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  1. The whole point of cryopods is to lower the server cap... thats why they letting more people use it this way without owning extinction. however its backfiring horribly lately with [][][] tribe on my server having well over 800 dinos unpoded
  2. Yes.... 4x way too many players doing.... stuff for server to handle
  3. Yea but I made the topic with it being in supply crate which confused people that don't know that's what the cave drops are called hence the clarification, screenshot has nothing to do with it
  4. You can craft cryofridges in supply crates now For all those that dont know you can craft cryo fridges in supply crates now since the last update
  5. Anyone know how to get the new HLN-A? Nvm found it
  6. I have no idea what your idea of "look empty" is because 30 players is not empty and add another 30 chinese, minus 10 that were griefed and or had their base destroyed by [][] or [][][] makes 50 active players... thats not little.. Also 3 managamars and 2 gigas blocking the inside of a cave if reported will take a minimum of a month and the GM wont do anything he will only move them out of the cave, few hours later they put them back in...
  7. I think you should ask the admins that...
  8. Why? It's like when you donate to a dog shelter and you get to name a puppy, or person A gets money from person B and in return person A sends that to person C AND makes person B feel welcome while they're at person A's party they organised to raise money for person C
  9. But still people want 8x breeding so they send some $$$ down their way, its a win win situation
  10. ARK modding contest, what did you pick? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqEbPL51Hb389F2ZALs1niVnqTii3qIV3 Link for those that havent seen it yet. I cant decide between Human NPC's and Steampunk, human NPC's gives a new look on the game and conects a bit on the main game and other characters leading tribes of clones like in the dossiers, Steampunk has cool buildings and a warship! What are best mods in your opinion?
  11. Rex start spawning round wave 4, it gets hard if ur solo with 1 giga after wave 6 when they spawn more and more. Gigas are easy to beat enraged Rex are much more dangerous. Toughest enemy though I'd have to say wyvern cause u have to let them get to the drop so they don't agro on u and burn u PS: it's still random, I got 14 enraged trikes once on red drop one after another, got kicked in air by one and by time I got back to the drop it was destroyed in seconds
  12. Whoah so ur saying u uploaded a giga, forgot, and it despawned after the 24hour timer ran out. AND u got a free giga?!? I've been sending videos with Dino's falling trough the map and dissapearing with no death note and I can't even get a doedi back....
  13. No one can help u... Or wants to... Reported 4 different tribes for griefing with pictures, for 2 videos and 1 confessing in chat and calling names saying there's nothing we can do... They are all still playing a year and a half later(reports were for new official) PS: Dino's are useless in offline raid protection mode on PVE until that's changed, game still gonna be a griefer paradise and forcing us to have pvp bases on pve. Had a dilo kill 4 boss leveled Rex's I was using for storage(lost a shiet ton of stuff) and 2 91%~ grown gigas(on 1x maturing!!!) And a bunch of velonosaurs on agressive that did nothing, the Rex's themselves were at neutral, and the dilo was inside my base and destroyed half of everything before getting stuck inside the foundation when I came online at which point it died in 2 hits with my pile(lvl 15 or 45 can't remember which)... All that deep inside the city where dilos obviously don't get to on their own. ORP needs serious changes for PVE, for example make Dino's with ORP immortal till someone logs in, they are still definitely taking damage. At the time was working almost every single day 6-23 (6am-11pm) so you can imagine how pissed I was I lost 2 gigas I was raising for close to 2 months
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