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  1. I should preface by saying i meant it was silly they killed themselves, not you using / taking the leash. Ill edit it Which platform? Many factors here. You're a full member so just go to the trade section. If its PC I highly suggest @BertNoobians
  2. What setting were they on? That was a silly thing to do
  3. You can't. Only 1 of 4 platforms can do this.
  4. What does loaded crysis have to do with anything? Hes that dumb clickbait youtuber isnt he?
  5. Hello Ramrod. Use the recruitment forums
  6. Totally underused saying! I agree completely. Its never been so solo friendly as it is today. Cryopods make the game so easy
  7. Prime example: Rag release. Big anti pillar patch.. first iteration ruins peoples pre existing builds then the second one the big change is ... add a ladder! Within hours all the rag servers were re-pillared.
  8. Simply leave render and come back. Day 1 quetz issue
  9. Uhh.. the official servers arent dead. Try looking elsewhere besides the beach for a spot lol
  10. Size, ease of raise, speed, ease of storage, hitbox, carry by wyvern, many reasons why theriz is better. I find Theriz easier to tame as well.
  11. Well, yeah. Ideally you would if you are planning the lines from the start. Are you on Official servers? If you arent you need not worry about the 450 cap
  12. As long as theres human-vampire-homodues relations im cool with it
  13. For bosses? Theriz hands down. Rex might have slightly higher base stats but theriz have cakes. The reason people use Rexs is because they've been developed a lot more than theriz were. If you take a Theriz bred to the same mutation levels as some of those BurtRexs.. they would be much better (for bosses) Also they are smaller, easier to move around, easier to get them onto a boss and...cakes.
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