we continued work on the wall. We got all but 1 side finished and that side will be just to keep our dinos from running off the cliff if a stray ichthy or bug makes their way into our base. We then organized the dinos and realized we now have a boatload of room for more dinos so we need to get to taming, lol. I'm still planning on taming atleast 1 of every dino from all 3 maps before extinction comes out After organizing the dinos we did some base organization. Everything has a storage container now. It probably won't stay that way for long, but its good for now, lol. We also built a s+ vault in our barracks area to hold all our armor, weapons, ammo, tributes and taming supplies. We dont really need a vault, but its nice fitting several large storage boxes worth of stuff into one vault. Before logging out this morning we moved our crops to the roof of our base and put clear, frameless s+ glass over them for the green house bonus without taking away from the looks of the base . Had some crops destroyed in our green house on the beach when a trike I was kitting attacked our green house and clipped through the s+ glass wall, so our roof is much safer. Right now we are afk raising some allos. I forgot how much I like breeding allos. Only 2 hrs to grow up with my rates with a precooked egg (love the s+ hatchery) and 1 imprint for 100%. 3 out of the 5 we hatched got mutations so Im looking forward to seeing them all grown up. Tomorrow morning we will hopefully finish the wall. I also noticed a lvl 202 female allo near my allo taming pen so we will probably tame her up. And then tomorrow night we will probably hatch more allos, lol
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