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  1. Add mod update notifications to local server menu I finally realized why my game appears to break every time a mod updates and it's the silliest thing. Because when you're joining an online server, the game tells you when a mod is updating and when it's done. When you're in the local player menu, the game doesn't show when something is updating, so it's very easy to jump straight in without realizing something updated. It's a small but extremely important QoL change for anyone on single player, I think.
  2. Breeding is simultaneously one of the easiest and hardest things about Ark. Questions about it pop up all the time, a quick search will bring up dozens of threads on the topic. First, your question about movement speed: yes, dinos still put points into movement speed even though they don't count. That's why the points are wasted. The exception to this is birds, who put no points into movement speed and thus are actually easier to work with, because you can start a line at a much higher base level than other creatures. To actually start a bloodline, the concept is easy to understand and difficult to execute. Basically you need to tame all of the highest level animals of that species you come across. Most videos you watch will gloss over this part because it's tedious and repetitive and doesn't make for interesting content for most people. What you're looking for is very specific. Most dinos will be fairly well rounded in terms of stats; they have a fairly even distribution of points, nothing stands out. But sometimes, sometimes you'll get an animal with one stat that is much higher than the rest, at the cost of their other stats being lower. This makes them perfect for breeding, but terrible as an actual usable mount. The real grind is finding these high level animals with high rolls in the stats you want. For boss-capable rexes, for example, you only need HP and melee; since they won't be ridden they don't need stamina or weight. As for what constitutes breedable stats? It depends on a combination of factors. How many animals you can find to tame, your game/server settings, and your own level of patience about how long you want to keep hunting for and taming wilds. There is of course a point of diminishing returns where the chances of finding something better is too low to be worthwhile. The general rule of thumb is 40+ points in a target stat is good enough, but you can push as high as 50+ if you're really dedicated about it. One way to look at it is you can spend the time upfront with taming or on the back end with breeding; it depends on how much you like to gamble. Taming can potentially advance your line by several levels at a time, but breeding when done properly is more reliable. So it's mainly preference as to when you actually start breeding. As far as getting a line ready for mutations, I'm sure you probably read that in one of my posts. What I mean is a combination of factors: I'm happy with the base stats I have and don't plan on taming any more animals, I've already successfully combined the stats into one animal, and actually have a breeding pair at the same base level. The reason why the last part is important is for mass breeding. If both of your breeding animals have the same stats, it makes mutations super easy to spot. So when you're hatching lots of eggs at the same time, you don't need to claim and check every single baby. You just look at their levels and pick out the ones that are 2 levels higher than the rest. Mutations are 2 levels in a random stat. So if the parents are both level 248 for example, I only care about the babies that hatch at level 250 (or higher; double mutations are rare but possible). Then I just eat the rest of the babies to get rid of them (this works on SP if you don't have the PVE box checked).
  3. Been cutting back my playtime a bit this week. I admit I use this as stress release a little too much and I've had a lot going on outside the game lately. But yesterday I had off from work and not much going on so into the game I went. I'm both making a lot of progress and not enough at the same time. I think I can finally articulate exactly what it is about the midgame grind that is so frustrating. It's because this is the point where rng makes or breaks your progress. Leveling up, learning the industrial Engrams, etc is all easy because it's just farming. Farming Explorer Notes and narcotics, farming metal, farming penguins, whatever. All easy to do. But then you need to farm dinos too and get your breeding lines started for bosses, and that's where the game really falls flat. I've been hunting and farming for high level rexes for a week and even with the level equalizer code, I've found 3. Of those 3, I've successfully tamed 2. Of those 2, neither one has breedable stats. Plus they are both male so I couldn't breed them even if I wanted to. I have done a lot of taming and breeding, too. My argent line is well on its way to being ready for muts. I've got a bred anky but haven't found a good female doed yet. Got mediocre but functional bred barys and a yuty. Can make extraordinary kibble now which makes life so much easier, used it to get a max level basilo with low HP but decent melee. But I just can't find any good rexes. My ideal plan would be to get my rex line established and use the time while I'm raising them, stacking muts etc to do the rest of my boss prep. Farming caves for artifacts and bps, the mats to make the saddles, taming up allos for the snow cave, etc. All the other time intensive things that could get done while raising the rex army in the background because doing them first doesn't make sense to me. Breeding is by and large a passive activity and the last thing I want to do is sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for 20+ rexes to grow up, you know? That's when I get so much farming, taming, base building etc done. I've had days where by the time I raised one argent I tamed another one with better stats and immediately started on the next generation. So yeah. For all of the taming and breeding I did yesterday, I'm still in the exact same position I was when I started.
