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  1. Took a break on Wednesday. Yesterday ended up being productive. Ran swamp cave and hit 2 red drops outside, nothing again. Headed back to base. Popped some spino eggs, got the HP mut I needed for my stack. Looked at my pair of tapejaras and decided to go ahead and breed them. The stats aren't the best but tapes are rare, and I've found myself grabbing the female more often than the argents these days. Long story short I've now got 5 tapejaras; the original female I'm keeping, a perfect stat pair, a cyan mut I happened to pop, and: I named her Boo, being that it's October and all. She didn't get all of my stats, but I feel like she got the best possible color combination out of her parents. It's weird to feel this way about pixels but sometimes you tame/hatch an animal and you just immediately get attached to it, well that's why I decided to keep Boo instead of rebreeding her colors onto a full stat tape. This isn't an active breeding line or anything anyway, the stats are not bloodline quality, but it was something to do and now I have backup tapes in case I need them. I also bred a mutated pair of spinos I had kept aside for color projects and got both of the combinations I wanted out of them, so I'm quite happy with that. Neither project is finished, need to get lucky on color muts. It'll mess the counter up something fierce, but these are only for colors so it makes no difference. I'll breed the stats in later and the counter won't matter then anyway. The new rexes grew up and I put them into breeding rotation. And that was about it for the day. Spent most of it popping eggs and managing the babies. I really need somewhere to house all these birds, my little deck has enough space for my "rescue ranger" ptera and my 3 main argents, but definitely not enough room for 5 tapes, plus all of the breeding argents I have scattered around. Still looking for a high weight argent to tame too.
  2. Well, a surprisingly productive day for me today. No luck on the red drops, naturally. In fact I only saw one today anyway and it had junk in it. I ended up doing some work around the base, got my forge back up and running and connected the greenhouse to the main base building. Ended up making space for another crop plot so I threw some more narcos down. Can never have too many with the amount of spoiled meat I generate... While I was scouting drops on my tape I was also just roaming around, looking at everything. Not much else to do these days. Found a 140 male tape. Lured him home to my taming pen and tamed him up. Sadly he's ugly and his stats don't do much for me, but at least I can breed with my female to get an imprinted baby with hopefully all of mom's colors. Also found a 145 iguanodon which I'm not sure but might actually have been leftover from the 4th of July event, since I haven't dino wiped on this map at all I still come across them randomly now and again. Tamed it because it also had stats I was looking for, didn't tame out as well as I expected but hey, it's blue and looks pretty. Also got a 174 tek para, I'm collecting tek animals mostly for looks when I get to tek tier. I have a neat raptor already too. Then I got super duper lucky on eggs. Got a double mut on my spino line, sadly not usable because of the second mut but it did get colors I can put together with one of the spinos I have saved for color morph projects, so that's nice. Then I got a new melee stack for the rexes. Almost immediately after that I got an HP stack to go with it. Awesome. So that's 6 melee and 8 HP and finally starting to hit numbers beyond anything possible in the wild. Honestly I think I did more today than all weekend. Pretty happy overall, and considering some interesting base expansion plans. Basically just trying to fill the gap while I pray for a rex saddle bp to rain from the red drops in the sky. Or the swamp cave, when I feel inclined to go back in there. Currently I don't, just bored of it now. Literally all I need on The Island is that bp, a female allo to breed with my 2 males, and a pair of basilos to breed for the underwater caves. That's it. Although tbh I might be able to make do with my spinos for the underwater caves as long as I can avoid the cnidaria. Their melee isn't the best but I have an asc saddle and my best one hatches with 9.2k HP, which doesn't sound like a lot compared to a rex, but is quite respectable for a spino. That's 61 points and about 4 muts shy of 10k base. It makes me very happy seeing how strong my death puppies are getting.
  3. Still hopeful that one of these years we'll get a skele spino skin. I know it wasn't listed as one of the new items this year, sadly.
  4. @Wikus Sure thing, here's the link! https://old.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/bbrrul/updated_level_equalizer/ There are ini files there for all current story maps and after using it on The Island I can verify it's a huge, huge boost to the gameplay experience. It doesn't remove spawn level ranges like the DLC maps do, it just fixes them to be weighted properly so you're 7x more likely to get high level animals (they did the math in an earlier iteration of this thread). It's such a big QoL change I would put it on par with S+ and it's not even a mod...
