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  1. DrChicken24

    The final straw

    On my old Xbox I had barely any problems with this after a couple months ago. Idk what’s up with you guys’
  2. DrChicken24

    Help! Character lost after restart

    I think he knows that, but I think he is just looking for why this happened just now
  3. DrChicken24

    The final straw

    What type of Xbox? Maybe it’s just your specific server, so whats the server?
  4. DrChicken24

    The final straw

    Exactly, the worst I experience is lag that tethers me a little bit, but even that is occasional. I used to crash a lot, causing me to fall off my grif and die, also loosing the grif, but that hasn’t happened in months now.
  5. DrChicken24

    Help! Character lost after restart

    Did he do a server reset?
  6. DrChicken24

    The final straw

    Lol I play Xbox too, and barely experience crashes anymore... it’s prob your internet, so check YOUR side before you blame their side.
  7. DrChicken24

    solo New server : Solo PVP (No tribe)

    All of that sounds great. Maybe if people could make unofficial PC servers so they could still modify things and create clusters, I think it could be a really great experience. Though, I don’t think they should remove some dinos. I think that could ruin the full experience of ark and make it feel empty...
  8. DrChicken24

    Tranq Spear Bolts for Ballista

    Exactly what I thought they were for when I first started ARK.
  9. DrChicken24

    Mek customization

    Nevermind, wrong thread haha
  10. DrChicken24

    Mek customization

    All those new accounts were made within an hour of each other on Saturday... hmmmm lol
  11. DrChicken24

    Unofficial server search

    I know you don’t want PvP, but the drops come with starter packs and stuff to get you started, so getting wiped isn’t that bad. Also if you decide you like this server, read below for my contact info and I may be able to help you get started. I was able to get a small metal base with some auto turrets up within 5 hours or so, with enough gasoline to last the weekend while I was gone for the New Years. The server I’m on is called Birds Ark PvP, it has two servers each (I think) for Rag, Island, SE, and Ab, maybe extinction. It’s insta tame 20x stats, etc. it also has ORP on, which turns off on the weekends. It is player dedicated PC server, here is the website where you can read all about it: https://birdsarkpvp.com/ if it sounds interesting, go on Rag server 1 and message for me in the chat (My Hips Dont Lie, tribe is The Federal Government). Or you could msg me on Xbox DrChicken2424. If if you are having trouble getting started, try the center 2 server, it isn’t very active and is easy to get started.
  12. DrChicken24

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Do you play single player on the island? I would like to know strats for fighting brood etc. solo...
  13. DrChicken24

    Dino Limit

    I agree, that’s what I do. I’m not a PvE person anyway, I like the challenge and frustration of getting wiped lol, so I haven’t really tried official PvE. But my experience with unofficial player dedicated PvE wasn’t too bad and I think it would be a better experience overall for new players especially.
  14. DrChicken24

    Dino Limit

    What if they start on a low pop server then transfer, so the dinos not transfer? If not, then I guess people just stay on the low pop server or don’t do official.
  15. DrChicken24

    Dino Limit

    So is this a feature they put? 20 dinos for everyone? Sounds kinda dumb IMO.