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  1. Check out Phlinger Phoo's Ark Basics videos on YT, he goes through everything you need to know about playing the game.
  2. Well.. Since my last post I've just been endlessly afking to collect rex eggs, hatching them periodically, and culling the babies in search of the last mutation I want for this line. But then the update broke the troughs, which is one thing. It also apparently broke the S+ hatchery, which is a huge problem. Twice I had to cull baby rexes running rampant all over my base when they shouldn't have been. The hatchery is incubating the eggs in place instead of picking them up. So, not gonna lie, I'm not sure when I'm going to play next. I don't want to sit around babysitting every single egg when I churn through hundreds for a single mutation. I also can't leave them alone since it's not picking them up properly. And I don't want to risk losing everything I've done by trying to switch to the new variant of S+...so it's a stalemate for now. I'm just going to be playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf since I don't have a Switch) instead until this gets sorted out.
  3. Anyone else having trouble with the S+ hatchery? Yes, I have the issue with the troughs and I've read all about it. But I haven't seen any reports anywhere about the hatchery, which is also behaving very abnormally. It doesn't seem to be picking up eggs like normal, but rather it's incubating anything in its range of influence instead. Imagine my surprise when I went afk to collect some rex eggs like I always do and came back to 30 baby rexes stomping around in my base! The first time the hatchery was full so it's picking up some eggs, but when I tried again it was only picking up a few and I had the same issue, hatched rexes running rampant. I even missed one long enough for it to grow up and had the fun experience of PVPing an "enemy" rex in my SP world lol. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a similar problem with the hatchery.
  4. Of course I joined in on the excitement and played a little bit on Genesis. But with so many spawns broken on single player and it obviously being a map for endgame players to play on, it got me back onto The Island to carry on with my "Ultimate" run. And I think I can finally articulate what's wrong with the single player endgame progression. Frankly, the game is balanced too heavily in favor of online play and the severe limitations of offline mode causes too many bottlenecks. I don't have tribemates to carry on with the grind, and I don't have a server running to keep production of mission critical assets moving. Even with my single player settings adjusted to account for these issues, Ark has turned into primarily an idle game for me. I've been "playing" for practically 2 days straight with my character sitting in a chair while I periodically return to pop some eggs, kill a bunch of babies, sit back in the chair again. Rinse and repeat. On the bright side, I'm almost at a point where I can start building my "final" army. I'm done with HP mutations for now, they hatch with 20.2k HP which is exactly double the 10.1k I started with. I am immensely proud of advancing the line this far tbh, but my melee has lagged from the start. That's what I'm grinding out now, almost at the point where I'm going to call it for this gen. Just shy of 600% melee at hatching, up from my base 349%. One more mutation is all I'm looking for to push over that 600% threshold, which is how much melee my first gen rexes have after being leveled up. I've also bred my yutys up and I now have a pair to bring to the Overseer. Not descendants of Yulia but a brother-sister team I've named Grito and Rira. Deciding where to go from here. I still have some other preparations to take care of so I have time. Honestly I'm considering putting my first gen rex army back into play. I didn't cull them, they're just hanging around chomping the occasional seagull/argent. I'm thinking I could bring them into the Tek cave with me to use as my advance force, clearing the way for the main force to come in behind them. They're basically expendable at this point so I might as well make use of them.
