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  1. This is true. Xbox has 200 dino cap Lol @ the "oh my god 400 isnt enough!!"
  2. "Yeah im just texting uhh.. my wife. Yeah my wife."
  3. Haha no worries. I didnt mean to sound to short with it was quickly posting and boss walked around corner
  4. No, the op was asking about deathworms not alpha wyverns
  5. He was talking about alpha deathworms
  6. Agreed! Props to childrens minds @ActionJax great kid
  7. Persistant worlds
  8. Awe sorry to hear man. It is possible a dev could fix it, if they get to u before claim timer
  9. Sounds like you either a) had personal structures and personal owns and or b) you accepted invite instead of merge
  10. I do like the idea!
  11. I agree !! Ive done many no flyers before, single player, dedi server, but to impracticle on officials (bases tend to block ways up volcano, blue, etc) Im glad to hear someone else is doing small birds only. You pretty much explained my exact play, minus the son ptera for trades / scouting , argy for metal (good idea about beaver), dragon for "oh em gee" moments (titan at base or giga behind walls) Any tips? Im only a week into it, have my base set up, just started breeding a few bears and allos ! If youre on xb (didnt look) feel free to pm me I could give you a good spare bear, which is by far the best no flier buddy