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  1. I want to be prepared. Edit: Nvm I saw the other thread.
  2. all the stones are in the air

    Phew glad it's not just me. I'm scared my mounts could glitch under the Aberration map.
  3. Getting Your Crabs Stuck

    Watch where you go and jump, especially in the biolum and red zone. I would never take a crab down to the drake trench. Couple weeks ago I got my precious black high lvl crab Krusty Krab stuck. Ran off a cliff with it and got stuck between 3 indestructible rocks with the crab in falling animation. A server rollback saved it. If you google for solutions then you should find many suggestions. Like building a platform under it or knocking it unconscious.
  4. Paracer use on Aberration? (PvE)

    That would take too long for my liking and I wouldn't feel comfortable having the paracer on follow. If things go bad it runs off the path and falls down into the red zone. I leveled only weight on a high lvl ravager and placed zip lines from my biolum outpost to the second floor in green zone where my main base is. Can carry more than 1000 ings in a few minutes. I tested it today and it's my best berry gatherer now. Better than my iguanodon (hate its hitbox). Can you only farm a large amount of rare flowers in the swamp part? I thought I would get rare flowers from the red hallucination mushrooms but only got 6 flowers and like 500 mushrooms that I don't need. I really need a good rare flower source for a bee hive.
  5. Paracer use on Aberration? (PvE)

    What do you use your paracer for on PvE? Tamed a 145 (came out 205) today and wonder what purpose I can give it other than being a mobile crab tamer.
  6. How to get Karkinos unstuck from floating animation

    I'll try that if it happens again. Couple weeks ago I got my crab stuck in falling animation and only a server rollback saved it. Since that happened I'm very cautious with where I jump. Especially in the biolum and red zone.
  7. Aberration Drops SUCK!

    That's a good info but creeper kings creep me out. If I disconnect my light pet gets killed and then the creeper king is super resistent and I might lose my mount. Once I almost lost a 10k health spino to a level 30. At my biolum base where a waterfall leads into red zone there's every single time spawning a creeper king if I don't kill the nameless quickly. And that happens often because my neighbor is a moron who keeps riding around with no light pet. I'm traumatized.
  8. Aberration Drops SUCK!

    Yea. I have not a single one better quality hatchet, pickaxe or crossbow. All still primitive/gray/100% damage.
  9. Avoid and fight Purlovias, my main scare!

    Ride something big enough so that purlovias won't attack is the only advice I can give to prevent purlovia dismounting. Or only travel on zip lines above the ground if you're on a ravager. Maybe wear heavy armor so that you won't die quick when standing next to your mount exposed to the predators around you.
  10. Am I going mad in Aberration

    That's the lost souls of dead survivors trapped in Aberration. I don't hear that but I can hear painful survivor noises almost everywhere I go. It's the noise your character makes when thirsty or hungry. On Island I was only able to hear them underwater.
  11. Farming thatch with the moschops (by carrying it with the crab)

    I'm carrying the moschops with a crab and it works well. Doedi doesn't farm trees while in the claws. Not gonna ride around on the doed because it's slow af. I have no ind. grinder.
  12. 1) Does melee affect the amount of thatch it gathers or should I invest the points in weight? 2) I guess no harvesting level on the moschops (sap, prime meat, prime fish meat, rare flower, rare mushroom, organic polymer, leech blood) increases thatch gathering?
  13. taming doed

    Tame doeds only during evo events. You don't need to babysit it. I tamed a 140-150 (forgot exact lvl) which is now 251. Btw, I use 1x1 doorframes with a ramp surrounded by 3x3x2 walls (so ravagers etc. don't attack the doed) with a door and dino gate (dino gate not on picture, I added it after taming)
  14. Yes but where I live there's constantly players patrolling the (fertile) river. Don't think I can fish there in peace. Thanks that's a good info.