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  1. Citronal seed

    Seems like everytime i want seeds, theres always one that takes me forever to find, no matter what map Im on, lol
  2. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Haven't done much the last few days, been playing around with Destiny 2. We did breed our otters last night and this morning finally tamed a lvl 95 male giga (141 after tame) Giga tame went pretty uneventfull after we kitted a 2nd low lvl giga away to a watery grave. Was wierd seeing 2 gigas so close to each other in the highlands. We aren't even at a high enough level to learn the giga saddle, but we found a purple bp in a loot crate a few days ago. Tomorrow we hope to find and tame a mate for our giga and find a female 140+ mosa, but Im only putting a few hrs into looking then we are spending the rest of the night playing Destiny 2
  3. Tranq darts or arrows

    I generally use arrows with a 190% crossbow, and save darts with a 205% longneck for certain tames, mainly bears, galli, quetz and giga.
  4. Hardest spot to raid?

    An otters insulation equals a certain percentage of its melee, i can remember exactly but I think its 75 or 80%
  5. Hardest spot to raid?

    I think its possible, good fortitude and MC or higher fur would a must as well as a good otter with high melee. I plan on eventually moving to murder snow once i get better fur, currently i have a mix of purple and yellow fur, 50 fortitude, and a 350 melee otter and can go to about -70 to -75 F before getting the ice cube
  6. I leave my parcers and brontos outside our walls. I don't have a giga yet but plan on keeping that outside as well
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Looked for gigas again yesterday at the highlands and green obi and struck out. Its like they just stopped spawning on my map. Then we looked for a 140+ female mosa again, found and killed a bunch of low lvls, as well as 2 alpha mosas, but never did find a high lvl female. This morning we farmed more metal. We are prepping for another big build in the highlands. Going for a large castle but cant decide if i want to make it stone with a massive metal fence for giga protection...or just build the entire thing out of metal. I'm leaning more towards stone for that classic castle look. Destiny 2 comes out on pc tomorrow so we may not get much Ark play time this weekend, although Ill probably atleast put a few hours into the giga/mosa search again. I'm also planning on renting an aberation server once it comes out, so my rag map may get neglected for a few weeks while we explore Aberation. I may just shut down rag for a few weeks, or just log in a few times a week to feed everything. I'm not going cluster the 2 servers and plan on just starting a fresh toon on aberation, so it should be fun
  8. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Did some more thyla breeding the past few days and did as @Aushegun suggested and kept the females. Still no color morphs but I did get a weight mutation. Today was one of those days we set out with big plans, but didnt get much done. Started off looking for a 140+ female mosa. Killed about a dozen low levels before giving up. Next we headed to murder snow in search of ice wyvren eggs and polar bears. No luck on the bears, but we did find 2 wyvren eggs, but only a lvl 20 and lvl 55. After that we decided to look for a giga. I setup a cheap trap and located an 85 male in the highlands. Just as we were going to agro it, the wife spots a lvl 90 Unicorn, so we scoop it up and bring it back to base to tame. After that we head back to the giga, but couldnt for the life of me get it trapped in the cheap trap, so Im going to work on building a more expensive trap later this week. After that we hauled 11k ingots from our desert base to our main base, still got about 20k left to move, but Im probably going to save some time and make a couple of ascendent mosa saddles down there. To wrap up the afternoon we set out looking for a 140+ female Thezio to mate with our male...but it ended the same as the mosa hunt, killing a bunch of low levels and a few high lvl males before calling it quits for the afternoon. We plan on hopping on again tonight and will start looking for mosas again. If that fails I think i may setup a taming pen near the trench and try for a dunklo or 2 depending on how many boa eggs we have
  9. Angler Taming

    I just clear the area of any hostile dinos, put my mount on passive and follow and swim after them while tranqing with a 188% crossbow, making sure to wait 10 seconds between shots. I've tried getting them into taming pens before but they dont hold agro long enough even with rare flowers
  10. Obsidian gathering and Ankylosaurus

    Best place now for metal and obsidian is in the new se desert area, i dont have the coords now but ill update when i get home. But it has more metal/obsidian then the other spots combined Its right around 80 lat 65 lon, all around a plateau and theres a cave under the plateau with metal/obsidian too
  11. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I never thought to keep the females, lol. Ill start doing that to increase my chances of mutations. Thank you for the suggestion. They are born at lvl 242 now so pretty decent. I have plenty of room, its a private server with just 4 who play on it
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Bred our ankys last night to get a pair of 100% imprinted for our desert base. Got a color morph on 1, nothing fancy though, just some white accents. We also bred the thylas again, but no luck on color or stat morphs again so I culled them off. This morning we took both of the new ankys to our desert base and the wife and I farmed metal. Ended up with about 16k metal in about 20 minutes. Imprinted ankys harvest metal so much better then the tamed anky we were using. I'm not looking forward to hauling all this metal and obsidian back to our main base, lol. Ill probably build the 2 ascendent mosa saddles at our desert base which will knock out 22k ingots. We will probably try the thylas again tonight. I'm bound to get a morph sometime
  13. Farming Beaver Dams

    I have the reusable plus mod so I just repel down from a flyer with a grappling hook, drop the wood then reel myself in. Same method works greak for beacons that are in shallow water too
  14. Cementing Paste

    Beaver dams are my number 1 source, i like to repel down from a quetz with a grappling hook to raid them (resuable + mod so hooks are free after the 1st 1) I also have 3 snails to keep my supply topped up between runs, and If i get really low I have a stock pile of 100k or so chitin/keritin from a few sloth runs to the volcano that I can make some with
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today we picked up crystal on from the underwater cave on our mosa. On the way to the cave I killed a squid and right after it died I spotted a loot crate (only the second i've found our rag) Jackpot...had a 95 armor ascendent mosa saddle BP So plans for the weeked are to tame a 2nd mosa and breed a pair of alpha killers. Ohh and farm farm farm to make 2 of these saddles, biggest cost is 21k hide and 10k ingots each