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  1. Thats funny. Thats my exact thought when im too bored to do anything.. grab a horse, longneck and leather set and go explore, look at scenery and shoot stuff. This after 2k hours
  2. Stasis

    I guess we just need to adapt. The first thing that comes to mind is utilizing more of the kibble im sure we all have on officals. Throw a stack of dodo kibble in there
  3. Maybe. (Microsoft, Xbox One)
  4. Diplocaulus a bit Rare?

    I havent even seen a wild one yet!
  5. Quit forgetting about your other gamemodes

    Apparently i got merged even though i made it a seperate topic to get answers rather than have the whole forum flooded with the same crap we have every day. Thanks mods...
  6. Quit forgetting about your other gamemodes

    Thinking of starting a new save of P+, (console) havent played it at all out of fear of all the glitches and unfinished state.. How is it now? Also any tips for getting started for a P+ newb? Most of the guides are terribly out of date with no explanations.. Appreiciate it
  7. Quit forgetting about your other gamemodes

    What about Prim+? Ive been wanting to play some lately on my new console sp game.. hows it run on console these days? Worth my time? (Also... where can i find a guide for p+? Most are horribly outdated)
  8. Best day in Ark ever!

    And there is the exploited melee again lol. Congrats on buying cheated stats .. i must admit thats a mighty fine rex though.
  9. No im talking about rex eggs. Also ive seen it and done it (by accident) myself. You simply kill off a few tames to get egg to start incubating then make tame cap again as it hatches. Its fine if you dont know what you speak of, you dont have to know everything.
  10. Im hoping the bug was fixed.. but here we go. When you hatch an egg on a tame capped server they hatched wild (if at all) .. you knock them out, tame them then start baby process. The taming bonus applied and now you have higher statted rexs. Take that rex, breed it, rinse repeat. Seems like you dont know of that exploit even with close to 6k hours! I have never seen you post before so i dont know which country you are from.
  11. I never asked for your hours, i asked how long youve been playing for. Anyone can afk ingame to boost hours. (Not saying you did) Im sorry, i dont agree with you on doable. The sheer odds even getting a single dino with a single stat that high, then adding mutations ontop is daunting to say the least. Maybe you have some rexs this high and are trying to protecte them, maybe youre just trying to argue for arguement sake or playing devils advocate.. dont know. I do know from personally talking with many people (im a reddit trader, over 200 different sales) that stats like these resulted from center overcapping issue. Maybe the OP legit made these stats or even just traded for an egg. Regardless, with all thats going on in ark with cheating do you REALLY believe these came by legit?
  12. Then you must not know about the various glitches that have happened over the last 1.5 years to cause these stats. How long have you been playing? Anyone with any serious investment into breeding knows these kind of stats are cheesed. Especially the thylo lol.. Ps: Why is this is bugs now? Its a discussion about rex stats... Dont want people to see the gm spawned effects and the glitch stat boosting and how its affected ark today? (Less than a month before release too..)
  13. Sure.. but those thylo are 100% exploited. Look at the thread the op basically admits it (same with his 325 base melee giga lol)
  14. He means wild, pre tame.