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  1. Yeah, my private server wont update to the newest patch so I cant login, when I try to update it it says its already up to date, but its still at 270
  2. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Finished our elevator last night and got the floors configured, now I just need to build the elevator shaft. We spent half an hour or so this morning looking for underwater loot crates on our plesios and couldnt find a single one. Gave up and hit the trench to farm some squid for black pearls and absorbant substrate, that was a little scary, theres a lot of eels and jellies down there, lol. Made it out without bumping any jellies after killing several squid and came home with 200 or 300 black pearls and 25 or so absorbant substrate. I dont think id take a mosa down there for fear of hitting a jelly, hardly enough room for plesios to sneak by I remembered reading that the ice cave had several loot crates in its entrance, so we decided to find it and check it out. Flew in and found 4 loot crates. First run the only good thing I found was a MC dunklo saddle. Went in again half an hr later, and they had respawned, found a jm parasaur saddle bp, JM shotgun and MC stone pick of all things, (as well as various quality cloth and hide bps). Tried it again on my lunch break and got MC fur gloves which made my afternoon despite not being a bp, lol (we plan to eventually setup an outpost in murder snow) So all i plan on doing tonight is hitting the loot crates a few times and maybe hatching another allo. Our plans for this weekend are building a cabin near the ice cave, kind of independent from our main base with its own set of gathering/defense dinos. We also want to tame a dunklo as I noticed a lot of underwater obsidian and crystal nodes around the volcano, and maybe find and kill a few alpha mosas and squid. Then we are going to assist one of my brothers in taming a few dinos (hes his own tribe and doesnt play much) Then if he gets some type of combat mount we plan on meeting up with my other brother and doing some exploring/leveling. I may surprise them with a decent saddle for what ever mount they bring And If I get time Sunday we are going to raise a plesio for my wife, and hopefully its a female so it can pair with my 100% imprinted male
  3. Alpha Spawns

    I see a decent amount of alpha carnos and raptors in the field near the haunted castle, sometimes 2 or 3 alpha raptors at a time. I've only seen/ killed 1 alpha rex, 2 alpha mosas and 1 alpha shark so I can't really say I've found a frequent spawn for them yet
  4. Just want tougher glass (greenhouse wall)

