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  1. It against TOS on other games to take something someone left out in the open, free for all to take? Most games have a trade function. This isnt an MMORPG so it doesnt have one
  2. Ill give ya a bump. Sounds like its a collision issue. I tested it on my server and had no problems. Collision is disabled though
  3. Why necro an almost 1 year old.post?!
  4. Ive slacked off the last few times ive been playing havent been recording it! A quick summary of what I remember: Been on Rag mostly. Been prepping for another Tek cave and also been just finishing the base off on Rag. I kind of abandoned it with Ab release on the cluster and now that ive almost gotten caught up on what I wanted to do there ive been spending some time on rag. Have been doing lots of trades with server folk. We have most of the good BPs and breed lines so ive been selling stuff for Red Sap to make our drake saddles. Last night I combined some stats on our theriz line and did an outstanding trade - a server member gave us rights for two baby tuso (one for me one for saltire) and last night I finally got over to her place to grab mine. Sweet underwater tek cube in a cave! Claimed my tuso, cryod it for later and went back to base. Finished imprinting on a Theriz then hopped servers for a bit. Brought our Theriz saddle to rag and jumped over to Ab to grab 10k ingots and threw em in the cloud. Got back to Rag and made two theriz saddles, making my boss squad back up to 5 strong. Still a long way to go to get back to fully operational for boss farming. Honestly we have been doing veins for element lately. With Valguero announced were now not sure if we want to continue efforts on Rag. We love the map but the memory leak and general laggyness of the server is offputting. Admin figures it wont even last a year this time. Currently im going to spend some time on Rag just to use the facilities I built until it gets closer to valg release for consoles.
  5. No fliers really spices the game up. I did mammals only too. Try out no fliers on the server, will be a fresh wipe and we have all those maps
  6. It doesnt even affect me and I cheered reading this thread. Thank you. If you guys keep up communication like this it will go a LONG way. Screw twatter and other social media.. post here on your official forums
  7. Oh, for sure. It wasnt like I was downplaying @Bruvas78neither. Its just the truth of it. He very well mightve gotten the stats himself- I have no way of knowing. I try to always mention it when people say "you need 25k hp 1000 melee hatch rexs" for bosses that the first bosses were done with 10-13k 400 melee rexs
  8. Out of the ordinary for unofficial without thousands of people to trade with, yeah. Those arent ordinary stats,years of mutation stacking hehe Congrats on the nice rexs though
  9. Inb4 a million posts of a dino getting stuck while enroute to trough and starving
  10. Well to be fair was very informative actually.. lots of info was given on both sides. Until WC releases a definitive yes or no on lots of these quirky "features" its all we have to go on.
  11. Bear trap his house, thank me later XD
  12. They would be banned so fast on our server.. what the actual bleep....Why would someone do that lol
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