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  1. Those sneaky underwater longnecks. Need me one of those
  2. You're going to have to fight @AngrySaltire to have Pokemon as your avatar. Lets get rrrrreadyyyyy to Rrrrrummblee!
  3. New event: Original turkeys + fear evolved + random dodorex spawns + winter event "All of your bases are belong to us"
  4. Go to reddit. Maybe look in Cross Ark forums here too (go back out of general, find your section (pc, xbox etc) and look there)
  5. How about before imprint changes? Before they made it ezmode? If you lost an imprint you would reset imprint progress.. yuck! What hes talking about it way before cryopods were even in wildcards' baby sack
  6. Server type and platform play a big role in this. Whats your platform ?
  7. Now it is. It was posted in the real ARK section. Now its in the right spot after being moved by a mod.
  8. Wrong forum. Go to Mobile section for the off shoot
  9. Wrong boards. This is for real ARK
  10. They're supposed to. Read the dossier
  11. Ive done both. Bronto bases are SOOOO jankey. Youll fight something and your non-metal/stone tier items (boxes smithy) will get damaged even though its completely sealed. People keep saying one leeds.. well any giga will wreck your day just as well as a Leeds
  12. Yes because its saved under his profile. If you start the game under your profile and he joins it would be the opposite - uf you mainly play
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