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  1. Whew, what a wild night I had. So I didn't end up playing at all yesterday. That means when I got home today I rushed my boss prep. Basically just threw together whatever I still needed, packed it all up with lots of ammo, soups, med brews, grabbed my cryopods and flew up to the volcano. Not going to lie this was by far the most frustrating part. Positioning all my rexes just so and then still having them get stuck at the entrance to the Tek cave. I should have been able to get around 40 rexes in but I actually ended up with about 25, because one rex tripped and furballed the entire following line. By the time I got that sorted I didn't have enough time to grab the other group. Too late to turn back now obviously so we pressed forward. Single player doesn't have a time limit past the door so I took my time. I walked one lead rex through the cave clearing a path and then brought my two battle lines down one at a time following. The cave itself wasn't hard, except I lost 5 rexes to poor pathing. 3 of them died to the lava. 2 somehow fell on a rock in the lava so they're stuck unless I cheat my way over to rescue them. So aggravating to lose extremely well raised animals to poorly designed gameplay. I determined the issue is because if a rex stops to poop it will bunch up the line behind it so when it runs to catch up to the rex in front it won't path the way it should, causing pileups that end up with rexes falling off ledges. At least I didn't lose the yutys or the pig. Yet. Funnily enough I wasn't really scared of the giga at the entrance to the portal. Didn't quite get him to fall into the lava on his own so I pushed him in with my rex. We've sure come a long way from drowning them with an argent. Could have taken him if I wasn't concerned about losing the whole line into the very hot drink. Anyway we made it through to the teleporter with a relatively small force. I didn't have high hopes for this but too late to turn back now, right? So we pressed on. Put the yutys on auto roar, pig on passive healing, and charged into the fray. What a long, intense, desperate fight this is after the long slog through the cave. The rexes were slow, their progress constantly impeded by the annoyance of the Defense Units. They are powerful and bulky but unable to engage at speed, drawing the battle out much longer than it would have been with therizinos or allos. We were doing well until the first dragon change, but then I lost one yuty, then the other. Then the pig. The rexes started to fall one by one, including the one I had ridden through the cave and had started to grow attached to. If he had lived he would have earned a real name and a Tek saddle. Rest well Omega 2, you were a champion. I got the Dragon twice. More rexes were falling, all were bloody now. I was starting to debate the merits of using my Tek armor and taking on the Overseer solo. Whittling away its energy with tired, heavy rexes. Wading through a sea of Defense Units, frustrated and desperate to get through them. Dismounted again and again by the beams. The ape again, then broodmother. We absolutely can't tank the dragon another round. Then the message pops up. The Overseer has fallen. Victory! Bloody and exhausted, we've nonethless won the day. Calming down while the credits roll, reveling in a hard won victory, the culmination of a year's steady grinding. And then logging back in to do a few things before moving forward. First, heading back to the volcano to recover the sad remnants of a proud fighting force. I had maybe 6 rexes left, all of them very bloody. Surprisingly, most of the survivors were actually some of my oldest rexes, the 2nd and 3rd gens. I think 2 of the Omegas survived. I also picked up the rexes that didn't make it through the door. Between all of them and the rexes that never left base, and the original first gen rexes, I have more than enough for the Manticore. Not that I'm transferring anything yet. These are my personal "Ultimate Ark" rules: once I tame a wild dino on the next map, I may transfer any of that species from previous maps. Yes, it's not as "authentic" but I just spent a year on The Island, I am absolutely not starting over with brand new bloodlines. Unlike Syntac I'm not getting paid for this either lol. I think that's a fair balance between being challenging without sacrificing previous achievements. I am debating the rule being once I can make a transmitter, but that would mean defeating the Manticore once for the element and I don't know if I feel up to doing that from scratch. Although I will likely do it on gamma to get a feel for the fight since I've never set foot on Scorched before so..hm. We'll see, I have plenty of time to work it out. For now, a well earned rest is in order. Tomorrow I will be starting completely fresh and clean on Scorched Earth.
