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  1. AngrySaltire

    artifact not there

    Lol cant beleive this still hasnt been fixed lol. It been like at least a year.
  2. AngrySaltire

    Suggestion: Please Add PVX Servers To PC/Console!

    Interesting, I third this idea. PvX sounds like the type of game mode I would be interested in. The perks of having your base safe in the PvE area and the fun of being able to PvP in the PvP zone. I wonder how viable it is.
  3. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Ragnarok and Aberration First part of the evening was devoted to some house keeping on Ragnarok. Went on to make sure the troughs had been topped up and the generators were full of gas, not that it was urgent because of the rates of the server. I probably wont be on tommrow night and after that I am off on holiday for about a week. Hopped accross to Aberation, I just had to try my luck with those 175 eggs again. This run was much less productive. Managed to get about 6 more 175 eggs out of that nest, but it made me work harder for them. The nest started spawning other eggs and spent alot of the time empty. Even the 165 nest was hit or miss. The 25 and 55 drakes were apparantly still screwing with me. Eventually had to bail as my hazard suits were getting low in durability. Made it out with the 6 175s about 3 or 4 165s and a hand full of eggs between 140 and 160. Got a fridge full of high level drake eggs now, I love looking at that fridge now lol
  4. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Am confused. Am I being dense or is that a trade offer or something ? Coffeeee needed ! Wanting a trade ?
  5. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Aberration I spent another night in the drake trench. I am now confident enough and I now know the dirrection to jump and glide all the way from my 'diving board' in the mushroom forest all the way into the main trench without stopping half way for stamina or to allow the game to load.. What followed was possibly the best two drake egg runs I have ever had. Spent ages going through low level eggs wiping out all the drakes with the megalo squad. The level 55 and 25s still seem to be playing with me, kept picking up their eggs. Lol. Went through about 15 to 20 eggs before my luck changed. Got 4 175 eggs one after another out of the same nest. Went back to it again a 185. Went back again a 175 egg again. Am convinced theres a 175 stuck somewhere near by spawning eggs into this nest, ever time I got into that nest my shinehorn tells me there a high level closeby. Would have stayed down longer this run but had a scare when I glitched into the ground again, but I made it out again. Got the eggs back back to base before something bad happened and I rekitted. Also discovered a drake feather on my shinehorn so the little darling must have got a rock drake kill down on that run, made me laugh. Jumped back all the way to the trench. It now got a bit silly. Kept going back to the same nest, grabbing 175s. It occasionally spawned a different level egg but kept spawning 175 again and again. Also clocked another nest which seemed to spawn 165s regularly too, got a 170 out that one too. Started ignoring the nests spawning the 25 and 55s now. In one of the many waves I killed a gorgeous 175 drake a nice yellow colour, dont think it was that one spawning the eggs as the nest kept spawning 175s after I killed it but am looking forward to hatching to see whats in them. Ended up having to leave much earlier than I would like as my drake was dangerously close to being overburdened. That second run of the night netted me 1 170 egg, 5 165s and 15 175s !! Fridges are now bulging full of drake eggs. Looks like I have a few eggs now that I could transfer across to Ragnarok aswell.
  6. AngrySaltire

    Radio silence: the devs strongest trait

    Wait ? Preservinf salt is supposed to be able to go into a preserving bin ? Here was me thinking that was a design choice lol.
  7. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Aberration Just a quick one tonight. Just had to get back into the drake trench again, to stockpile some more eggs, so went down into the trench with my drake and assembled the megalo team again. Probably one of my favourite things to do in Ark. From swooping down to the trench, raiding the nests and climbing back out again, I love it Had two trips. First trip netted me about 10 eggs, all low levels apart from 2 145 eggs. Swear that 55 is still screwing with me but this time he has a pesky level 25 friend. The 55 even had a favourite nest too. Kept picking up level 25 and 55 eggs. Had a slight panic when I fought a wild drake 1v1 and it glitched me into thw ground. Must have registered my shinehorn underground as nameless somehow started to appear despite my shinwhorn. Got out of the ground to my releif. Went back to base and rekited. Went back in and started looting again. All low levels, started having to eat the lower levels as I was begging to run out of weight. Eventually started to get lucky with aome higher level eggs. Ended the run with 18 eggs, of which 3 were 165s, 1 160, 2 155s and a 150. Got plenty of eggs now too for basilisk taming and kibble making, fridges are beginning to burst of all the drake eggs lol.
  8. AngrySaltire

    ahh [email protected]! I just whistled follow all!