  4. I would highly recommend following Syntac's "Ultimate Ark" run on YT. It's not a speedrun, but he is progressing through the story solo in order. He actually inspired me to do my own ultimate run since I've never done everything myself either. I would say not to rush necessarily, Ark isn't the type of game that can be speedrun in the traditional style due to the nonlinear gameplay and rng, but seeing someone else do it will give you an idea of what to do yourself. The only issue with most videos is that they tend to play to their audience because they need to make entertaining content, so if you're looking for efficiency you won't find it there. But you can follow the overall basic progression and cut out most of the fluff by making your own goals/progression checklist. Everyone has their own style and preferences anyway which will change how things play out even if the ultimate goal is the same.
  5. He was the one who posted the original question, lol. Most animals do slow down eating as they grow, but I assume the wyverns still average 360 an hour or the data wouldn't be posted everywhere. If you're super worried about the wyvern running out of food, use preserving salts in its inventory with the milk to make it last longer...
  6. @Richman4 All animals with the exception of dodos lay eggs at the same rate. Most people will usually tame whatever the smallest animal is so they take up the least amount of room. I will also add that with this kibble system you can use higher tier kibbles in place of lower ones. If you really wanted to skip all the hassle of a traditional kibble farm you could tame or trade for a few yutyrannus, their eggs are used for "special" egg tier kibble aka extraordinary kibble and people usually have tons of them because yutys are used in boss fights. A few of those around and you need literally nothing else for kibble. Even works with imprints. Don't forget to tame up an oviraptor for their egg boosting ability too if you don't already have one. Good plan with the holding off on breeding. I feel like it's one of the bigger mistakes new players make, they rush headlong into breeding before being set up properly and then can't keep up with themselves, basically. Luckily AC units are fairly cheap, but on officials I think you still need at least 9 of them to guarantee hatching anything. Granted I literally just did that myself, but in my case the issue was a lack of space and not a lack of prepardness. It was really cramped hatching argents in my stable lol. As for the uneven ground, it is actually possible but prepare to be frustrated. Going downhill is easier than going uphill, but using a pillars and ceilings system you can build up and then use ramps to make the addition accessible. Or just make another building entirely. I pretty much always end up with an entire base complex. It's not better or worse so much as it is that it's easier to plan and build one smaller building from scratch than it is to build one massive base to hold everything. Plus on a large base build, one misplacement or accidental removal can have dire consequences...ask me how I know lol. I have so much respect for anyone who builds in vanilla/official, I honestly can't function without S+ these days. Not being able to at least stack foundations to make even floors is just madness to me. And I have built without it, that's why I don't anymore lol. I would also add that before anything else, you really want to push for that forge. It makes literally everything else so, so much easier to get. I usually start "saving" some of my metal to build one as soon as I get my first anky. Literally I make a box just for forge supplies and 10% of all the metal I smelt goes straight into that box until I have enough for it. Also if you're rebuilding in metal and you don't already have some, tame up a few snails. They make cementing paste and polymer.
  7. Busy, busy day today on the Ark. Early in the morning one of my lesser issues became a highly relevant one. Found a 150 female rex, perfect for my needs. Unfortunately when I was trying to kite it into my pen, my own rex had chased a corpse a bit too far down the hill. The rex aggro'd him, then came up the hill and started chomping my base. I had to kill her because even a 150 isn't worth losing my base and tames. Very annoyed about that. So I spent a good part of the day after that building. I also did a run to chitin cave. I'm sorry, I really want to like sabers but I just can't. They're much too fragile. Mission aborted. I ended up taming a bary instead and successfully used it to go to the southern cave and get a beetle. The mastercraft saddle helps, I'm sure. Over 100 armor, found the BP in a drop. Continued hunting for a new rex and came up with a very large problem. An alpha rex popped at carno point. Even if I wanted to challenge it my rex had no saddle at that point, I was too low to craft it. So I warily kept an eye on it and avoided the area as much as possible to avoid it rendering in and wandering up toward the base. I also tamed up a really nice argent and despite the cramped space, I started breeding my birds. A good argent can take an alpha rex, so it seemed the logical solution to the problem. Sure I could admin kill it but that would be against the spirit of the game. It took about 4 generations of breeding but I managed to pop 3 birds with my key stats--48 HP, 54 stamina, 43 weight and 40 melee. Imprinted all 3 since I don't have a proper breeding area or a way to separate them out. The first one, a female, is now my actual mount. The other 2 are a male and female pair that are backups in case something happens to this bird, I can breed another one. Took the new bird out for some levels, then circled back around and took on the alpha. It was a low level thankfully as I only have a primitive saddle so took a lot of damage. But we emerged triumphant, if bloody. I decided my day was as done as it was going to get after that.
