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  1. How many beds do you have? When I had a lot of beds (I loved having outposts) when I got over a certain amount it would make all my beds glitchy Edit: does the skiff function like a quetz or other platforms? Or does it count as a structure? Never even seen one that could have a lot to do with the aforementioned glitch here in this reply
  2. Like... as the admin? You could go into ghost mode, fly, add speed and zip around if you're looking. Otherwise you can teleport to a player ID (look on server manager for players' Id #s) Google is your friend:)
  3. Squareonix Capitol to invest into programmers (aaa game developer) vs indie developer. Yeah the same XD I dont think anyone is arguing there *aren't* problems with the game. We all know WC has done a bad job at managing their game. What they're getting on you about is the ludicrous statements you make, knowing nothing about the actual process or complexities involved. Go calm down, punch a wall or something (you seem like the type) then come back and re-read what you wrote then what they replied with.
  4. Depends what you need. Both are in the same scope of mid-level mid-sized tames. I personally like bears more than thylas but a good thyla is a freaking TANK. I would use the thyla for travel, bear for niche harvesting / combat. ZHUGE bonus you dont see many talk about is: when you dismount a bear you stand on it's back. This makes for some crazy situations that are very niche. Jump off ANY cliff and ride that mofo like a surf board to your safe landing.
  5. It's true. I'll own up to it. It's kind of my schtick but I'll admit when I'm especislly dink-ish
  6. Actually yes.. dinos DO cap at 450. Breeding them to lower stats isnt negating this.. just prolonging
  7. You realize there isnt a language called chinese right? Cantonese or Mandarin XD
  8. Most good unofficial servers dont need to advertise. They wont appear on the server listings because of what you listed. They dont want some random griefers joining and messing up their community. Have you even looked st the server listings or just browse through server list ingame?
  9. Look around and you will find it. Ps: threatening a game company that operates on game sale level about quitting does nothing if the game isnt subscription based.
  10. Dude there's been a thread about this all day. @GP merge?
  11. That's the language of your overlords.
  12. Selling a red and black dink ...gets random unsolicited pictures..
  13. Then transfer .. duh. Before you come back with a smartass comment - you can transfer on any map given you didnt restrict yourself.
  14. Keep going for mutations. If you get a strong enough implant you can raid WC headquarters and beat them.
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