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  1. It better not rollback for this....server has been poop for over a month now at almost contant 255ping most of the time can barely move or access things such as doors or inventory and then it crashes and rollback 10-30min few times a day, on top of that last day of event unable to stay on for longer than 40 seconds on average without being kicked and fear of rollback on top of that.... server needs to be fixed ASAP!
  2. My 125 was gone best they can do is give u 105levels but no ascension if u make a ticket
  3. Ark does wipe officials though..... it's called arkpocalypse servers or something similiar? 3x the rates and wipes monthly, if ur interested go there if not why complain about deleting something when there already is an official game mode that wipes...
  4. It was the same size last TLC, you gotta plan ahead, WC aint gonna do it for you PS: Wyverns can last for at least 7 hours if its a high lvl, Rexs 2-3hours before it starves for newly hatched
  5. Nice So far only wyverns I had that were twins/triplets were low levels of which I just wanted to see the colour of
  6. This was my day, woke up to everything inside destroyed and me dead, rip 40 stone behemoth gates
  7. They made the game we funded it when we bought it
  8. Perfect, 2 tribes blocked Clever artifact cave with a tapejara and an argent..... support ticket usually takes 3 weeks just to be read, since release is in 3 days I guess GG
  9. even mega tribes as you say(there's none on my servers) dont go to a certain area every 24h, doesnt matter, my point is not all servers have tribes with 10+ people, so going to the place where they placed pillars( especially with this new "feature" where people dont need to demolish anything it gets auto destroyed after the timer goes out, my point is its going to get worse without any support
  10. Pillars( even metal) decay in less than 24 hours, if we placed a ceiling they would block recources, there is no fail safe against griefing, if I came to your server with a bunch of quetzls and left them randomly all over your base(with platforms and buildings) how would you deal with it? would you leave your server?
  11. Team up against them? toxic people? why would I leave because someone decided to transfer to a random server to build stone bases on all the mountain metal spawns(after pillar nerf) EDIT: (Would you leave a server you spend a year on and wasted millions of metal on? ) And how exactly do you think I should "team up against them"? if They accepted a declaration of war I could easily take care of it on my own, other than that I fail to see how teaming up would help this situation
  12. How long have you played this game? pvp you cant report dupers/cheaters on legacy anymore pve you cant report griefiers, people pillaring around you, blocking you in your base, building bases out of foundations on all the metal spawns(last one is quite often on my server) Without support its purge night 24/7
  13. Topic is D I L O are they doing, lying, not telling us when they change gather rate, wiping more servers then they should(I know lying again) and betraying players that supported them for years
  14. normal times for months in gather rate I got 2 stone per pick up, on 3times I was getting 6 per pickup, now Im getting 1 stone, DILO did they now lower normal gather rate without telling us!??!
  15. They're already trying to get us to leave legacy! My friend and his tribe I occasionally played with an alliance of 7-8 different servers, in total over 100 people, thousands of dinos, tek trough the roof, and theyre all leaving and starting over on the new servers, what will change? duping? nope 100% sure it will happen within a week of the new servers go live
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