  8. Don't be intimidated! Keep in mind that most of us have done this enough times that it's routine. If you read back far enough in this thread I've actually fresh started about 6 times in the past 2 months alone. In the beginning we all do pretty much the same things you do. It's just that I've done it so many times I've learned what I can easily skip to get to where I want to be in game. I also know the map well enough that I generally have an idea of where I want to build before I even spawn my character in, so I'm starting off with a purpose and a game plan. I know where I want to go and what I need to get there, so that's what I do. Even with all of my game experience I love the early game levels for its unpredictability and sometimes I wish I could actually play it more like I used to when I was new, too. Don't worry about what the rest of us are doing, relax and enjoy doing what you're doing now. That part of the Ark experience is special and can't ever be replicated no matter how many times you start over.
  9. @Cythraul @Richman4 is correct, I'm using official difficulty with override on and SP settings turned off so the max level is 150. Taming is at 10x so it takes a lot less time and I can prime/mutton most animals without losing effectiveness, but it still takes the same amount of effort to actually KO anything. I'm also using the game.ini code I linked to a page or so back that equalizes the levels on vanilla maps so high level animals spawn much more frequently because that's a huge QoL issue for these maps. I also have PVE carry on, which is why I built that huge arena thing in the background of my screenshot. I can lure argents/rexes in to dedicated pens, and simply use one of my argents to drop other stuff in the other pens. On official I can only imagine you have to either tame in the wild, use community taming pens (maybe? I've never played on an unofficial server that didn't have those), or utilize something like a taming raft that can be brought to wherever the animal you want to tame is located while still being reusable. I've done all of the above pretty much interchangably, I just vastly prefer the convenience of a taming base build so I can safely tame while doing other things. The other reason is because as I said, I only tame 100+ these days even when just starting out. The only real exception is if I don't have a good level trike around and just need something to farm berries. Sure, weaker animals are easier to tame, but they're also, well, weak. Their use is extremely limited and they should be treated as disposable. I generally treat early game tames that way anyway. Like how I mentioned I sacrificed a trike yesterday to tame an argent. Not the first time I've done something like that. I had a temporary pen for argents and the bird would not get in the trap, it was 100% focused on the trike. So I let it kill the trike while I shot it, then it chased me into the pen and I got it down immediately. It sucked losing the trike, but in the grand scheme of things an argent is 100x more valuable. And I just went and tamed a new one after anyway even though I don't strictly need one anymore. Location does play a big part in this, though. I picked the spot I did precisely because of "carno point", a tiny area of the map that continuously spawns a ton of different animals, mostly carnivores, that are constantly battling each other. Most of the animals that spawn there are things I need to tame. Rexes, argents, allos, ankys, doeds, and I'm close enough to lure a yuty in if I happen across one in the snow. So it made sense to build a pen close to where so many things spawn in. That's how I accumulated so many animals so quickly. I wasn't planning on taming an extra anky or a doed for example, but when I find a high level I take it. Both of them were 145 wild while my original ones were just 100+ to get started. The nice thing about the pen is also that when you find an injured herbivore, they can safely regen inside the pen before you attempt to KO them since they'll usually despawn if you leave render range after moving them.
  10. Single player with heavily customized settings. Exp is default, though. Taming is 10x, breeding is 45x since the game does not progress when I'm not playing, unlike online servers. So I can't just fill a baby/trough with meat and wake up to an adult animal the next day lol. If the icthyornis can't gather prime then no, you'd be better off with a dimo or 3. A flock of high level ones will melt almost anything. As far as gathering prime goes, if you're on foot or have something like a trike sacros are easy enough. If you have a ptera/raft and can travel far enough north, headshot some low level argents.
  11. @Richman4 I have a lot of practice starting from scratch lol. Also I've had the concept of that arena in mind for awhile so the design wasn't as fussy as it could have been. Normally I start out on a raft but I decided this time I would just go where the animals are instead of having to carry them all home. This area is just south of carno point on The Island, where you can find all kinds of things to tame. My basic progression these days is dodo > trike > icthyornis > ptera > argent > doed/anky/wood gatherer/caver > apex predator. It's more or less the order I went in here, although I did sacrifice my first trike to get my first argent, then went and tamed a new trike. I also took time away from building to hunt down an alpha raptor for exp after taming my ptera in order to power level myself up to 62 for the argent saddle. As soon as the arena was built I started collecting my "second gen" of utility animals at much higher levels. I basically don't tame anything under 100 these days even when just starting out; anything less is simply too weak to keep up with the demands I put on it. Now I'm going for top levels in hopes of getting some breedable stats, and since I'm constantly patrolling for high level rexes and yutys close enough to lure in anyway. Then I started to get tired of things attempting to attack my animals and decided to build an actual base, lol. Up until the last half hour of my day my entire base was jammed onto just 8 foundations with everything clustered around it. I have the shell of the house done sans roof and plan to build an attached stable for the utility animals, particularly the birds. I'm not too worried about anything else, especially with that rex around. He was a 150 wild.
