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  1. Just a quick FYI - the next release comes with breaking changes for those that use the output of my json exports and may need to adjust any other programs / apps you use. Instead of the file just being a list of whatever you have chosen to export it will now be included as a "data" property of the newly added main object - which will contain the map name, in-game day and in-game time information. After reviewing how I would handle this for @pleinx it made sense to include it in each output file so it's easy to identify the map the export came from in each case. Example: { "map": "ScorchedEarth_WP", "day": 307, "time": "17:30", "data": [ //...... normal / previous export list data ...... ] }
  2. Leave it with me. Might be a couple days before I get a new release out as trying to cover everything you guys have raised or requested. Already fixed the loads when .arkprofile doesn't contain all expected data. Re-worked window minimum sizes and resizing to allow them to be seen better (hopefully) on scaled resolutions. Loading of Oasisaur pool inventory resources. Loading of Training Dummy equipped items. Fixed player tab copy/console commands not populating with selected player data. Still investigating addition of your server day / time of day and the various "Implant Data" requested by @Altairhalo - Player engrams and emotes already displayed in the Player view - I just forgot about that myself
  3. I should really look into resolving this for you high resolution users with scaling. I've never had capability of more than 1080 on any monitor I have owned so hard to test such things and work out how to fix it properly.
  4. I can see some information in .arkprofile data that could be parsed and used for some of this: PerMapExplorerNoteUnlocks PerMapNamedExplorerNoteUnlocks EmoteUnlocks PlayerState_EngramBlueprints NumChibiLevelUpsData AscensionData (Boss Fights) Would have to work out how best to represent it on the UI and include in any json exports. ... edit ... @pleinx - Did some digging and this amused me... hacky "theDayNumberToMakeSerializationWork" - seems to be the actual day number we're looking for in your request. Nothing on the server other than name and map name.
  5. @HPTD1 - I've downloaded a copy of that profile - will investigate over the weekend. Thank you. @Elgar - Never really used the training dummy so not noticed. I'll check what's required to populate the equipped items this weekend. @Altairhalo - What implant data? Sorry if I missed something. Not been on all week so trying to catch up now. @BoRGaMeS - Thanks for reporting. I'll check through the commands and get the ones that don't work fixed. @pleinx - Not sure how much of that information is available. Certainly the in-game day, maybe time of day - not sure there will be anything about weather or server version though. You could check by starting a sandstorm and immediately saving it then restarting the server to see if the sandstorm has persisted etc. If I've missed anything or anybody else please feel free to remind me
  6. Ok - so sounding like issues with one or more of your .arkprofile data files. I'll add code to skip bad files in the next release and continue loading what it can.
  7. .arktribe / .arkprofile files have data in them not part of the main save. Sounds like it might be struggling to read something there. As you have already mentioned, FTP mode downloads .ark, .arktribe and .arkprofile data to be read in. File mode only uses data already on disk - so if no .arktribe/.arkprofile it would only read .ark save. If you can provide the full folder that FTP mode downloads (.ark, .arktribe and .arkprofile) I can investigate further. Once again thouigh it's that time of day I have to start the day job so won't be able to do anythning on this now til I finish at 16:30 BST.
  8. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_MdG06uEA987FNGk9fBd4dFNuBSn0qfK/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Changes Fixed display of Mating / Wandering on tamed tab data. This was incorrectly showing the value of the other - so Mating was displaying the value of Wandering and vice versa Added Player and Item Id search options to Item Search tab. Added Item Id to end of item search result data grid. Fixed "AddMutations" console command. Re-introduced "SpawnExactDino" console command. Improved accuracy of lat/lon calculations for The Center (Ascended).
  9. Nope - but sounds like I did when I re-wrote the copy/rcon command stuff a couple builds ago. I'l investigate and hopefuly come up with a fix. ..edit.. Might take me a little longer - SpawnExactDino uses blueprintpath - and I've not updated or included the ASA versions in any creaturemap.json data yet. .. edit 2.. Got the SpawnExactDino and AddMutation commands working again. Just working on some additional requested filters for the Item Search tab before I do a new release.
  10. @HPTD1 - how are you attempting to load this data? Is it an FTP issue where you're not always getting the full file maybe? When using your data provided but as a "Savegame File" everything appears to load without issue: I'm about to start work and won't be available again until at least 15:30 BST but feel free to add me on discord to chat further if needed. cybermirageuk / 335840963257827329
  11. now available for download: https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_MdG06uEA987FNGk9fBd4dFNuBSn0qfK/view?usp=drive_link Changes Added support for The Center (Ascended)
  12. It might help to also add this to your GameUserSettings config - we wanted to build around the obelisk on Scorched and this setting is what allowed it: EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=false
  13. { "MapName": "The Center (Ascended)", "Filename": "thecenter_wp.ark", "ImageFile": "map_grid.png", "LatShift": 32.5, "LatDiv": 10375, "LonShift": 50.5, "LonDiv": 10375 } Add to your maps.json to enable basic support for The Center. I will put it into a release when a resource / explorer map is made available. Might need tweaking a little but it's close enough for now: ... and at 32.5 / 50.5 its a little ironic that the center of The Center.. is not THE CENTER of the map.
  14. Loot crates don't appear to persist with game save and are spawned at runtime only afaik (like Bee hives) - with the exception of artifact crates which do appear to be saved with the game data - possibly to stop people restarting to get more artifacts without having to leave a cave?
  15. now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mKWurKO19Us9HPmnKOcGY8CEZhKL5ANJ/view?usp=drive_link https://github.com/miragedmuk/ASV/releases Changes Addition of input request screen for copy/rcon commands. @Elgar Addition of output screen for RCON responses. Made copy/rcon list json based for easier future extensibility / support. Updated some of the 3rd party libraries to later versions.
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