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  1. Sooooo no x2 taming on the weekend then Hmmmmm, shame lots of nice coloures..
  2. At least I'll be able to finish my Rex army, looking forward to my first solo alfa boss fight in my snazzy underwear
  3. Iventory calculator I'd like to see an inventory calculator so I can calculate the amount of a particular item I want to move from my inventory to a vault, or vise versa.... Instead of clicking single stacks or all of the stacks.... If I need 15,000 fiber to make a saddle, rather than empty the entire vault ( as I'm not clicking individual stacks until I get to the correct amount) I'd like to add multiple stacks, I type in 15,000 and "hey presto" I transfer the exact amount I need.. 75 x 200 = 15,000...…... I'm sure other players have suggested this at some point, I just think it's a no brainer... Or have I missed something all this time and we can actually do this already?
  4. Yawn! it's a raptor. Could have been a Carcharodontosaurus, or even a Albertosaurus but no! Even a Gorgosaurus (which I named one of my Gigas after) would have been nice, but alas no.... Food for thought guys, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.
  5. Wiki dye page not readable? Ok thought i'd produce some colours today to brighten the base up a bit, problem is when I go to the wiki dye page for official ark on every entry it just says expansion exceeded and there is no readable content to the colour guide... Not sure if it's me as I 've just upgraded to windows ten?? Any ideas??
  6. Is it possible on official? if so how? My Gatcha baby died within ten minutes, after feeding it stone.. I recorded it anyway just to have proof either way, live or die. it died! Lol....
  7. Donk67

    Baby Gacha Food?

    Well mine died within ten minutes, after feeding it stone....... Maybe not the one for breeding? maybe depends on the server? I recorded the event in any case just to have proof it doesn't work on the centre....
  8. imprinting when the server stays up.
  9. Not sure how much time I lost there but I got my imprint!
  10. So on Xbox official we get a server notice at 1800 telling us the server is going down in fifteen minutes.... But will only be down for fifteen minutes, while stuff is implemented whatever , updated... I leave for thirty minutes or so then return thinking all is done and dandy, only to have the server go down an actual hour after the notice appeared, at 1900... So will I lose my imprints or not, because that is what I was waiting to do
  11. Good idea, I need a break, lol... Thanks again....... Argy was the way to go btw, lol..
  12. Dam I must be asleep! Yeah I'll give that a go, thanks...
  13. Ok so I have just got myself an ascendant BP for a Giga saddle, problem is how do I make it? I have all the materials req but they will not all fit into the smithy? It says on the BP "Can be crafted at smithy" but obviously it can not.... Where do I go from here? Lone player, Xbox official.
  14. I'm really sorry for you, it's such a shame when a glitch like this can set you back to day one Also, what Wazzamaniac said...."If you have a tribe mate, make a new character and have them add you to the tribe"
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