  2. @DodoRaptor I've watched almost every video of his from his season 4 series onwards. He shows his settings yes, but if you look at the stats on his dinos in the season 4 playthrough, particularly the Alpha Dragon fight they are not actually possible with vanilla settings. It may or may not be intentional on his part, we all know updates can screw up settings from time to time. It's also easy to overlook certain things because the settings are not organized in any particular way. Believe me I enjoy his videos a lot, that's just a specific issue I have with a specific part of his content. @Cordiste He has the timer in the Tek cave because he's hosting his single player game on a server, which is not reflective of actual single player gameplay for this and other reasons. Personally I don't think it's worth it to add that much extra stress in an already challenging environment for the sake of authenticity, but I've also been playing on this map for a year and I'd really rather not give myself any extra reasons to fail and be stuck on this map for even longer lol. If I mess up on my Overseer run I'd either have to restore my pre-battle backup save, which is cheaty, or spend another 2 months rebuilding to try again when I'm already bored and fatigued with being on The Island for so long. Neither of which is appealing as an option for me. I'd like to finish this map and move on to Scorched Earth. Speaking of, I am a bit behind on progress. I made one saddle yesterday and one today and that's about all I've managed to get done. I do think I'm going to bump my plans up. I'll do the majority of my prep tomorrow and I'm just going to go ahead and run it on Friday night after work with whatever I've got ready. I'll probably be short something like 5 rexes but whatever. There's a reason for the rush, it's so if I do manage to conquer the Tek cave and defeat the Overseer, I'll have the entire weekend to enjoy a brand new (to me) map, as Scorched Earth is the only one I've never set foot on before.
  3. You don't have to cheat to get a giga in single player. I've noticed when doing a dino wipe if a giga is going to spawn it may not show up for 10-20 minutes. You can actually check to see if one is up without flying around looking at all the spawns, it's the getallstate command, use it with the code for whatever animal you want to look for. It won't tell you level or location, but it will tell you how many are up on the map at a given time. When I was farming giga hearts I had to wipe multiple times to get them to spawn in, but it worked eventually. For myself, I did plan out my week last night and spent my time working through today's to do list. I took Heartbreaker out farming and built 2 more rex saddles. Then I brought 10 rexes and my newly bred pig up to the volcano. I actually set one battle line up last night, so this is my second line. I got a little hyped up after watching a solo Overseer video and jumped back in for a little bit yesterday. So I am a tiny bit ahead of myself. I also did a very short metal run, I may have enough for the saddles but I need more for other things. Honestly I'm starting to wonder about the efficacy of bringing all 50 rexes into battle. Well ok, 47 rexes. The pig was a recent choice after watching that video last night. It kind of seems like this might be massive overkill, even on alpha difficulty. It's also proving to be a major logistical issue, as even 20 rexes are taking up a massive amount of space at the volcano. A full 50 might not even be possible to get into the cave within the time limit unless I build a large platform, which I kind of don't want to do. But I also feel like I may have wasted a significant amount of my time if I don't bring all these rexes since I'm going to the trouble of breeding, raising, leveling and equipping them. Sigh. I mean, this army is my top of the line rexes, even more powerful than the army that defeated the Alpha Dragon. Getting that last mutation took forever, too. I don't want to not use them after sinking so much time and resources into them. On the other hand, using a full rex army means I have a disadvantage in speed. Most people use allos to keep up with the Overseer. I've struggled to get any even half decent allos on this map; currently I only have two and no female so I can't breed them even if I wanted to. So it may be worthwhile to be making up in power what I can't do with speed, so having a larger army may still work in my favor. Honestly I don't really know. There aren't that many resources for solo play around and the two main videos I watched (Syntac and Phlinger) are problematic in their own ways and not reflective of standard play. Syntac honestly shot himself in the foot by hosting his "solo" run on a server so he had to deal with the time limit in the cave. And Phlinger's dino stats in his comparable solo run indicate he was actually using boosted settings in some way.
