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  1. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Haven't done a lot lately up until today beside taming some kibble dinos and gathering. Had an incident in the red zone yesterday. Had 4 or 5 reaper queens spawn at once, and ended up using admin commands to get out alive after I realized they had about 50k hp each. Not something I like to do, but 4 or 5 at once seemed insane and I wasnt losing our spinos over it. 1 or 2 I would have tried to fight. Today our mission was to find the surface. So we loaded up 4 ravagers with extra food, gear, building supplies and ammo and headed out. After about an hour we found it on a 50% day/50% night and it was morning. So we kind of hung out until night. We built a 3x3x4 outpost with a few beds and tamed a few bulbdogs to keep at the outpost. Then we gathered some nearby green gems and crystal. At about 1500 we headed to the entrance and got ready. So we were unsure if there was radiation at night, so I decided I would be the guinea pig. At about 1830 the fire stopped so I setup a couple of ziplines. Told my wife to hang out below. Threw on my hazmat, and slowly went up with my ravager. Got to the top...and all was safe :). So i hopped back down and we got the rest of the gang up. We started harvesting element ore untill our ravagers were just about full (got about 1500 as well as a few hundred metal) Didnt run into too much trouble. Had a few seekers attack us but nothing our ravagers and some pump shotguns couldnt handle. Before heading back we wanted to spend a few minutes looking for drops. Not 2 minutes into it I see something big pop out of the ground in the distance..."reaper...run" I yell to my wife (thinking about our queen incident yesterday) I . So we haul butt to the entrance, hop down...and it follows. My heart is pounding, we were running as fast as our little ravagers could I hear it getting closer and closer until it reaches one of our following ravagers...so we decide to turn around and commit to a fight...and it went down in about 30 seconds. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad the kings wern't nearly as tough as the queens. After that we headed home and started making element, but we only have enough red gems for 5, so we need to make another trip to the red zone for gems and to find black pearls so we can start making tek...but thats a project for another day
  2. Reaper Queens

    Not sure if it was a bug or not, but we had 4 or 5 queens spawn on us at the same time today in the red zone, without any nameless around. Ended up using admin commands to get away because that just didnt seem right, lol
  3. Safe Spots for Abberation

    Our first base was at 41lat/41 long and it was very safe, just far enough away from the water to avoid crabs, spinos and sarcos. It was also pretty well covered above so not many dinos fell down and it had a gas vein and redwood trees nearby, and 3 large rich metal rocks. It was a great place to get started but we quickly got bored and moved to the biolum
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not even sure, game i use to play had / commands and use to type it on its forums, i dont actually use a / in game, lol
  5. Aberration Drops SUCK!