  5. @Milsurp Honestly it's 200% me just being lazy. If I actually built the wall on that side of the base or just made another cryofridge and some pods I could avoid the issue entirely. I keep the spino there as a guard but it's halfhearted at best lol. If all goes well I'll be moving maps pretty soon so it'll be a moot point either way. I've had a few busy few days since, wow was it really only Tuesday? Feels like forever ago. So I took on the Beta Dragon on Wednesday. I don't know if it's because no one talks about beta bosses or what but I did not expect to struggle as much as I did. We won, but barely. The victory cost me 15 rexes, and I only managed to recover 5 of the saddles. It was a bitter victory to lose so much, and I ended up spending some time to regroup away from the game that night. Spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday rebuilding my army, farming for new saddles, all that fun stuff. I didn't really expect to be ready for another boss, I expected maybe 3 weeks or so. But, two things worked in my favor. 1 is that part of why I struggled on the boss was one of my rexes didn't teleport. And, remember that I had a spare rex and saddle? So I ended up "only" needing 13 new rexes and 8 saddles, rather than a full 15 of each. I wasn't really planning on it but earlier today I realized I was actually in a position to do the Alpha fight; originally I projected a minimum of 3 weeks due to PAX and Genesis but since I won't be around when most of my tribemates on the server are going to be playing, I might as well just keep going here on SP. But I was ready for it, so I took my shot and went for it. Alpha Dragon, just days after a narrow victory against the Beta. Definitely one of the most tense things I've ever done in this game, rolling solo with my wild-tamed yuty and 19 bred super rexes. The yuty survived. 14 rexes did not. And neither did the Dragon. Victory! But again at an impossibly high cost. But this time the adrenaline kept me moving, having finally felled one of the most difficult bosses in the entire game. I brought the remnants of my army home for a well deserved rest and a name change to reflect their "Alpha" status as Dragonslayers. And honestly now I'm a bit lost on what to do next. Obviously the Overseer is my next target. But I'm not sure if I should try to do the 3 difficulty levels as I have been with every other boss, or just skip to Alpha so I can move maps, and come back to do Gamma and Beta for the achievements later on. For completion's sake I'd like to do all 3 levels, but the thought of doing the Tek Cave 3 separate times makes me tense just thinking about it. I also have no idea what to bring. I do intend to bring my "Alpha" boss survivors since I can keep leveling them while I raise the new generation. Surprisingly 2 of my G3 rexes survived. I know allos are kind of the meta for Overseer, but one problem with that...I've never found a decent level female allo to tame, so I only have 2 males of middling stats. I feel like my time would be better spent rebuilding my already highly bred rex army vs trying to build a new allo army from scratch. I'm up to 83 points in HP and 76 melee, that's some pretty serious firepower. They can easily hit 35k+ HP and 1k+ melee so I feel their lack of speed is compensated by their bulk and raw power. Starting from scratch with allos seems like it would be going backwards at this late point in the game. I am also working on breeding yutys, I think it's unfortunately time to retire Yulia. She's a wild tame of unremarkable stats carrying a primitive saddle. I can do better, and she almost met her end on both dragons. I think she's earned her rest. I've got a couple weeks to think about it before I start seriously working on my Overseer prep. In the meantime I'm just knocking off some smaller projects and farming metal by the ton.
  6. Quite the evening on the Ark... First, I finished leveling up my rexes and made the two saddles. Then when I cryo'd them all up I realized I did not count wrong the first time, I was only short one saddle. For some reason I hatched 20 rexes so I had an extra, and now I have an extra saddle too. Used up most of my metal too which becomes important later. Once I had everyone podded, I flew over to the red obelisk where I have my tiny outpost set up. Unpodded them all and of course it's going to take a long time for them all to wake up. That's really the main reason why I wasn't planning on doing the Dragon tonight, because of the long wake up period. But with the final day of the event I decided in the meantime to take some kibble and fly around just looking for anything interesting. I didn't expect too much but spending so much time in base just grinding rexes, I was going a little stir crazy. And, well, I found something. Something big. Meet Heartbreaker, my 150 wild male Valentine's giga. Found him on the top of Far's Peak. Never in 65 million years would I have expected to randomly come across a 150 giga, never mind an event one. You bet I was super psyched and scrambling to get back to base and get supplies. I didn't have enough metal left for 4 gates so I made one and 20 large pillars. I was able to make a pen just big enough to hold him while also doubling up every other pillar so he couldn't get out. I also only had 5 shocking darts so it took those and about 300 tranqs from my ascendant crossbow. What a rush, I actually ended up crafting more arrows while shooting him because I didn't have enough. Thank the Ark gods my bow was fresh and not in danger of breaking. And I always have a random stash of arrows on my argent. Once I got him down I realized one little mistake...out of narcotics...at least, I didn't have any more than what I used to craft the tranq arrows. Grabbed the wrong stack out of the box. I had just enough arrows left to kill a jellyfish for enough toxin to keep him down, I had a short buffer because I just shot him until he went down. Even accidentally shot him once afterward but my taming is up just high enough to still get the perfect tame. While he's mostly a trophy tame here on The Island, he'll be the start of my breeding line for Extinction once I get there. His melee is mediocre but 40 points in HP is a good start. Yes I know melee is the only stat worth leveling. Anyway. I call that a good day.
