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  1. I have been playing a fair amount of Ark lately, but not on SP... Long story short, my old tribemate M finally has a working computer that can play games above potato mode, yay! He tribed up with his cousin and his cousin's best gaming friend on a PVE cluster. I asked if I could join and ta-da, not solo anymore. I'll come back to SP eventually but for now I'm enjoying tribe life again. Well, sort of. Once I got tribed up my first order of business was to make myself useful. I don't like to burden my tribemates with carrying me too much, but M's cousin E and friend S had already reached tek tier and have a full tek rex army. It's a rare cluster with every official map, including SE, which makes me happy. Our main tribe base is on Valguero, which at the time I started was also our only base. Naturally they had a few things, including a fridge full of wyvern eggs. I asked for and got permission to take one of the ice wyvern eggs, so I hatched and raised it. Then we went hunting. I quickly established a loop for raiding deino nests, collecting dozens of eggs over the course of the week. I hatched all of the 130+ eggs and made the rest into kibble. This cluster has a very active trade economy, so I was quickly able to establish my first trade partner for high level holiday deinos. Sold 3, with 3 more on the proverbial auction block. And I have 2 of the 4 stats I want at breedable levels, which is great. Also took advantage of the holiday off to do my first boss battle with the tribe, securing my first set of tek engrams. And after that we basically scattered off the main map for a bit. S is building a base on The Island in preparation of doing the bosses there. M went to Ragnarok. To my knowledge E is staying on Valguero since he doesn't play as much, although he is the tribe leader. And me? I felt it would be the most advantageous to the tribe if I picked one of the remaining maps, so I'm now on Extinction. This cluster has transfer rules for certain maps, so I ended up naked with no items or tames allowed. It's been about a week since I moved maps and so far I've managed to get my first, incredibly bad set of utility animals, one decent argent, and secured a base location in the city. It's not an ideal spot, being far from water, but it's a beautiful little niche high enough up that the only annoyance is occasional spiders. I've got the foundation down and kept my forge running pretty much the entire time, so I have enough metal to make an industrial forge. Also managed to get a really neat Christmas ascendant enforcer bp, can't wait to make it. Overall progress has been both fast and slow. I love building but sometimes I really hate laying the foundations of a new base. I'm incapable of small builds so it often takes a long time to get established. I have the main foundation down at least, so my priority is shifting towards crafting stations. Forge first, then replicator, then transmitter, all while continuing to build the base up. A little on the dull side, but there's no point in going to tame anything just yet. Plan is to get a hatchery up, buy a few low level yuty eggs and go from there.
  2. Been quite awhile, I just haven't had much time for gaming lately. But it's a rare holiday off from work so after the morning festivities and an early afternoon dinner I settled in to get myself an "Arkmas" gift. Ended up with a bunch, in fact: I broke my challenge rules and hopped over to Valguero to pick up some deinonychus eggs. Got 11, one hatched a set of twins. Only 3 of them were decent level, I kept the rest for colors. I almost considered looking for some ice wyverns but I don't have anything I'd be willing to sacrifice to take that risk. And anyway I don't feel like I'm cheating myself by collecting a dozen dinos that are not bloodline quality and would need serious breeding to be useful, but an apex mount like a wyvern before getting to SE would be much too easy.
  3. Well, plans didn't go as expected, I ended up being busy last night and most of today. But later in the evening I hopped on, finished my prep work and...took on the gamma dragon for the first time. It was both as bad and not as terrible as I expected. The beginning was super dicey, I was stuck in all the rexes, couldn't get on the yuty, and then when I did I couldn't get the rexes to move. And the dragon immediately summoned the birds so I had to deal with a dimo flock in the middle of a rex ball. Made it out and got everyone moved over. Finally the dragon came down and we went after it. Honestly, I think I got lucky, it must have gotten stuck on a rex in front of him because he landed and just never took off again. Unfortunately since I had everyone in one taming group and he's so big, most of them took a full frontal assault. But despite that, he went down so fast I only lost one rex, but many of the remaining ones were close to death. Victory! But it's very obvious that we survived gamma, but we won't last against beta or alpha. So I flew home, cleared out my hatchery and got a new HP mut. So I'm going to raise that up, put her with my melee male and tomorrow after the snow starts I'll be cozied up here at home raising rexes all day. I'm hoarding all my spino eggs up to make leveling even faster too.
