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  1. Xbox here, can't log on yet again...........
  2. Hardest Boss fight in game? I just want your opinions on what the hardest Boss fight is, from the island alfa through to the valguero alfa using only rex's...... We just did Valguero alfa, for the first time, one guy on the yuty and two of us on our chosen rex packing mastercraft shoties..the rest of the rex's fighting by command whistles........ Our rex's lost about 25,000 HP some almost 40,000 Hp and that Manticore was reluctant to land but we came out on top with no losses with only two minutes left on the clock... So what do think was your hardest alfa boss fight? which map?
  3. Ankylosaurus floating in mid air! Whilst out grinding for metal my three ankylosaurus disappear from my quetz platform..... Center official, I find one back at base then two that seem to be stuck half way up a tree, floating about.... I manage to get one back by riding it, down from the tree but the third one is now stuck there just glitching around in mid air!? I can't retrieve it??? WTH Any suggestions apart from submitting a ticket???
  4. I agree with you on the first part, three years is far too long and somethings should have improved by now......... Wildcard will not comment here, I assume and not likely the mods on here either, they're probably as much in the dark as everyone......... Assuming again here and speaking only for myself... I don't think it will be addressed or rather fixed 100% across the board so to speak. As with everything Wildcard from my past experience with them and from what I've read, Fix's are slow in coming, historical issues seem to get forgotten about or whoever that person was who could fix the issue most likely has "moved on" too, to pastures new... If it's a huge fix they need to do to sort the issues out it may never be done as it could just be too time consuming to do it and possibly from that cause more related issue's; do more harm than good...... As of 2016, Studio Wildcard is now managed by a Chinese management team from Snail games in China, this may also impact on the game too in some way but I really don't know their policy's........... Customer care these days is in decline everywhere, all you can do is keep submitting tickets and live in hope you eventually get some kind of reply...... Good luck.
  5. Just recently due to game update issues (time out logging on) I lost a baby 425 base melee giga that starved out.... On the plus side wildcard GM provided me with a replacement giga fully matured, so not too bad after all.. But at the time of the loss I was raging , lol....... At least they made the gesture i guess, so I'm happy enough with that.
  6. It's been fixed I hear, it's ok now...... Just saying!
  7. Tis the season too be jolly FFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLAAALLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLAAALLLLLLLLAAAAAHHHHHHHHH< HA, HA, HARRRRRRR!!! I hope it all comes together guys, I feel your pain and frustration.. Have some eggnog! "We're all in it together"
  8. So I was just wondering how it's going for everyone? Post your experiences here if you're having any issues....... Thus far.. Myself, I'll try again tomorrow, Lol....
  9. This game has never been what it promised to be, we were all taken in... Even after all these years of being played, the never ending problems, update issues and constant "improvements"! JK, it will never be without it's issues, it's a work in progress from My experience, one step forward but three steps back and so on........ It's like that PSYCHO girlfriend you just can't shake off, you always end up back with her even though you know she'll F**K your mind up...... You just want to see what happens next, Lol..
  10. Christmas update, the nightmare before Christmas Call me pessimistic if you will but in a few hours the Christmas update will be launched....... Given past hiccups with the Thanks giving event, of which I'm sure a lot of people were affected (including myself, DEAD GIGA) by not being able to log on to the game for days on end or indeed hours at a time that turned in to days.. Dino's lost, starved out and even bases decayed because some had left it too late to refresh, not foreseeing the update disaster looming about them..Ready to strike......... A word of warning if you will! Be prepared for this up and coming update....... Get ready for what could possibly be a repeat of the mess of the thanksgiving event update and the four days that ended up being a week of frustration in trying to log, even longer for some.. Batten down the hatches, cryo what you can and take a deep breath! It's coming Have they fixed it? I doubt it very much! Will this be a HO,HO, HORRIBLE UPDATE or a JINGLE BOLLOKS to all!? BE PREPARED, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I sincerely hope I'm wrong
  11. Yeah I've heard about that too, must have been a youngling and not mature adult like me Good point, I'll bear that in mind in future.. "People can be sausages" indeed!
  12. Today was funny, while out exploring Valguero I had to answer the call of nature for real, so I landed on the first available base on my wyvern to rest up while I went to use the Loo for real..... when I get back to the game I find the base owner is trying to pin down my wyvern with a reaper? This is PVE and he was greifing me lol because I'd landed on his building,Lol anyway thought that was quite funny, the base owner wasn't impressed with me using his base as a Piss stop, Lol............
  13. You will not get a like for like replacement anything, I don't think... What I know is, I lost a baby Giga, it starved out during one of the outage issues (lost connection timed out) I logged a ticket for a replacement Giga.. The GM that is dealing with my replacement Giga said, and this is a direct quote from the E-mail... PLEASE NOTE that If you are getting a dino replaced, keep in mind the dinos are randomly generated. The GM has no control over the stats, color or gender of the dino, only the level of the dino. The replacement dinos will be spawned in already tamed at the level we have approved for you. The replacements dinos that require saddles will get replacement saddles, but we have no control over the stats or quality.
  14. So yesterday during my games session time I could not log in at all, Today success they seem to have fixed the connection issue official severs, I hope you all get connected soon........ For how long I do not know, good luck......
  15. "Unknown Error joining failed" This is new, it's gone from connection timed out to this!? Oh well, good job I've podded most of the beasties........ v793.2 - 12/4/19 Potential networking fix that prevented some players from joining servers and structures loading improperly v793.1 - 12/4/19 Fixed multiple crashes It started again, please fix this repetitive BS.......
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