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  1. It better not rollback for this....server has been poop for over a month now at almost contant 255ping most of the time can barely move or access things such as doors or inventory and then it crashes and rollback 10-30min few times a day, on top of that last day of event unable to stay on for longer than 40 seconds on average without being kicked and fear of rollback on top of that.... server needs to be fixed ASAP!
  2. Meat or blood, meat better, u can raise babies very easy with blood, stupid easy really adults drain u if they less than half hp but only if u riding them, they do seem weakish in general, wouldn't try em against rex just yet so your Dino's r safe they eat meat like any other dino, blood gives 300 food if I'm not mistaken for babies guessing it's same for adults
  3. Same happened to me and my friend in ocean we were deep underwater around 50m away from each other and I was floating still for 2-3min while he was building and we both got insta killed all armor broken. No idea why
  4. Genesis came out almost a month ago, dupers have been duping for years
  5. Same with EU just 10min before imprint server still responding to query just no one can join.... Could it be the new windows 10 version of ark thats supposed to be updated today be the cause?
  6. 2x late on Genesis 651 Any other servers more than an hour after 2x was supposed to start with no 2x and constantly crashing like 651?
  7. Add region lock Add a region lock limiting number of off region players while also blocking whoever plays with VPN. for example 5 Asian players MAX per 1 EUROPE server no more at one point! Servers that have asian players unfortunately lag alot and I doubt it's the servers fault as on legacy there were more people, more buildings and more Dino's, yet it was at a stable 15ping now minimum ping on new Genesis server is 210 same on every new server I play or played on, for example 6 Asians players came to aberration and ping started to go 255+ for days after they got there 8 people on
  8. Make ocean platforms snap to each other Like the title says it would be great if we could snap our platforms with each other
  9. Complaining about complaining? Oh dear... I don't see any topics about complaining about bog on page 1 if people are complaining in chat on your server then complain back in chat since it will have no affect here... It's like someone talking about one thing IRL and you complain online somewhere where they probably won't see it
  10. My 125 was gone best they can do is give u 105levels but no ascension if u make a ticket
  11. They don't do anything to griefers reported countless times with video proof at begining of new servers launch after that once a week(wasn't the only one) they still griefing to this day
  12. Tier 2 will give replicator everyone I know got it first try
  13. Klakky


    Not there where they are is a mystery if they exist
  14. Keep trying.... Took me 1h16minutes last night around 21 people joined while I kept getting snapshot 9... At one point 4 people left and no one joined for 15minutes but I kept getting snapshot 9 this game is trash with no queue when all Genesis servers r full
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