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  1. Got any links for that ?
  2. Thats funny, because I had difficulty narrowing down all the potential base locations, was a hard choice.
  3. I honestly dont understand why they dont remove the ability to freeze targets. It would honestly be the easiest fix surely ?
  4. Just get rid of the mana on official PvP WC please. Tired of the mana threads. At the very least nerf it in such away without impacting on PvE again.
  5. Interesting I'll take a peak thanks
  6. Or find a half decent unofficial server and actually enjoy the game ?
  7. Heirs can not be hatched. They lay the eggs but standard crystal wyverns pop out the eggs.
  8. 225 would make sense as the highest egg spawn level as thats the equivalent of a perfect tame. Would be interesting to see if they spawn higher though.
  9. I like the map, even if its not my favourite map. For me a big part, as you say, of a map and Ark gameplay is caving, particularly the harder caves and its just so disappointing that it has none of that.
  10. I have had similiar problems with my Ice wyverns, but for obvious reasons I had thought it was a problem with one of the mods on our cluster. Might not be related as its a modded breeder but I just thought it was a suspiciously similiar problem. But then again 2 of my crystal wyverns started doing the same and that shouldnt be a mod problem. Ive had the issue on Valguero and Crystal Isles. Unpodding seems to help. I swear it becomes a problem after a server restart but I cant be sure of that.
  11. Yeah that and it gives you something to keep you occupied on long dino back journeys. Its such a simple fix but we all know that they would screw it for PvE too.
  12. Nice ! An ammonite chibi ! Lord Helix here I come !
  13. Crystal Isle Challenge Caves Does the Crystal Isles seriously not have any challenging caves ? I am in the procress of working to collect all the Artifacts but it seems there is nothing more difficult than just finding the things. The Center had the puzzle cave and the volcano cave etc. Ragnarok had the Ice Cave, Jungle cave and the Labyrinth. Valguero had the various dungeons. But from what I can work out, CI has little to no challenge in getting to the Artifacts. Is the only end game content just the final boss ?
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