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  1. AngrySaltire

    Ragnarok Imprinting Kibble

    So after thinking that I knew what the kibble posibilities were on Ragnarok, just double checked on the wiki and it says the the babies will ask for kibble from both the Island and Scorched Earth tables ?! I thought it was just the Island table ?
  2. AngrySaltire

    Unconscious dino disappeared?

    It didnt need to be a player, it could have been killed by another wild dino ? Edit: just seen the thing about argy been in a cage. Maybe not a wild dino then.
  3. AngrySaltire

    Start work on primal survival?

    Yeah it is. I beleive the term development was 'put on indefinate hold' or something like that. And I doubt we will see development reccomence on it as well. Never really understood the hype for it really as fun as playing as a dino would be. Would rather SOTF would be resurrected. That way I could scratch that ark pvp itch without the massive time sink, although again I doubt we would see that taken up again either. Would rather they focused on the base game.
  4. AngrySaltire

    Xbone Ark

    At this point in time I am not convinced. Honestly I dont think the xbox could cope with the game since the great oragami dinosaur incident of 2017. I am kinda of conflicted at the moment if its the game or the state of my console (it must be getting on a bit). Unlike you I am not having connection issues but I am having all sorts of problems with dashboarding and dont get me started with the texturing isssues. For ages I have blamed Ark for all these problems however I have had a few other newer games give me the dashboarding issue recently so I am beginning to wonder about the state of my xbox. I just cant tell whats what.
  5. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not much today. Started the kibble farm. Built the barn into the overhang/cave thing below my main base to make the most of the limiting space which seems to become more limiting by the build. Just need to build the inside platforms and ramps and of course start taming kibble dinos..... Got two stegos which I tamed ages ago but thats it.
  6. AngrySaltire

    Command to destroy wild wyvern eggs

    I thought it was fixed. There was an update for this ages ago ? THIS RIGHT HERE
  7. AngrySaltire

    Give the Island a special creature.

    Dont forget about Ragnarok having the Ice wyvern too. To be honest I am not fussed about the Island having a special creature, I like it as it is. Saying that I wouldnt say no to the idea. Would rather see some engrams from the DLCs become standard such as the whip and glide suit which should be in the base game. Conversly it would be nice to see the Center get some love in the form of griffin or wyvern spawns or even its own unique spawn (lets say water wyvern for point of an argument). Just to throw it out there.
  8. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not much today. Gathered up some metal and tamed up a 150 morelatops for the fun of it. Thought it would make berry farming a bit more enjoyable, been a while since I tamed one. Did another trench run and lucked out on a 170 poison and a 180 lightning. All I need to do now is hatch the things and imprint fully on them. Still missing out on the high level fire egg to imprint on, I like having a high level fully imprinted fire and lightning to chose from and rotate between. The poison shall be a good weight hauler as I am not a big fan of them. Need to work on getting an ice one too but I am not too fussed.
  9. Ah good point. Wasnt until I hit send that that crossed my mind. Its an interesting concept, it would be cool to see it. But what would be removed or kept ? I dont think removing absolutely everything would work. What about resources such as meat and hide ? Guessing removing proper dinos is the obvious but maybe keeping in some spawns such as equus, ovis, fish, deer bears ?
  10. Isnt that a thing allready ? No tame servers or do they not exists any more ?
  11. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    There is that, was glad to get a 165 Cant wait to get a nice coloured 190 100% imprinted one . Bright red or completly black would be awesome. What can I say. Definitely crazy here not going to deny it. I like it alot, although I do prefer nice vibrant colours, like golds and oranges in thylos, or the dream blue/cyan. I do appreciate the white and black though.
  12. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Yeah it seems like it is normal unfortunately. 16 for gamma, 45 for beta and 95 for alpha according to the wiki page. Could be wrong here but I beleive I saw a tweet saying its being looked into to change it. https://ark.gamepedia.com/The_Center_Arena_(The_Center)
  13. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Another productful day. Started of by installing all the electricals into the breeding barn. Got the AC units and fridges in now so ready to roll with any breeding. Went across to the wyvern trench for my first wyvern egg run with my griffin. As I feared all the eggs had not been cleared out enough recently so most had spoiled so I had to clear out the trench before getting any luck. Even found a nest which had two eggs in it which shows it hadnt been cleared out since the nest fix. Obviously no one knew about that nest lol. A command which clears out the nest is certainly needed or at least include wild wyvern eggs in dino wipes. Eventually started to get a few eggs. Wasnt too much of a hassle, I remeber stealing eggs on a griffin being so much more stressful. Dont think one wyvern got me at all. Got a fire lvl 20, lvl 40 poison, lvl 65 fire and eventually lucked out for a lvl 165 fire so called it quits at that. Incubated the 65 and 165 eggs. Both came out singles, the 65 being an ok colour while the 165 came out in a rather sickly yellow colour, not a big fan of it. Plan was for the 65 wyvern to be a weight hauler but I dont think the stats will allow it like I hoped so it might be a dud. The 165 will be my main wyvern untill I get to the point of imprinting wyverns. Currently in the process of crafting up metal structures for a wyvern trap so itll eventually happen. Once they grew up I took them out for a spin. Nearly got the 65 killed when attacking a pack of allos. Took the other out and raided a few beaver dams for cementing paste. Went on a quick exploration south to install an oil pump in the desert to sort out my oil problems. Found a 145 thylocoleo so nabbed it and took it back to base to tame up. Think its an event coloured dino and not a big fan of it but wasnt passing up the level. Nah what am I saying I like the white, just would prefer a nice golden colour or might I say cyan... Went back south to do a bit of drop hunting. Just the usual junk but lucked out on some ascendant fur gauntlets and to my joy an ascendant pump shotgun. On the way back to base I swung back round by green ob to pick up a 145 white event coloured pachy I spotted earlier. Took it back to base and tamed it up. Dyed one of the stgyi skins I had to match it and the stygi is now keeping the other one company next to the fire place. Finally, finished putting together all the resources needed to craft up an industrial forge and installed the thing. Crafted a wee bunker for it just to make it look more at home and more aesthetically pleasing rather than just left dumped on some foundations.
  14. AngrySaltire

    Blinding light all of a sudden.

    Not sure. Got a recollection that it might be changing maps like going from Ragnarok to Abberation.
  15. AngrySaltire

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Good luck and may the Ark Gods smile in your favour Looking forward to hearing how it went.