  7. Well that and PVE carry is turned off by default on official so even if they wanted to they can't.
  8. Fresh from the success of the weekend, I hopped on after work to continue grinding out the levels on my rexes. Got another HP mutation, swapped out to my melee line, got a melee mutation. Then finished my second to last rex on the rest of the eggs. Couldn't have asked for a better stopping point for the night while the two new rexes grow. One last rex to level up and I also have to replace 2 rex saddles. I thought I was only short 1, but I ran out of saddles before I ran out of rexes. Ah well, I should be able to make them both but I'll do a metal run tomorrow just to be sure. I have more than enough hide for a dozen more saddles and my theri ensures endless fiber stacks with a quick jog to the plants outside my walls. I do believe I can probably take on Gamma Dragon on Wednesday at my current rate of progress and then save the Alpha for the weekend. If all goes well I can move on immediately to preparations for the Overseer. Funny side note, a meg killed one of my basilos while I was semi afk between egg batches, I just saw the death message. But when I went to go after it, it was already dead. I can only assume my neutral spino couldn't reach to attack it over the back of the other whale but as soon as it went after the next one it was in range and got instantly shredded. I never did finish the ocean side of my compound. Not really the biggest deal, it killed one of my triplet stat whales, and one that was not imprinted or anything. So aside from the annoyance of losing a tame and a minor source of oil, it was barely a loss worth noting. If it had been my cave whale, that would be a much different story...
  9. Staying on an unofficial PVE server long after it had died. I stayed so I could play with my friends, but we should have found a new server. Politics and an uninterested owner killed the community, and it wasn't even a clustered server so we played on The Island only long after other maps were available. As a result, despite playing since within the first 3 weeks of EA launch, I am only just now making my way through most of the actual game content entirely through SP since my friend group split up. Also haven't found a cluster with a combination of maps, rates, mods and community; it seems like a "pick 2" kind of deal there. Not unhappy on SP but I miss the social aspects a lot.
  10. Been awhile but I spent a solid weekend on the Ark. Not on the server, though. One of my main issues with joining boosted PVE servers is that progression is just too fast. By the time I joined the tribe they had a tek base already, having bought massively overpowered boss rexes and blasted through all the Valguero content in just one month. So I ended up doing one boss fight with them and then we all split off onto different maps to build up because this cluster has different transfer rules for each map, making it incredibly difficult to operate without full bases everywhere. Kind of annoying. I've been playing solo on Extinction, building up from nothing because the rule for that map is character transfer in only, no items or tames. But it's a little dull doing all that solo on a boosted server, not just the rates but the stat multipliers are imo too high. So I've been kind of uninterested despite wanting to play with M again. Who, coincidentally, hasn't been around either. So I logged back in to SP, which I haven't been on in quite some time. There are problems here too and it took a bit to reorient on where I left off. Last time I played I was cleaning up after defeating gamma dragon and preparing my third generation of boss rexes. Honestly the grind is starting to wear on me, I've spent so, so much time prepping and building up and I'm still stuck on The Island. I'm so eager to move on to the next map, but too stubborn to violate the rules of the "Ultimate Ark" challenge. The Christmas visit to Valguero for deinonychus eggs was a much needed break, as was time away from SP and Ark itself. But with the Valentine's event in full swing and no weekend plans I jumped right in to take advantage of the boosted rates. Spent almost the entire time in base cycling rex eggs since it's really the best way to level up my boss rexes (using PVP settings so I can kill them for exp). Made quite a bit of progress on the rex line, now up to 17 HP and 16 melee muts, hatching out with 17.6k HP and 527 melee before imprint. This is actually significant even over my third gen rexes, with 13 and 12 muts, respectively. The nice thing about my base being set up where it is, I have fish spawning in the little pool just outside the walls. So I did some fishing between rounds of eggs and got a bunch of chibis. Nothing rare sadly but it's a nice distraction. Honestly I wish they would just go ahead and add them to drops or bosses or something so you can collect them outside of holidays. I also took some breaks to work on some side projects. Did some deinonychus breeding just for colors, put together a couple of really solid color morphs from my small but surprisingly diverse pool. Probably the best morph I could produce out of my available colors, the "Alpha Deinonychus" is a blend of natural and Christmas colors, although it does look like a Valentine's spawn. Did make it out and about for some taming and