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Introducing Carcharodontosaurus


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Charcarodontosaurus will make a triumphant entry to ARK with a noteworthy set of abilities that puts it in competition with ARK's most feared carnivores!  With a notable taste for blood, Charcarodontosaurus will become more frenzied as it gets its fill.



Common Name: Carcharodontosaurus
Species: Carcharodontosaurus medicupestis
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive

I feel lucky to have crossed paths with Carcharodontosaurus medicupestis and lived to tell the tale. Though I’m not sure if this predator grows bigger than a Giganotosaurus, I hope never to find out. Just one of these bruisers held its own against an army of us, and that encounter cost us dearly.
Carcharodontosaurus can sweep aside attackers with its tail, but it’s the other end you’ll really want to avoid. It has teeth like steak knives, set in jaws strong enough to shred most prey. Even a near-miss will carve you up, but good.
Like its namesake the great white shark, Carcharodontosaurus gets more dangerous once it tastes blood. Each kill seems to give these monsters a rush and drive it into a berserker frenzy.
Anyone that manages to tame a Carcharodontosaurus will gain a new way to rally their tribe for battle. There’s something about this monster’s roar that drives others to fight — a war cry for Hell’s own army.
The more tactical tribes will let their Carcharodontosaurus tear through the mid-sized creatures in their enemy’s ranks, thereby building up its bloodrage to take on the largest threats. Talk about shock and awe!


Carcharodontosaurus will make its way onto the ARKs later this year!

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I knew the carchar was going to be awesome since the first vote. this is farther than what I thought it would be. I didnt think it would be this big (insert joke about it being soo big). another creature thats basicly driven by blood is cool, tho getting repetitive. and all the spikes and stuff on it are really cool. tho seeing no immedeate place to put the saddle, and the checkmark and x by the collar icon is worrying. lastly, if anyones still saying giga tlc, plz stop. theres the giga, and the cooler giga, 2 different things. the true creature defeater was the sino doing everything the arche does but better. this actually has a strategy, which helena says "let it eat the smaller enemies first". over all, this is a really cool creature. cant wait

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Just now, GaryTheSuchomimus said:

Wonder if it’s a bareback ride because at least to me most dinos look better with a saddle than bareback. Although dinopithicus and wyvern riding is good, but I guess they have to nerf it somehow.(just assuming from the dossier it looks like it won’t have a saddle.)

i mean saddles to give creatures protection when in combat, and those without saddles (or cannot wear helmets) have to have higher stats to make up for that

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(I translated it with google because I speak Spanish in case there are errors, sorry) the skills are very good but instead of his roar or his tail attack, use his body spikes to generate bleeding to whoever attacks him or just pass by from him and activate his "bloodlust". but my complaint is that it supposes that the carchadontosaurus competes with the spino because it is practically the size of a rex, not with the giga that its size and massive damage are exaggerated and should be corrected with a TLC and give it new abilities. I was making a proposal that the giga be like a slimmer, agile, taller rex and with more life points also with a weak bite that makes its bleeding more damage when the creature is bigger and activate its fury when it is in Presence of a similar or larger creature making it perfect for bosses with the cons of being able to damage allied creatures including the rider. but leaving that behind the carchadontosaurus that the survivors propose would ignore the giganotus for the new larger, more lethal and more useful carchodontosaus than the giga, because if the giga was very unbalanced this would be completely broken

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I was salty when the giant Steppe Bison didn't win, and I'm still pissed about it. I was dreading how awful the Charchar would be if it had the previously-speculated bite cooldown. 

The Charchar is the final creature to be added in Ark 1, I hope the people who voted for this guy are happy now. And the lot relentlessly bashing this dino on Twitter can stuff it. 

Ark 2 is coming, but that won't be until 2036.

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Nice, finally. I know everyone is already saying that its a "Giga TLC" or "Its a Yutyrannus 2.0"  but we still have to wait and see how the mechanics work in game and how much it differs compared to the Giga and Yuty. Im still curious though how are you going to tame it though and what map (or possible maps) is it going to spawn in. 🦖🤔🏞️

(It still would have been epic if it had missile launchers and a chainsaw for its saddle, that would have make it even make more op lol.) 🚀😉💥

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deverian de estar agradesidos, con que lo allan metido al juego muy pocas empresas escuchan en verdad a la comunidad, wildcard es pequeño pero aun asi nos dan contenido mas seguido que otros juegos, y no se me hace justo que se esten quejando de que metieron al carcharodontosaurus en lugar de esos animales que en mi humilde opinion son inutiles, a diferencia de este animal pero si tanto se quejan de este nuevo dino y dicen que es "un tlc de giga" les recomiendo que hagan ustedes a los dinos y demas, ya que se esfuersan lo suficiente como para que se esten quejando de algo que nos entregan con un gran gusto a nosotros la comunidad#elcarchanoesuntlcdegia🧐 

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