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  1. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster - PvE So today on my cluster's discord, the admins and owner talked up doing total map wipes, to try an improve performance, and to get rid of abandoned structures. I literally have been on this cluster from day. (started in August 2019) and thus have my bases on each map in pretty much my first choice location. So not only will I have to rebuild the bases, but I have to hope that someone doesn't beat me to it after the map wipes. They said that they will provide a temp server for people to transfer their tames and resources to, before the wipe. But I literally have 500 plus dinos that are cryopoded spread out between the 6 maps. Character transfers are disabled on this cluster, so that means using the OBs and transmitters to upload and download hundred of cryos, plus probably 20-25 vaults of loot, armor, resources, etc.) It will take me a week straight to do this, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I understand why they want/need to do it, and the performance on maps like Rag and Val has been getting worse. But I already have been struggling the last 2 months to be excited playing ARK. and with Genesis such a horrible flop, I'm not sure if I have the willpower to rebuild. But I might just at least build a small warehouse on one map to store everything, and then I will only need to pop in and refresh every week for a minute, until I have to desire to rebuild.
  2. People make mistakes, especially people new to the game. You can still be helpful to the tribe by working hard at what you do know. Gather resources or craft up needed things, like sparkpowder or narcotics, etc. Show your tribemates that you aren't lazy and a noob, just a noob that is willing to learn and work hard. Most will forgive you, and should take the time to help you learn more things. As far as losing dinos. I would strongly suggest working towards trading with someone to get yourself some of your "own" dinos. Then you don't need to put your tribemates dinos at risk anymore.
  3. I have sadly TOO MANY dinos with names like "Dam TBird, Dam Scorp, Dam Allo, Dam Raptor, etc.)
  4. You should look into unofficial servers. smaller player count a lot of times, and restrictions on base size and tames limits so the lag usually is much less.
  5. I'm sorry, but you are not. I AM THE WORST Bloodstalker rider of all time! In fact my Bloodstalkers just sit at my base, because I don't even find them enjoyable to use.
  6. PS4 - UNofficial Cluster Well Genesis is as I had feared, a big disappointment, and so buggy and laggy that I don't even enjoy playing on it, and can't do most of the missions as the lag is too bad. Especially in the Ocean biome which is just terrible. Plus the invisible attackers on the Lunar biome have ruined that biome, so no one goes to it, plus the Bog biome is just dark, boring and annoying, so no one goes there either. Basically Artic and Volcano are the only playable biomes on our cluster. My cluster only allows one base per tribe on Genesis, so bases aren't the reason for the lag. So I just log in, refresh timers and log off again. They are running Easter event (with egg laying turned WAAAAY down) on the Abberration server, so I've started trying for event Reaper babies. No luck thus far, and with the Reaper tail Swipe being disabled, it makes it harder to kite Queens into my trap. Besides that, after 1700 hours of ARK last year, I've really been in a rut this spring. Genesis has Not re-ignited my ARK passion, so basically just logging into to each base/map once a week and refreshing timers. I have even been cryopoding most of my dinos so reduce chance of them decaying. WIth Battlefield V and BF 1 such boring games, I'vce been back playing a ton of Battlefield 4, but it is getting harder to find a good server, as the game is now 7 years old. Fortnite, COD and those type of games don't interest me, as I've noticed since I'm nearly 50, my reflexes are just a touch slower over the last year, and I just cannot compete anymore with teenagers on the "whoever fires fastest, wins" games. At least BF4 allows players who are a tad slower to do other things to help the team win. In fact, last weekend I finished First overall, and only had 5 kills and 6 deaths. BUt I got all my points by playing the objectives and helping out teammates. Oh well. Hope all you long time regulars here on this thread are doing well.
  7. PS4 - Boosted Cluster Download New update all night. Log in this morning, spawn in the "easy" bog zone. Die repeatedly for 30 minutes., Log out. Turn off PS4. Thanks for nothing Genesis.
