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      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Wild only?
  2. Ive been experiencing the opposite aswell. The game seems a lot more crisp and animated better . Havent noticed fps drop or raise.. but i play on dedicated with good net
  3. Thankyou. The font size definatly needs an update (slider bar please??) I play on a 60" tv and still cant read temp or time of day right up close !
  4. I do this with most my theriz, outrun them barely at 130 speed watch out. Also ill add two things with these taming ramp pens and theriz: 1) They get lots of air off ramp, go slow or watch out it doesnt jump it (rip most of my tames as it soared into my base) 2) they WILL walk over 2 high walls if theyre pissed at you. Use 3 (Again ; rip my noobie argy i was using to lure this theriz lol) @Quirky
  5. Amen. We can agree on that
  6. Perfect thanks Im glad to see a lot of positive feedback in here.
  7. Okay so i thought aspect ratio bug was just me.. weird!
  8. Weve known about the update for a month.. theyve been posting news about it and its been all over every social media / forum platform lol. Sorry man.. your own fault for not knowijg whats coming. The ui is kind of weird ill give you that. Blue writing on blue background is terrible. (I got a 60" tv and can still barely read the text and i got 2020 vision!!)
  9. Its cause imprint.. he asked for hp values before imprint lol
  10. 21k pre imprint was our highest, also 20.5k (same litter)
  11. I understand man. In the same boat as you (without kid on the way that is..) and yes, it takes longer. It may be longer but it doesnt change the fact that now it seems more balanced. Now we just need to find ways to be more efficient rather than just "fly here mine this fly back" y'know?
  12. Good suggestions i like em to an extent.. there would have to be a lot of feedback between us and WC to make it happen though. For example; i might think capping argy at 130 might be good while wc or another player might think 200 is good.
  13. What it added to the game was balance. Now you think.about taking your land dinos out instead of hopping of roflstomp quetz to afk fly to the other side. You need to think unbiased.. this is good for ark as a whole even if you cant see it.
  14. Agree 100%