    On console we do not have a short key for whistle all command, its only accessable through the command wheel. It is a bit of a nightmare using that with a console controller as it doesnt take much to select follow all instead of whistle stop all or what ever was next to it. I dont think I would want to have a prompt for confirmation (am of two minds of it), despite the advantage of not doing it accidentally, we've all done that. It would be a nightmare to actually use the whistle when you actually need to use it, say when using whistle groups and end up using the command alot.
  9. Finally remebered a good one, deffinatly more tragic. Back when I was on official with my tribe, we spent ages trying to knock out one and tame a quetz, back in the days before griffins and tapejaras, using two folk and an argy. Finally managed to knock one out, with it landing right next to spino river, missing the water by inches. So we guarded an tamed it. It was wonderful, pride and joy of the tribe, so good for moving alot of weight about. About a week later I logged on to find its normal resting spot empty. So I checked the tribe log to find it had been killed. Was gutted. Apparantly it just died (probably starved out) when the tribe mates were flying over the volcano back when it was just full of metal. Didnt tame another one for ages and I ended up just buying one off another tribe to use as a quetz catcher, because we couldnt face the hassle of downing another one.
  10. AngrySaltire

    Multi select option for consoles

    Am still waiting for this too, the UI is by no means made fir console. They could do it so that you click the right thunbs stick (xbox, am assuming R3 is the ps4 equivalent) to select multiple items. The current bind for that is to seitch on of item labels which is as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Could also instead have a transfer x amount option somehow. For meat runs I used to have a row of large storage boxs I would split the meat between into more manageable amounts. Havent done that in a while as I have no need for the massive meat runs I used to do.
  11. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Aberration Today was stage two of operation annoy rock drakes. Goal was to get the full megalo red team down into the main trench. Wasnt going to take all the megalos down in one go, would have been too much to keep track of all 18 megalos so I did it in 2 parts. Started off by taking the first 9 down while mounted on spino back. Somehow got all 9 megalos and the spino down to the trench without losing any. Stuck all my stuff into the spino and suicided to get out of the trench. Grabbed the next 9 megalos and went down again this time on drake back. Again somehow managed to get all 9 megalos down without losing any to pathing issues. Stuck all 18 megalos on follow to the passive spino. The spinos one and only job is to act as a passive anchor to the megalo team. Time to test the squad out, leaving the squad at the fork of this trench I went about looting the nests. After every egg I ran back to the safety of the squad. Occasionally I also swaped an egg between inventorys to pull in more drakes. The first wave is always the worst, but the megalos did their job wonderfully. No drake stands a chance with about 18 megalos hitting it for about 400, or 200 if its mate boosted. Didnt seem to even matter when the megalos wanted to use the grab attack, still shredded everything. Got about 9 eggs out of this run including a 145 and 185 before I had to retreat back to base to heal up and rekit. The rest will be used for kibble. Went back down into the trench again. Love swooping into the drake area all the way from the mushroom forests. Looted the nests again, all low levels, I swear theres a level 55 drake sitting around giggling away to itself and spawning eggs because I kept picking them up, despite wiping out all the aggroed drakes lol. Eventually I hit the jackpot again with another 185, before leaving with a haul of 13 eggs. Also transfered some tek doors across from Ragnarok, and replaced my doors in my metal base on Aberation. I forgot how much I love those doors, could run in and out of them all day lol.
  12. AngrySaltire

    2x Weekend?

    Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 21st of September at 1 PM EST until Monday the 24th of September at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates
  13. AngrySaltire

    2x Weekend?

    Lol must be a friday.
  14. AngrySaltire

    Best way to breed shoulder mounts

    I can't believe I never thought about setting breeding dinos into their own whistle group... Thats a good shout lol
  15. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Nitrado Unofficial Server - Aberration and Ragnarok Had one of those nights where not much happened lol. Hatched up a few more megalos for the pack and bred up a few ravagers from the pair d1nk gave me. Raised them up and imprinted where I could. I love the tek transmitter I have set up. Need some charcoal for shotgun ammo on Aberation and I am not really set up for it, so I transfered some across from Ragnarok. So convient. Ran around on the drake for a bit. Found a 135 alpha karkinos. So I ran back to base hoped on the spino and assembled the megalo squad. Went out and took it out. Would have been so much faster if the megalos used their primary attack more often. Got the element shards and the claw of it. Decided to go for a quick reconnaissance on the surface now I had a drake. Never been on the surface before. Didnt last 5 minutes. Spotted a red drop and took on two reaper kings. They packed a punch and took me down to half health before I bailed. Sat on a spire and watched as more and more reapers gathered below me. So I waited for them to lose aggro and made a leap for the exit. Man I need to get my hands on a nice drake saddle bp.