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  1. d1nk

    alpha raptor

    Yeah probably. If you can trap it in a box just smash ur carnos face into it and attack (make out of doorframes) and when its low just back up snd force feed cooked meat to heal. Can use diplo to lure it to boat trap
  2. Use a scout to video them opening a gate or somehow spyglass & video. Upload and include in all reports (NOT ON OFFICIAL FORUMS - name and shame rule)
  3. From what ive been reading around social media the new turret feature seems to be dealing WAY more than previous. Is it just while its tracking high speeds? Dont know. Dont play PVP unfortunatly
  4. d1nk

    Dragon Island

    Thanks good to know! Can you confirm whether or not veggie cakes 'work properly' now? I heard they were buggered after homestead (not being eaten as often or not healing as much.. cant remember) Havent done any bosses since homestead
  5. d1nk

    Dragon Island

    It was buffed or veggie cakes dont work properly? I havent heard of a buff only that veggie cakes havent been working properly?
  6. d1nk

    The Center Map Flashing Sky Problem

    I notice it all over the map, also Xbox. Theres also sometimes after a lightning storm that it will keep flashing lightning (different than the 'siezure skies') Its a shame because I like the Center but it literally hurt my head when the siezure skies hit
  7. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Getting on sporatically while I can, wife decided to invite her whole family to our place for easter ( 16 people - we own a 1.5 bedroom rancher) so weve been having lots of prep lol. Started off with an ice cave run. Got a nice 240% MC Longneck BP (good for cheap crafting) then hopped into Viking bay with my Bary to get some black pearls. Got home, did an obsidian run and made some poly for a Motorboat. I have plans to remake the taming boat for getting around faster, moving about on the old taming raft is soo slow. Saw the griffin parked up top and decided we needed a flier platform. Made a 4x6 platform above our base and even managed to get the stairs semi-blended into the natural ruins. I had to use a janky pillar ceiling to make it work (do not destroy the ceiling next to stairs going up @AngrySaltire - unless you can support the stairs first more descretely) Did another big material run and made up a bunch more premades for the motorboat. I wanted a similar design but a tad bigger. Got the boat 5x6 and installed a roof over the dino gate part for now, I want to start getting some Argy stats. Equiped the boat with a genny, fridge, couple smithys (one instead of boxes) AC and bunkbed. Debating a chem bench - decide later. I made a 2x3 drop pen above on the ceilings to maximize the taming per sqfnd - temporary for now until we need the drop ramp for bigger tames. Im actually liking Argy's for the main flier. Slow enough to not be game breaking, not too powerful (but can be if leveled to be) and are super handy. Im parked near Green ob ATM trying to tame a 145 Argy then heading to bed. Going to leave the boat here overnight.
  8. d1nk

    Which map?

    You're not too unpopular sharing that opinion. I like it for the ability to actually kill bosses / do OSDs somewhat on demand for loot instead of just Element. More of a MMORPG feel. Sometimes on weekends fun to grab your friends and do some. Im excited for our map to roll over to SE. Its a little bare but some cool features and caves.
  9. d1nk


    Please link these to more threads lol. Does it include any youtube links?
  10. d1nk

    Trying to breed Rex's

    There is no level mutation. Google: Ark Breeding Mutations Explained. Its a long process I suggest you research before asking if you're doing wrong You will learn a lot!
  11. d1nk

    Ragnarok Obelisk Broken

    Weird! Sorry I cant help you... with s+ partial integration you could pick up most your bases and such and re-make the map? Good chance to redesign some bases
  12. d1nk

    Ragnarok Obelisk Broken

    ......We can cheat kill obelisks?!
  13. d1nk

    How many hours have you played for?

    Ill have to check tonight to make sure but it should be around 5000
  14. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Logged on last night for an hour and a bit. Logged in at the Canyon forge boat. Was planning to drive it back if it was full but seems Saltire took most of the metal home already So I killed myself and teleported up to the storage area, did a little metal farm. Went back to base and farted around with Cryopods then flew to Jerboa island to see if I can find some nice lightpets. Right off the hop, Cyan 145 shinehorn, score! @AngrySaltire will like this one! Got a few low level coloured Glowtails, then a 135? Male shinehorn to make a mating pair and a 135 bulbdog on a whim for a personal pet. Saltire can now make a full blue shinehorn if he desires! Didnt do much else. Searched forever in SE spot for some easter thylos with no luck. Did a desert drop run after on foot on a Thylo then logged off
  15. d1nk

    Imprinting as a solo tribe

    Yeah you're right. Its sure a lot better now for solo guys since the 8h intervals though! Lol I didnt know the app did that, how is it?