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  1. On Island I find this to be true. Barely anything popping up, and I'm already looking on surfaces where it's easy to spot. On Abberation however I see much more. I pick it up there and transfer it to my main server.
  2. I'd be fine with just higher rates and the event colored creatures to tame. Don't care much for chibis and event skins.
  3. On my PvE S tier list ankylo has been replaced with the tek stryder and went on the "Obsolete" list. Same with doedicurus and castoroides.
  4. Let me guess: no evo until the 26th aka. 2 weekends without evo. That would suck.
  5. @StudioWildcard Please add mating cooldown timers to cryo pods.
  6. If you have a decent to good saddle, with 80k hp and 2.4k% melee rexes you won't need a yuty and/or daeodon to succeed, at least not for Megapithecus (including alpha) and Broodmother (including alpha) on The Island official. Probably won't have any losses. For alpha Dragon on Island official I'm not sure, I did the 1 deino method.
  7. I always create a new character when I start on a new map, because of the small chance of losing all I've achieved if only 1 transfer goes wrong, and I'm not willing to take the risk. Doesn't even take long to level a new character when an evo event is active. I only started on Valguero 2 days ago, transfered a high lvl therizino over and kept kiling wild dinos. New character was level 70 after a couple hours or so.
  8. Not really. My giga with similar stats only has an 80 armor saddle and it loses 5k-6k health maximum.
  9. Killed my first wild giga on official. Used a bred giga for that. I was pretty nervous about it, but after 10 bites or so it was dead and I earned my giga heart. Didn't even lose much hp. Also did swamp cave for the first time with a megatherium. Makes it pretty easy.
  10. From my experience there is no baby cap. I've raised 35 ankylos at once from baby to adult with 1 maewing.
  11. Dinopithecus looks cool. Gonna name one Cesar, Koba, Maurice, Rafiki, and Abu.
  12. Finally build a "construction material vault room" (for a lack of a better term). Lets me access the vaults from inside and outside. Just stone, wood, thatch and fiber in them. No masterpiece (might put a proper roof on it to make it prettier), but I'm satisfied.
  13. To the spammers: At least don't use foundations and ceilings. They block ressource spawns. A pillar on a FENCE foundation has the same decay timer as a pillar on a foundation made from the same material. And this combo is not preventing ressources from respawning. It's also cheaper.
  14. The event is about to end, but thanks to it I finally managed to get some useable color mutations (middle one: some sort of cabernet red which looks better in game, right one: yellow wing tips).
  15. Now that I raised enough females, I'm going to hatch eggs until I finally get some nice color mutations. So far I was out of luck. Lags like hell. I bet I get a bluescreen if I look at it (in game) for too long.
  16. Breeding theris, argys, basilos and castoroides. After about 50 attempts I finally got a color mutation on castoroides that's not brownish, grayish or not visible.
  17. PS4 official: "Joining failed - Connection timeout" All the time.
  18. Looking forward to the giant turtle in particular. Hope it has a higher structure limit than the raft.
  19. It only lags like this for me in a 50-100 meter radius around my base and only when I leave it and not inside of it. When I'm further away from my base it's back to fine.
  20. No more eggs for making kibble anymore? Just looking at the new kibbles in Dododex and no eggs in the recipes. Or am I missing something? Edit: wait I think I read it wrong.
  21. Argh my server is down. So we need drake/wyvern eggs for one of the kibbles? I hope those tamed drakes lay eggs now because I'm done with the Aberration map.
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