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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Controller TLC Changes for Console

    So many ways controls for console could be made better, the controls are just so clunky. Could select multiple item stacks through say right thumb stick before transfering. Could have a transfer x amount of a certain resource. Would kill for that for raw meat. Etc etc etc. Also not having every action bound to 'y'. I want to pick up items not unmount my shoulder pet. I want to open the door not dismount my flyer....
  2. This Raporting Raptors!

    I was just thinking about this myself. Could be like a skin that works similiarly to the glide suit or zipline pull thing which uses the up durability of a chest peice, leggings or something.
  3. Spino is actually viable now

    Just curious, whats the comparison between the spino vs the baryonyx after the spino TLC ? Is the spino better in the transition between land/water and the bary better in the fully aquatic environment or what ? Kinda dissapointed that the spino still has the oxygen bar when the bary does not for example.
  4. How did you die last?

    Trying out the updated rage mechanic on my own giga to see if I could rage it using my newly acquired asc shotgun. I thought I stood in a safe place where my giga couldnt get to me...
  5. is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    Maybe I should rephrase slightly. I prefer the idea of a giant eagle over a giant vulture, even if it is a giant non bald condor, although I can certainly get behind that idea As a birder, vultures really dont do it for me although I do have a soft spot for egyptian vultures and Lammerguirs for some reason. I think I just prefer my birds fully feathered although thankfully the argent model retains some feathers on the head. Uuurrgghh a rat with wings.......
  6. is it me, or new argents are oversized chickens

    Loving the new look of the argent going from the videos I have seen. Cant wait to try them out when they hit console. The way the tail feathers merge with the rump looks a bit weird though, but from just a glimpse that would be my only complaint. Animations look sweet and cant wait to try out the saddle. Just dissapointed I can no longer kid myself that the thing isnt just a giant eagle rather than a primitive vulture.
  7. April 1st is just around the corner...

    'Why is this dodo attacking my giga ?' Ok scratch the turkeys am for it hahaha
  8. April 1st is just around the corner...

    Inspiration for the idea thanks to the BBC .... So murder turkeys of the thanks giving event all over again ? I like it hahaha.
  9. "When I was a newbie..."

    Life became so much simpliar once I put all my dinos off wander. Youtube and the wiki quickly became my go to, to learn how to play
  10. "When I was a newbie..."

    Brains a bit fuzzy on the early days but some memories are: 1. 'Oh boy, I cant wait to hit the higher levels to start learning engrams that are not primitive.' Didnt know Blueprints were a thing, and started to get worried when hitting the higher levels (high 50s for example) and still hadnt unlocked better than primitive hide armour. 2. Used to think it was better to keep tamed dinos on wander so made a big massive pen to keep them all happily wandering. 3. Still unsure on what happened when logged out of the game. Logged out of my single player midair on my argent once. Got a surprise upon logging back in.
  11. shoulder mounts

    Ok maybe the word 'broken' wasnt quiet the right one. I find it 'extremely infuriating' that I can not effectively defend myself from them. Thankfully alot of the time my mount succesfully defends me when I am stunned. I feel that a shoulder mounted dimorph, vulture, microraptor etc could provide protection though. Not to fussed about being knocked of a flyer if close to the ground though. At least troodons can be countered by having a lit torch though, although I guess that could be another utility for shoulder mounts. I love the dreaded wild microraptor/troodon combo though. You know the game has it in for you when the microraptor takes you off your mount and the troodons proceed to knock you out and maul your face off...
  12. Ark Debates#1: General Complaints and Suggestions

    Current bug bears that spring to mind: UI not adapted well to consoles. UI for console needs a serious overhaul to make it console friendly, way too clunky. Bug bears as a server admin: No commands available to wipe and refresh all the wild drake/wyvern eggs. Has to be done manually. Also the limited control I have over imprinting settings. Would like to customise the imprint amounts for each imprint and not just the time between imprints.
  13. April 1st is just around the corner...

    Just for a laugh temporarily give the kairuku the ability to fly for the day. Imagine it, flying penguins all over the snow biome ending up in the volcano or what not lol.
  14. shoulder mounts

    Giving all or certain shoulder pets the ability to fend of microraptors would be great. There seriously needs to be a counter to being stunned and knocked of your mount by a microraptor. Not saying it should be complete protection, maybe make it level based, a percentage chance or something, but microraptors are just broken right now in my honest opinion. Edit: could do a similiar thing with providing protection from ichyornis and pegos too.
  15. TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    I have said it before too biggest disappointment and waste of a dino in Ark. Rid it of the magical loot drop thing and make it a permanent tame. As you say maybe a tame between thr megalodon and plesi.