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  1. Ark is a long time problem! Lol I'm not going to rant on but why say "transfers are enabled" when clearly they are not, at least not 100%
  2. I lost two ice wyvern eggs transferring back to the Centre from Valguero, which really P***ed me off.... My tribe mate lost his good 100% imprinted wyvern getting those eggs so to lose them during transfer when it's supposed to be open really sucks...
  3. Valguero Transfers So , it's saying that Valguero transfers are now open.... So how come I can't transfer out ice wyvern eggs? WTH!!.... I got two good eggs off my tribe mate but lost them during transfer back to the centre... So what gives?? what else can't be transferred out and why no list of none transferable goods???
  4. I always name my phiomias Mr and Mrs Poopstacker, My Gigas after the Greek gods, my rex's that are not expected to last are just No1, no2 etc, etc, my squid is called Dreadnought (after the battleship class)
  5. I was really happy with the x9 rates, more of this please...... How about x10 rates over the Christmas period, it would give us lone players a better chance of raising Gigas
  6. Giga all the way, not too fussy about colours but I like to see nice melee.... It's my favorite meat collector, monster muncher!
  7. YES please this would be nice! I can't count the amount of times I've been ejected from caves while taming or farming or just getting stuck under the map and having my dino's just disappear into thin (pixelised) air...... so yes to this!
  8. I have one drop near to my base that I've used for the boss arena on the centre map.. However the drop descends onto a land bridge and it's very difficult to keep my rexs from dropping off the edge, happens all the time when coming back from the fight.... So any other drops are mostly in the other tribes bases surrounded by gates... So allowing the transmitter to access the boss fight would be great for me, less hassle and a lot less time spent retrieving stray rexs that fall from the land bridge... The obelisks are an option but being in the red woods is too far to travel to then find the obelisks crowded out... Great idea, hope it gets approval.
  9. Donk67

    phoenix heat wave

    phoenix heat wave Not seen a heat wave for ages now, how often are they supposed to occur? been waiting days now and nothing, everything but.
  10. I noticed today that the centre map, pull out map has been rec-covered as though I had never explored it? Strange as I've been on the same server for several months now!? So Guess I'm exploring again! Hope they haven't changed the artifact locations.
  11. They did eventually turn up, stuck up in a tree at 86.2 61.4 my Allie came across them while refreshing, lol....... One to note if this happens to anyone else.
  12. Dino's disappeared, gone?? I had two anklies and an argie disappear on me today, center map official 547, they were on the quetz platform as I was making my way to skull to harvest obsidian. I landed the quetz on a rock pinnacle to re gen stam 76.9 69.3 as the quetz landed the argie and two anklies that were sat on the platform saddle just disappeared, gone.. I'm assuming they glitched to another point on the map somewhere but I really don't know.. Any help please would be gratefully accepted..
  13. Sooooo no x2 taming on the weekend then Hmmmmm, shame lots of nice coloures..
  14. At least I'll be able to finish my Rex army, looking forward to my first solo alfa boss fight in my snazzy underwear
  15. Iventory calculator I'd like to see an inventory calculator so I can calculate the amount of a particular item I want to move from my inventory to a vault, or vise versa.... Instead of clicking single stacks or all of the stacks.... If I need 15,000 fiber to make a saddle, rather than empty the entire vault ( as I'm not clicking individual stacks until I get to the correct amount) I'd like to add multiple stacks, I type in 15,000 and "hey presto" I transfer the exact amount I need.. 75 x 200 = 15,000...…... I'm sure other players have suggested this at some point, I just think it's a no brainer... Or have I missed something all this time and we can actually do this already?
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