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  1. Saw my brother playing it with a group of friends when it came out on Xbox Early access, must have been Christmas 2015. 'Sweet a cool dinosaur game, looks great'. Been hooked ever since.
  2. Probably haha you never know. Guy on my server had been joking about how they had that spawn issue last year and wouldnt it be funny if it happened again this year. And low and behold it happened again. Although I think the over spawning on the scale we are seeing might be a mod issue as well.
  3. Seems to be a spawning issue with the latest update. I play on an unofficial server. For example quetzes are spawning like crazy on Ragnarok and the Center. On Valguero no Ice wyvern spawn but we have an issue with insane over spawning of fire wyverns.
  4. So many cool and game changing things in here. I look forward to seeing these things in game. Something that jumps out at me though is the breedable wyverns, and yet no mention of Rock drakes.
  5. I am gutted the Island doesnt have the Autumnal coloured trees. Really disappointed with that one.
  6. I love it ! The mammoth desperately needed a TLC. I just hope they update it so that it can become a good wood harvester again. I'd imagine that for a lot of long term players the mammoth was probably their first decent wood gathering tame.
  7. Ah well I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.
  8. Does wyvern element breath work aith friendly fire off ? I always used to use a lightning wyvern to clean up unwanted babies in PvE but I can't remeber the server settings we had for that. Probably not but I thought it was worth a shout.
  9. Glad it worked. ? From my googling it could be to do with the version of the boss you summon in but I dont know.
  10. After a quick google (about 5 minutes) there seems to be a way. You need to summon in the generic dragon boss. admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Dragon/Dragon_Character_BP.Dragon_Character_BP'" 1000 0 0 150 Do tame Thread suggests this only works on Ragnarok but I have tried it on both Ragnarok and Island and it seems to work
  11. This the summoning in and force taming the dragon boss topic again right ? Basically you cant use it. The creature is flat out not programmed to be used outwith the boss arena. Its not designed to be a ridden tame. There is no fix to my knowledge. Its even dodgey summoning it in on Unofficial boss fights. It just sits there and tanks damage without putting up much of a fight if any.
  12. I would totally hit the play button again, the amount of play time I have is worth every penny. But I certainly wouldnt do it again on official, you couldnt pay me enough to do that again.
  13. It looks like the website had issues at the time. No doubt the patchnotes will be updated later today.
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