  12. @Richman4 The mod was updated...the problem was it either updated again or the update itself failed/was corrupted...either way I lost basically my entire base twice in as many days. Wasn't worth the effort to me to replace it all again. Had a very long day in Ark today. Started out from almost nothing, and ended with this: The taming arena in the background has 5 pens, including one covered one for argents. So far I've had 3 pens in use at the same time.
  13. It's both a new and a very old glitch lol, falling through foundations was a very common early access issue and the reason I kept a logoff box for years. Never knew when you were going to wake up dead, as it were. Anyway, I've been having issues of my own. I logged in last night to find yet again most of my base nonexistent and my animals wandering about. This is the one thing about using modded building pieces--if there's a problem with the mod and those pieces break, when they're gone they're gone. It's why S+ is the only building mod I've been using for years, because it's been stable and never caused me an issue like this for so long. I was so frustrated I went and took my tek rex to the obelisk, uploaded him, and wiped my single player again. Because if most of my base was gone, that means more than 90% of my snow base was also gone and I spent hours on that project. I didn't want to do it all again. I also logged out completely, verified my files, uninstalled and reinstalled S+ before loading back up in a new single player world. Kept no backups of the old one. It doesn't matter since the only backup that would work is from 3 days ago, useless. Started in a different spot this time, West 3. Unfortunately I hit the snow side of that spawn in point. Made it safely out, then got ambushed and eaten by a saber. Respawned in the same spot but avoided the saber a second time. Progressed slightly south to the top of the rise over by that spot that has mainly dodos and started setting up. My logic in starting here is that because of carno point, there is easy access to a lot of animals I'll want to look for, so my starter base will actually be built up into essentially a taming facility. Didn't progress too far due to how long it took to (hopefully) fix all the technical issues. Got a dodo, a tiny open base aka no walls or ceilings, and am just now working on metal tools. We'll see what today brings...
  14. I don't know, I'm a huge breeder and I don't think it takes away from taming at all. I still go out and spend hours hunting down animals, and not always just high levels or stat clearers! I do a lot of work with natural animal colors which requires looking for just the right combinations in wild animals, and then tons of work to get the colors into the stat lines, and then oops I found a better wild stat, better rebreed again...but I mean taming is also not at all what it used to be either. I remember the early game struggle days of even just getting a single carno down and the frantic race to farm enough meat/narcotics to keep it down until it tamed. These days taming is a science, and there's no guesswork, and with taming pens very little adventure. And the kibble rework is especially great for taming because I hated keeping a kibble farm. Tons of animals I don't care about tamed solely as a resource, that's not the type of taming I ever want to do again. I happen to really like yutys so it's no hardship to keep a few extra featherheads around for their eggs. I mean, you don't even need an egg farm at all if you don't want one these days which is amazing. There is definitely a lot less taming for the sake of it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The game has developed to the point where you basically don't have to tame anything you don't want outside of a few standard tames. It makes for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience. PVP tends to be more limited by its own nature, though, which on that point I agree it can feel a little pointless when you have to have these animals because everyone does, and of course that means those are all the lines that are the oldest and the most developed. But there's always room for surprises! The current meta developed over time and will probably change in the future. So there is a hidden value in not being able to compete with alphas, because it means maybe someone comes up with a new way to use a different animal, and then they'll have the base bloodline while everyone else has to start from scratch...there's always, always going to be that element of unpredictability.
  15. Of course not real money, that's just stupid and I will never understand the people who do. But it's hard to call it trading when it's not animal for animal, it's flat out buying them for enormous amounts of materials. If small/new tribes shouldn't be in the same league as an alpha, but there should still be competition, I guess I'm not sure how you think that would really work out. If they're not in the same league, they aren't in competition by default...it's just not really possible. No matter how much breeding is limited, alphas will always be on top, that's why they're alphas. Even if mutations were hard capped, guess who would have a stable of maxxed out animals first? And who would have even more incentive to make sure small/solo tribes never get the chance to build up enough to breed? I don't play PVP, but I know enough to know that alphas will take and hold onto any advantage they have. If that means continually wiping everyone to make sure no one can breed and compete with their lines, they'll do it. There will be less competition, not more.
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