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  1. Throw them all aggressive in the swamp cave. Sp so they'll derender and freeze when you're not there. They might die, might get loads of levels or might help you next time you go..who knows
  2. Not a stretch, it was a fantasy game from the start lol. Love the entitlement of opinion here. My opinion is based on factual statements and experience (played since day 1) - yours is based off your feelings on how **you** feel the game should be. Obviously not intended by the devs.
  3. Sure it might be shared by others but its still wrong. It was never a "dino" game. Yes, there's dinos in it but you literally saw giant alien obelisks and an impossible sci fi implant in your arm.
  4. Ps you no longer need to enable wander to mate, there's a mate setting now
  5. Not what you want to hear but its been around since the start of ARK. Its worse on console because we can't really recover any saves.. I'm sorry this happened, its happened to me a few times as well. Its like getting wiped on a pvp server.. demotivating. Best of luck.
  6. Awe man allo looks like you're the only poster left Props to keeping it alive dude
  7. I dont - I was just asking if he was playing your map is all. I remembered your talkings of it over the time you've been developing it, seemed familiar.
  8. Is this Darkholis' map? I tried to tag him forever wasn't working ..
  9. Why? Have them publicly here so we can all contribute?
  10. XB CI Server Didn't get on for long, made sure my sheep that I bred survived, success then bred them again to get another spare for mutton later. Let them raise while I did other stuff then podded them and logged off
  11. XB Extinction Server Spent literally 12 hours running Desert cave in hopes of getting a giga saddle bp. Did a run every 30-45 mins, got loads of good loot including some new pick / hatchet blueprints but no good saddles. Other than that I didn't do much most of the day. Imprinted the rest of the two gigas I had in cryo, tried to go for a osd run...but twice second wave of a red osd the drop vanished while I was mid way... we can't damage the drops but both times i was looking for the last one or two tames..coincidence? Render issue? Don't know. Transferred over to crystal isles. After a long break for dinner / wife time I was back on, unloading my stuff figuring what to do. I spot off in the distance a giant ape, spyglass it, 260? Meh sure haven't tamed one yet since rework. They're awesome !!! Immediately went looking for a mate for it. Had a small taming spree, 340 tek para, 313 tek para and while landing for stam got attacked by a 348 (max tek lvl) tek raptor, why not. Showered the redwoods for like 2 hours. No good apes. On the way home found a low level female sheep, been looking for one awhile. Got home and immediately bred it let it raise while I went to sleep.
  12. XB CI Server Two days of play here, forgot to record my last session. Spent most of my last time on breeding. Trying to combine my rex stats with the low level female and also get her colours. My male rex is from a few events ago but it looks like a Christmas one, pure red. New one is lime green body with white every where else, looks kind of good. I dont usually like bright green. Killed a lot of babies, raised a few while doing element shard runs, metal runs etc. Built a taming pen for yuty / rex on a cliff platform near my base with a ramp going down, too paranoid about them being eaten while taming, haven't tested it yet. When I finally got a few combined stats I had an extra few that I imprinted, let the final raises grow. XB CI Server Yesterday Took my mate boosted imprinted Rex's for a spin near my base. Used rare flowers and decimated the local population. Popped a few extra Rex's to imprint while I'm busy doing some farming. Still slowly gathering element shards, trying to build up to a tek skiff or something neat. Also have a few more tek items id like to build but need more element. While I was letting Rex's raise, popped over to my scorched base area and wanted to tame a few event griffins. Flew over and checked out the griffin trench. It was severely overspawned, no-good levels around. Took a heavy turret, set it up ontop my base and kept luring griffins to their death. It was getting a bit annoying so I hopped over to my base grabbed an extra imprinted boss rex and a velo. Threw the velo down on turret mode while the rex following on neutral down right in the middle of the trench. Worked wonderful! Killed dozens of griffins, let the trench be cleared and went back to sit and wait for respawns. It paid off! First one spawns near trap - 290 event griffin! Get that baby into the trap. Ran out of darts half way through, quickly made some tranq arrows and got it out. Tamed out pretty nicely and threw it all in a drop then bed hopped over to my main base. Threw the last imprints on my Rex's then prepped to hop over to extinction. I need to start running the desert cave, were trying to find a giga saddle bp. XB Extinction Server Hopped over and deposited all my stuff I brought over. Just basic supplies. Was gearing up to head out when Santa spawned. I dont like chasing him on Extinction but he literally spawned outside my base, got a few presents. Deposited the loot and took out to the desert cave. Did a quick run, nothing too noteworthy but a nice flak helmet bp that I needed. Got back to base and logged here. I'll hit the cave a lot more today and also maybe some element veins or something.
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