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  1. Best color mutation

    Got my first beaver mutation today. White fur.
  2. I didn't know that. My titbo would have starved like my moschops back then. Time to stop ignoring the dodo eggs on the ceiling.
  3. I moved it closer to an oviraptor and got 2 eggs within an hour (it was already in egg buff range before). Of course could be just coincidence though. Anyways, at least it started laying eggs.
  4. Paracer Build

    Thx for the pic. In deed not elegant. You still can add structures if I counted correctly (26), like closing the gap between foundations and walls so that the paracer is more protected. And how do bears stay in an only 1 wall high taming pen? In my pen they can climb over 2 walls high so I have to build 3 high. I'll show you mine when I have it done.
  5. Been in my base for hours building (titbo in render distance all the time). Titbo didn't lay a single egg. Didn't even poop.
  6. Just tamed my first titbo with megalosaur eggs (1 egg does 8.2% on a level 45 by the way). 1) Does mate boost for titanoboas exist so that they lay eggs more often? I know they have no genders and that snails and beetles (both genderless) don't have a mate boost either, but maybe it's different with titbos because they lay eggs? 2) Do titbos lay more eggs on a specific ground? Like has it to float in water like dimetrodon? (Some of you might say dimetrodons lay eggs on land, but mine never did).
  7. What happend to S+?

    What does TLC mean?
  8. So What's New?

    Select download history on the Ark icon on your PS4. It says audio quality increased, performance optimizations, stability improvements. Super lame. With 11gb I expected structures+ or some other toys for us. Super lame.
  9. Lol thought it was a bug. I got up at night to claim a beautiful black and white mutated argi and there was no timer anymore. It just said offline raid protection. I restarted game but still no difference. I left render and went back in, and... argi gone. Was pretty pissed.
  10. Behemoth gates in pve

    They are efficient. Cost less ressources than walls and you have way less structures. I'm not sure if that means it takes much longer til you hit the structure limit, or if 1 behemoth counts as 77 structures or something. Also I want to keep titanosaurs out. Led to my base by players or not. My b-gates wall is 10x6. I aligned them perfectly and painted them to make them look prettier. Doesn't look that bad. There's no way I replace 32 b-gates with walls and fence foundations.
  11. Paracer Build

    I'm just always worried that I encounter a giga when I'm out with my paracer. If the giga sees it it's done because it can't run away fast enough.
  12. Paracer Build

    A mobile land taming pen. That's a really neat idea for a paracer build. I'm gonna do that. And the creatures don't glitch out when you're moving the paracer? And I assume they can't hit the paracer through the walls?
  13. What's the strongest creature you own?

    Must take ages. I have no patience for that.
  14. What's the strongest creature you own?

    Official? How in the world do you get such high melee?
  15. How are ya gonna play Abberation ??

    Transfer to Abberation, tame new creatures, bring them to The Island. Breed them or maybe not. Sell some of them to non-Abberation owners. I might like the new map though and play on both maps. And who knows what the new creatures eat to perfectly tame them. Maybe some ingredients you only get on Abberation. I wait 1-2 days after release though. If all Abb servers are 70/70 24/7 then I wait a couple months. I never bought SE because I was always happy and busy on The Island. And I bought the SE creatures from other players. But this time, why not buy the DLC? I spend so much time in this game, it's worth it.