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  1. I'm really sorry for you, it's such a shame when a glitch like this can set you back to day one Also, what Wazzamaniac said...."If you have a tribe mate, make a new character and have them add you to the tribe"
  2. No one is listening , the devs don't care... Sorry to say you have lost your character for good, the same thing happened to a guy we played with months ago and he still thinks the devs haven't gotten around to answering his tickets Maybe they're just toying with him, you know that power thing... Sorry dude.
  3. Donk67

    Cant play Extinction

    Sorry to read your dilemma, unfortunately ARK is a broken game, across all platforms...
  4. Donk67

    Game crashes every 10 minutes

    M My advice, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again And if that doesn't work, give up, there's no point in being a dam fool about it " Sorry it's just a quote, this game is so broken in so many ways on console.. So much so, we called time on it a long time ago.... It hasn't been fixed for so long I doubt it will ever be fixed, cut your losses and move on is my advice, it's just not worth the time or hassle. Sorry... I'm not more positive but this game drained the life force out of me I lost the will to live, kinda!
  5. Donk67

    Randomly Disconnecting/Lagging

    Hi there, I just popped back in here to check on this very issue...... This game is broken, the devs do not listen or care about the constant lagging / rubber banding, disconnecting issues all they do is updates, that constantly disrupt game play. Me and my guys left because of these very same issues that were never addressed and we left months ago, they never will be by the looks of things .... Good luck! My Advice, play the games that don't have these issues as this game is seriously broken, sorry.
  6. Donk67

    Shame on Wildcard

    You guys are flogging a dead horse with this game, just saying! It will never be fixed....... I lost count the amount of issues we had with this game that were never addressed by the Dev's... They really do not care from my experience.. All this game is, is a money pit.... We had thousands of hours in this game between us and none of our tickets were ever addressed positively... As long as people are throwing money their way, nothing will improve for the gamer, they rely on turnover, newbies and their money.......... Good luck. But nothing will be resolved.
  7. Just popped back in, a month or so after leaving this, nothing much changed for the better then, Hey Ho! still a disappointment....
  8. If this game ever gets fixed on console and specifically the official servers, then i'll come back to it but for now I've had my fill and I'm moving on to pastures new..... Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed my time on Ark, have spent hours and hours on this game the biggest issue was with disconnections! We started out as a tribe of four members but over the last year the constant disconnections have taken all the fun out of it for us and the guys slowly left and moved on....... My turn now! All the best to you guys who stick with it, it''s been fun! Especially to the guys on 547 past and present, it's been a blast
  9. Donk67

    joining failed, could not retrieve address

    it's the new update that has screwed everything up, don't expect a fix any time soon......... It's affecting almost the whole community.
  10. Donk67

    Same old same old..........

    Hi, Yep it's happening all over with the majority of the community, just checked the twitter feed from the home page...... Looks like this new patch has really screwed things up for the most part...... I did manage to get back in an hour or so later, to retrieve myself and Giga but almost as soon as I got back to base (minutes) I DC'd again........ It's all just getting a bit ridiculous now.. Good luck I hope you get sorted
  11. Donk67

    Same old same old..........

    So finally get back in, take Giga out on a meat run, just get down the beach and Dc'd WTH.... Now no servers available HAHAHA!! you couldn't make this up Lol.......
  12. New patch, new problems! WTH....... Oh why do we continue to torture ourselves!? Can't connect , when I finally get in nothing works? Rendering , has it actually gotten worse?? Will someone please sort this mess out...........
  13. Donk67

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Logged on, DC''d...... Logged on, Dc'd again! Logged on, extended my walls a bit, Dc'd... Logged in again, check my perimeters, checked all my extended pillar system around my base, Dc'd.. Logged back in then immediately drowned! Went and had my Tea! (Dinner)
  14. Donk67

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Logged on, DC'd, Logged on, DC'd...... Logged on again, build a wall, extended my perimeter a little, Dc'd again.......... Logged on, fed the herbivores, Dc'd AGAIN! Went and played Tanks!
  15. Donk67

    Auto decay/destroyed

    Yeah, I've had pillars and ladders auto decay, even gates sets..... most likely because I wasn't in render distance for some time, my own fault..... But this!? The electrical intersection in question was in one of the main areas of my base, I must pass it at least a dozen times while I'm on and the day it decayed, it was the only one? And what really makes it worse, I'd been in game for over an hour and been passed the thing several times already. It's not easy just to move on, this has rattled me......... Now in my inventory it's saying it was destroyed? I don't think so! Unless they've reduced the structure limit!? And not mentioned it???? This is pants! PVE Official...... Btw..