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  1. AdligerAdler

    Can't Build Anywhere!

    Spawn in snow biome.
  2. AdligerAdler

    Please someone tell me how to get birthday suit ps4

    Weird. I killed a couple on official PS4 and none of them had that in their inventory.
  3. AdligerAdler

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    Signed. Worst creature ever implemented IMO. Although it was a little s**t pego that stole me 18 titanoboa kibble seconds before I could transfer it. But at least pegos are funny in the way they act and it sounds adorable when they eat. Can't be mad at them for long. Also they can't attack you from the air and are slower than ichthyornis. But ichthyornis... nothing but hate for them. I live by the ocean and when I leave my base on a smaller mount or on foot I always carry a high lvl dimo with me to take them down. Can take a while though if they keep flying in circles higher and higher. So better send an imprinted high melee dimo after them.
  4. Illegal? Nah. But better build that pillar of metal or tek just in case. Interesting build btw.
  5. AdligerAdler

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    I feel no excitement at all and I hope it won't release anytime soon. Not in the mood for starting on a new map. Make it December like Aberration. I can wait.
  6. AdligerAdler

    Wildcard admin

    On my Rag server recently a "WildcardGM2" or something like that entered. Still wondering if it was a real WC employee.
  7. AdligerAdler

    can a spino take on an alpha rex

    Depends on lvl I think. Not a lvl 150 I think. My aberrant spino has 13k health, 600% melee and 100% imp. I weakened the alpha with a lightning wyvern until it was heavily bleeding. Then I got my spino and it still lost several thousand health. The 150 alpha rex at full health would've slaughtered my spino. I think that was before TLC 2 update though. So no water buff. Still I would be catious.
  8. AdligerAdler

    Why do pillars last 12 days

    I'm sure if you search with a flyer you will find plenty of decent spots to build. Probably not the best since others were faster than you, but enough decent spots. Rag is a huge map. I agree though that the pillar situation on Rag servers is bad, worse than on Island or Ab. From my experience at least. My Rag server has around 20 players online on workdays and it can go up to 40 on Sunday for a short time. Every single ruin is pillared but 9/10 aren't in use. The ruin pillarers don't ever build buildings there. And their bases aren't even close to the ruins most of the time. I would understand if they were close to their base because no one wants a neighbor close, but it's not the case. The "Hmm I might build there at some point in the future. I'm gonna pillar it!" mentality isn't good. When I have this thought I ask myself "Do I really want to build there? What are the cons of this place? Do I really need it?" And then most of the time I decide to not occupy the spot by pillaring it or whatever. Also I hate those jerks that block off ressources. Pillar it but don't take it away from the rest of us. There's a big crystal spawn in some cave and someone placed a behe so that only he can access the spawn. Selfish prick.
  9. AdligerAdler

    Way to tame otters without fish in the way?

    I had the same issue. I ran (lured otter into taming raft) to the otter and quickly pressed feeding before the fish bounced back in front of me and got between us. Was still tricky and annoying though.
  10. Surprised the King's Harvest event won't be this weekend. And no info in the CC on what kind of evo event on May 25th. But hell yes 2x taming right now! I already had withdrawal symptoms. DJRone89 must be mad since he hates everything that reduces times. Thanks for Dino Day, Wildcard.
  11. AdligerAdler

    Building suggestions

    Behemoth gates of different sizes. I don't want to place a huge gate for a pen that will only have dinos in it that are lower than 6 or 7 walls. It's small gate (4 high) or b-gate (12.5 high) or nothing. Nothing in between. It's a waste of ressources and time to build the pen as high as a b-gate to fully cover it. But if you don't then the b-gate is sticking out which is goddamn ugly IMO. I don't want 2 stories, and sloped roof from b-gate top to flat roof is ugly too. Also give us a 2 walls high gate for wolves, beavers, doedis, bears, ravs, frogs etc.
  12. AdligerAdler

    Dinos griefing on 210

    Tames can't carry wild dinos in PvE.
  13. AdligerAdler

    Kibble change in yet?

  14. So I guess next weekend we'll get that crap I mean crop event? I already miss the classic evo event. 2x taming... sigh, good times.