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  1. AngrySaltire

    The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    I know it probably wont ever happen but it would be nice to see The Center get some love now. Such a beautiful map it just lacks a few things. Doesnt need much to be honest but it would be nice to see it get spawns like wyverns and/or griffin or even its own native spawn e.g. water wyvern.
  2. AngrySaltire

    question Aberration Engrams on Extinction?

    Lucky you, on console here 😛 Although thankfully the server I play on the owner has tinkered with the server settings to allow the crafting of Abberant items such as glide suits and stone cliff platforms on Ragnarok (e.g. pick needed to craft climbing picks or parachute for a glide suite or just stone for the cliff platforms), coupled with auto unlocking all of the engrams. Am sure it will be a similiar set up when the new map launches on our cluster. Not everyone is so lucky.
  3. AngrySaltire

    Dimorph Movement Speed Compared to Argentavis

    So the sprinting speed of an argentavis is 1350 according to the wiki. The dimorphs sprinting speed is 810. So by my calculations you need to pump movement up to 170% which bumps the dimorph speed up to 1377. Disclaimer the wiki talks about the base dimorph base speed being 450. I am assuming that the dimorph would be sprinting when following but I am not quite sure how the sprinting mechanic works on non ridable dinos. It this is not the case you would need to pump to 350% movespeed to get the base move speed of a dimorph to match a sprinting argy. Additional input would be appreciated because I could be talking out my behind as usual though or my maths skills could have flown out the window. Edit: just realised that the argents movespeed might not be set to 100% in game...
  4. AngrySaltire

    so about console extinction.

    Well the way the word it means it could drop any time before however I have seen it said multiple times elsewhere that it will be more than likely be the 13th. Personally I would rather wait for a more stable version if necessary, especially given the problems the PC version has had.
  5. AngrySaltire

    question Aberration Engrams on Extinction?

    They could so it like they do it on Ragnarok. As far as I am aware, you can only unlock the scorched earth engrams on Ragnarok if you have the Scorched DLC,.I had a few friends who said that they couldnt unlock the scorched engrams on Rag because they didnt have the DLC. If this is actually the case (would be nice to have confirmation of this), theoretically they could allow the Abberation engrames on Extinction the same way. To be honest it annoyed me that certain DLC engrams were map and dlc locked and not added to the base game, such as the whip and stone cliff platforms.
  6. AngrySaltire

    music What are your favorite Ark music themes?

    Most of the Aberration stuff. The bioluminesense blue zone fight music, Aberration asension and boss fight. Love one of the main Island combat themes too, also dragon and megapithicus theme. Same goes for the Scorched Earth combat music and boss fight. Love the Extinction theme too. Ark musics occupys alot of my 'study music playlist'.
  7. AngrySaltire

    The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    I always thought that they missed a trick with the base game by not having one of the obelisks a sunken one and had the respective boss as an aquatic boss.
  8. AngrySaltire

    The future of Ark, after Extinction?

    What do I hope they will do ? More optimasations, bug fixes and addition of content such as S+, kibble rework and the final batches of creature TLCs that we were supposed to get to the base game. What do I actually thinks next. The hypothetical 4th DLC*, Ark 2 or completely new game. *For the next DLC it would be nice to see a similiar theme to scorched, a Snow or Water DLC would be nice. More than likely I dont think it would be the 4th story DLC but a new modded map like the Center or Ragnarok.
  9. AngrySaltire

    Suprise update

    So roll back the PvP servers and not the PvE servers if thats the case. Sure that must be a possibility.
  10. AngrySaltire

    Suprise update

    As a console player, I thank all you PC players for your sacrifice lol.
  11. AngrySaltire

    The new kibble system

    Has no one actually tested what the imprinting kibble is yet ?
  12. AngrySaltire

    console Treatment of console players

    You werent around for the thanksgiving event a few years ago ? Part of it was turkey spawns but these were no ordinary turkeys. These thing were absolute beasts, killing everything that moved, chasing people across the map, even killing peoples gigas, people were scared just to leave their base perimeter. You spotted a turkry and ran as fast as you could in the opposite direction. It was glorious lol Although apparantly they were easy enough to kill with a fire arm such as a shotgun.
  13. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Lol I am getting more and more worried about the DLC hitting. Hopefully the problem is fixed or isnt ported across to consoles.
  14. AngrySaltire

    What genius decided Gasbags should take fall damage

    Word on the street is that they need to have air left in the tank to not take fall damage. Obviously I cant confirm this, being on xbox, just thought it was worth a shout. Hope this is the case because it taking fall damage seems like a massive fail.
  15. AngrySaltire

    bug Disappearing Fert Eggs on The Island After Patch

    I was more meaning for when it happens again. Worth a shot. Yeah next weeks going to be interesting. What isnt going to break lol I havent got my hopes up for a fast turn around in the follow up patches for consoles...