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  1. Saw my brother playing it with a group of friends when it came out on Xbox Early access, must have been Christmas 2015. 'Sweet a cool dinosaur game, looks great'. Been hooked ever since.
  2. So many cool and game changing things in here. I look forward to seeing these things in game. Something that jumps out at me though is the breedable wyverns, and yet no mention of Rock drakes.
  3. I am gutted the Island doesnt have the Autumnal coloured trees. Really disappointed with that one.
  4. Thats funny, because I had difficulty narrowing down all the potential base locations, was a hard choice.
  5. Nice ! An ammonite chibi ! Lord Helix here I come !
  6. Well this comment section decended into an absolute cesspit.
  7. Cant wait to see it in game. Lools great. I am just hoping the rocket booster is an optional thing for the saddle. Not sure what I feel about strapping a rocket to my pterosaur.
  8. Looking forward to a new map to explore and a new dino to tame. I now know what my next breeding project is going to be. I just hope the map is stable.
  9. Definitely not Ragnarok and Extinction.
  10. Been a while since my last post. But with @d1nks request I thought I would come up with a brief summary of my adventures over the last few months. Maybe I'll post more often, but probably not too often as there is only so much I can do to make banging my head against the breeding RNG wall interesting. I have set up on Ragnarok, Valguero, Genesis and The Island. I originally set up on Ragnarok and it was my main set up but I have recently moved my main base of operations to Valguero, was getting tired of the Ragnarok hiccups. The Island is mostly a small outpost for boss fighting. Am looking
  11. Yeah I have actually. But tell you what I'll write up an update tonight.
  12. We are obviously talking about the confirmation of the megaloceros, carno and plesi specifically here, which did not get a TLC pass. Of course the others got added. Personally I think those three have a high liklihood of being passed over but to suggest its a certain on the basis of a statement 2 years ago is juat silly.
  13. I would love to see the water creatures get a TLC pass. Remodels at the very least for the ichy, megalodon, plesi and mosa. Additional abilitys would be great too. It would be nice to see the higher teir water creatures like the mosa and plesi get a resistance to jellyfish and eels. My biggest ask for the water creatures would be to completly redo the leiplordodon. Make it a permanent tame, give it a saddle, remove its magical abilities and give it a semi decent ability. Make it fall on the scale between ichy/megalodon and plesi/mosa. The other thing that springs to mind is a slight tlc p
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