  4. With a holiday of downtime I decided to hop in and see if I couldn't make a final push for the Dragon. So, one very unexpected bottleneck ended up being giga hearts. The problem wasn't actually killing the gigas themselves; I know I said I wanted to take one down in battle but practicality won out and I ended up just drowning them, which was way easier than I expected honestly. The problem was getting more to spawn after I took out the ones that were already up. I admit, I eventually took to dino wiping until I got spawns after spending a good 5 hours doing circuits of the mountains and the Skylord cave. Speaking of, I still haven't gotten a single Skylord artifact to spawn in the cave. Given that I've run this cave at least 20 times trying for it, I went ahead and spawned in the 4 artifacts I would have collected if the cave wasn't bugged. So yeah, I know that was cheesy but really, this game shouldn't be this broken after this many years of development. I'm not going to sit here for another month just waiting for the artifact to spawn when for all intents and purposes I've successfully cleared the cave multiple times. With that, I've officially collected everything I need for all 3 levels of the Dragon. I went ahead and moved all the rexes over, built my little hut and set up all my tributes, artifacts and spare sets of armor. I've also got a shotgun to bring with me so I made some shells, plenty of med brews of course, and some calien soup. I also brought one of the pigs over. I could have pushed to start the fights tonight but it was getting late (I wake up at 5 am every morning) and I decided I didn't want to push it. So I'll leave it for tomorrow night or maybe even Saturday, depending on how things go. Honestly I expect I should do ok on Gamma, I'll probably lose some rexes to Beta, and I'll probably have to raise a full new generation to take on Alpha. Because the bulk of my army are still my first gen rexes, all with 35k HP and only 600ish melee. I know that won't be enough. With my best gen I can easily go 30k HP and over 1000 melee, that's the kind of brute force I'll need to take it down. I have no idea if 30k is good HP or not, I just figure with the breath ultimately it doesn't matter, I need to get it down as fast as possible and none of those older rexes will be able to keep the pressure up. So that's basically my weekend plans and if all goes well (it probably won't, being Ark...) I should be preparing for the Tek Cave/Overseer by this time next week. I have almost all the tributes I need for that too, only missing dragon trophies, alpha tuso and alpha leed drops.
  5. There's no need to restart. Just spend some time working on your base before you tame anything else. I find one of the top mistakes newer players make is neglecting their base because yes it can be a little bit dull and grindy, especially before you get any harvesters. But if you can't protect your tames, you might as well not tame them at all because they're just going to die. In particular, keep your smaller tames like dodos inside. Seagulls will aggro and kill them. They'll actually pick them up and carry them away. A shelter for them and a basic fence, even wood, around the rest of your animals, will increase the safety of your base by quite a huge margin. Then once you get leveled up and access to better tames you can expand as you go, definitely upgrade to stone as soon as possible, at least for your exterior walls.
  6. For progressing through the story, I would recommend doing it a little more efficiently. Build your boat now, take your best trike with you. Optional, tame a seagull. Sail up the western coast until you reach the area just south of the snow biome. This is carno point "the mosh pit" and many other names. This is where you want to set up a taming base at the very least, if not your main base. The area south of the large rock is relatively safe, just watch out for the two sarco spawns and sometimes carnivores will roam far enough down to aggro. From this location you can go a little bit south and easily tame a ptera, use the ptera to run notes until you can make an argent saddle. Then tame a decent level argent, they're very common around carno point and you can venture into the snow a short distance if you have to lure one. Once you've got the argent you're in a great spot. At carno point you can find and tame the following animals: anky, doed, rex, argent, allo, also lure yutys and mammoths down from the glacier. You could also tame a saber for caves, personally I prefer the bary. A decent argent with some HP invested should be able to carry one over from the Volcano river (while looking for otters). Cryopods are available on all maps at a fairly low level now, so it's not as necessary to keep a central base location. I prefer the carno point area because it's so easy to find most of your basic utility/boss tames. I actually ended up building a large multipen taming arena there and have had all pens in use at once before. It's such a great area for animals. Focus on setting up your kibble farm as quickly as possible and getting your breeding area up and running. Also set up an outpost around the swamp cave so you can start farming for saddle blueprints as early as possible. I tried every possible method for getting saddle bps and that was the only one that was worthwhile, at least on The Island. The outpost is necessary so you can easily repair your armor. Plus you could set up a forge area there, the Redwoods mountain is good for metal and crystal. Of course this is just one option, and the method I'm currently using. I've been playing through the story maps myself and after 5 months of regular play I was able to start doing bosses. Finding decent rexes is a real crapshoot, and the rng on saddle bps is awful. It's worth it to set up your infrastructure as early as possible so you can invest the bulk of your time into actual boss prep. If you're transferring between maps freely (I'm not), it's significantly easier since you can get wyverns, snow owls, velos, manas etc. I've also heard deinonychus absolutely shred bosses so that could be a worthwhile endeavor as well. Either way, ultimately getting airborne and leveled as quickly as possible to unlock all the necessary Engrams are going to be at the top of the list for priorities.
