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  1. d1nk

    Xbox One - Keyboard Mouse

    Considering its a new update I dont think its been hundreds of times. Also if it wasnt implemented prior it wouldnt be possible? Now start asking them
  2. Technically no. You can do it via admin commands (take ss of base, calculate the pieces and spawn them in) or if you use s+ can just pick them up. I would just use your current base and dinos, pre-build a base and throw all your tames, items then survivors in the obelisk and transfer. Find a spot then pull them out and start building. This would be the most satisfying way without resorting to cheats. The base is usually the easy part. Just a little farming
  3. d1nk

    Are my babies dead?

    Why would you hatch on patch day ?
  4. Ah yeah for sure
  5. The egg wouldve hatched if that was the case Im scared for console release lol
  6. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Famous last words We cant exactly restore our saves so even if it *might* overwrite its a huge deal for consoles
  7. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Perfect! I wish it came out this weekend then I would have time to play but maybe ill see about getting tuesday off. Getting close to lay-off here
  8. d1nk

    The new kibble system

    Wow seems like a great change! Thanks for keeping us console plebs up to date.
  9. d1nk

    Extinction for console players

    Hey I wanna join in the server circlejerk thread too #yayimrelevant
  10. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Hey man Glad to see you around here again. I also have taken a few months off and havent logged in my server so ive probably lost everythijg to spoil Had a few nice rock drake eggs in my fridge but id assume theyrr gone now Undecided whether im going to pay a visit back to Ark when extinction drops for xbox.. im pretty hooked back into my old pc game (and I mean old.. Tibia 20 years old now..) without a pc capable of even dreaming of running Ark im stuck with my good ole faithful og xbox one. Maybe @AngrySaltire has plans for extinction? Going in fresh or transfer? I should plan my stuff now if I do decide to jump in
  11. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Your mates fault not the game That sucks!
  12. To think all those people Ive argued with on Reddit claiming this was an intended mechanic.. lol Clearly not.
  13. d1nk

    what the actual ... ?!

    Yes i do. I would but not at home Thanks mate!
  14. d1nk

    what the actual ... ?!

    Hahah true. Now I wonder if I bought the seasons pass.. i did have the fancy ravager saddle, thats indicator of seasons pass no?
  15. Fixed. I honestly havent turned on my xbox for weeks. I did my own looking for release time, wasnt meaning to try and pry info Didnt know the bit about hidden sry :₩