    I got so sick of the crap drops and ended up adding an upgrade mod.
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I think I finally got to the bottom of all my crashes...battle eye. I play on my own server anyways and didnt need it anyways. Couldnt even get on last night, kept crashing as soon as I logged in, so I disabled battle eye on a whim and played about 5 hours between last night and today with 0 crashes. We spent most of last night trying for a crab. Built a trap, killed half a dozen crabs before we finally knocked out and tamed a 150. Decided to call it a night after that. Today we started out farming crystals to make a grinder. Held our anky (my wife riding it) with the crab and it took no time to get enough crystal. Then we crafted a few weeks worth of propellent to fuel our s+ item collector since it no longer runs on batteries. After that we went on a hunt for another crab. After killing another 3 or 4 (including a 210) we gave up and decided to look for a decent male dodic to breed with our female. I'm on our crab and my wife on her megalosaur On our search we tamed 2 female turtles for kibble and a moshops. We were in a long 90% night loop and decided to expand our search and go exploring the green zone while we looked. We wandered around for an almost 2 hrs but only found low level male dodics. We also got lost by following the wrong river but eventually found our way home. Over all it was a good adventure...but nothing really exciting happened. Then we headed home and decided to call it quits. Never did find a male dodic. We added a mod that unlocked all tek engrams. There's no way I'm renting 5 servers so we could do it the right way. So our next task is finding a path to the surface so we can start farming element ore and start building some tek
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Decided to go on a pearl run first thing today, crafted up some chowder and hopped on our spinos and headed to the fertile lake. It was a good adventure...forgot how much it sucks to see under water without googles. My wife was on lookout while I grabbed pearls. Ended up with about 900 before our chowders ran out and we killed a few alpha crabs in the process. Headed back to base and decided to go on a crystal run so we could craft a few spare hazmat suits. Then we decided to dip our toes in the red zone. Loaded up the spinos with the spare suits and a 2x2 building and beds to stash extra suits just outside the redzone. It went pretty smoothly although it was pretty crazy and seemed like we always had to kill something. Our spinos games some decent levels, both are over 10k hp and close to 500 melee now. After half an hour we decided not to press our luck, neither the server or us had crashed all morning so we should head home. Came back with about 100 red gems and a few hundred obsidian. Next time we hit the red zone we plan on taming some featherlights and farming more gems and maybe try to steal a few drake eggs. Later tonight I think we will finish our bridge, and Id also like to tame a few turtles for crab kibble and go on a plant x seed hunt. We are swimming in fertilizer from our dung beetles so i think ill use plant x for wild dino defense instead of autoturrets. I'm also going to start grinding mats to make a grinder
  8. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Started today taking our doed out gathering stone. Usually I have atleast a ravager follow me but figued it would be fine because I wasn't going far from base...that was a mistake. Ran into no issues untill i headed back. Got almost back, and into one of our fenced in areas and a lone ravager attacked (none of are dinos are outside yet). Got the bleed so no chance to flee so I called to my wife for help as I fought him off. By the time she scrambled to the scene the doed was dead and I finished off the ravager. It was low lvl but one of our first tames on Aberration so it was a little sad. I could have saved it...but paniced in the moment and forgot I could bola it and attack while mounted After the loss we went on a hunt for a replacement and found and tamed a lvl 202 female near our old base by the fertile river Our plan for today was too work on the bridge but had to tame a new doed instead. I think we will look for a 200+ male this weekend so we can breed a few spares. And now that I think of it breeding our ankys wouldn't be a bad idea either
  9. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Today we continued work on our wall and are now maybe 70% finished. I also decided that this weekend we should make a bridge across the pond at the bottom of the waterfall coming from the fertile river. It will save us time once we start making regular trips to the redzone and will also make it so we dont need to deal with all the crabs, eels and jellyfish that frequent the pond. The bridge would be high enough to be just out of a crab's reach Started working on it today, but grappling hooks were causing the server to crash so laying down pillars weren't an option, not sure if its a problem with the reusable+ mod or grappling hooks in general, but hopefully its resolved by this weekend Update : discovered reusable + was the cause of the crash, so I replaced it with utilities plus and all is good now
  10. Now that you mention it, dilos are a must for sure, i play at boosted rates and taming ankys and doeds still take forever, i feel for anyone on official rates
  11. Megatherium for thatch and fiber Thyla because this map would be perfect for it And I honestly can't think of a 3rd. Im pretty much happy with whats on aberration and love that spinos and megalasaurs have a purpose now other then for kibble. I even like the roll rat, yeah its turning radius sucks but it can gather a ton of wood in the blue zone (its no mammoth, but its decent) and the gtfo roll can be a life saver
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Its been a few days since our last update. We finally tamed a lvl 135 male spino and soon after bred it with our female as well as our megalosaurs so we now have a nice pair of 100% imprinted spinos and megalosaurs. We finished the 2nd floor of our base but soon realized after breeding the spinos that it was too small, lol. So our current project is to build a fence all around our base to keep our spinos and future crabs in. We also tamed a lvl 225 female megalosaur (max on our server) named her big bertha because she had 12k hp after tame So the rest of this week and into the weekend we hope to finish the wall around the base and then farm a mountain of pearls to get turrets up for nameless defense. After we get some levels on our spinos and megalos and if the crashes are at a minimum we may even venture into the red zone and try stealing some drake eggs
  13. Anklyo Not Hitting Nodes

    Yeah I've been running into a lot of metal, rocks and even trees in the biolum that dinos cant hit, but I can hit them with hand tools easy enough
  14. We seem to loose light pets more then we use to loose jerboas, atleast 2 or 3 a week, lol. Mostly from getting grabbed off our mounts. We don't loose quite as many now that we use megalosaurs as our main mount, but I found out the hard way crabs can still dismount you while riding a megalosaur. The wife and I were fighting a 180 Alpha crab and i was dismounted and it killed me in seconds even with full flak and 600hp, and my 4k charge bulbdog was eaten by piranhas shortly after. When I played SE i kept a dozen jerboas on standby...I should get a bigger collection of glow pets, right now we only have 3 or 4 bulbdogs and maybe 3 shinehorns...would really suck not having a glowpet while living in the biolum
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Didnt get as much done as we wanted to do today, we crashed a few times and my server crashed once with a 15 minute rollback. We did manage to tame a lvl 135 female spino, but struck out on finding a male with a decent level..better luck tomorrow. We did finally find a female ovis We killed a lvl 180 Alpha crab in the process of finding spinos...did not know it was 180 when we started. It yanked me off my megalo and killed me, but my wife on her megalo and my megalo stayed in the fight and by the time i rejoined it was dead, but our megalos took a massive beating, both below 5k hp out of 15k. Wont do that again till we get some imprinted megalos. After that we went on another pearl run to make a few more fridges and acs for breeding. Then we worked on the 2nd floor a little bit. I also crafted 20 batteries to run our s+ item collector, figure ill keep 10 in the charger, 10 in the collector at all times Tomorrow we plan on continuing the search for a male spino, and maybe tame some of the kibble dinos and will hopefully finish our 2nd floor. The s+ item collector has been picking up some wild dino eggs so we will only need the kibble dinos that dont spawn in the biolum mainly trikes, stegos and dodos. Untill these crashes stop we dont plan on going anywhere near the surface or red zone. They have been pretty frequent since we started Aberration, more so local then my server...but still a pita