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  1. Throw them all aggressive in the swamp cave. Sp so they'll derender and freeze when you're not there. They might die, might get loads of levels or might help you next time you go..who knows
  2. Tldr; I died lost my tame now I'm mad
  3. Yeah cause random people are great for sound advice
  4. Alpha spider has always been way harder than beta. Alpha spider is second hardest to alpha dragon and always has been I think you just forgot. Some people find alpha spider harder than dragon especially without optimized tames
  5. Not a stretch, it was a fantasy game from the start lol. Love the entitlement of opinion here. My opinion is based on factual statements and experience (played since day 1) - yours is based off your feelings on how **you** feel the game should be. Obviously not intended by the devs.
  6. You're both right. Hes right in his explanation (though it takes a more philosophy role) and you are right in they aren't *story* maps. Honestly though @Elyana a quick Google would give you infinite wealth on this subject. Its been discussed to death a million times. You'll also find a lot of interesting ideas while doing some reading
  7. Sure it might be shared by others but its still wrong. It was never a "dino" game. Yes, there's dinos in it but you literally saw giant alien obelisks and an impossible sci fi implant in your arm.
  8. Ps you no longer need to enable wander to mate, there's a mate setting now
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