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  1. PS4 official: "Joining failed - Connection timeout" All the time.
  2. I can't even log in on my PS4 server. Getting constant "joining failed - conection timeout" messages.
  3. But you should always place structures like pillars around your base to prevent that. Not saying you should pillar in a 1 mile radius around your base and claim huge chunks of land, but you should at least claim the close area near your base so that you can at least expand it if you need to. Otherwise it's only a matter of time until someone decides they want to base cuddle with you, especially in a player spawn area. My base has been in the same player spawn area for years, where I had placed pillars to protect my interests asap. I don't think I've ever been reported because of it. At le
  4. Looking forward to the giant turtle in particular. Hope it has a higher structure limit than the raft.
  5. I liked Abberation better than SE and haven't played Extinction. But when I look at the Genesis creatures, I think Genesis is going to be the best one (to me at least). That giant tortuga makes me more excited than any other Ark creature ever has. Just hope the structure limit will be higher than on the raft.
  6. I've had most luck in the river that leads from green ob to the ocean. (river marked yellow) In the river between Redwood and the vulcano there also spawn spinos, but less reliably from my experience.
  7. As a player who mainly builds, I want more structures and an improved building system. Also, I want some sort of bubble or sphere that we can put around our base that vaporizes any flying stage 5 cancer aka. ichthyornis that enters it.
  8. I don't need that much cement and very rarely polymer. I have several storage boxes full of cement and rarely need it. I don't want to sell it either. Also I don't play that much Ark anymore. It's annoying when I have to log into a game that I don't want to play right now because tames need food. That's why dams are better for me and I got rid of my 2 snails a long time ago, and why I'm in the process of getting cryo fridges and pods.
  9. Why bother making cakes, then taming snails and then making cakes again to feed them, when you have dams right next to your base? I mean, even if the dams were far away, I wouldn't tame snails, because I hate making cakes, even for just 1 snail. For 10 snails? Shoot me. I assume by "fatasses" you mean the beavers? They are no issue. I park some mount next to the dam and before the beaver hits me I'm mounted again.
  10. My first high lvl gigantopithecus. It's fun and it looks funny when running and jumping around while I sit on its shoulder. I don't take him out often though, because I'm afraid of losing it. When I take it out then only with the dimorohodon death squad.
  11. I fed all my remaining coal and mistletoes to gachaclaus before the event ends. And finally I got a christmas tree. Even two christmas trees.
  12. I hatched 18 high lvl dimorphodons, and 2 high lvl gigantopithecus were born. I hope the dimos make it through the night. I'm building a dimo swarm of death. So far it consists of 10 dimos and they already shred. It's much fun. The 10 dimos: https://i.imgur.com/pSPbkhm.jpg
  13. Tamed a 145 lymantria on Ragna. Not much useful but I think they're cool and kinda cute how they walk and sound.
  14. People let me tell you about my best friend He's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end ♫ Here he tells me a joke. Because that's what best friends do! Here he told me a sad story and I comfort him. Because that's what best friends do!
  15. My (and the parents') first gigantopithecus baby. Parents tamed on lvl 204 and 216, baby came out 228. Lucky day for me and the parents. You can see them in the background watching over their daughter.
  16. Kibble tamed a male gigantopithecus on Ragnarok official. Now I can breed an army of high lvl apes with each of them wearing a different hat + skin. ?? If you're searching for a high lvl ape, don't do it on Island.
  17. A pegomastax stole titanoboa kibble from me. I only realized when it was too late. Please Wildcard, it should say in huge flashing letters in the middle of your screen when a pego stole titanoboa kibble from you. It took weeks to get that kibb because titbos suck. It was a shattering and painful moment.
  18. Sometimes you have just bad luck. Went down into biolum on my drake to reset structure timers. Lag spike and game didn't register that I pressed jump. We fell into the water... directly on top of a freaking jellyfish. 1 jellyfish in the whole body of water and we crash into it. BZZZZZZ dismounted. The whole biolum freaks out and goes after me. I manage to get on land while 2 crabs punch me. I escape them because they focus on my drake. A stupid bary decides to run after me and keeps biting me in the back. I jump down some rock and escape it. Then a sarco bites me but thank god t
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