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  1. Time management. Not having time is an excuse, theres two of you. You will either need to coordinate breeding, take a loss on some imprints or do it half-arsed. Beta brood is easy, use megatherium. A lot more forgiving for breeding. I did all bosses except alpha dragon on official, solo. I only had limited time so I planned my big raises for weekends when I could dedicate the time, this was way before cryopods, ezmode imprint timers etc. Good luck dudes
  2. Are you console or PC? Try turning off name plates, it will significantly improve your chances to not get kicked. I also always look right at the ground, it seems to help in heavy situations (logging in, teleporting / bedhopping) whether it actually does is another question.. it works for me though on original xbox
  3. d1nk

    Island Swamp Cave solo

    Even a tamed one with a prim saddle will WRECK anything there. Their bug buff is not to be understated in there. It cannot move between the 1st main room and secondarty room (to the river-ish room wher the 2nd and 3rd drops are located) so you can either: Deploy after 1st small hallway, clear 1st water room, go right to drop and by the time you get back to 1st water room you should only have about 40-60 seconds left on cryo. I like to rush to past the tight hallway, throw it in the room, whistle neutral and run back let it decimate the room, then jump on it. You will deploy it again aftef the drop, past the second tight hallway and it can traverse the whole rest of cave. Or 2: clear the first drop, deploy it for the rest. I personally would do the 1st method as you really only have to wait like 30 seconds. If you want paste still while riding the mega, have a frog follow you and when bugs swarm just sit there let the frog kill them (you will take almost no dmg)
  4. Dont tek dinos only drop scrap metal, electronics and oil? Edit: didnt realize there was a patch
  5. d1nk

    Island Swamp Cave solo

    Dont get hit. Seriously. I do the cave probably two times a week solo, the key is bringing a 2nd dino in to act as a artho shield. I use a frog for paste, and a hyeanadon. I run up, kill bugs then when my hyeana is there jump back, let artho get on it and then help kill them. I could and do the whole cave like this, since cryopods I bring a mega aswell just to make it fast. Recently ive brought two frogs in, simply for extra paste and it works the same. An ascendant gas mask can take 2 or 3 hits before breaking, my old MC took 90% dmg each hit (so 2 hits) I prefer this over ghillie and scuba as if you need to, you just need to switch out the mask. You need to know where the artho spawn and anticipate them I used to use just a Bary, it works wonders IF you can always keep the bary facing the artho, carno works even better for not getting spit on except its a bit slower. Bring a 2nd tame in to guarantee easier times, whistle attack this target to send thrm in the rooms first Edit: The last room is the worst for suprise artho. Two spawn behind the red drops (towards artifact) so they tend to come after youve cleared the room, dont get hit by these. I barely make it out on HP (450 hp) from there, most will probably die.
  6. d1nk

    Need Guidance for underwater exploring

    Btw fur armour doesnt work in water
  7. d1nk

    Element Node question

    Maybe the nodes got significantly damaged? Whats your character melee? Pick % ? Edit: Jay plays official
  8. You cant advertise servers here
  9. d1nk

    Will I get banned....

    Or people couldnt cheat. Dont try to justify it If thr raiders jumped off a bridge would you? (old and used analogy I know.)
  10. d1nk

    Will I get banned....

    Ban you for breaking the game rules? Seems fair. Just becausr they're doing it doesnt make it justified to do it yourself
  11. d1nk

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    Im suprised you didnt die, did it have a decent saddle?
  12. d1nk

    Will I get banned....

    Holy bad resolution batman... but yes. If you step foot in the mesh youre open to getting banned, no matter what.
  13. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Aaahh thats it. Enraged trike + artho reflect + being pounded.
  14. d1nk

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I cant think of anything that would... do Thylo spawn in the wastelands? Maybe it got an angle off a cliff?! Lagg and possible Y button press? I dont know