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  1. Preview 36 available for download http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview36.zip Bug Fixes Tuso not displayed (technically not a bug, Tuso level appears to be 0 in the save game data so the min/max leave it out) - I have now defaulted to include any with a level of 0. @AndyofBorg Crash with cryo containers where the container owner could not be identified. @MyPeSePeArK Crash on load when a tribe does not have a tribe log. @mjfro2 I'll hopefully have more time to commit to new releases again but until then, as usual, if you do have any issues or questions feel free to give me a shout.
  2. @MyPeSePeArK & @mjfro2 - Looking into your issues this evening @Rattgtg I will have to check this the next time I get chance to actually play. Been a chaotic couple of weeks working from home and everybody seems to want websites now that physical stores are temporarily closed - keeping me v.busy. @silversage It will only list tribe/player data if you also have .arktribe and .arkprofile files in the same directory as the save game backup. Are you loading the .ARK save from a folder that does not contain these?
  3. @AndyofBorg try this version - nothing much updated as had to rollback some of my work in progress to get a build out but should fix your issue. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/Apps/ARKViewer_Preview35.zip
  4. Hey guys just a quick update to let you know that although I've not udpated in over a week I've not forgotten about you all - just been a bit mental with working from home recently and not had much time/motivation to do more on an evening. I'll be back on it and investigating your reported issues in the next couple of days.
  5. @AndyofBorg Next release will be a major re-work of the structures section. I will be removing the current section for Structures and Map Markers, extending the "tabs" up to the top to include more information and adding a tab for Map Markers to include: Obelisks Terminals Oil Veins Gas Veins Water Veins Charge Nodes Artifacts Wyvern Nests Deinonychus Nests Rock Drake Nests Magmasaur Nests Beaver Dams Glitches Supply Crates (crate) Loot Crates (cave-loot / sea-loot) Orbital Supply Drops (osd) Element Veins (element) Explorer Notes (note) Cave Entrances (cave-entrance) Dossiers (dossier) Artifacts (artifact) User Markers I will also add columns/features to allow you to mark certain types as completed as a game progress check-list (for players more than admins) - Dosssiers, Notes, Glitches
  6. Yeah for me once it was cryo/uncryo it didn't move until it was fully grown and followed commands.
  7. I will have a look but I doubt it. They are part of the map logic rather than something that is saved into the map save same as normal drops and the new glitches in Genesis. Fortunately the glitches are always in the exact same place so although I can't read them from the save data @Norlinri has kindly been mapping these all out in a spreadsheet which I then convert to JSON for use in my program. I guess I could do similar lists for the drops/veins on other maps if people provided the data (lat/lon - if possible x/y/z) (edit) info is available on the Wiki so I will look into including drops/veins in a future update.
  8. I'm a little ignorant as I run an unofficial server with S+ nanny and boosted mating/growth but what does the above "trick" achieve? Is it just so the baby doesn't aggro you? - I found on Aberration that if you quickly cropod it and throw the pod back out again it stops any aggro regardless of pheremones.
  9. Cheers @Zhandroid Tbh I didn't expect that so many would be interested in it and that I'd have had so much input/feedback and changes as I have had. It was a tool I knocked together to help @121HEP and I on our own server. I recon that within the next 2 weeks it'll be released properly and I will create a new post with instructions on how to use it and what it does but any releases until then I will also update on the 1st page. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Ohh is that what it is? I wondered why I got such bad frame drops the other day. Mine was actually using chemistry bench but I recon it's the exact same thing. I assumed logging off and back on had resolved my FPS drop - maybe the chemistry bench had just finished doing it's thing?!?
  11. Stalkers, Parachutes and Gliders.. oh my!! I didn't manage to get a video but I ended up "attached" to a wild blood stalker but had to struggle to escape from miles out of sight!! Go out over equipped. I had chutes and a glider on my back. I got above the stalker and jumping off the tree activated my parachute. The stalker webbs and attempts to pull me in but my chute appears to prevent it from doing so. I press SPACE to eject parachute only to have it immediately activate my glider suit instead - glitching out and causing me to go flying across half the map miles from the stalker that still has a hold of me. It didn't seem to be able to pull me in anymore and although now miles away I had to "struggle to escape" and take a looong walk back to the stalker in question to try again.
  12. Work in progress: Profile/Tribe files not using UTC time so synchronise FTP not working for them. Colour code list updated to include color codes recently added to Wiki Glitch location cleanup/completion Export to XML Item stat details FTP server export/import.
  13. @Zelo6339 My program might be great as a server admin tool but I'm not sure how it, or I, can tell you why an official server isn't available.
  14. Ok - I'll need another hour or so once I get home to sort out the FTP synchronise / player deletion but here's the list for the release this evening: (edit) Preview 34 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview34.zip Bug Fixes Checkboxes would not remember your selection when closing and re-opening ARK Viewer: @ChrisGamingYT Settings > Single Player Notitifcation Settings > File Mode Notification Structure Summary > Glitches Map image would not show until you manually refresh it by using scroll/zoom on new install. @Elgar Tamed creatures sometimes not associated with the taming/raising/claiming tribe meaning you can only see them when ALL TRIBES is selected. @Elgar / @MirageUK Tamed creatures would sometimes display TAMER and IMPRINTER. @MirageUK Copy commands in player tab would crash if the player was not part of a tribe. @MyPeSePeArK Partially downloaded ARK Save would crash on load and prevent you loading ARK Viewer. Now allows you in to re-download or check your settings are correct. @Anselmo Copy command dropdown would reset when changing tribe/player on Player and Player Structure tabs. @Norlinri Tooltip for the new Glitches structure summary was showing "Beaver Dam Locations". @Norlinri Cryopod creatures would show location they were added to pod, not current pod location. @MirageUK Features By default FTP now only downloads updated files to save on time/bandwidth. Editable in settings - "Synchronise / Clean" @Anselmo Option on Player tab to delete a player (deletes .arkprofile for selected player after confirmation) @MyPeSePeArK Export context menu (Right Click) added to each tab grid. Export to JSON/CSV (xml coming soon). @Norlinri / @Anselmo All glitch locations (inc. X/Y/Z thanks to @Norlinri) for Volcanic, Bog and Arctic regions now mapped.
  15. Would you keep .arktribe/.arkprofile files locally when they have been removed from the server? I currently DELETE all then re-download only what is currently on the server. I will be including a Remove Player option in the next build so that if you do keep them locally you have a way to clean them up.
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