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  1. I’ve been playing on Xbox since 2015 casually, with a lot of breaks of a couple months. I would say maybe 1000 or less, though.
  2. I love Ragnorok for all the reasons others have listed. Also, unpopular opinion: I really like extinction. I’m not an official player and I play on boosted PC Nitrado servers because I can only play weekends, so that may be part of the reason I like it more than you guys. If you get a grif or mana with lots of meat and stam it’s kinda fun to go around and look at the stuff in the wasteland. I also love the titans and cryopods.
  3. Imma get my friend to post some of his stuff, he is a god at drawing dinosaurs.
  4. I’ve seen people do it with only rexes. I’m not sure how you would make it land more often but 20 rexes is possible.
  5. Thank you for writing this. I will keep these in mind!
  6. So I have trust issues with random people joining my tribe. I’ve been insided too many times, and if I do recruit someone it is because I either know them IRL or have been playing with them on Xbox for a while and know they are trustworthy. So in the meantime, I am a solo on a PvP server against other tribes with tons of members and could wipe me easily. So, tips for soloing PvP? I am on a boosted server and I have turrets and metal base and everything. Thanks
  7. I’m just confused, because if your level is 5 and you can access everything level 5 and below, what are the other settings for? Why set inventory to 3 when your level is 5?
  8. So the rank bypssss everything?
  9. So if I put access at 1 he can only do ones that are level 1 or 0? What does the rank number do then?
  10. So I have been experimenting with these tribe groups I’ve never seen before. I have the basics down, but there is one thing I’m confused with. I have a couple different levels: Recruits, Members, Officers, Management, and Admins. For example, the recruit should only be able to access things that are level 1. Everyone else can access things above level 1. I put the rank number as 1 for recruit, and access inventory rank as 1. I then put activate structure rank as 2. Does that mean the recruit can access level 2 and below structures, or does it mean that they can’t do anything 2 and above?
  11. Use a strong metal gatherer and break the lamp posts and benches in the town. Gets you lots of element dust and scrap metal.
  12. So I’ve been playing ark ever since it came out in the Xbox in 2015. I didn’t play for a large chunk of 2017/2018, and I recently got back into it the past couple months. I have no time at all to grind and play official, so I went back to player hosted computer servers onto some boosted servers and such, trying to find one good for me. But EVERY time I play ARK, within a week I’m wiped off that server by on of the large tribes. I don’t think I’ve ever made it past a week. Since the servers I play on are boosted, it is a lot easier to get metal and turrets. So I build up and I take a spot nobody is. Bam. Wiped a week later. I have no idea what to do! None of my friends play ARK and I have one trustworthy tribemate, that’s all. So what are your tactics to soloing PvP?
  13. Do you play single player on the island? I would like to know strats for fighting brood etc. solo...
  14. How do you mix a Microraptor and an arch up?
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