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  1. You sure it wasn't something else that kicked you out? I found these warnings always reliable. Never got kicked before the time was up.
  2. Would love to see a number from Wildcard, but I doubt they track this. I for one had maybe 500 babies.
  3. Yes you will have to. Look at how full their hunger/food icon is. If it's empty, they will keep losing health and eventually die. You won't have to feed your tames if you put them in cryo pods (just have to keep electricity running).
  4. That's Ark, man. Eventually all of us hits a tragedy in this game. There are days I curse this game and its developers. Mainly because of all that lag bullpoop that leads to poop happening (walking off a cliff, flier falling on the ground and hurting itself, getting disconnected 1 second after babies hatched or when I'm in a dangerous situation etc.). 2-3 years ago (before offline protection was a thing) I log in and dozens of my high lvl tames were killed. I had them all parked in front of my house because I was proud of tzem and wanted to show them off. Since players can't grab and drop
  5. The event is about to end, but thanks to it I finally managed to get some useable color mutations (middle one: some sort of cabernet red which looks better in game, right one: yellow wing tips).
  6. I find it boring to play Ark all alone. Has no appeal to me. I want others to see my building projects and stuff. I only play singleplayer when I want to test build something.
  7. Now that I raised enough females, I'm going to hatch eggs until I finally get some nice color mutations. So far I was out of luck. Lags like hell. I bet I get a bluescreen if I look at it (in game) for too long.
  8. Breeding theris, argys, basilos and castoroides. After about 50 attempts I finally got a color mutation on castoroides that's not brownish, grayish or not visible.
  9. Is there a way to check this for PS4? Probably a few thousand hours since 2016.
  10. I thought huge concrete boxes with hundreds of dinos in them would disappear with the introduction of cryo items. But apparently that's often still not the case. What I do to avoid getting sucked into base lag (in the worst case scenario that causes a bluescreen aka. my PS4 game app to crash) is to pillar in every direction until I can't see my base's behemoth gates anymore, so that nobody can build within the render distance of my base, and to fly high in the sky when traveling from A to B. Not much else you can do legitimately on PvE. WC won't come on our servers and cut the bases
  11. Ichthyornis. Not sure if you really mean ichthyosaurus or actually ichthyornis, so I won't vote for now.
  12. PS4 official: "Joining failed - Connection timeout" All the time.
  13. I can't even log in on my PS4 server. Getting constant "joining failed - conection timeout" messages.
  14. Looking forward to the giant turtle in particular. Hope it has a higher structure limit than the raft.
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