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  1. Totally depends on what your goals and needs are. Looking for chitin and loot, then perhaps caving. Looking for silica pearls, then diving.
  2. Cryopod bug - Dinos disappearing I'm hearing chatter on my cluster about some cryopoded dinos unable to deploy when people try to release them from cryopod. Seems to affect Wyverns, Gigas and a couple other larger dinos. Seems to have started after the latest patch. This is even when they are standing outside in open fields. Anyone else seeing/hearing about this same bug?
  3. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Well I have been busy with work, so I haven't been posting much here, but I have continued playing ARK. On my main unofficial cluster, I went on a Giga spree, and have tamed 4 gigas in the last 3 days. A max level female, a near max level male (that I hit with an extra dart by accident) a decent level female, and then last night I tame a crap level but event colored female. Last weekend was my first times ever taking on the bosses on the Valguerro map, and my combination of Rexs, Tek Rexs and Reapers managed to handle the Gamma bosses multiple times, as well as once versus the Beta bosses. I don't think the Reapers will survive against the Alpha bosses, as they got pretty beat up against the Beta. But I have sooooo many reapers, as I am constantly trying to get event colored ones, and I just keep about any decent level baby, and turn them into a Boss Army. Sure without saddles, they take more damage, but they do get the Yuty buff, and so it has been worth it thus far. Last week for a while my cluster was down because of the WC update, so I started playing on another boosted cluster. Everything is super boosted, but the food spoil rate is very high, so you need to do food runs alot, and TEK armor/gear is NOT unlocked, so I will need to do the boss battles to unlock. Also, the dino levels and points are super high, which also means wild dinos can hit HARD! Oh yeah, all stone buildings engrams are disabled, so I have to use either metal or wood gates for taming traps, and the pick up time is only 20 seconds, so I try to use wood whenever I can, but it cost me a max level (750) male owl, as he managed to break the gate, and escape after I got like 20 tranq darts into him. I also got attacked by a level 600+ event Mana, and it just shredded my ASC armor (I found an abandoned base, and got some great loot) I had to travel to Ragnarok to make cryopods, and on my way back to Extinction, my Owl that I uploaded disappeared, so that sucks, but I managed to tame a few more. Not sure how long I will play on this alternate cluster, as I was really only doing it to pass the time while my main one was offline. BUt it has been fun to be back on Extinction, as my current cluster only has Rag, Val, Island and Abberation. Its a new cluster so perhaps eventually it will add Extinction, but with OWls, manas and gachas spawning on the Rag or Val maps, there is not a huge demand for it yet.
  4. Sounds like you have officially met the TROODONS!
  5. I'm confused, I always used rexs for my bosses in SP. When did this change?
  6. Really depends on the map, and what opportunities arise. But normally I go for a Ptera even if I can't craft saddle. I use it to help carry stuff and as a body guard. Sure We're screwed against tough dinos, but it can help out at the beginning. Otherwise I try to grab a trike earlier on as well. Gathers berries, hauls resources and is a good bodyguard.
  7. I have done that many, many times over the years. Either for an in-game stamina break. or a real life food/bathroom break. Just land on the roof and take care of what needs to be done. I've even had it happen to me. At first I find the person, and try to interact with them, then when they just sit there, I realize what they are doing and go back to what I was doing. Normally they take off within 5 minutes, and everything is back to normal.
  8. Not to sound heartless, but your child is not prepared for the real world, and that fall on you as the parent. Animals die, people die, the longer you try to shield from this, the more screwed up the kid will be, when it can't learn to cope with it.
  9. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Been trying for Christmas colored Reapers on ABB. Got a moldy moss colored one, but nothing red or bright green yet. Haven't been able to play since yesterday morning, as the patch sent yesterday has killed the cluster servers, and as of an hour ago no one is able to login to the cluster.
  10. Sandstorms killed Scorched Earth. People just hate having to stop playing for 5-10 minutes every few hours because of the overpowered sandstorm. If you take that away I think more people would play it.
  11. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster I haven't posted a couple weeks, as this time of year is normally the busiest for me IRL, as I spend my vacation time to pursue outdoor activities. Add in that work has gotten crazy due to handling all the stuff needed to get done before my office location closes at the end of the year, and I don't have much time for ARK. Which is probably a good thing, as I am in that burnout stage again. Coincidentally so are my buddies California, INdiana and Texas. For the past few weeks we have just been logging in enough to refresh dinos/structure timers, and update the flag colors on our bases. I'm not overly worried, as I have hit these burnout periods before, and they usually pass after a 30-60 day rest away from the ARK. I've actually been talking to California about squading up and playing some BF4. Maybe even some RDR2 which I completed the single player campaign, but haven't really explored the online portion, and that might be fun to play with a friend. I wish ARK had the building capabilities as what 7D2D seems to have. (I have only watched the NEEBS GAMING videos of it) Looking forward to the new year, and seeing what the new season pass bring to the game. A little over a week away from American Thanksgiving, so enjoy your gobble gobble day everyone!
  12. I wish I could find out how many hours I've played, but as far as I've tried, not possible on PS4. But I would think I am well over 4k.
  13. There are so many people who are just casual ARK players, and don't ever even consider watching YouTube videos about ARK. I have seen people quit the game because of getting screwed over like this in a PvE server. Usually it is kids, who are used to "squading up" when playing Shooter games like BF or COD. They look for the same type of team atmosphere here in ARK, not knowing better, or not suspecting that lowlife trolls actually do this kind of crap; they become a victim. Hopefully it happens before they have much, so the lose isn't too great, and they learn from it. But still it sucks they have to experience it at all. I got lucky and saw it happen to people in chat early on, and realized that I will be always be a SOLO only player, unless I actually get a friend from IRL to play ARK.
  14. @yekrucifixion187 Is the one of the best sources for ARK info. The dude is a master!
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