    While you can customize what s+ adds, you simply dont have to use any of the other s+ stuff either, it doesn't replace vanilla engrams, just adds s+ ones. I couldn't imagine playing without s+. Just being able to pick stuff back up is such a huge QOL improvement
  5. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Not much happened today. Hatched an allo, but it didnt get the hp stat from mom so we culled it. Then we started working on our elevator. I'm getting tired of using ladders, lol. Our base is 20 walls high with 3 floors. I plan on making a glass elevator shaft so it should look pretty cool. S+ elevators lets you set "floors" so it will work out great. I have about 250 poly and 1k electronics being made now, but I think I'm going to need another 500 poly, so tomorrow morning's plan is to farm obsidian. I really should tame 4 or 5 more snails just for organic poly, i've just been lazy, lol. I'm swimming in CP and AP, but always seem to be low on poly. I just hate making the long trip to the redwoods for sap for veggie cake.
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Raised 2 more allos last night, twin lvl 247 females, didn't imprint because they will just be breeders, but they had the hp and melee stat we were looking for as well as the blue mutation. We plan on mating them with the bright red and blue male we have tonight in hopes of getting a pair of red and blue 247s with the hp and melee stat. Other then that my wife and i killed a lvl 60 Alpha mosa this morning, much tougher then the lvl 20 over the weekend, but our plesios were also up to 25k hp and over 500 melee. I was able to tank most of it this time, lost about 8k hp by the time it went down. Only loot was a MC hatchet, primitive fishing pole and blue crossbow, but both plesios gained 3 lvls and my with just about hit lvl 86...1 more alpha and she will hit it and we can finally make night vision goggles
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    To sum up what happened this weekend. We tamed a 145 female plesio and a 135 male plesio, and bred them yesterday. Our servers at 20x maturation and it took 10 hrs, but I managed a 100% imprint. Then we also for 2 150 rexs that we tamed. Just like the rest, only average hp and high melee. But we kept them because we liked the colors, 1 was all black, 1 albino. I started to setup a wyvren trap in the highlands but a giga decided to ruin that plan so we went on to do something else This morning we decide to take the plesios out to lvl. I'm on my freshly raised, 100% imprinted lvl 209 male, my wife on a freshly kibble tamed female (145 pre tame). Both with only primitive platform saddles. We start out with easy stuff, a few sharks and rays. Then move on to plesios (btw rag is swarming with plesios). We start following a trench and I see a mosa in the distance. I tell my wife, lets kill it. Get a little closer and I scope it. Lvl 20 alpha mosa. A yell abort, abort, lol. We surface to regroup. We are at about 15 or 16k hp and 450 melee by now. After we get our plesios up to full health, we decide to go for it. If it goes south we can bail by going straight up. The plan was to have me tank the majority of the damage since I had the imprint bonus. So as we decend I scope out the area, and spot some nearby jellies to avoid. So we approach the mosa and after a few attempts its clear its just going to agro my wife. After some repositioning to get away from jellies that were nearby we locked horns. The first thing i noticed is it was hitting harder then a 135 alpha rex we fought a few weeks ago. So as we were fighting it, I was keeping a close eye on my wifes health. Its starts going down fast, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. And mine is approaching half. I'm just about to tell her to bail..and it dies..phew what a fight, lol. Loot wasn't great, a purple hatchet and blue crossbow, but the xp was insane, i forgot to turn it off the 2x I run on weekends. My plesio gained 32 lvls and my wife's 25 or so. And my wife went from 3/4 through lvl 84 to 3/4 through lvl 85. I know I dont plan on fighting a higher lvl mosa untill we get better saddles, lol. After that victory we head back to base and head to work. We wont get much done during the week, probably gathering before work in the morning, and maybe semi afk hatching more allo eggs after work. This weekend we are for sure getting my wife into a bred/imprinted plesio and will be on the lookout for a high hp rex.
  8. So what did you do in ARK today?

    So we got lucky with hatching allos last night, got a male with the blue belly morph and also a bright red main body We also hatched a female with an hp mutation. Today we bred the 2 and got a lvl 247 male, with the blue belly and good hp and melee...almost there for what I want, now I just need a male and female with the bright red with blue belly and good hp and melee and Ill be happy, lol Today we started out looking for a male spino of any level so our female will produce more eggs. I'd like to get a pair of lvl 150 kibble tamed sharks to breed. Our current ones arent bad, just a little lacking on dps. We spotted 1 lvl 20 male spino just as it went down to a pack of raptors. We looked around for another 10-15 minutes but only spotted a few females. About the time it started to get dark, we decided to head back to base to get a few rexes moved to our rex storage area, lol. While we were doing that i got a batch of rex egg kibble going. We decided that at 1st light we were going to try for some plesio. Morning comes, we hop on our sharks and head to our underwater taming pen, and just outside of viking bay I spot an alpha shark which was a first for me. It was tougher then I expected, but we kill it and continue onto our pen. As we near our pen, we spot a squid, so we kill it too. We get to the pen, I start looking for a plesio, but my wife spots a lvl 130 mosa. I just had to have it, lol. After several attempts (and me dieing once) to trap it in our pen, i realize it wasnt going to fit, so we disengage, rush back to base to grab stuff to modify the pen and make quetz egg kibble. I make the pen larger, but it still doesnt seem to fit through a bgate. Scratching my head I just think its too wide to fit. So i get creative, remove the gates, it gets stuck in the structure and I plop 2 gates behind it...success. We knock it out and tame it. Get it back to base...and it fits through our bgates no problem, lol. So that wraps up part 1 of today. We plan on playing later tonight. I may postpone the bronto trip for another week. If my quetz can lay just a few more eggs we may try for a 2nd mosa. If not we may look for some under water loot crates and maybe tame a few plesios, and maybe try to find a pair of yuttys to tame when we get bored of the water
  9. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Sounds like an adventure, lol. Just an fyi, you can pick up bayonyx with argents We didnt do to much. Hatched another pair of allo eggs, got the blue belly morph on both, but both were fricken females again. We have 3 to hatch tonight, if a male doesnt geylt a morph im just going to give up. This morning we just took a few allos out for fun and to clear some dinos out in hopes that a good rex or allo spawned..but no luck. Allos a quickly becoming my favorite dino though, a small group of 3 or 4 100% imprinted with 2 riders is a force, lol. Vaporized an alpha raptor is a few seconds. Tomorrow were are going to move our rexes to a remote pen, spend a few hrs trying to find/tame a plesio or mosa, then go on our bronto exploration trip...should be a fun day and i hope to finally find an otter while out on the bronto
  10. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Good luck, I've never tried without the classic flyers mod and a 220+ speed argent.
  11. Rexs on Ragnarok