  4. @Ohma No problem, I almost made the same mistake myself. The underwater loot drops use the same loot table as the SE desert drops. The wiki has lists of what's in each beacon if you need to double check for a specific BP. @d1nk Unfortunately chainsaws are Scorched Earth engrams and it probably wouldn't help with the sheer quantity I need right now anyway. I have one theri but I mostly use it for fiber gathering, since these saddles also need a toooon of fiber. I'm glad I went with rexes for the bosses, I can never find any theris with decent stats. What I do have, however, is Heartbreaker, my Valentine's giga. It doesn't really matter how efficient he is at gathering hide when he's efficient at killing literally everything on the map, up to and including a marauding 145 alpha rex that was up the nearby river. So we spent some of the tail end of last night and most of today walking up and down the volcano river slaughtering everything on both sides. Once I gathered enough for a saddle we would return to base, build the saddle, cryo the newly equipped rex, empty his inv and then head back out again. Not that I really needed to keep much but I've been stocking jerky for some of the event stuff so cooking more meat wouldn't go amiss. In our many journeys across the map we also came across some very nice things. First, a high level doed notable for having 32 points in weight, which was my current high roll at the time. You bet I got one of my argents, grabbed the doed and brought it home to tame. Stood up with an impressive 47 points in weight, a full 15 above my previous high roll. Oh man I can't wait to work that into my line. Weight is so critical for utility dinos and I feel like I never find doeds with good weight so this is awesome. I know it seems kind of silly at the tail end of this map but as I continue playing using my own transfer rules I'll be able to bring the line with me and hopefully continue to improve it along the way. Second, we found a unicorn. No, literally. The last one I found was just its body ragdolling on carno island. This one was in one of the swampy borderland areas but we killed its attackers, then I went and got my argent again to carry it to the taming pen. It was calm by the time we dropped it in and I was able to tame it in complete safety. Crap level but it doesn't exactly matter for a literal trophy tame. So that's cool. I also spent some time underwater and got extremely lucky with both an alpha leed and an alpha tuso, giving me the final two apex drops I need for the Overseer and most importantly, the captain's hat skin. Found an underwater drop and got an asc tropeo saddle, woo lol. I can use that 6 maps from now, exciting. And I started building my staging platform in the volcano crater to make it easier to arrange my battle lines and gear prep, etc. All in all a very productive weekend. I'm far from done but significant progress has me feeling quite confident, honestly. I've got 9 saddles left to make, then transporting the army up to the volcano. I haven't turned on my replicator since I built it, waiting until I'm completely ready to craft everything I want in order to conserve element. Trying to figure out what I need for gear and scraping together the last few things. I need a good pump-action shotgun bp, a yuty saddle bp would be ideal. I have excellent fur armor already. I'm debating on if I should build 1 or 2 sets of Tek armor. I'll be doing a few more metal runs for ammo and all that too, I also ran sooo much metal this weekend and have enough for all the saddles if nothing else. I did briefly have to shut down for a thunderstorm and came back to find I was missing water texture which was a really weird experience. Got that fixed and decided to call it a day. I'll plan my course of action for the week with the expectation of finally, finally taking on the Overseer this coming weekend, probably Sunday. Not going to lie I'm pushing it a little more than I had planned in large part because I would really love to start Scorched Earth in time to maybe get some wyverns with event colors. Side note maybe I'm a little too nerdy but I keep a bullet journal just for gaming and it's 90% Ark notes lol. I'm legit considering doing a spread to plan this whole week out.
  5. @Ohma Underwater loot drops don't drop rex saddle BPs. The best place to get them on The Island, in my experience anyway, is farming the Swamp Cave for red drops. You can fit a megatherium in there with cryopod help but I've always done it with a baryonyx. Make sure you have a good gun for the arthros and keep a spare set of armor on you though. Or two. Honestly I set up a whole outpost right at the cave entrance for repairing armor and as a respawn point in case of death. So for myself I finally managed to fix the resource respawn bug on single player. Just setting it to 0.10 and spending some time in the affected areas is enough to trigger the respawns on the formerly dead nodes. Unfortunately it does make it kind of cheaty since that's basically unlimited resources. But it's either that or the game slowly becomes unplayable as I run out of resource nodes to farm so...there's literally nothing I can do to play around that otherwise. Since last night I've been endlessly farming mats for all these saddles. Having a really good bp is nice, but the cost is almost too steep. Now that my metal situation is sorted I'm being bottlenecked by the hide. The wolves are great for this of course, but there's a limit to how fast we can kill everything and then waiting on respawns, and wolves don't have the highest carry weight either so I'm somewhat limited to hunting around the base. Which is fine, the mosh pit/carno point is alive and kicking all day every day, but still. Not the most exciting way to spend the weekend.
