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  1. Looks like no one can, you are not alone.... This could take hours, days to resolve.. Been here before, just when you need to refresh everything.. Hope they get it sorted soon...
  2. My server is a lag fest, especially around the swamps
  3. Seems like you have to add something to the ark data to retrieve your stuff!? Never like this before but it's been a while transferring for me!! Also I'm guessing they have increased the dino upload, down load time intervals... 24hrs between uploading the same dino!? sucks!!
  4. So I can't upload creatures to my transmitter anymore, centre map...... Also data is bugged? I'm losing all my stuff, what's going on guys? Anybody??
  5. So finally got in to retrieve my character after the gazillianth time trying to join, WTH?? Gen 2 has always been buggy but today was the last straw for that server
  6. X Box official, my game has been buggy all day even on the centre but just can't get in to Gen 2?
  7. Not sure if the issue is my end but I keep getting kicked out of Gen 2 as soon as my base starts to render in, this has been going on all day! Is anyone experiencing this as it's driving me nuts! I hope this isn't another update issue as the last time this happened I couldn't join for days
  8. Transferring BP's and other stuff from unused bases from various servers that I want to hold on to, maybe trade at a later date, also building a small castle keep on my centre server just for giggles to house them.
  9. Popped my first Dinopithecus, well two actually, Lol
  10. Same thing with a spino a while ago, just swimming along, nothing attacking good health. I hop off to get some pearls, Spino flops dead.. Same thing in tribe log " your spino was killed" It's the Ark Gods just £ucking with us
  11. You need to keep going, Rex's top out at level 450 then they will disappear north of that... I'm guessing that the same goes for the other creatures, as I haven't found out yet first hand as I've only really bred Rex's and Gigas... My Giga's are way south of level 450 as yet.. One tip is to kill any animals that don't carry the stats you are looking for, that way you don't end up being over run with unbreedable animals, or if you're feeling generous give them to your servers tribes. Most people just kill them..
  12. I have the pretty ones too I never use but my tribe mates prize them above higher stats because they are event dino's... Guess i'm not so fussed about colours as stats.. But the breeding has ran away with me so my rex's are popping and poofing coz the egg levels are past 450.. My tame limits close to max too so I need a clear out...
  13. Hi Guys, I've noticed packs of Raptors in the red woods on the centre server I play on.... Is this just part of the Christmas event only, As I've never seen them before hand? Or are they here to stay? They're a Dam nuisance!! Thanks
  14. I'll probably stick to taming on my server, I couldn't bear starting from scratch again, far too ambitious for me I'm afraid, I'm just too lazy Thanks for the input, it'll be useful to others who come along I just need to make room, maybe have a good clear out!
  15. Yeah man Thanks, it was the levels being too high, I had an inkling that's what it was but I did look under the floor too as this building is on Pillars also, Lol..
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