  7. That's why you announce it ahead of time and set it as the message of the day. Or if you feel inclined, with Aberration you could spawn in a transmitter to allow people to freely enter and leave the map. A lot of people may not want to play on Ab because once you get on the map you're kind of stuck there for awhile because there isn't really an easy way to transfer out. Last server I played on someone had built a public transmitter at Fertile 3 so people could spawn in and easily access the transmitter. I'm sure that helped the map be more active with players than it would be normally since anyone could transfer in and out as they pleased.
  8. @AngrySaltire You could always transfer your breeding lines to SP so you don't lose them entirely. That way if you ever feel the interest in returning you've still got something. I haven't been playing much either but this weekend I felt the itch and hopped back in. Knocked out quite a bit of stuff actually. Took on the Cunning cave and there was a bit of a mosa overspawn...there was like 30 of them in one chamber, including multiple alphas. Luckily they were all stuck in flee mode. I did kill a few of them off to harvest some easy black pearls, topping up my supply for now. There were no tusos, which was a bit of a disappointment. I had hoped I could do the cave and farm the tentacles at the same time. I settled for chasing down some tusos beneath the ice. Also keeping an eye out for an alpha leed, I bet that one's going to prove a massive problem. Also had to run swamp cave because I hadn't really farmed the artifact at all while I was in there, meh. But now hopefully I won't have to deal with that one for awhile. Then I ran into a major roadblock in the form of the Skylord artifact. Yes, it's still bugged and not spawning in single player. Great. I've spent about 3 hours total in and around that cave so far with nothing to show for it. In the absence of other ideas, I ended up running the snow cave with one of my second gen battle rexes. Died the first time due to poor luck, but the second run was easy enough. I had the idea to use a spino but for some reason despite being slimmer than a rex, they seem to have a larger hitbox and kept getting stuck. Unfortunate since the ice cold water damages the spino but also gives the water boost. So now I'm close to done with prep for the Dragon, except for two more items. The Skylord artifact and giga hearts. I have no idea how I'm going to take down wild gigas without a tamed one, but so far I'm thinking I might just throw a bunch of rexes at it. If they can handle the Broodmother they should be able to withstand a giga, right? That's the theory anyway. I mean, it's not the biggest deal if my first gen rexes die off, they're intended to be more or less disposable as long as I can salvage the saddles. I'm still breeding the rexes and stacking mutations up in the background, which is why I don't care that much if I lose the first gen and even the 3 second gen rexes. Up to 12 HP and 11 melee mutations now. As a side note this is probably my biggest issue with Syntac's Ultimate Ark series, which is what inspired me to do this myself in the first place. The problem is 100 episodes sounds challenging but also short, when it's not really reflective of the reality of playing through it yourself. He can edit his content down to fit in as many episodes as he wants and cut out the monotony and grind of actually doing it. It's just not at all realistic and a big reason why I've coming to appreciate Phlinger quite a bit of late. I'm also starting to get a little antsy, being so close to done with this map after so long. I know it's only technically halfway, but I have most of the tribute items for the Overseer already so once I have the trophies I'll only need to do a little farming. The Dragon is still a pretty terrifying prospect though, not gonna lie.