  5. If you want the "true" game experience don't use mods. Personally I use a small number of what I consider to be essential QoL mods in order to make my gameplay experience more enjoyable, such as S+ and the Awesome Spyglass. I also used an ini file fix I found on reddit to make animal spawns on all story maps equal; on vanilla they are heavily weighted toward the lower end and I didn't care to spend weeks hunting down and taming enough animals to start breeding lines for bosses. For specific settings, it all depends on what kind of experience you want, and I would also say it depends a lot more on if you're playing single player or on a server. On SP I have settings turned up quite a bit more than what I would normally because when you're not playing, the world stops progressing. I adjusted my rates accordingly to account for that, because I can't just leave babies growing overnight, etc.
  6. Pretty much any time I decide to do something impulsively qualifies as a dumb thing. Because it usually means I'm not prepared, haven't scouted the area and don't have an animal that can properly handle the situation. Slightly less mitigated with cryopods, but not by much. Also, any time I decide to tame a bear is usually a bad time. I'm sure everyone has that one animal that's an unreasonably difficult to tame, for me it's bears. The number of times I've been pounced by purlovias in my excitement to hit a red drop in the snow is way higher than it should be.
  7. One point won't make enough of a difference to worry about in the long run anyway. But if it's really bothering you that much, you can breed that animal to get a baby with the same stats, raise it, and then hopefully not misclick on level up.
  8. Well, I've had a relatively dull Ark week since my last post. Partly why I haven't posted, there just isn't anything worth talking about. Week 3 of hunting for a rex saddle bp came and went without success. I haven't been playing as much simply because, well, I'm getting bored. I don't want to start too many side projects on this map when I know anything I do now I'll probably have forgotten about by the time I come back to The Island, so literally everything I've been doing is investing in boss fights. And even continuing breeding, my lines haven't been giving me that much success either. I've advanced my rex HP stack by 2 and melee not at all. My spino HP stack has advanced by 2, hitting just under 9k at hatch now. I don't plan to make this my main line anyway, it's just for fun. I vastly prefer aberrant spinos for their awesome glowyness and also because they really need that extra 5% boost to melee imo. The most exciting part of the weekend was taming a max level tapejara; Halloween themed to boot: She doesn't have a name yet, and I kind of don't want to jinx it by naming her since she's my only tape. Stats aren't great, but she's immediately become my de facto drop runner because she's so much faster and more maneuverable than the workhorse argents. I actually forgot how much I enjoy flying on these, it's been so long since I had one. Hopefully I can get her a mate at some point and breed up a baby. Eventually I think I'd like to have a stamina focused breeding line, maybe with HP and some weight too. Melee, not really useful on these but then that's what the tek saddle is for. I wish they actually came in tek variant. I think anything that has a tek saddle should have a wild tek variant, because normal saddles look silly on tek animals and a tek saddle is 1000x cooler on a tek animal. Also since spinos don't have an alpha variant they should come in tek and have a tek saddle too. They don't even get a bone costume and they would look amazingly terrifying if they did. Anyway. That's about it for me. Just alternating between breeding and drop running. Taking a bit of a break from swamp cave, I am so, so sick of it and the stupid arthros constantly breaking my armor. It's a cheap mechanic that doesn't make the cave harder, it just makes it more irritating to go through. I don't even die if all 3 sets of armor breaks, I have enough HP to survive the run back out again. So it's just a waste of time and resources. At least running drops I get to look around for neat things, like the tape that I found as I was out and about scouting for red drops by the volcano.
  9. If you like theris, then use theris. If you like rexes, then use rexes. At the end of the day they both get the job done, and if you're breeding your own lines from scratch one isn't necessarily easier or harder to acquire than the other. Especially if you're playing on single player and can speed the process up significantly. I actually don't like the Ark rex model, but I use rexes simply because they're easier to maintain. I actually think it makes more sense to use the ones you like less as the sacrificial attack dogs lol but to each their own. I prefer spinos over both and use one as my main mount, but realistically they aren't really feasible for bosses without a ton of mutations stacked and that's a very slow process over the others that are both battle ready with a fairly minimal amount of effort. Not to say that I'm not working on it, but I'm not going to wait for it either when I already have a rex line that can do what I need.
