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  1. Unfortunately no idea. I don't have a linux box to try set it up on but know others have done so with the ASVExport.exe
  2. @pleinx - ASVExport is compiled under .net core and should run on linux. ArkSaveViewer.exe has windows specific references in for the GUI. @CyberGameZone player listing all as male is a bug. I do retrieve the correct gender but then somewhere along the load I'm either ignoring or overwriting it. I'm going to be spending some time over the weekend investigating a couple of other bits so will try and get it fixed at same time for the next build.
  3. No idea. I'll have a look this evening after work. I think I still got some of our old backus hanging around to test and we had at least one player as female.
  4. Ok. Mis-leading error. The error you are getting is due to attempting to load the map view when the game save itself has failed to load. Version now availale. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18jdfrz2YRL5j2RYoV3kj0jKVHkdB4yf3/view?usp=sharing Bug Fixes: Ignores any error and continues to load when attempting to read unexpected "extra data". @CyberGameZone
  5. Do you have any mods installed? Re-checking your save file it does error out. Not on the same line you provided but attempting to load the save file it finds some "extra data" it isn't expecting. Just running through and doing more testing then I'll get another build together.
  6. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kJsR2NSa_arKwjIjf5J93Xp1IFLksVNE/view?usp=sharing Features: Now reads original map filename from the .ark save file. This means that you can name the save anything you want and it will use the internal file information to determine correct map lat/lon calculations to use. @Larkfields any anybody else that has changed the maps.json will want to use my version again - the filenames in there should be the "original" ark save filename. Updated maps.json with co-ordinate calculation values provided by @Larkfiel
  7. Got it, will investigate after work today. Cheers ..edit.. No need to investigate. Your filename's are the issue. ASV supports maps by filename. So "Amissa_16.01.2022_17.33.12.ark" would not be recognised without you first altering maps.json. The expected filename is Amissa.ark. I will add additional checks to give a better error message but the map filename is used to determine other various things - in this case any custom map markers. With that filename it is unable to find the appropriate data. For now, I would recommend a similar approach to what
  8. I don't have a server anymore to test this on myself unfortunately. Can you please let me know the error report information on the latest release when loading each map? I can at least see what the code is attempting to do. Alternatively upload your save folder somewhere after it has downloaded and I can load it into my dev environment to debug and hopefully provide a fix.
  9. It should only hold the .ark save whilst loading Ark Viewer (or downloading if ftp) - once loaded everything should be in memory and the file locks released. Checking the code I have the stream wrapped up in a Using statement (technical code stuff) and assumed this would close and clean up any file lock. I will investigate an explicit .Close() on the next build to see if that helps. ..scrap that. Based on that information from the dev code I have no idea why a file lock would persist on the main .ark save once it's loaded. Should definitely not have to close ASV to rel
  10. Subsribing to Volcano and re-subscribring to Amissa to investigate. Will update you shortly. ..edit.. Amissa seems to load fine for me. Volcano was never supported, unless you added it to maps.json yourself? I will investigate adding support in the next build. Ps. If you can't get Amissa working I will investigate if you can upload the save folder somehwere I can download and debug. ... edit 2... Re-packaged and re-uploaded to same download link. Added support for TheVolcano.ark and included map image in the maps folder. Thanks again @Larkfields - adding a ne
  11. You are too fast for me. I did notice that and fixed it and re-uploaded it again but I'm guessing you got the 2nd release rather than the 3rd. Try again and let me know edit.. my bad. I didn't include the change to the dll that went with it. Give me a couple of minutes.
  12. Doh.. I updated the command line export of ArkViewer. Will sort the same out in the separate ASVExport - leave it with me. ...edit.. Re-uploaded with compatible ASVExport included.
  13. @psionprime I still provide support for a till and back office system I wrote back in 2005. As long as things are useful I will continue to do what I can to help.
  14. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R1EE9SzNk5gY7vl6u5GHMs7cEBEqzXXj/view?usp=sharing Features Moved definition of maps into an external "maps.json" file. This will allow you guys to add your own maps or adjust map co-ordinate calculations without me having to do a re-compile. Thanks for the suggestion @Larkfields Added "created" field to command line structure export. @c0mical Removed map images from the compile and included them in a new "Maps" sub folder for use with the new maps.json configuration file. Adjusted map co-ordinat
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