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  1. #1 - Filter checkbox will be included in the next build, defaulted to YES to filter out non-tameables. #2 - Not a chance. I don't understand the underlying save format enough to reliably write it back out without corrupting anything. I use a toolkit mainly coded by others with minor amendments I worked out myself to read in some things for ASV to show / export. Noticed that I was still doing exports slightly differently between the command line and the settings page. Will fix and include the Id's in the next release along with the new "tameable" field for the wild exports.
  2. Not within ASV itself. You can always export the tamed data as JSON and then parse this out as a grid or something yourself?
  3. Unlikely as ASV doesn't care what size the file is and will just take longer to load bigger saves. Will need a copy of your save file to determine what the issue is. @psionprime - quite possibly an issue with the FTP library I used. I have noticed it has since had a major re-write and no longer works the way it did so I might have to re-visit this and implement the newer version.
  4. @psionprime If you want me to investigate please upload it somewhere and send me the link. I don't play ARK anymore so don't use ASV to spot any issues introduced by later save games.
  5. What issues are you having? I use 2 different ftp libraries and each offer different properties for timeout(s) - not sure what defaults are but I do not touch these currently. sftp.OperationTimeout ftp.ConnectTimeout ftp.ReadTimeout Would have to understand what issues you were having to determine which regular ftp timeout I need to make available for config. Regards Mirage
  6. @rulerulle - it can't do anything to write back to save game data so by itself it can only used to identify things and either export as json or display visually. It uses .net 6.0 now so you have to install both the .Net Runtime and .Net Desktop Runtime components from Microsoft: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/6.0
  7. @Wolfamid upload it somewhere for me to debug please. Checking the Island saves I have available all appear to be working as expected. Based on the screen shot and line of code I believe it's relating to having no selection for the "Realms" dropdown but in all saves I have tried it is always populated with "All Realms" so not sure why it hasn't loaded for you.
  8. New map image available for Svartalfheim - aligned to ASV grid. Just drop it over your existing map_svartalfheim.png file in the Maps sub-folder for now and I will include it in a future release when I next make any code changes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rn2c2tWQhfrhrLPCT0nthAFRk0G8hA8V/view?usp=sharing Original Image from the Wiki: https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Mod:Svartalfheim/Resource_Map
  9. You can use the GiveItem console command but not sure how you would get the EXACT same item as the Quality doesn't relate directly to the ItemRating value which is in the save file.
  10. Hi guys, REST was planned feature with it auto-reloading the save data when it changed however I never got around to implementing any of it. Available command line options: all - Exports separate json file for each available export. map - Map structures and inventories where available (Obelisks, Beaver dams etc) structures - Player placed structures. logs - Tribe log files. tribes - Tribe summary data players - Player data with inventories where available. wild - Wild creature data. tamed - Tame creature data and inventories where available. Use: ArkViewer.exe all "C:\input\save.ark" "c:\output\" ArkViewer.exe <option> "C:\input\save.ark" "C:\output\myfile.json" Cluster: ArkViewer.exe all "C:\input\save.ark" "c:\myclusterfolder\" "c:\output\" ArkViewer.exe <option> "C:\input\save.ark" "c:\myclusterfolder\" "C:\output\myfile.json"
  11. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h1b9D1dkaGhUBTirywN0gFNZ32QjrTMU/view?usp=sharing Features Basic map support for Svartalfheim
  12. now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fM9apK00uBXgizZyoSwWCelJr-IA8jn6/view?usp=sharing Fixes Crash when doing item search which includes "uploaded" items. Unified command line export output data. ArkViewer.exe will now use same output as ASVExport.exe. Handled item search quantity where no quantity is available it now defaults to 1.
  13. Tames tab (tickbox option), Item Search tab (tickbox option), Player json export (Inventory with "uploadedTime" populated), Tame json export (with "uploadedTime" populated) Of course this only applies to "Offline File" mode where you can now specify your cluster folder on creating a new file link and direct command line export atm.
  14. Release now available for download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q7Ca69767TYWbxMpLfVE1kJXkfcdiP-y/view?usp=sharing Features Export ALL from command line or settings page will now include the map structures export. @Vertyco Re-worked "Offline" file mode and included option to select a cluster folder. May review FTP to include similar functionality in a future release if people need it? @BoRGaMeS Added uploaded tames to UI and export files (Tamed). Added uploaded items to UI (item search, player inventory) and export files (Players). Updated Item Search tab to show the structure type for items in structure containers. @LustWare Command Line Standard export: ASVExport.exe option "C:\folder\inputArkSaveFile.ark" "C:\folder\export\exportFilename.json" ArkViewer.exe option "C:\folder\inputArkSaveFile.ark" "C:\folder\export\exportFilename.json" To include cluster data in your exports: ASVExport.exe option "C:\folder\inputArkSaveFile.ark" "C:\clusterdatafolder\" "C:\folder\export\exportFilename.json" ArkViewer.exe option "C:\folder\inputArkSaveFile.ark" "C:\clusterdatafolder\" "C:\folder\export\exportFilename.json" *** OFFLINE FILE MODE USERS *** Please note this version has been re-written to use a different config format for offline file mode and will no longer read in any previous offline file links you have saved. Offline file information will have to be re-added as required.
  15. Will add that functionality in the next release which is expected this weekend.
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