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  1. All good things come to an end, and I dont consider it wasted time at all even in the event of losing everything. For me its all about the journey. You too were an awesome tribe mate, so many good memories. I know DJ does occasionally frequent the forums, so could be worth a shout out. DJ says he'll open up transfers close to the servers going down. Most definitely, not that I use FB that all to often lol. Ah I have been missing our wee pokemon chats on discord.
  2. I know this isnt much use if you are not about to defend your tames but the turkeys are still killable with melee and firearms right?
  3. I might try and see if its possible to do this, not sure if the server is configured to allow transfers between the cluster and single player. Am not fussed really but would be nice to keep some incase.
  4. Ah well it looks like this run on Ark is coming to an end, it was a good run. Looks like our cluster is closing down soon (by the end of the year) as the server owner has had enough of dealing with all the server shenanigans, I have been expecting this for a while but thought there was a little more time. Basically the Center server on the cluster self destructed and that was the final straw. My stuff was thankfully all on The Island server so its safe for the time being. I havent been able to play much recently anyway between work and what not so its not too bad (Pokemon has sucked me back in). Might be a good time to take a break from Ark anyway , might potter about in single player for a bit if I have time but we shall see. Sucks about all those breeding lines (particularly my prized otter, thyla etc lines) but hey ho on to new adventures else where I guess, what ever that might be.
  5. Yeah wasnt a fan when they got rid of megas. Its all just gimmics now. Still, I wouldn't mind a playthrough just because.
  6. Funnily enough I am currently doing another playthrough of Alpha Sapphire. I love ORAS it took the original Ruby and Sapphire and made it even better. After AS I might go back and playthrough the rest (thinking of gen 4 next) to get over the fact that I cant play through Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  7. Obviously there is a demand for fresh PvP servers to 'freshen' the game up. Why not repurpose the Apocalypse servers (no idea how popular they are at the moment) into a new type of server cluster, one which wipes less frequently, say every 3 to 6 months (or an appropriate length of time), make thatcluster bigger if need be. Everyone is happy. No need for Legacy 2.0. At the very least without a regulary wipe schedule we will be back talking about folks wanting wipes a month or two after any new fesh start cluster.
  8. Oh goodie another (mega?) wipe thread, the orginal one was an absolute blast. And within a page of a new wipe thread we pretty much dispel the raging twitter posts that everyone wants a wipe.
  9. And by really close you mean literally touching the giga. The breathe attack is a joke. Personally if I want to take out a wild giga I bring along my mate boosted pair of gigas.
  10. I was assuming Manas. Yeah... speaking as a PvE player they have already been nerfed into the ground. Everytime I take my mana out and try to use the breath attack I wonder why they even have a breathe attack
  11. God dammit you figured me out... Really am just posting here because why not? Also fake internet points. Good to read stuff on lunch breaks or what not. But I have been wondering the same myself, threads been a bit quiet recently. Tis a pitty, considering its a sand box game I love seeing what other people do, wish there was more of it. The possibilities are almost endless. Also its the thread to post the impulsive 'the game screwed me again, and I need to vent' thread.
  12. I guess it is. I havent spent much time around quetzals recently unfortunately. Doesnt seem to be as common. Although to be honest, I guess I more miss quetzal from pre-flyer nerf and the days they were king of the skys.
  13. Deinonychus Boss Squad Trial 1 Finally got my act together and preped up a squad of Deinonychus to take on the gamma broodmother. Uncryoed 19 and put all 50+ levels into health, I figured with so little health they would need all the hp they could get and I assumed melee didnt really matter as I would be rellying on the bleed effect. Saddled them all up with mastercraft saddles I preped up ages ago. Grabbed a spare yuty out of cryo and teleported to blue obelisk and started the fight. To be honest I was convined this would be a flop, how wrong I was. They shredded her in about 5 minutes, it was actually insane, especially considering I am not convinced all 19 deinos were even attacking her. It was an easy 500 element. Teleported out and I checked over the deinos. The worst off one had only lost 1k health, alot had lost little to no health, not sure if the broodmother was to busy trying to get to me on my yuty she wasnt really focusing on the deinos or what. In comparison my yuty lost a good 20k health, mostly from the swarming araneo. May need to try other bosses and see what the limit is, got a feeling the limit might be hit very easily. I must admit there something pleasing about a boss squad full of Deinonychus being led by an essentially over grown Deinonychus.
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