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  1. AdligerAdler

    PvE Blocking rivers is now OK?

    That's why I pillared the river from ocean to green. On my legacy server tribes kept building gates through the river and I didn't want that happening again on my new server. I assume WC didn't remove the base because the river is ending there. Or does the base reach far into the river to the right? If WC doesn't remove you can only wait and hope the tribe becomes inactive. Then pillar the river asap.
  2. AdligerAdler

    Parking Drake On The Wall

    Yeah? Careful then. On Aberration I disconnected while I was mounted on a drake parked on a natural wall. After relogging it was disappeared. I assume it fell through the map like 2 other drakes of mine did before. I hate that map.
  3. I want to lock it up in a 1x1x1 stone box and have a swarm of dimos follow it. Unfortunately can't make them follow an unmountable tame like a dodo or dilo, at least not on PS4 afaik.
  4. AdligerAdler

    Most Annoying Creature

    Ichthyornis. I keep sending dimos after them. No tolerance strategy.
  5. AdligerAdler

    What is your favorite herbivore

    Gigantopithecus. Much fun.
  6. AdligerAdler

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    The dense rain sucks too. Rain in combo with fog is terrible. Rain in combo with fog and night makes the game unplayable when you're outside. *puts controller away and does something else*
  7. I want good bary saddles for caving. Are they found in certain land drops, water drops, cave drops?
  8. AdligerAdler

    Easier Start Means More Players

    Easier start would mean less annoying noobs and/or kids in the chat who cry for help. "Waaah I get killed by troodons", "waaah I can't find a place to build", "waaah I have no dinos", "pls help", "please give me stuff", or the annoying Dutch kid who kept asking and begging "do yu have stuff for my?" FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. It's a freaking survival game, shut up and help yourself. But of course there's always 1 or 2 white knights who help the noob to feed their ego. "Look what a good person I am people", "look what cool dinos I have", "look how good I am at the game". I probably get facepalmed for this but screw it.
  9. AdligerAdler

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Got my first baryonyx mutation.
  10. AdligerAdler

    How is Ark's PvE life these days?

    Pillar spam? Yes. Spawnless? No. Lag? Occasionally, but way less than it used to be (at least on my PS4 server). My advice: Look for a less populated server so you don't collide with other players business and their structures too often. I'm on such a server and having a good time.
  11. AdligerAdler

    what is your favorite dragon (No Aberration)

    ⚡wyvern because it does the most damage and has a somewhat ranged attack. If I want to kill titans, I use ⚡wyvern. If I just want to lure it away, I use ☣ wyvern. My ❄ wyvern and 🔥 wyvern just sit on the roof most of the time.
  12. Because they're your favorites and it took too much time and effort to get them? I don't sell my high lvl gigantopithecuses, not even their offspring, because I had to search for a long time until I got a 140+ male and 140+ female. To tame one of them I had to move stuff to Ragnarok. Same with my high lvl baryonyxs. It was a pain to get them. Eventually I bought one of them from someone on the internet. Now I bred like 7, but you won't see me selling one of them or even an egg. I invested a lot of time and you get them in 1 minute for just few thousand ingots or something? Not worth it to me even for 10k. Those are my precious little diamonds. They have a big personal value to me. Not just because I invested much time, also because those belong to my favorite Ark creatures.
  13. AdligerAdler

    My Beelzebufo is broken.

    Try relogging.
  14. AdligerAdler

    What is the best cave mount?

    To me Baryonyx. Unfortunately it consumes fish (and thus you can't force feed heal it? Can't remember). But with a spino or basilo large amounts are quickly farmed. It's a good swimmer and has an AoE attack under water that also stuns. Also it can jump, but I mean most cave mounts can. I bred some high levels on official and the offspring now has 10k health and 521% melee.
  15. AdligerAdler

    Question for the PS4 players

    From MY experience there's no major issue. I don't know if his rant was unfounded. Maybe it's something with his connection or he has just very low tolerance. I don't know. I can just tell you from my experience and no one of the players on my official servers ever said it's unplayable either. In the PS4 beginning days of Ark it was bad from my experience with the lag, but that' long ago. The performance is not perfect but we're having fun on PS4.