got my best non-bird rolls ever-a mammoth stood up with an astonishing 48 points in melee. Amazing. Mammoths are a side project, mainly for post-storyline play. I just prefer them to beavers and want to breed a super strong line. This will be a huge boost to my base bloodline. And of course the ever present problem of what to do with the constant flow of breeding stock and outdated tames. Did a fairly large cull and barely feel like I made a dent, but I also moved a lot of animals around to make it easier. My biggest question at this point is honestly what to do with my older boss rexes. I don't really want to cull them necessarily, but I don't have much use for them anymore. My G1 rexes have no mutations at all and my G2 rexes have half the mutations of the current line. Honestly it's been really rewarding comparing the stats between all of them and seeing how far we've come. But it also reveals how comparatively weak the old ones are. I've been slowly uncryoing them as their replacements become ready and just positioning them outside my walls to keep them out of the way. Either way I'm a bit more than halfway through leveling the G3 rexes. If I keep at it all week I should be able to take on Beta and maybe even Alpha Dragon next weekend. I have all the tribute items and I leveled their HP up first so it's just pumping melee up. I should be able to anyway, as it stands they all have 30k HP and 1000 or so melee.
  11. I have been playing a fair amount of Ark lately, but not on SP... Long story short, my old tribemate M finally has a working computer that can play games above potato mode, yay! He tribed up with his cousin and his cousin's best gaming friend on a PVE cluster. I asked if I could join and ta-da, not solo anymore. I'll come back to SP eventually but for now I'm enjoying tribe life again. Well, sort of. Once I got tribed up my first order of business was to make myself useful. I don't like to burden my tribemates with carrying me too much, but M's cousin E and friend S had already reached tek tier and have a full tek rex army. It's a rare cluster with every official map, including SE, which makes me happy. Our main tribe base is on Valguero, which at the time I started was also our only base. Naturally they had a few things, including a fridge full of wyvern eggs. I asked for and got permission to take one of the ice wyvern eggs, so I hatched and raised it. Then we went hunting. I quickly established a loop for raiding deino nests, collecting dozens of eggs over the course of the week. I hatched all of the 130+ eggs and made the rest into kibble. This cluster has a very active trade economy, so I was quickly able to establish my first trade partner for high level holiday deinos. Sold 3, with 3 more on the proverbial auction block. And I have 2 of the 4 stats I want at breedable levels, which is great. Also took advantage of the holiday off to do my first boss battle with the tribe, securing my first set of tek engrams. And after that we basically scattered off the main map for a bit. S is building a base on The Island in preparation of doing the bosses there. M went to Ragnarok. To my knowledge E is staying on Valguero since he doesn't play as much, although he is the tribe leader. And me? I felt it would be the most advantageous to the tribe if I picked one of the remaining maps, so I'm now on Extinction. This cluster has transfer rules for certain maps, so I ended up naked with no items or tames allowed. It's been about a week since I moved maps and so far I've managed to get my first, incredibly bad set of utility animals, one decent argent, and secured a base location in the city. It's not an ideal spot, being far from water, but it's a beautiful little niche high enough up that the only annoyance is occasional spiders. I've got the foundation down and kept my forge running pretty much the entire time, so I have enough metal to make an industrial forge. Also managed to get a really neat Christmas ascendant enforcer bp, can't wait to make it. Overall progress has been both fast and slow. I love building but sometimes I really hate laying the foundations of a new base. I'm incapable of small builds so it often takes a long time to get established. I have the main foundation down at least, so my priority is shifting towards crafting stations. Forge first, then replicator, then transmitter, all while continuing to build the base up. A little on the dull side, but there's no point in going to tame anything just yet. Plan is to get a hatchery up, buy a few low level yuty eggs and go from there.
  12. Been quite awhile, I just haven't had much time for gaming lately. But it's a rare holiday off from work so after the morning festivities and an early afternoon dinner I settled in to get myself an "Arkmas" gift. Ended up with a bunch, in fact: I broke my challenge rules and hopped over to Valguero to pick up some deinonychus eggs. Got 11, one hatched a set of twins. Only 3 of them were decent level, I kept the rest for colors. I almost considered looking for some ice wyverns but I don't have anything I'd be willing to sacrifice to take that risk. And anyway I don't feel like I'm cheating myself by collecting a dozen dinos that are not bloodline quality and would need serious breeding to be useful, but an apex mount like a wyvern before getting to SE would be much too easy.
