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  1. That's exactly what I'm talking about, thanks for your input
  2. This happens from time to time during maintenance, updates and such like.. Our cystal transmitter went weird a few weeks ago, same issue it was back to normal the next day Nothing is straight forward with Ark.
  3. Yep same here we lost a lot of high stat tames across all our servers, re-establishing our trades to do it all over again but with a bit more hindsight. The x3 rate is helping but I still have a wasp in my mouth over all this. This has historically been a buggy game from the off but seems to be getting much worse.
  4. Is it just me? But sinse the servers came back up, I think it rolled back way beyond the Monday 19th Sept, more like Saturday 17th? Anyhow, server lag is much worse than it ever was and that's saying something! Is anyone else experiancing major lag issues? We seem to be lagging out a lot more than the usual two or three times a session, having to rejoin just to open a door FFS.
  5. Well, I don't know if we are still there until Fridays deadline I guess, being a five year veteran myself, we have a lot to lose across all our server bases, not just those babies.. To say we are royaly p**sed would be an understatement.. I hope whoever is responcible is strung up by their B***s
  6. So all the top stat babies we had out Tuesday are now gone, Wow just great, back to square one I guess... When you think there are no more suprises Ark says "hold my beer"
  7. Transfers without restrictions?? Are you sure?? So element is transferable too??
  8. Yep correct, oh well! Guess my gigas are going to take a little longer
  9. I hope they get something done to boost rates on the weekend for Mexico, I mean, we're all inclusive now, we should all get to celebrate x3 rates.. Imagine that!
  10. Hi all, just wondering if there will be any rate increases this weekend? We just had the labour day x3 event last weekend and the weekend before Bonus.. What are we celebrating this weekend? Who's got a special day in their country to justify a boosted rate, I mean, now we're all inclusive lets celebrate Chile or Costa Rica... There must be more out there?? Bring on the boosted rates weekend to celebrate all countries special days
  11. They're updating again in about ten minutes! Will we lose access to the servers??? Better to be safe than sorry, put your babies away quickly!!!
  12. Hi Guys, Cant upload creatures it seems, is it bugged?? From Gen 2 official Xbox... No timers?? Anyone?
  13. Anyone know when this event ends ? and is it becauseof the server outages??
  14. My guess is all the affected servers need updating. Every server we're on has massive lag issues even when it's two or three tribes in server, you know to avoid passing by huge bases for fear of disconecting and not being able to log back in to retrieve your stuffs even teleporting is glitchy it's a waiting game as usual and some are more affected than others
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