  8. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Well I have been busy with work, so I haven't been posting much here, but I have continued playing ARK. On my main unofficial cluster, I went on a Giga spree, and have tamed 4 gigas in the last 3 days. A max level female, a near max level male (that I hit with an extra dart by accident) a decent level female, and then last night I tame a crap level but event colored female. Last weekend was my first times ever taking on the bosses on the Valguerro map, and my combination of Rexs, Tek Rexs and Reapers managed to handle the Gamma bosses multiple times, as well as once versus the Beta bosses. I don't think the Reapers will survive against the Alpha bosses, as they got pretty beat up against the Beta. But I have sooooo many reapers, as I am constantly trying to get event colored ones, and I just keep about any decent level baby, and turn them into a Boss Army. Sure without saddles, they take more damage, but they do get the Yuty buff, and so it has been worth it thus far. Last week for a while my cluster was down because of the WC update, so I started playing on another boosted cluster. Everything is super boosted, but the food spoil rate is very high, so you need to do food runs alot, and TEK armor/gear is NOT unlocked, so I will need to do the boss battles to unlock. Also, the dino levels and points are super high, which also means wild dinos can hit HARD! Oh yeah, all stone buildings engrams are disabled, so I have to use either metal or wood gates for taming traps, and the pick up time is only 20 seconds, so I try to use wood whenever I can, but it cost me a max level (750) male owl, as he managed to break the gate, and escape after I got like 20 tranq darts into him. I also got attacked by a level 600+ event Mana, and it just shredded my ASC armor (I found an abandoned base, and got some great loot) I had to travel to Ragnarok to make cryopods, and on my way back to Extinction, my Owl that I uploaded disappeared, so that sucks, but I managed to tame a few more. Not sure how long I will play on this alternate cluster, as I was really only doing it to pass the time while my main one was offline. BUt it has been fun to be back on Extinction, as my current cluster only has Rag, Val, Island and Abberation. Its a new cluster so perhaps eventually it will add Extinction, but with OWls, manas and gachas spawning on the Rag or Val maps, there is not a huge demand for it yet.
  9. Sounds like you have officially met the TROODONS!
  10. I'm confused, I always used rexs for my bosses in SP. When did this change?
  11. I have done that many, many times over the years. Either for an in-game stamina break. or a real life food/bathroom break. Just land on the roof and take care of what needs to be done. I've even had it happen to me. At first I find the person, and try to interact with them, then when they just sit there, I realize what they are doing and go back to what I was doing. Normally they take off within 5 minutes, and everything is back to normal.
  12. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Been trying for Christmas colored Reapers on ABB. Got a moldy moss colored one, but nothing red or bright green yet. Haven't been able to play since yesterday morning, as the patch sent yesterday has killed the cluster servers, and as of an hour ago no one is able to login to the cluster.
  13. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster I haven't posted a couple weeks, as this time of year is normally the busiest for me IRL, as I spend my vacation time to pursue outdoor activities. Add in that work has gotten crazy due to handling all the stuff needed to get done before my office location closes at the end of the year, and I don't have much time for ARK. Which is probably a good thing, as I am in that burnout stage again. Coincidentally so are my buddies California, INdiana and Texas. For the past few weeks we have just been logging in enough to refresh dinos/structure timers, and update the flag colors on our bases. I'm not overly worried, as I have hit these burnout periods before, and they usually pass after a 30-60 day rest away from the ARK. I've actually been talking to California about squading up and playing some BF4. Maybe even some RDR2 which I completed the single player campaign, but haven't really explored the online portion, and that might be fun to play with a friend. I wish ARK had the building capabilities as what 7D2D seems to have. (I have only watched the NEEBS GAMING videos of it) Looking forward to the new year, and seeing what the new season pass bring to the game. A little over a week away from American Thanksgiving, so enjoy your gobble gobble day everyone!
  14. They will easily fit in regular dino gate frames. I fill in the actual gates for three of the side, then leave the final reinforced gate in my hotbar, and kite the Yuty into the trap.as soon as he enters, I hotbar the final gatedoor into place. I leave enough space between the 4 corners of the gateframes, so that I can slip out safely.
  15. I believe you can craft cryopods in drops and Oblisks. (I'm not 100% sure, as I just make them in my Replicator) But if you are planning on walking your newly tamed Yuty out, you might consider bringing a saddle with you for it, so that you can give it some added protection. And remember, newly tamed dinos, often need time to heal up when you level them up, so it might not be as BA as you think, if its health is still low. It might be better to just try and run away from most bad guys, until you get it back to your base.
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