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  1. Idk if anybody else uses them but FYI sice I have started using it I will be adding S+ Vivarium tame data support in the next couple of days so you can see what animals have been put into Vivariums.
  2. Timing issue maybe depending on your auto-save interval? I know our data can be up to 30 minutes out of date unless we do a "Cheat Saveworld" immediately before checking.
  3. Not the only person to spot it - just seen this a couple of pages in.
  4. Yeah I noticed this too - easiest alpha tuso kill EVER!
  5. Under-map wyvern nest 75.2 / 44.7 - Spawned uner map, can see in K mode but can't access from above.
  6. Version 46 available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer46.zip Drawn map markers for tamed creatures would not re-draw on tribe selection change. Thanks @Norlinri Co-ords were still a little out for Crystal Isles, now updated with the values provided by @Larkfields Added a few friendly name translations for various S+ structures I've used recently that didn't have them. Added Crystal Isles Obelisk locations. Updated wyvern nest check to be more generic and now identify the content of CI wyvern nests. I also attempted to reproduce the issue reported by @LithiumFlower but unfortunately deleting my .arkprofile/.arktribe files still allowed me to load the last downloaded .ark world save without any error.
  7. MirageUK

    Wyverns nests Fail

    I have a couple of bugs to report for CI but haven't yet. The nests is one and various spots where I land on invisible rocks. I will try and replicate them in single player and go into ghost mode to highlight the nest issue if I can.
  8. MirageUK

    Wyverns nests Fail

    I know because I have an app that can tell me exact nest and egg locations - and that one I could see in K mode but not get under map to reach.
  9. MirageUK

    Wyverns nests Fail

    Also to note is there is at least one nest that spawns under the map and you can't access. Just on the left edge of that first left arrow
  10. Unofficial PC server - Theriz on my server marked with blue dots
  11. Might be a bit later today before I do a release. Found a bug/exploit in ARK so taming up as much as I can with free mutton atm
  12. I'll plug the info into my spreadsheet and done some tests today. I knew they were out - just wasn't that bothered as close enough for my own personal needs until the Wiki was updated with the actual values. Values plugged in to my spreadsheet and looking good for the sample data I have. I will update the source code and push out a new release. Thanks for your help @Larkfields
  13. Version 45 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer45.zip Increased accuracy of Latitude on Crystal Isles Added new setting option to determine if creature exports via command line are sorted by class name (Off by default) - @Larkfields Added class/friendly map names for: Wyvern (Blood) Wyvern (Tropical) Wyvern (Ember) Dodo (Birthday) Honey Bee Tropeognathus
  14. Yeah I can add that - I already sort things in my UI but for speed I output them directly as read for the command line.
  15. Ahh Cheers - will definitely look into this. @NZScruffy I will update the link on the main page. I keep forgetting when putting out updates on the conversation pages. Give me a few minutes.
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