  6. I find leaving billboards on public servers only serves to make people more likely to do whatever you're telling them not to do. Ark players are very passive aggressive when they aren't outright aggressive. Took a 2 day break from Ark this week, I just did not want to deal with the grind. Hopped on last week to find unfortunately I have lost more metal node spawns. This is why I've kind of put off grinding for saddles so much. This bug is extremely frustrating. I can't use the blue ob mountain to farm metal anymore, it doesn't have enough nodes left. The volcano isn't much better. Off to the Frozen Tooth, with its boon of rich metal nodes that filled my anky twice over. Then I waited, and waited, and waited for the respawns so I could go to bed. Even with my respawn timer halved after 3 hours the rich nodes had not respawned. I couldn't stay awake any longer as I have work today so I went to bed. I'll adjust my settings again today and hope I can make do with whatever metal I have left. There's still Far's Peak but that's very far out from my west coast base. Honestly I'm debating after I move to Scorched Earth and get settled in there if I shouldn't just transfer whatever dinos I want to keep and wipe The Island map. If I ever go back on it I'll start fresh and build a new base. My character has all the important data and I could easily bring whatever survives The Overseer. I don't really need much else from this map. Not that I really intend to go back but my goal was always after defeating the story maps to play more like a standard cluster and bounce around between the maps/bases as I pleased. I do have plans to rebuild my original base on The Island, the Arkanus, now that I have the capability to build it to its full potential. I built the first one before Tek tier, before frogs or beavers were even a thing. Building a metal base when you had to grind the paste was pure torture. But I was the only one who didn't freak out about the first Dodorex event because I was the only one on that server with a metal base and a proper perimeter fence. Always kinda makes me laugh that so many PVE players, especially on unofficials, never bother to build their bases properly. Now the more I think about it the more I'm thinking, once I defeat the King Titan I may, just maybe, wipe every map, keeping only my character, my best dinos and gear and whatever Tek I've made, and then start everything else fresh. I plan to move to Crystal Isles as my home map afterwards anyway. I'll have good utility dinos by then, I've adjusted my settings over time to suit me and play around these stupid bugs. And then I'll have a nice set of clean maps, cull all of the random or unnecessary tames I've accumulated over time and start fresh everywhere with literally everything from every map at my disposal. The more I think about it the more I like this idea. But that still means finishing The Island and the long slog continues. Syntac really downplayed just how much of a grind this first map really is.
  7. That's the downside. Cryo timers can only be disabled in PVE. But it's pretty easy to work around. In single player you don't have to worry about sharing/blocking anything so I'll go bring my army wherever it needs to go, throw them all out and let them sleep the sickness off while I do whatever prep needs to be done. By the time I'm ready to do the actual fight they're all awake. The time saved in being able to easily level up whatever I need is well worth the extra 20-30 minutes it takes the army to wake up at the teleporter.
  8. I have PVP settings on in my single player, that's how I do it. As far as I know it's the only practical way to achieve this result and as long as you're only playing with friends/people you trust it shouldn't be a problem to leave it on. I actually picked up this little trick from Syntac.
  9. @Ohma I meant to post last night but I was tired. Anyway you don't need stamina on boss rexes, just HP and melee. Unridden animals don't use stamina and you'll be riding a yuty, so it's completely unnecessary. Makes breeding that much easier too, which is nice. @Dinobros2000 I know, I've read almost all of Crichton's books, some many times. My favorites are The Lost World and Airframe. @gamatron332 My rates are also quite boosted, although not as high as yours. Looking for muts isn't too bad because my rexes all have identical stats so I just look for the baby that's 2 levels higher and only check that one for mutations. I eat the rest without looking at them. Anyway I was really tired after work so I logged in, did a metal run, sat in base while it smelted, then logged off for the night.
