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  1. Advice to stop aimlessly wandering the map

    This guy knows how to have fun! >_> wish I was that creative sometimes... I usually find myself wandering around my base for hours thinking I'm doing alot but actually get nothing done.. Hahaha thanks for the compliment! Im not that creative!! Im a constant overthinker which plays havoc on my premade quest haha!!
  2. Advice to stop aimlessly wandering the map

    I have this problem from time to time and i found the best way is to set a long term goal or "quest" / RP venture you want to complete. Eg: You have just those dinos, make a plan you want to obtain a mating pair of say... Rexs or a pack of Allos or whatever dino / mammal you like! If i get real bored even with these parameters i like to impose artificial limitations on myself for a RP / themed goal. Eg. No flyers, only mammals, only live off back of pacer (no other or one select other tames) no tame etc.. I will then use that to build a story or theme around it. ... my long time friends who play ark with me hate my alt rp toons haha..
  3. Beavers inventory count.

    Or penguins Free ac aswell!
  4. Eggers room design

    Im almost as impressed by the actual building as i am by the time itd take to park them all! "Oops i whistled follow all!"
  5. Very Salty Wyverns

    Oh boy.. great trolling technique. Meet noob by scar; "Hey there lowley noobie.. you need a wyvern egg, guy? Here's some wood and stone first so you can build a base! .. <drops egg> No problem you have a great day!" .. gangbanged by wyverns..
  6. Eggers room design

    Not a design but an idea. If you place crop plots under your eggers the eggs stick up more and are easier to get. Also prevents stuff from falling through floor (even dinos)
  7. A threesome and some hot snake action? The makings of a great porno indeed
  8. In-game profiting

    Ill tell you there is a big market. When transfers first came out we monotized quite a lot before everyone started doing it and pushed the prices down. The biggest customers were working adults without time to breed a giga or whatnot. It ruins the game. From first hand experience i can say that. One of my friends still carrys on our buisness from before, makes a literal living off it and he hates ark. Despises it but the market is still hot. WC shot themselves in the foot regarding this when they opened new servers.. brand new ways to sell & no inflation = win for sellers.
  9. Ark reminder

    Rip basil
  10. Question about Admins/Alliances

    Easily, just make a new alliance for yourself and each tribe. That way only you can access and other tribes cant. Make sure they leave troughs pincoded or open
  11. Xbox One, pc hosted dedicated server

    Just rent one from Nitrado. We love ours
  12. Its on rag... but the ice cave 1st 5 loot crates drop it (easy enough to xfer a ptera and run it)
  13. Kaprosuchus

    Name checks out
  14. Craziest pve encounter?

    So original. Havent been hearing that since arks release or anything..