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  1. PS4 - unofficial cluster Got home and logged on at 6:30 last night. But PS4 was doing an ARk update, and it still had 4 hours left (suuuuper slow internet in my small town) So I put flipped on the TV, watched some DVR episodes of Family guy, a little pre-season football, and by 9:00 pm was so tired, I just went to bed.
  2. I would think other players are destroying your base structures, but based on what you said, is it not showing that in tribe log?
  3. PS4 - Unofficial Server On Monday the flag color changed on the cluster, so last night I was transferring to my base on each map to update to the current flag color. When I got to my RAG base, I noticed that my Thylas and Rexs were all out of order. And it was obvious that they had found something, and were now farther away from my base than they should be. this surprised me, because these dinos were in a dino leash containment zone, and the zone was surrounded by plant X turrets. Notice this was worded in Past Tense. All of my dino leashs and plant x turrets were gone! I checked the tribe log, and all of them had "auto-decayed" the previous day. (Tuesday), yet I was just at the base on Sunday, so how could they have decayed in 72 hours, when they have been fine for 3 months prior, including me not logging on for 5-6 days at a time. I can only assume this was some weird bug, and best I can tell, I only lost a couple of my Thylas. So I'm guessing it was an alpha that spawn and was kited into my base area. On this cluster, the admins give plant X turrets that hit for 32k each shot, they do this to help reduce lag, and tell people not to build huge walled/gated bases. It normally works great, but in the case of this autodecay bug, it sucks. Anywhoooo, I spent the rest of the night getting the dinos back in order, cryopodding some for safety, and redoing the dino leashes and turrets. I also added some regular turrets and loaded them with ammo, as back up. Because I have been spending the majority of my time on Extinction and Valguerro, I think tonight I will go back to RAG, and cryopod or transfer (to Val) most of the dinos. I can then also reduce my "land claim" area on RAG, as I won't need it for the high number of dinos I originally had. (Rag was my Rex breeding base originally, but will move them to VAL) My small base on the Island map only has a couple Ptera and a few cryo'd dinos. It is small and takes up very little land. My base on Scorched is literally a 4x4 base with a bed an storage. And my base on Aberration is larger more of a 6x15 size, but is way off the beaten path, and no one else is even near me. I only have a couple ravagers and Pteras parked inside the base, and a couple tek stegos parked on the roof. I have a base on each map, because of the lost character bug. To get around that, I actually have a toon on each map, so I need a base to house them safely. Though when I logged into SE last night, a Pego was attacking my character who was lying in bed, and it had already killed my Jerboa. Apparently Pegos can get thru open windows. I was not aware they could do that, but there is no other way they got inside the tiny base.
  4. Can you put organic poly on your hotbar Might be a good thing to do for PvP players. Kind of like a suicide cyanide pill.
  5. I used to play on a server, that stone dino gates would vanish from your inventory everytime you logged out. Only thing that ever disappeared, but it happened every time. Took me about a week to figure out what was happening.
  6. So maybe the color in the label, that can be seen thru a spyglass?
  7. I would like to see a detection range option added to the Paras. LOW/MEDIUM/LONG So they are not constantly detecting the wild dinos on the next island, and driving you nuts.
  8. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Spent the majority of my time on Extinction. Went back to the snow biome to try and tame any Owls leftover from the weekend Easter event on the map. Sadly, only found 1 colored Owl, as it seems everyone else was looking for owls too. But I did find a couple more high level MegaSloths, and also while not planning on it, kept getting attacked by leftover colored manas. I was able to trap and tame 5-6 different colored ones, including yellow, mint, brown, and orange ones. Now to just breed them with my high level manas, to get the color on better level manas.
  9. You are correct. I didn't notice the "tamed" part of the OP post. Was thinking wild giga.
  10. I think your ideas while cool, would only increased lag dramatically.
  11. HLNA - mute option To say that HLNA's voice is annoying is an understatement. Please add in a MUTE function for HLNA.
  12. You have to die normally to get it to spawn in. Ans at the current time, it is NOT worth enabling, as it is bugged, and honestly totally annoying.
  13. Abberation is a very confusing map to navigate, and it appears that 8/10 people hate the map because of it. I personally only go on it to tame glow pets, and then I leave. Extinction other than the new dinos, really doesn't excite a lot of people, so once again, they get on, tame the dinos they need, and transfer out. I play on a cluster with all maps, and personally Extinction is my main base map, and I live in Sanctuary city. I love using this map as my breeding for mutations base, because I have 24-7 daylight, and don't have to deal with trying to identify colors in the dark or with artificial light. Plus the element veins and other resources are plentiful. I just made sure to tame a couple Black & Silica Pearl gachas for those things. I also think for Extinction, the ceiling and borders that kills you in seconds keeps a lot of people away, as they don't want to risk losing a dino because they turned the wrong way, and can't recover quick enough. Personally, I love being on a fairly empty server map, less lag, less competition over drops and element veins, and less thieves and trolls to deal with.
  14. Lead it to water and have it drop in an area where they can't easily climb back onto the beach. then aggro them in as deep of water as you can. They normally drown pretty quick.
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