  10. It's the next mountain over @Dinobros2000 to the east. Another shockingly productive day. First, I finally finished leveling the rex army. That was a grind and a half and I really wish I had thought to boost the kill exp way earlier. Well, live and learn. They're all done now and I leveled the yutys up too, I purposely bred them first to let them accumulate passive exp. Knew I wasn't going to give them a lot of melee, in fact none at all so that was the next best thing. I also bred my wolves and managed to get a melee mutation. Nice. It took awhile to get where I wanted with this little project but I am rather proud of my new pack. Here they are: The colors came mostly from another lucky leftover Valentine's Day find and then some more lucky color transfers turned color morph. I'm calling them my "Chaotic Direwolves" since my tribe name is Chaos Theory, from The Lost World novel. If you've only ever seen the movie, the book is well worth a read. After all that work as you can imagine I was rather fatigued so I decided to do one metal run then take a break from grinding. Took my wyvern, Cyanea, out for a nice ltitle flight. Amusingly we can't even kill an alpha raptor because my Island character doesn't get the full benefits of the imprint and it just isn't a strong wyvern. But that's fine. I came across a high level otter and tamed it up just to have. Then after quite a struggle I tamed a pair of dolphins. I had one but piranhas killed it awhile ago. So I tamed a pair and bred them and now have one growing up, that will be my scout for underwater drops as I noticed there are some BPs I'm missing that would be extremely helpful to have. Finally, I started grinding out saddles. I was only able to make 3 before I ran out of metal. 18 to go... Obviously that's going to be my next big goal. My anky can hold just enough raw metal to build one saddle per metal run. But with the single player resource respawn glitch, I'm going to have to be careful with my limited time during the week. I'll probably change my respawns too to try to mitigate that problem, it's so frustrating. I don't want easy mode but permanently despawned resource nodes is an issue, I've already lost some good metal spots to that particularly aggravating bug. So yeah, lots more grinding in my immediate future. Sigh.
  11. Highly productive day today. Started with a metal run, I need to start stockpiling again. Also made 30 more cryopods for the rest of the army. Then I got straight into my chair to stockpile eggs. Throughout the course of the day I came back periodically to level rexes. I managed to get a full dozen leveled, I could have pushed for one more but eh, I don't feel like it. I also spent a considerable part of the afternoon breeding my wolves. I'm in the final stages of putting the stats and colors together so with some luck by the end of tomorrow I should have a fully imprinted pack to go sniff out Explorer Notes with. I'll do that after the Overseer since I'll need the exp, part of the cleanup before moving to the next map. Slowly getting closer to finishing The Island. Honestly I don't think I'm ever going to play on it as my main map again. I've spent more than enough time on here.
  12. As a matter of fact I can @BertNoobians that's how I know it's a thing. Incidentally that's also why low level smaller animals like sheep often die as babies. They don't have enough food to survive through the desync and starve with food in them, because the server didn't update their growth fast enough. Higher level babies don't have this problem because their higher food stat gives them the buffer to survive. I've literally sat there and watched it happen while raising babies. Also noteworthy, I've never seen this happen in my single player game.
  13. Server desync can cause issues with mating and baby growth lagging out. Given the huge influx of new players and all the events stuff going on, it's not surprising that a lot of servers are under heavy load and experiencing a lot of related issues.
  14. Finished 3 rexes today. I adjusted my exp settings and I think I found the sweet spot. My exp is actually default but I cranked the kill exp multi up to compensate for the lack of shared exp and other tactics tribes can use that I can't. It's not instant or anything but it won't take another year to level this army up either. About a third of the way through them now. However I did notice my supplies are running low, I can only make I think 1 more rex saddle, and I need 20 more. Obviously I don't need the saddles to level up since I can just pull one off another rex, but I won't be fighting any bosses with naked rexes either. So it seems I'll have to get back to that grind too. Ugh. Grind on grind. Hoping to just power through as many rexes as I can over the weekend. I'll spend most of my time idle in game and just stack those eggs up, then kill them all. I wish there was a better way than slaughtering thousands of baby dinos, but there really isn't.
  15. My friend got killed by a diplodocus once lol. It aggressively hugged him off the side of a cliff.
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