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  1. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Only got on for a little bit today, reorganized my base a bit. Bed hopped to my old base (crashed 4 times trying to wake up) grabbed my dung beetle and some stuff I had left there. Went out looking for an event Quetz and spotted a beautiful black & orange one, only level 50 though. Gave chase and as per usual it ran to frozen lake in Murder Snow. Got it knocked out and just as I laid spike walls around it a pack of direwolves ate it from under the ice. This has happened to me before lol Pissed off, went flying back to base and spotted a 130 Yuty. It was busy chomping some diplos so I figured id just shoot it and test my luck. Before it killed the diplos I had it running from Torpor, it ran past me and feared my Griffin. Sending me all over, I dismounted for a second and got mauled by 2 purlovia and had to quickly whistle follow all and glide down the mountain. When I finally got back to the Yuty it was pitch black (even with gamma) and I couldnt get it to follow me. Then it picked a fight with a 130 Griff and got destroyed. Annoyed went back to base and logged to make dinner and GoT it up a bit.
  2. d1nk

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    Id like you to regail me with some old old bugs and qwerks. Im talking pre-120 max dino level (even pre-60). What were some things people had to (or did because they didnt know any better) do because of either game breaking bugs, patched mechanics or of the like. Would be great to relive those memories, so much has happened to Ark since those times. This will test your knowledge of following the game without playing it. You probably wouldve read about this on the old media platforms rather than experiencing them first hand like we did, look forward to it
  3. d1nk

    My ARK: Survival Evolved Obsession

    Impressed, thats going back quite a while now. Those were the good days. Fighting the boss with your server (or luring the boss to abusive tribes on PvE) Back then having good Gigas were almost unheard of, spawn levels were low and the general herd of people thought only X amount of gigas could persist on a map (even tamed) at once. If you were a good developed tribe, trapping her in Metal Behe gates (woah.. so much polymer!! this was before beavers, you had to grind it from chitin in mortar and pestles!!!!) Killing spiders with Sabers, then after the great dino melee nerf.. wolves. Ahh...
  4. Theres bigger issues than just Ark at hand in this, this is getting into how Xbox's handle netcode and interact with Ark (probably all UE4 engine games) and the Xbox main servers While I do feel your pain (I also play on Xbox) The main thing I wanted to get pointed out was that this is happening even playing on Xbox One X which usually is the 'fix' to most of Arks crashing problems (low memory on old gens)
  5. d1nk


    It was scheduled downtime.. did you not read the header or just decided to come here to complain?
  6. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Oh god. "Just gonna send it" lol
  7. d1nk

    Tek Dinosaurs- Why are They Here?

    Good theories. Im guessing theyre slowly getting us used to the dlc
  8. d1nk

    downtime for updates... notice?

    Did you see the notice that was there all day on the forum header? Unfortinatley for.you they did warn people
  9. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Then skip it and read the next one. No need to voice your opinion over it, some people like modified server configs and it helps keep the game fresh for them
  10. Myself and im sure thousands of others would love a mobile app to log in servers to feed babies, check logs etc. Hell.. charge a monthly for it and theyll make loads of cash. The technology is there just borrow the mobile's code
  11. d1nk

    Building Tip

    Looks like the pillar isnt snapped to the main wall (looks crooked) are the top ceilings run off the main wall or only from that pillar?
  12. Thanks for the update, im thinking something in this last patch changed how the game handles this, a dramatic increase of crash complaints (most seem on Xbox, too) usually the perscribed fix is: 'Get a one x'
  13. d1nk

    About the sale on PS4

    No, its on his account when you buy it itll be linked on your account. Just prep by getting leveling stuff ready and invite your new one to tribe
  14. d1nk

    Finding Event Reaper Queens?

    Make alt accounts and preggo them
  15. d1nk

    Joining failed, could not get address

    Look for "Dev tracker" it shows every thing they post no matter the social media platform used