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  1. You realize theres a bunch of other countries right? I dont know every american holiday just as you dont know every Canadian one.. Calm down. You got sidetracked from the topic and made it about patriotism. Back on topic, no. They probably wont cater an event to you.
  2. d1nk

    [DEVS] Auto decay of dinos

    Cue the dino decay suggestion / complaint threads this summer!
  3. Not a holiday here. If they started catering to every small holiday there would be an evo event almost every day. You are fine, i hope you planned ahead for the weekend
  4. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    My yuty i bred came out with worse hp and slightly better stam, 2.3k or something. I put stam to 3k and rest into hp for giggles(25 or 30k) . When i spam the yuty (you do courage and fear) i never seem to get close to running out of stam.. but maybe im doing it wrong haha. Most guides suggest pumping stamina, it seems its just a few prebuffs and the odd courage every few secs while fearing spam. I can tell you the hp saved my butt when i did alpha ape.. only because i was dumb and kept getti g hit by rocks. Keep in mind when you courage the bosses tend to focus you on yuty if you arent careful. Long story short.. i really dont know. Maybe @yekrucifixion187 can weigh in on it, hes a lot more of a seasonsed bosser and yuty extraordinare lol.
  5. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox Scorched Earth Unoffical Started the day off like most of mine, did the chores. Topped off bins, did a quick meat and berry run. Went back out to get more wood, sand and cactus sap. Im sitting around 60 foundations, 100 walls, 40 ceilings, 20 sloped and still need more for my new base. Made another 20x founds, 50x walls and 10 ceilings. While.out farming i spotted a 140 roo. Gathered more mushrooms, went back to.clean the area and tame it. Ive been just bola'ing my tames then building stone gates around em. Quick and easy, always lots of leftover stone from clay farming too. Got this sucker tamed up with no problems. I now have a speed roo! So mucg fun. Went out on a test drive, wanted to check out a few base locales. Stopped by green ob, didnt like it to much. (For a base area) and while exploring around found an oil vein, a new metal outpost and a 203 wild wolf! Same method of tame, I always have darts, narcs and gates on me. Got a new killer. Tamed out almost level 300, 3k hp and 351 melee. After the wolf was safely back in base i went up the canyon to keep looking for a spot. I was set on a plateu near a lake, pretty much smack dab in the middle of the map. After about an hour of hanging around the place, testing a few base spots with thatch i decided to make my base slightly down more, on a two part ramp leading up to the 'upper' parts of the canyon. Went back to base and hauled over some adobe, made two walls with a stone behe gate in each on each side of the plateu and thatched out my main first building. After awhile I was satisfied with it, went back to craft all the insides, boxes, smithys, bins, pestles etc. It was getting late now, got a xbox msg from my real life buddy who was asking about my server rates. He didnt like how it was so low but it seems he joined later anyways after i went to sleep. Ill see if he continues to play. Ill tame some stuff for him later this weekend if he plans to. Got a wedding to go to today, should be a great party. Happy arking all and all a prosperus weekend!
  6. Well you did say to transfer them from legacy save to sp/unofficial then transfer back. I guess Legacy is still a hot issue around here haha You basically just want to get some of your dinos to your save files to keep (on sp) . Correct?
  7. Thanks for that bit about unclaimed dinos, I just figured they were born wild for whatever reason. Thats even easier to tweak, should they feel the need to patch this. That brings me to a point i was going to make in the last post but didnt, about this whole "intended" buisness.. Is it intended that we gain exp from killing enemy dinos? Maybe a significant reduction would be good Regardless. Passive exp; if they added more rewarding ways to gain exp outside: scowering map for alphas (low med exp) , mass killing (bad exp) and the passives which give the most (grinder, narcs, massive waste building) I would be 100% on your viewpoint about it. Honestly the best way (as solo) to get exp is just prefarm and go for a smoke while the grinder / narcs / gunpower is running. I would love for another engaging way. It might be a bit far fetched to expect a redesign on that aspect though.. I would really hate for a blanket nerf without it
  8. d1nk

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    Mosa is a lot harder to mass breed / tame and conceal. Id imagine that plays a large part in it. You can get an itchy as a beach bob with some meat or maybe a prime, then you can instantly grief bases AND hide it real easily. If it gets killed its just a simple tame, kind of the same situaton Pteras were in
  9. d1nk

    The Usefulness of Tek Troughs?

    There was just a tek trough thread necro'd last week or something, check in there for lots of info
  10. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I would say the fur on the yuty looks lavander too. (Do you hear Yannie?!) Nah that fool can eat a hat. Noone should sneak in.. but i must say itd be fun to parachute down into someones boss fight bubble. I would laugh then try to kill them (if it was my boss fight)
  11. d1nk

    Methods of Farming Spino Sails?

    You mean that 9 can spawn at the same time. There is no special spawn mechanic
  12. d1nk

    Attacked but by whom?

    It used to be like that. It was changed to actually give people who arent alpha a chance to take on alphas sneak style (promote offline raiding??) Without being instantly wiped when alphas log in
  13. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Didnt get much yesterday. Got on and scouted for almost 2h looking for some nice tames. I was trying to bola a 189 wild wolf and stupidly i got myself killed. Also got my purple and blue kangaroo killed too :,( Ended up retaming another kangaroo, farming a bunch more sap, wood, sand and premaking more adobe for my new base. Also gathered a bunch for some.stone behemoth gates for new place. Still getting used to scorched. Im actually kind of liking the place. I just wish there was a bit of biome diversity or more ruined cities (like rag - besides colloseum) for some more RPesque spots.
  14. d1nk

    details about beginner servers

    They arent default rates, the difficulty is turned down. Based on dino max level i would assume to difficulty 3l