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  1. Odd - I will look into it. I always release the debug version if I'm honest but will look into why the "release" build might differ.
  2. -2 is saying it can't find the save game file. I thought we had addressed these command line issues in the previous version and I haven't changed anything since. I will add some text file log output to see what it believes the command lines are you have passed in to work out what's going wrong. Cheers edit: Added log file output to the source and checked it in - Documents\ArkViewer.log. Don't really want to release a test version just for you so if you can compile and try it and let me know I will see what I can do to resolve it.
  3. @Larkfields please don't feel obliged to jump in at the deep end as the guinnea pig each time. I always appreciate the testing but honestly don't worry about it - the guys here are all very friendly and would surely be kind in reporting issues they find before you get chance to check it
  4. Interesting. I can understand them not being displayed in the settings as they are only the entries I have manually mapped from what I remember but they should still show in the structure list - I will investigate later in the week. update: Just checked and it seems I have BP_CropPlot_SeamlessSquare_C mapped out as a S+ Crop Plot (Seamless) - possibly incorrectly. I will place some for testing and see if they appear as expected. Had another look in the game save and still can't find anything relating to missions - I assumed that you would have to add an entry for each of the missio
  5. Not really helpful here - we haven't done Beta/Alpha yet but we did Gamma easily with the old REX (although TEK this time) army, lots of breeding and mutating to get them to the stats they are though. Are we the only ones that did Rockwell riding the shoulders of Gigantopithecus yielding shotguns with Reaper Kings set to aggressive but left near the ramp as backup? Sometimes you gotta get creative
  6. Yeah - just double checked for you and I can't find any item information in the data for the loot crates with the exception of any artifact based loot crate which I already include in my viewer. I did searches on "crate", "loot", "cache", "drop" . @Norlinri got a lot of the locations for the stuff on Genesis for us (glitches and such) and I also feel your pain as I had to manually add elements/drops etc for Extinction when I played that map. If you do manage to map them all out please let me know and I will include your data in a future release for others.
  7. I could possibly add an option to the settings page for "Save Delay"? Then block any refresh requests based on the last updated time of the server file and the specified delay for a minute before and after the next due time if it helps?
  8. Sorry guys, re-uploaded without my own config. Re-packaged 54 without my config included. I've never had issues with the ARK save happening at the same time so couldn't confirm. @gloilin Loot crates aren't held in the save game but you can add them yourself as map markers for each appropriate map.
  9. Version 54 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ArkViewer54.zip Features Mod map support for Caballus. @JImmyMEG1 Bug Fixes Additional logging / error return code of -2 on command line version when it is unable to find or open the passed in .ark save file. Will hopefully produce something for @Larkfields Reversed my inclusion of the "solo player as tribe" in the tribe tab to the previous behaviour - will investigate them solo'ers missing last activity date and address in a future release. Shifted the background colours of Tamed creatures
  10. Hi @JImmyMEG1 I haven't heard of that map but I will look into it and see if I can get it added. Just working on a few "bugs" at the moment. Some tames not showing - cryo pod related possibly and solo "tribes" not having a last active time even though there is one on solo players. Also looking at including player mission scores in the player view. Support for Caballus map will be included in the next release.
  11. Player mission progress is held in the relevant player.arkprofile file. I can surface this information from the toolkit but there is no easy way of writing it back afaik.
  12. My misunderstanding. Odd as the tribe times come from either the last tamed creature or last active player - so the player time should still be available if it is in the player tab. I will review it after work this evening - was late last night and I was tired.
  13. 53 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer53.zip @HarryPottr QOL requests: 1. Popup on command copy replaced with an update to the status label instead. 2. Added "Solo" players to the tribe tab. Tribe Id = 0, Tribe Name = Character Name 5a. Added "RM <FileCsvList>" and "DEL <FileCsvList>" options to the command drop downs on the Tribe and Player tabs. 5b. Allowed multi-select on the Tribe and Player tabs with pipe seperated chained commands.
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