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  1. I play exclusively single player, actually, lol. And I tend to give myself a pair of my favorite pets for hobby breeding, dimorphodons, microraptors, wyverns and basilisks...the later two bred with the S+ mutator. I spawn them at 500 so they forcetame 750. Since I’m just single player and I play Ark explicitly for the good of my mental health, I take a very “choose your challenges” approach. As legit as possible, but I like my little luxuries.
  2. Today: Boss Fights Consummately on My Terms. So, today, after long hiatuses on Genesis and midway a proper establishment on Crystal Isles, I found myself called back home on Extinction to continue my ongoing quest to finally tame my desert titan. I have most everything in place, but I found that before I go ahead with 50,000 assault rifle bullets, a selection of decent ascendant assault rifles from my pre-nerf gachas and a loose notion of the strategy, I wanted to actually defeat the titans and unlock the Tek suit as the last piece of what I felt I’d need. And in my mind there was re
  3. Extinction, Modded-Single Player: Love is in the Air So, with the Valentines Day event in full swing, I’ve felt a little off kilter with my breeding program. My last group of microraptors and eagles matured, but the sudden boost to maturation completely messed up my meticulously worked out maturation to imprinting settings, resulting in the need for a setimprintquality 1 command down the line to get my 100%. This was probably more annoying to me than it should have been, but I take quite a lot of pride in getting my 100% imprints, and needing to employ an admin command for the last b
  4. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Feeling Totally Defeated, So I’m Refocussing My Attention. Well, the day was here at last. I’m still spending a lot of time with my sickly old kitty, but I had spent months carefully developing a plan and laying the groundwork for solo OSD runs, so I made up my mind that I was going to actually make my attempt. I set out with my wyvern to scout for a drop, and found a red one just to the south. So I teleported back to the Outpost where I’d staged the thirty bird OSD flock, whistled them into action, and led them out there. Teleported my rock golem o
  5. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: The Upsides to Virtual Pets So, I haven’t had much time for Ark lately... right as my OSD dimorphodon flock was ready to go, real life has gotten in the way. My fifteen year old cat has been in kidney failure the last few years, and has suddenly taken a sharp decline. He’s not suffering, but it’s pretty obvious he’s probably getting ready to go. So I haven’t been in my studio much, only for brief periods to get away from the stress. But I’ve been so emotionally exhausted I haven’t been up to pursuing anything exciting. Instead, I’ve consulted th
  6. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Busywork, Caving and Late Entries in the Holiday Hoard So all my birdies are hatched and grown for my thirty strong OSD flock. All that’s left is getting the more recent birds up to the specs that the old ones have gotten simply lounging the days away with my lystros. But, before I worried about that, I had some chores I really felt compelled to get out of the way first, starting with arranging the OSD flock alphabetically, then renaming them to add a roster number in front, before outfitting them with dino trackers from the Awesome Teleporters mod.
  7. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Belated Happy Yule to Me, Spectacular Punishment for my Laziness, and a New Thought / Opportunity So, I loaded into the day with a couple of orders of business in mind. Aside from the usual overseeing of my bustling nursery level and managing imprints, with the understanding my wyverns and older six dimorphodons would mature today, if I managed any time on Extinction, I was of a mind to bring in personelle from Scorched Earth and Aberration, and needed to handle the hard part of my OSD plan, because the flock is nearly complete: I needed a rock golem.
  8. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Happy New Year! Happy New Year, survivors. Here’s hoping for a great 2019! It was a supremely quiet day for me today, given I was simply in the mood to relax, to which end I loaded up my element dust, oil and polymer gachas, and set about some menial metal runs with my weight-trained wyvern, Ymir. I also loaded up the industrial forge with extra wood, and did some stone and flint runs to start processing out quite a lot of gunpowder, as I’ve started getting low on sniper rounds, and my gachas have gifted me with a veritable gun locker of things I don
  9. I usually take ten - fifteen dimorphodons with me, depending on the cave. It can get a bit tricky to keep track of them all, but I’ve generally found most problems in Ark can be solved if you just throw enough birds at it. I once took on the Tek cave by betting all my money on dimorphodons. Tek armor and a boatload of guns and ammo for me, and fifty birds in the air. They made it about 3/4ths of the way before I had to start picking them up via Pet Res. The moral, more birds = more success, in my experience. ?
  10. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Infintely More Entertaining than Actual Christmas Well, I’m pleased to say we’re at the back end of it, but Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope it was a pleasant one. ? But for me, with my admittedly melodramatic family, I am glad to be home, and very excited to be experiencing the proper Winter Wonderland for the first time. I started off with running a dino wipe in the name of the event, and then started off the imprinting cycle with my current wyverns and dimorphodons, and just about as I was wrapping up and about to head out to look for Christ
  11. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Just One of Those Nights, Overlooking - and Rectifying - the Obvious, and The Great Cave Saga. So, having moved out my three wyverns and four dimorphodons into maturity and off the nursery level, my next task was setting up the next round, starting with getting four new eggs...the first batch with my color mutated Dennra, and then getting my breeding pair of wyverns hooked up to the S+ hitching post, firing up the S+ mutator with an Allow Breeding pulse, and we were underway, looking for a male. And, I got my male...and two females. Surprise! Wyvern
  12. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: The Experiment, the Betrayal, and the Second Lottery. So, it’s actually a single day update today, and it was an eventful one indeed. I led the day by overseeing the completed maturation of my three wyvern babies, set my imprinting timer for the four dimorphodons I’m raising, and set out immediately on my wyvern with a mind to perform an Experiment. One that I needed to do first-thing because there was a super distinct possibility I’d be needing to restore a save if things went extra south on me. After scoping the map on my wyvern, I found the g
  13. Take out a Doed and harvest every light pool you can. The dust will add up quickly! (Or of course just farm an element vein) That is a logical idea, but... ”What I Did in Ark, A Long Time Ago.” So, way, way, way the heck back, in the early days of Xbox EA, I’d recently finished construction on Castle Valkyrie, on Grand Peak...before the redwoods were even a thought in WildCard’s mind. Before The Center, before admin commands or advanced server settings like stat control. And it had become something of a hobby unto itself of letting friends interested in their possi
  14. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: The Plot, the Birds, the Lottery and the Massive Problem. So, I’ve been quietly working away on breeding my army of super dimorphodons so I can finally think of tackling the OSDs and gaining access to some of the cool new toys I haven’t gotten to try yet. Near as I can tell, dimorphodons are as good an answer to wave defense as any, especially as I’ve handled them since my first days in Ark. The plot, as it were, is to not bother with the shield. It’s just too much area for me to cover as a solo player. Instead, I’m going to anchor the flock to a pa
  15. Extinction, Modded Single-Player: Ramping Up Production and a Lack of Self Control. It was a much more exciting day today than the previous, leading off with me taking my eagle around the map to place teleport pads and scrounge up any and all metal rocks I could find. My first stop was the snow, and an immediate potential present: a 140 managamr. I placed a teleport pad and sent my eagle back to the Outpost, and set about a duel with the target. Well, I lost the first volley, died and had to reset. I took the chance to park Ruby indoors, teleported back and carried on as soon as I’d
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