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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. This Raporting Raptors!

    The new raptor can raptoring dismount you? This is the most cancerous ability ever on wild creatures. My heart still aches from losing my first bred argy because of a purlovia.
  2. Is it wrong....

    I put up x plants. And that just because of ichthyornis. I hate them more than pegos because they fly and I've never gotten anything back they stole from me. My base is on the coast. My behemoth gates keep them out but sometimes one spawns in my base and tries to terrorize my friends. One killed my oviraptor in my water pen which has only small openings. So I had to place x plants even in there. Glorious were the times when there were no pegos and ichthyornis. And no leeds but that's a different story. 🐳🔫
  3. Following scenario: I parked my spinos against my behemoth gate wall as close as possible to save space. Their long tails are now poking through the gates into the outside world. Can rexs, pegos etc. aggro on the tails? Or are the tails invisible to them? What's your experience?
  4. Spino is actually viable now

    Meanwhile on console we have to wait til April. Yay!
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Tamed my first mammoth ever after 15 months of playing Ark. Level 150 which came out 224. I was always curious how it is at wood farming compared to my beloved beaver. Surprisingly I saw several 130+ when I searched for only like 30 minutes. Knowing that I probably wouldn't find a single high lvl if I continued searching on the next day, I stayed up longer and tamed that 150. Flew up into the snow biome with wyvern, waited until I can trap the mammoth between rocks and wyvern, placed 5 dino gates around it, knocked it out, put spike walls around it, got the slow ass quetz to carry it home, profit.
  6. Only mid April on consoles? Sucks.
  7. 2x Maturation Events Becoming Less Frequent?

    Damn. I was hoping for 2x breeding this weekend since we didn't get any 2x the last weekend. Unfortunately not the case. My servers on PS4 never had an issue with taming cap so I'd welcome 2x breeding every weekend.
  8. Your latest 'I've had enough' moment?

    I have those moments like once a month. I was searching for a high lvl featherlight female. Every day for about 10 days I went down into the radioactive zone. Every day I searched for hours. I killed the too low featherlights, left area, came back. Rinse and repeat. I was so sick of it. I kept asking in global chat on my Ab and Island server if anyone sells one, but no one ever answered. Finally I found a lvl 145 female. I killed all creatures near it and started taming. But stupid me didn't kill everything. Like the spino that was stuck between rocks and the seeker around the corner. I thought it's far enough away and that the stuck spino won't be an issue. Oh was I wrong. I hopped off my drake and started feeding it. All of a sudden the motherraptoring seeker came and attacked me. My drake freaked out and ran after the seeker. Since bad luck is never far away from me, the featherlight flew in the same spot as the seeker and got hit by my drake. The feather flew away and directly into the stuck spino that was like 30 meters away. Spino killed it. It was the most frustrating moment in Ark in months. After such a long and tedious search I was so close to my goal. I put the controller down because I really felt like throwing it into my TV. I was just sitting there for like 10 minutes trying to process what just happened. I couldn't believe my bad luck. Luckily I found another 145 female a few hours later and successfully tamed it and brought it home.
  9. Raft taming pens

    "I know you can no longer sink foundations [...]" I see someone saying this every few weeks and every single time it's bulls***. Yes you still can tame rexs with a taming raft on official. Probably not a giga though.
  10. Not at will. I take a high level drake when I need venom because it gets around quick. I used to take a spino but it just took way too long to get around and back to my base. I don't take a light pet with me on venom hunt. If a reaper king spawns, which hasn't happened yet, I could get away easily thanks to the drake. I run through the biolum and stop every 5 seconds or so and look around. Sometimes you hear a growl when they come for you but not always from my experience. Doesn't take long usually. I position my drake in a spot where I have a good view of the ground (no bushes etc.). Wait for them and keep killing them. Always leave at least one nameless alive so they won't stop spawning. If I accidentally kill all of them and they stop spawning I just find a new nameless spot. Sometimes none of the nameless won't evolve into an alpha. Maybe the alpha is stuck somewhere hidden then. I just kill it/them and look for another spawn. Make sure your mount's weight is less than 50% so you won't have to collect the bags with the venom from the ground. Deactivate harvesting (not item harvesting) so your mount won't be full of meat after a short time.
  11. What did you tame in ark today

    This lvl 145 (now 216). Not painted.
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    After a week of searching I finally found a 140+ featherlight female. It was so tedious. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than 5 hours old.
  13. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I've been searching for a high lvl featherlight female for a week. Too many hours without result. Then, today, I see a yellow 150 female. I kill everything around it, hop off my drake and feed it. A raptoring seeker comes and bites me. My drake freaks out and accidentally bites the featherlight. Featherlight flies away and ends up between the legs of a spino standing at the edge of the abyss. Spino bites it but falls down. Featherlight survives but I lost track of it. I search the abyss' walls and find it stuck. No way to hop off there and feed it. I shoot it with a tranq arrows and it goes unconscious and falls into the abyss. Lost it again. Climbed all the way down to the skeleton, but couldn't find it. A few hours later I came back but still nothing. raptor my life. That was really bad luck. The search continues and I'm so sick of it.
  14. Whats stats for the rock drake

    I raise stamina to at least 1500, hp to at least 10k. From my experience that's enough for everything I do with my drakes on Aberration. If you want a trench drake for getting eggs and getting out asap, I'd go for 2000-2500 stam. My lvl 190 is currently level 232, has 1500 stam, 13k health and 501% melee. All I level now is hp. I like to have more in case I disconnect or something and it has to defend itself on its own. But I don't take it to the trench. I use a spino for that because I feel WAY safer down there with a spino. Drake's controls aren't always predictable and I'm very afraid of disconnecting in midair above purple water or something. Once I did and my drake fell through the map. No death message in tribe log ever. Drakes aren't as good fighters as 100% imprinted high lvl spinos. Spino is always on the ground, so when I disconnect and no drake kills me, I can just hop back on after relogging. It takes much longer with a spino to steal eggs, but I just feel really uncomfortable down there with a drake.
  15. Earthquakes...ugh...

    Yes earthquakes are annoying. Thank god WC got rid of the camera shaking though. I had to look away from the screen because of motion sickness. But IMO they're still much less of a pain than rain, fog, cold, and pitch black nights in the woods on The Island. I come home from Aberration, where the game is playable all the time, to my Island server where I can't do much when it's raining at night and I'm outside. When it's raining AND foggy at night I stop where I am, put my controller down and wait til it's over. Since I know the friendly weather on Aberration I have a harder time liking The Island.