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  1. Update - I'm no longer going to have time to do anything on this for the next couple of months. Finally got completion date and will be picking keys up to our new house today.
  2. @krock099 - possibly no dm as your a new forum user. ARK mobile, interesting. I don't know if that's the same format etc. but I can certainly check it out and get back to you. This tool was for the main PC versions of the various maps. Toolkit has checks for file versions and currently supports versions 5 through 9 of the UE GameObject save file format. When attempting to load your mobile version it is returning version 33 and as such skips and fails to load. Ill see if there is anything familiar and look at maybe supporting ARK mobile if I can in a future release.
  3. @BoRGaMeS - I'm not sure what I'm looking at here. ASV uses the TargetingTribe property to determine who structures belong to. @c0mical - Nice idea but is that not already covered in the structures inventory? Might need to enable setting to export inventory data. Currently no screen option available but edit Config.json adding "ExportInventories": true Interestingly "Tek Crop Plots" only seem to show as Tek Crop Plots if empty. We have some containing various Plant-R and ASV lists them as "Structure_PlantSpeciesR_<meattype>_C" instead of the crop plot, with the plant-r in it
  4. @krock099 - DM me a link where I can download the zipped up save folder and I'll look into it. Not touched on the code for a few weeks now as prepping to move house soon.
  5. Unfortunately not. That informtion is not held in game save alone but also needs information from loaded game data.
  6. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xVqCaal8S0J9Z2PcHzi9G09h_g-TXUvT/view?usp=sharing ArkViewer Changes Tribe last action date/time will now only use the date/time of the .arktribe if it cannot be determined from last time character connected or was in range or a structure or tame. New ASVExport.exe Command line export. Compiled against .net core 3.0 with same export options as ArkViewer.exe. Confirmed to work in Linux @StevenB - NOTE: I don't use or have any experience but it seems you run ASVExport.dll on linux instead
  7. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JV__Au8ZxVwaSxm2VhPRR1lVmUgbu5kc/view?usp=sharing Changes More accurate identification of tribes where no .arktribe data is available. Should fix your double tribe listing @ANewHome Bug fixes for crashes experienced by @StevenB and @ANewHome New option added to settings page for ftp: Download before loading map. Used if you want to always try and get the latest version from ftp on load on ASV. Personally I have this set to MANUAL which is the default so that I can decide when to download new data.
  8. I thought I'd sorted that one - in my experience it's when I've not been able to identify a tribe/player name and added a "NULL" - the combobox doesn't like that and provides the rather unhelpful and mis-leading message "Too many..." Any chance you can zip up that save data and upload it for me to get a copy? Won't be able to check it until after work today though - approx. 4 hours from now.
  9. @ANewHome I'll investigate this weekend. Sounds like some bad data but it shouldn't crash and I will add further defensive checks around the chart draw code. Inconsistencies? Might need your actual data for that with examples. I've not really touched ASV in the last couple of weeks, learning more about the ARK dev kit.
  10. Feel free to feed that curiosity - https://github.com/Michidu/ARK-Server-API
  11. .. there's always something. Plugin = Windows Servers. Not all hosts support Windows. Mine does and I can change but currently running on Linux. Mod = No console / no Epic players. Doubt it will be an issue for updates as the functionality will be minimal and basic. I do like to accomodate as many users as I can but from a purely selfish and personal perspective - running on Linux and not using a console or Epic - the mod seems to make more sense. Besides, it's only an optional "addon" if server owners want to use it for live map position updates and not a requirement of ASV.
  12. I hate my brain sometimes. As the Extended RCON seems to rely on Windows hosting I decided to investigate what might be involved in creating my own mod which doesn't have this requirement. I'm now head deep in the ARK dev kit, investigating the possibility of ARK pushing out location data and such to ASV via HTTP POST instead of ASV having to poll that data from ARK via RCON. Not sure how it'll work but some form of dynamap live view on top of the game data from last save. All just a dream at the moment so don't take this as something set in concrete but fingers crossed I can get s
  13. Will have to set myself up a local dedicated server and see what I can do. My current host machine is linux, so it's not supported and I don't want to rock the boat on that server until I'm sure what I'm doing will work
  14. Just a quick update before work to let you know my plans. Probably going to be early next week but FYI I started looking into what we can do with RCON from ASV. Turns out, quite a lot, especially when combined with a server API to extend RCON functionality which has been provided by @Foppa - https://arkserverapi.com/index.php?resources/extended-rcon.5/
  15. ..or maybe release today. Version now available. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1INnpojlL2UHtbfCaegjNVoQrmadMc19M/view?usp=sharing Changes Re-worked drawing of map markers so player content appears above map content. @Rattgtg Re-worked custom map markers to include Category. Added various caves, Genesis 1 / Genesis 2 mission terminal markers etc. Sorry - I lied, THIS release will be the last to include my own map markers. Added defensive checks around the Stryder rig identification. @StevenB
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