    We see 2 or 3 at a time in the field near the haunted castle behind viking bay. We also see them around the volcano, more so in the grassy areas around the chared earth. As far as being a long way from your base, you can upload them at supply drops, and download them at a beacon closer to your base. Did that with a spino we tamed in the canyon last week, so much quicker then the hour walk/swim back to our base, lol
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hatched another allo egg last night hoping for the blue belly mutation again, and we got it on a green body, not as nice looking as the red...but Ill take it. Sadly it was another female so we have to keep trying for a male so we can guarentee the mutation. We plan on hatching two more allo eggs tonight so fingers crossed atleast one is a male with the mutation. We realized today our dino pen is getting a little too crowded with all of the rexs we've hatched the last few weeks as well as allos now. So our next minor project is a remote rex pen to house most of our rexes. There's a nice valley just out of rendering of my base that I can wall off either end with bgates and keep them there, only keeping a few at base to lvl and for eggs. I have 24 rex now and theres should be room in the valley for atleast 50, if not 75 if I park them right. We've put rex breeding on the back burner untill we can tame a 140+ male with good hp to mix in with all good melee/decent stam females we have. Hopefully we find one soon, Id love to start doing bosses within the next couple of months. I also still need to tame and breed a decent yutty and find a good rex saddle bp
  13. Cementing past

    I generally hit up beaver dams for cp, a good 7 or 8 spawn right near my base so I just farm them a few times a day. Also, If you take a sloth to the volcano you can come home with several thousand chitin. I think I'm sitting on 30k or 40k chitin right now from just a few organic poly runs at the volcano
  14. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Started out the day building 4 autoturrets for our bronto base and about 2400 rounds for wild wyvren defense. A little over kill since a dozen or so rounds will take out a wyvren but they will also help our allos take out any alpha rex we encounter. Bred our color morphed allo last night, got twins, but both were the wrong color. Trying again tonight, if they are the wrong color again they will be culled unless they have an hp or stam mutation
  15. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Congrats on the otter. I still havent found one on my rag server. Hopefully I do when I take my bronto house out exploring this weekend. Got our bronto house 90% complete today, it has pretty much everything needed to be a mobile base, fridge, generator, smithy, fabricator, industrial grill, 5 refineries, mortar and pestal, fireplace, beds, lights, storage, meat spoiler and 10 water tanks on the roof. Only thing left are 4 or 5 auto turrets and plant species x on the roof for wyvren defense and its good to go. By the weekend I should have a good pack of imprinted allos for defense. I've named it the "hippie van", lol. I plan on packing 6 or 8 s+ BGates to build a fence around it if I need to log off before i get back home. Speaking of allos, we also got our 1st color mutation ever https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AJLcbFfABKWDOuo&cid=AD7A060FCE372DC3&id=AD7A060FCE372DC3!18734&parId=AD7A060FCE372DC3!15711&o=OneUp it also has almost 500% melee after imprint. Now we just need to find one with good hp to start breeding our allo army