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  1. AdligerAdler


  2. AdligerAdler

    What is your favorite dino?

    Gigantopithecus aka. ape man.
  3. AdligerAdler


    Report or pipe their base until they remove them.
  4. AdligerAdler

    Can’t build anywhere

    Sigh. Try moving inland. There's plenty of unoccupied space to build.
  5. AdligerAdler

    Communicating in-game

    I just use the text chat.
  6. Do you have to get them out to feed them, or do they consume food while in the pods, or no feeding at all? I'm just getting into the cryo stuff. Thanks.
  7. AdligerAdler

    My ark experience.

    Come on, don't be childish. Use paragraphs to make it more pleasant to read. It's in your interest too.
  8. AdligerAdler

    The best dino you ever tamed

    My first high lvl gigantopithecus. It's fun and it looks funny when running and jumping around while I sit on its shoulder. I don't take him out often though, because I'm afraid of losing it. When I take it out then only with the dimorohodon death squad.
  9. I reached structure limit in a big part of my base. Now that we need less dinos for kibble and cryo pods are a thing, I want to demolish and rebuild my base. I want to make it smaller and more effective. The structure limit will be reset, I guess? Because if not, the place is lost and I'd be forced to move. In that case I will not rebuild my base. Thanks.
  10. AdligerAdler

    Land Grabbing / Ark Rules

    Guess I should get those cryo pods somehow.
  11. AdligerAdler

    Land Grabbing / Ark Rules

    Or less because with the new kibble system they need less space for dino storage.
  12. AdligerAdler

    Getting piped

    The piping thing is mean. You can't do anything about it except sending evidence to WC, which you should do. I did this to someone too some time ago, because he was placing tamed dinos in my base to prevent me from entering my buildings. He surrendered when he saw the hundreds of pipes, and eventually both of us removed the dinos/pipes. Obviously my part took a little longer than his.
  13. To make it harder for you to tame it.
  14. This is so frustrating. There's just so many little things Wildcard hasn't thought through when it comes to building.
  15. Did the Homestead update made this somehow possible on official servers on PS4? It's so annoying that walls won't clip into the ground and there's an ugly gap.