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  1. For the love of God tell me this means I dont keep getting medium crop plot blueprints out of supposed high tiered drops ?
  2. If you have access to cryopods you can just reset what the baby asks for. Keeping podding it until it asks for a cuddle or a walk.
  3. I can understand that one. I just cant put up with the rates or the various other settings anymore. Still, good Unofficial communities are out there.
  4. What Aushegen says. Once you go Unofficial you dont go back and then you wonder why you put up with the shenanigans that is Official. Servers are actually somewhat stable and admins are actually active in policing servers and helping with issues.
  5. Host barrier is there to prevent 'insert platform name here' from bursting into flames.
  6. So what you are saying is that it is a negative number leaving But in all seriousness is that an all time high in the average number playing ever ? I must say I am amazed how stable the population is iver the course of time the game has been out.
  7. Oh look another Ark is dying post lol.
  8. Its not just a problen with the S+ mod, we have the same problem on our servers with the Automated Ark feeding troughs too.
  9. Tbh if the servers can handle the increased rates and increase in folks playing them over the coming months then I dont see why they couldnt do this. I have a feeling server stability might be an issue here though.
  10. People beg for Ark events any time some extraordinary event happens. Just becomes a big excuse really. Theoretically speaking no need for events as everyone is stuck at home and therefore have all that time to play (assuming you are stuck at home not working that is).
  11. Remeber the days the Evolution Events were an occasional, once in a while thing ?
  12. Got a feeling it was a bug. Am on PC using an xbox controller and I had this exact problem until the latest PC patch. It was a bit of a nightmare.
  13. Its nice to see a positive post once in a while.
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