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  1. Awe man allo looks like you're the only poster left Props to keeping it alive dude
  2. Fill one heal pig up with meat, park under boss crew, throw on healing, leave render, come back. Thank me later
  3. This. You need to read every setting because they were designed/ worded terribly
  4. If anything he added gasoline ! You just need to understand their humor:P Pachys tame exclusively Pegomastax.
  5. Nothing to do with troughs. There wasn't enough food in them to fully heal each one. Stasis bug. @St1ckyBandit next time have 2x the food needed to fully mature in troughs, this bug was explained to me awhile ago. It happens because the game calculations your food over the entire duration you were away, they see "need 1000 units of food, there was only 800, dino should be dead" then you login to dead babies fresh bags. Paraphrased that a bit lol
  6. Element drops are customized in .ini. Is this a non dedicated server or a hosted server via nitrado? If first one, get nitrado. Also, Google your info or ask here, don't take words of friends!
  7. I dont - I was just asking if he was playing your map is all. I remembered your talkings of it over the time you've been developing it, seemed familiar.
  8. Is this Darkholis' map? I tried to tag him forever wasn't working ..
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