  13. Well, plans didn't go as expected, I ended up being busy last night and most of today. But later in the evening I hopped on, finished my prep work and...took on the gamma dragon for the first time. It was both as bad and not as terrible as I expected. The beginning was super dicey, I was stuck in all the rexes, couldn't get on the yuty, and then when I did I couldn't get the rexes to move. And the dragon immediately summoned the birds so I had to deal with a dimo flock in the middle of a rex ball. Made it out and got everyone moved over. Finally the dragon came down and we went after it. Honestly, I think I got lucky, it must have gotten stuck on a rex in front of him because he landed and just never took off again. Unfortunately since I had everyone in one taming group and he's so big, most of them took a full frontal assault. But despite that, he went down so fast I only lost one rex, but many of the remaining ones were close to death. Victory! But it's very obvious that we survived gamma, but we won't last against beta or alpha. So I flew home, cleared out my hatchery and got a new HP mut. So I'm going to raise that up, put her with my melee male and tomorrow after the snow starts I'll be cozied up here at home raising rexes all day. I'm hoarding all my spino eggs up to make leveling even faster too.
  14. With a holiday of downtime I decided to hop in and see if I couldn't make a final push for the Dragon. So, one very unexpected bottleneck ended up being giga hearts. The problem wasn't actually killing the gigas themselves; I know I said I wanted to take one down in battle but practicality won out and I ended up just drowning them, which was way easier than I expected honestly. The problem was getting more to spawn after I took out the ones that were already up. I admit, I eventually took to dino wiping until I got spawns after spending a good 5 hours doing circuits of the mountains and the Skylord cave. Speaking of, I still haven't gotten a single Skylord artifact to spawn in the cave. Given that I've run this cave at least 20 times trying for it, I went ahead and spawned in the 4 artifacts I would have collected if the cave wasn't bugged. So yeah, I know that was cheesy but really, this game shouldn't be this broken after this many years of development. I'm not going to sit here for another month just waiting for the artifact to spawn when for all intents and purposes I've successfully cleared the cave multiple times. With that, I've officially collected everything I need for all 3 levels of the Dragon. I went ahead and moved all the rexes over, built my little hut and set up all my tributes, artifacts and spare sets of armor. I've also got a shotgun to bring with me so I made some shells, plenty of med brews of course, and some calien soup. I also brought one of the pigs over. I could have pushed to start the fights tonight but it was getting late (I wake up at 5 am every morning) and I decided I didn't want to push it. So I'll leave it for tomorrow night or maybe even Saturday, depending on how things go. Honestly I expect I should do ok on Gamma, I'll probably lose some rexes to Beta, and I'll probably have to raise a full new generation to take on Alpha. Because the bulk of my army are still my first gen rexes, all with 35k HP and only 600ish melee. I know that won't be enough. With my best gen I can easily go 30k HP and over 1000 melee, that's the kind of brute force I'll need to take it down. I have no idea if 30k is good HP or not, I just figure with the breath ultimately it doesn't matter, I need to get it down as fast as possible and none of those older rexes will be able to keep the pressure up. So that's basically my weekend plans and if all goes well (it probably won't, being Ark...) I should be preparing for the Tek Cave/Overseer by this time next week. I have almost all the tributes I need for that too, only missing dragon trophies, alpha tuso and alpha leed drops.
  15. There's no need to restart. Just spend some time working on your base before you tame anything else. I find one of the top mistakes newer players make is neglecting their base because yes it can be a little bit dull and grindy, especially before you get any harvesters. But if you can't protect your tames, you might as well not tame them at all because they're just going to die. In particular, keep your smaller tames like dodos inside. Seagulls will aggro and kill them. They'll actually pick them up and carry them away. A shelter for them and a basic fence, even wood, around the rest of your animals, will increase the safety of your base by quite a huge margin. Then once you get leveled up and access to better tames you can expand as you go, definitely upgrade to stone as soon as possible, at least for your exterior walls.
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