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  1. Wanna bet? Lol Im there right now, killing bm again solo tonight. Just because youre poor at managing your time doesnt mean we all are. Entitled youth ?
  2. Im also xbox one, we were on eu for the time difference (were from Canada) Haha yeah, we were middle of jungle south, between the dams and bear caves. Was a great place got a ton of stuff, made metal base etc We got raided because someone used grapples and parachutes to glitch into our base offline and somehow didnt die to plant x (btw how are you doing fert? Any reliable way?) Oh well! Was soooo much fun. Especially during the first few days on foot
  3. You on na or eu center? We played there for a bit was a blast Just dont have the time to play that right now, so good ole pve for me for now.
  4. Im a solo tribe, work full time with fiancee and family etc. I just did the bosses, solo raised all my theriz and rexs for it, did it all with less time to play than you explained. Your theory is debunked. Just work harder
  5. Meaning they got the saddle bp, made it and now have it /facepalm
  6. You make a lot of threads !
  7. Well theres spawn points in the redwoods, which happen to put them.way up in trees (heres lookin at you, you crafty climbing diplos) but not spawn points for thayl ON trees (Note difference between on and in)
  8. Boonz?? Willhem?
  9. Argent =/= quetz
  10. But the bear has waaaay more weight. I use both :)! Got bears with 4k weight, a nice bred imprinted (ours pop put 250+) Theriz collects meat better than a giga! 13k fiber in a ape? I went on a fiber run last night on theriz, making saddles for bosses... got 35k fiber from ONE GO (one continuous gather, went for a c-c-combo breaker :P) when i got back to base had over 75k fiber. In short; Theriz rock
  11. Sounds like it would be an awesome server !!
  12. Youre phucked man sorry They wont refund your character, they cant recover their own chracters from their own game
  13. A lot of good info in here, does anyone else feel cross ark trading killed the "go tame 150s for new stats" vibe we used to have?
  14. Didnt even know that existed lol