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  1. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    And theres a 2nd video already. Am convinced being banned was part of the plan.
  2. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    I was just about to say something along these lines, you beat me to it. Meshing is a well know exploit in the game. It does not need exposing. The devs as well as the rest of the community are fully aware of the issue. The last thing this needed was a dummies guide for meshing. This video was flat out asking for a ban putting it into the public realm rather than say a straight e-mail to WC, heck if I didnt know better I would have said it was the desired outcome of the video. Put out video fully expecting a ban and then mobilsing the outrage of the viewers for views or to lean on wildcard.
  3. AngrySaltire

    Artifacts not spawning

    What map/s ? Is it single player, a dedicated server, rented server, official ?
  4. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    He was going for the David Attenborough esque nature documentary. It was soo cringy... David Attenborough, my idol, the man, the myth, the absolute legend.
  5. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    Yeah your not missing anything. I'll save you 11 minutes. Dont bother, it was cringy as... I made it 4 mins in before cringing out.
  6. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    Pretty much, I just watched the video. Its basically a guide to meshing for dummies. I mean everyone knows how bad meshing is on official, it really didnt need a video on how to mesh to expose meshing, it seems like a silly video to release and was begging for a banning despite any good intentions.
  7. AngrySaltire

    Delete Managmr and Disable Titans Transfer

    This so much.
  8. AngrySaltire

    UNBAN H.O.D gaming

    *Munches popcorn* And to think I was wanting a distraction from the never ending pile of job applications that I should be filling out faster and also from the political shenanigans on various news websites. Do we really need like 10 separate topics discussing the same thing ?
  9. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Is this the area in the north, just to the west of the snow dome? Sounds like the area me and d1nk went into to farm corrupted hearts and wyvern talons a few nights ago. Its absolutely crazy in that area, never seen anything like it. You'd quite easly fight 3 or 4 corrupted gigas at a time and goodness knows how many corrupted wyverns and corrupted rexs. The gigas were spawning right infront of us too. Thankfully our gigas could cope with it.
  10. AngrySaltire

    Wyvern & Wyvern Eggs Spawn Connection

    I have had this happen too. I found a drake nest in the trench which just kept spawning 175 eggs over and over again, occasionaly with a different level egg, same as you all hatching the same colour and stats. Must have got about a half to a full fridge worth of 175s out of it. I assumed it was just like your experience of your 160, the drake must have been phased into the cliffs nearby. Had similiar experiences with the nests opposite this one but spawning much lower level 25s and 55s.
  11. AngrySaltire

    Wyvern & Wyvern Eggs Spawn Connection

    Red Ice wyverns are extremely rare. They are do not normally naturally spawn in red colours, this will be an event wyvern from maybe the Christmas or Valentine event.
  12. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - The Island and The Center Got on a bit late. Went for a quick cementing paste run on the Island in the swamp cave to alleviate the cementing paste shortage we have on The Center. In comparison to the Island its absolutely brutal farming paste on the center. Took the frog and the hyaenadon pack through the cave and came out with about 9k paste and a ton of chitin. Started to raise up some featherlights and I set up the obsidian and organic poly gachas for a bit. Love how we have a vault full of organic poly still in gacha crystsl form. Spotted an alpa rex just across the crevas from our base so I grabed the giga and went to take it out. It was an easy source of prime meat . Cryoef the adolescent featherlights, I'll finish raising them another night.
  13. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox - Extinction Bit of excitement tonight. Teamed up wuth d1nk to do another desert titan kill. We had to do a bit of tribute farming first. We both ended up on gigas going to farm wyvern talons and corrupted hearts in the northern area infested with corrupted wyverns and gigas. I had a dunce moment when I uncryoed my giga in a danger zone whilst I still had cryo sickness. Thankfully we, and by we I mean d1nk kept any pesky corrupted wyverns while my giga was unconcious. This corrupted area is mental. Corrupted wyverns, rexes and gigas left, right and center, am glad we were both on OP mate boosted gigas, these corrupted gigas were just casually spawning in front of us. Once we preped up enough, we dashed through the desert cave on manas and summoned the desert titan. We both used lightning wyverns from the get go this time and d1nk had a spare one on whistle to see if it helped out, poor thing succumbed around half way through the fight.Went well apart from that, not one of us us died and I was only knocked off my wyern once, was glad for the glide suit tek boots combo again. Also d1nk had crafted uo extra special stam custom recipes for our wyverns just to help out with the stamina issues. The loot was good, the best being an assoryment of tek bps such tek chest, rifle and railguns. Finished up the night rounding up my featherlight breeding project. Made sure I had a pair of pink birds and a pair of golds cryoing them and killing off any spares. Got a few eggs from each pair reafy to hatch up when ever.
  14. AngrySaltire

    QuickGuide/CheatSheet - Kibble Rework

    Spotted this on the imprinting list last night. I need to go kill a few leeds. Interesting the wiki doesnt have Extraordinary kibble as an imprint request?
  15. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I might nick that bird for a bit to breed up a few breeders for the colours. Hopefully it got the stat mut any way, cant remeber which off the top of my head. Yeah I'd be up for a red OSD or another titan kill.