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  1. Not really sure how to help you but I would record whatever is happening, just in case you need to submit a ticket for your predicament....... They may ask for evidence of what is happening? Short of that, the game is having problems on certain platforms with travelling bugs! Hope you get it sorted soon, good luck and keep trying..... Ark is full of little foibles, looks like you found one..
  2. Dam, I'm official and so are my friends....... They have Giga's out maturing and I've got, well all sorts....... I hope they, OH never mind! It's ARK!!!!!
  3. So no servers??? Just came back after an update, no servers??? Is this across the board or just Europe again???
  4. Transfers to Genesis When will transfers to Genesis be open?? Not seeing any info ?
  5. Same here Xbox1, uk.... It's telling me the game is installed on my x box but when I try to join the game ,it's telling me " the required DLC is not installed" not really sure what the issue is... I've tried to re download the game but it still isn't working, Part one or the season pass???? "ready to install does not work?
  6. Just got kicked, can't get back on, Europe Xbox one? Anyone else just get kicked from Europe and can't log back on???
  7. Just got in from work to find my tribe mates have saved everything we thought we were gonna lose, earlier today, fewwwwweeeee! Is it wild card or Snail games to blame, I thought they merged or something? Anyway I hope everyone wasn't too affected by the the slow response to fix the issue, erm yesterday... Whoever was at fault, please raise your game!
  8. Yep same, Xbox one Europe and my friend too in Arabia is down... Log in lock nightmare is back and we have 25 rex's sat on the trough three baby spino and deno's....... We're screwed!
  9. "Blocking oil veins is allowed as long as your tribe owns the pump and the buildings enclosing it." I got the same reply, so when we had the chance to place oil pumps, we left them open for everyone to enjoy, this way there is no aggro from the other tribes...... Plus we like to play nice and not be ar***oles
  10. I had heard/read something along those lines in the past but wasn't sure, of the level involved but thanks for the confirmation.. Gutted!!
  11. Disappearing Rex? OK so, this is probably a thing, I don't know about? I levelled a rex up yesterday to around lvl 444-5-6 not sure now.......... Came on today and it has vanished?? just gone.. Any info Pls..
  12. Did you feed them? They may have starved out?
  13. Ok So, we just did the valguero Alfa boss again yesterday,... We lost big time, everything gone... just goes to show you should never get too complacent.... Our biggest mistake.
  14. Xbox here, can't log on yet again...........
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