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  1. you're giving bleeds to everything...can we have a slight buff to the deinonychus then? They're really fragile, much more than the thyla, who now will be able to output similar damage. It also has the base stats of a raptor for some reason.
  2. Now that you buffed the carno, could you buff the deino a bit? Now that the carno has a bleed, the deino is becoming a bit more obsolete
  3. Did ya'll miss the enforcer in the right of the second pic?
  4. apparently ur supposed to activate the pack buff, its not a passive boost
  5. i'm sure we can guess who the "interesting woman who tamed the herd of parasaurs" is
  6. typo in giganto dossier: you wrote "playful once tamed" twice in the bottom left section
  7. Can someone tell me where wally is? I can't find him...
  8. Looks neat. Are we supposed to place its code in the server ini, or can we just download it and use it as it is? Sorry, not real experienced with this stuff.
  9. What was the best melee for a crab/spino anyone has gotten? I got a 336% crab and a 314% spino (unboosted lvl 120 server) and according to dododex, this is very high. Too bad crabs aren't breedable
  10. Hmm...I thought poison wyverns were good for pvp...aren't they good at killing giga riders?
  11. I think the only s tier creatures are the theri, thyla, and wyvern. Purlovia is nice, but most people come on brontos/gigas anyway, and purlovias dont work.
  12. omg yasss a final release date! Tho I was hoping for more info about the new turret...would it shoot advanced sniper bullets? EDIT: Please allow mounted weaponry for the manta, @Jeremy Stieglitzpromised this but this was never implemented. We need green goblin mantas!
  13. I HAVE COME FROM THE FUTURE! This creature is called a thorny dragon, and it is found on the first ever paid DLC, Scorched Earth (a desert themed map). Get it for 20 dollars. It also has DRAGONS!!!
  14. Nearly killed a giga! Then disconnected! Fortunately I survived and then killed it
  15. Damn...i never even considered that the rock golem might not be made out of... rocks.
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