  10. It all depends on what you want out of the animal. The problem with breeding for stats and colors is that every stat mutation is also a color mutation (though not always visible), so during the breeding process your best bet is to hold aside the colors you want in the final animal and breed them back in after you get the stats you want. The problem there is that most stat breeding projects are more or less indefinite depending on your goals, at least until you start hitting the server/game hard limits. I will say with mutation stacking done properly, it's much more common to preserve natural animal colors, so picking a combination of colors you like and breeding them into the base line is very feasible.
  11. This is apparently one of the newer breeding myths that's been going around lately. I've heard it from multiple people now, including a server admin. I have no idea how it started; I would guess a YTer or Twitch streamer given how widespread this belief seems to be among newer breeders.
  12. @caleb68 Love the screenshots of your base, awesome builds. I think it would look a lot less prison/schoolhouse-like if you added some paint, I see a little bit on one roof but you'd be amazed how much depth and character it can add to the whole build. Also switching up the materials, like using wood ceilings and railings instead of stone, would add some warmth and break up the monotony of the stone. Thursday I didn't play at all, needed a break. Friday through Sunday was the usual shenanigans. Swamp cave runs, hatching lots of eggs, chasing red drops around the northern half of the map. Still nothing. I am honestly starting to get bored playing. I really want to progress and start getting these boss fights done, but without a saddle bp I'm totally stuck. It's frustrating and slowed gameplay down to a crawl after I devoted so much of my time to getting set up for it. I'm even on my second round of rex leveling, about halfway done pushing every boss rex to 600 melee damage. I got tired of it and spent a significant amount of time on my spino doing laps around the map for anything interesting. Finally got a decent weight theri, took it up to the volcano path and came home with almost more rare flowers than my bird could carry. Got another allo too. Still need a good female before I can start breeding them. Just knocking off smaller goals and projects here and there to break up the routine. Got another round of muts on the rexes, we're now officially at 5 each, putting each stat 10 levels above my tamed base. Not that impressive, but fun for me to compare to my clean rexes and compare the raw values. It's an increase of something like 50 melee and over 2k hp over the original base. Plus I got this as my new breeding male for melee: From moldy pea soup to proto-Alpha, I like it. Still, I feel like I'm running out of things to do. I have tons of projects I want to do, but I've been holding back on most of them because I want to progress through the maps first, get that all sorted out, then pick a map to settle my true main base on and go from there. It will most likely be here on The Island simply because to me this map is 'home' but I don't deny the possibility that I'd like another map better and would end up there instead. I've played on almost all of them, but none as extensively as here. I'm almost considering, once I make it to Extinction and do as much as I can there, to pod up whatever animals I want and wipe all previous map bases, almost like I was gone for so long my bases decayed like the ruins you see scattered around, and then start fresh on the maps with my hopefully fully ascended character. But none of this will come to pass if I can't get that stupid saddle bp. Relying on RNG sucks and is imo poor gameplay design. That was why I used to use the upgrade station mod, I'd rather invest a ton of resources into a guaranteed result than continue wasting my time for dozens of trash bps and gear that gets pitched straight into the grinder.
  13. Pretty short Ark day for me. I got home from work a bit late. Loaded up and sat in my chair while I ate dinner, then made another cake. It's actually the same one, just this one is for sharing. The first one was a test. By the time I got it turned out on the rack to cool I had over 100 eggs ready to pop. Hatched them all. Kept none. Feeling a bit tired, so I logged for the night.
  14. Tbh it wasn't really an event per se but I really miss the excitement during early access of new dino releases. Once the trailer dropped everyone would get super hyped waiting for the patch, and then going out to find the new thing and tame it, whole servers would be participating in the fun. I wish they would do that again, just release a new animal once in awhile. Or do smaller TLC patches focusing on 1-2 at a time. The story and the Tek stuff is cool, but at the end of the day it's always going to be about the dinos. The deinonychus was neat, but came with a map; regular independent dino releases would do so much for this game imo.
  15. It would be good to do that anyway tbh. Those rex stats sound like they're Bert's line; you'll want to hold at least 1 rex back as a backup/breeder. If you wipe to any of the bosses you lose everything you went into the arena with, including the animals. In the event that you do wipe, it's easier to replace them if you have your own male to breed replacements from instead of waiting for more eggs from Bert (and he gives them away for free so if you paid for those rexes from someone else you got ripped off big time).
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