  9. Well, work backward from your ultimate goal to figure out what you need to do next. To defeat the Overseer, you must first defeat the Broodmother, Megapithicus and the Dragon. In order to defeat them, you need boss animals, artifacts, and tributes. You'll eventually end up needing to go to all the caves to get the artifacts. As far as base locations, you'll want one on the coast to store your water tames. And on SP you have to go to each obelisk to summon each boss, so having a central base location would be advantageous. If you want to be a little more efficient, the red obelisk would be a good place to set up a secondary base since you could store your water tames in the pool underneath and then have a good place to gear up for the Dragon. Personally I would focus on your infrastructure first. If you don't already have a main base and industrial crafting stations, focus on that first. Then go after any tames you need. You'll need to do lots of breeding and raising, so you'll need space and resources for that.
  10. If you're on PC you can use this to fix your spawn levels; the story maps are purposely weighted to favor low levels, which can be extremely frustrating especially on SP. https://old.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/bbrrul/updated_level_equalizer/ Slap it in your ini file (always make a backup first) and do a dino wipe and you should see immediate results. I would personally go for a spino or a mega over a crab for long distance traveling. Crabs are great for grabbing wild dinos to tame, but they are slow.
  11. @Kaprosuchus I read most of the posts here although I don't often comment on specific ones. Playing alone after so long on servers, I guess it helps to have a little bit of the community feel by seeing what everyone else is up to even if we can't interact in game. I admit I'm much more likely to read a post that has a screenshot in it though lol. That said I haven't posted much lately because I doubt anyone wants to read 2 weeks worth of "spent 3 hours breeding basilos and hatching rex eggs while watching Phlinger/Syntac/non-Ark YTer and redditing" lol. It just doesn't make for good content. I wasn't really going to post today for much the same reason until I saw your post. Because I don't have anything interesting going on. I finally got around to setting up my tek replicator, but I haven't made anything else yet. I know for sure I want to make a set of armor and a rifle, and I don't think I'll really end up making much else because as soon as I defeat the Overseer I'm moving to the next map anyway. Doesn't make sense to build a bunch of stuff I probably won't see again for like a year lol. I made up a checklist of all the things I need to run the Dragon and well...I didn't have most of it. So I took my spino out and farmed the allo brains and yuty lungs. I already have the rex arms and the basilo blubber. And I know I'll more than likely get the tuso tentacles from farming for the underwater artifact so I don't worry about that one yet. That leaves giga hearts, I "only" need 3, but when I have yet to kill a wild giga it seems like quite the tall order. Not gonna lie I am seriously considering just luring one down to carno point and throwing my rex army at it. I don't care if they die because I'll need to breed the next generation up for the Alpha Dragon anyway. 35k HP and 600+ melee is simply not going to be enough. If I use my current top gen rexes I can do 30k HP and easily push 900+ melee. Also in full production mode gearing up for everything so metal runs and crafting tons of hard poly. I have more chitin and obsidian than I know what to do with after grinding down so many high tier junk saddles so I'd rather do that than penguin farming. Boss prep is pretty boring overall, just a lot of mindless grinding. Still haven't gone and retrieved my doed and mammoth from over by the swamp cave, I'll do that while I'm over there. I know, more cave runs there. I didn't bother running the artifact while I was farming for the bp so I only have 1 for decoration.
  12. Definitely not doable with just 1-2 dinos then. You want 19 rexes with high armor saddles and a yuty. For Alpha Broodmother you want around 35-40k HP depending on the saddle armor. Melee I'd go at least 700 but 800 would be better.
  13. You could always adjust the rates for player and dino exp/harvesting separately. So it's still a pain to gather on foot, but once you get dinos life is way easier anyway. Grinding isn't exactly a measure of difficulty imo and once you hit the upper tiers when you need mass quantities of stuff to get anywhere, you'll be regretting keeping your settings low. Exp is somewhat negligible these days since Explorer Notes are a thing, but I agree that even on the current default you'll progress quite fast if you have even a little bit of game experience. Also a big part of the difficulty curve back then was that no one knew what they were doing yet (and most stuff wasn't in the game either), so a lot of your memories might be nostalgia too. I remember those days well and I can say I don't miss them lol. There's so much to do that beach bobbing it on the coast is only a small part of the game now when we've got 4 official and 3 DLC maps to progress through. The Island was the whole world back then and it hasn't been for a long time.
  14. It may be the server itself that's unreliable. Do you have a second server that you play on? I would suggest moving to a more stable server as a temporary, or possibly even permanent solution if it persists.
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