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  1. im on ps4, singleplayer im new to abberation and was going to the surface for the first time, I read a little about the subject and finally was ready, after going to one surface area and almost being incinerated (it was 50d/50n). I went to a bigger surface patch (top left) and waited for night, at midnight it was still on fire (90n/10d). Im pretty sure this is not supposed to happen. does anyone else have similar problems, is it safe?
  2. youre first point is a good one intil you go to that last sentence. "the fist major long term tame people aim for istypically a trike and the titanoceratops feels like a nostalgic throwback" that means the 2 long term tames are ceratopsians and alot of the points against this is "another ceratopsian, we need diversity' which i agree with to an extent, no I dout it will look the exact same like they say it is, but we need diversity in long term herbivores, so far raiding herbivores are theri, trike (do ppl soak turrets with trikes?) turtles (its clear i dont play PvP but do you use turtles?)
  3. love ur pessimism buddy, you can turn a creature that literally revolutionises mutations by making CRISPR and say "it just raptor" DO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ! oh no you just look at the dossier and the familiy its in and just say "it just ___" just looked at your profile and lool. all you've done is give suggestions crap. the ONLY upvote/anything is you liking a pessimistic comment in the titanoceratops suggestion that said "it look like pachyrhino" you are the person people make memes about when they say the ark community is toxic. you're the one germ the "kills 99.9%" cleaners leave becau
  4. This sounds like a great idea. It’s one of the few that are not “randomsaurus- something to d with gigas” or” randomsaurus-this random thing we never asked for.” It has a valuable use in PVE and is very unique, how ever there are something’s that don’t add up. I’m his creature requires the resource in its enventory to seek out this resource, that would mean you’ve already found some of this resource. Maybe this is useful in a new location and if ur in a new location you can go to the wiki and pull up a resource map. Would there be somthing new to make you value this over the wiki? second,
  5. Ive been thinking about this: UpFromTheDepths suggested the dinopithicus could have a bandolier to hold grenades in, from there it could throw grenades. instead, it eats grenades, poops them out, then throws them. why is this? Ive realised, the bandolier would be a saddle, they never wanted to put a saddle on the dinopithicus because then, the saddle would determine the damage each grenade does. does this mean that, either 1. the dinopithicus's melee determines the grenades damage. 2. the grenades will always do a set amount of damage which just makes the... no wait then this would be an extra
  6. I see where youre coming from. the archa and micro are clones but I dont think my idea was a raptor clone. My sketches were something like the middle ground between the raptor and the deino but with 2 hook claws on each foot (like what fossil evidence shows). that and alot of drool and saliva. I tried to make itunique but reality is all the tyrannosauroids will look the same (ifwere not counting the earlier ones that had crests), all dromeosaurs (raptors) will look similar. Mydrawings hadalmostlike a "horn" made of feathers and I feel like that will be the defining factor of thiscreature. Rapt
  7. Kileskus is the earliest tyrannosauroid known. Since thereare 3 fossils of Kileskus thathave been discovered, a claw, a foot and a ptretty skuffed chunk of skull, I will ignore most scientific drawings and make somthing that is (totally) plausible out of kileskus. I like to think its crest could have been sharp and serated, possibly inflicting large amount of damage. there havebeen to many bleed kings recently and I ahve a feeling the andrew will do a bleed and I dont want to many bleeds in the game. this would be the first carnivore to have a ram attack. Maybe, since it is a russia
  8. anything to keep the stupid walrus down. but thisis really cool. im either voting for this, carchar, orthe mosquito, tho I doubt the mesquito will keep most of its abilities.
  9. ARK is meant to be crawlingwith challanges that want to kill you. its in the loreof ark, Helena stated that the reason why the island has carnivore:herivore ratio of 2:1 isbecause theARKs are designed to testsrvivors to the limit to choose the absolute best to help save earth. sure there arent many end game herbivores (other than theris and amargasaurus sounds like itwill have a chalanging taming method that will makeit an end game creature.) because the ARKswere notmeant to have gentle giants.
  10. 1. The pounce is designed to make it dangerous for players and tames in early game , but somthing that later game players will still avoid (so that they don’t have to deal with it.) it’s like the red woods or swamps, you never go there early game but still try to avoid it later on. 2. It’s meant to take out the bobs that get a little too adventurous. It’s meant to be a serious threat early on 3. as someone on console who has spent 5 weeks making 5hp/ 5melee stack allos, mutations can take a long time, but the CAS-9 will be expensive and take a lot of saliva to try to balance it
  11. 1. troodon is a troodontid not a raptor 2. the raptor variants are raptors that are slightly differnt for a little fun NO ONE not even the wiki classifies them differently 3. deino and micro raptor are not raptor clones, I dont remember raptors flying around ur, head, biting ur ear and then falling off ur mount. and I dont remember raptors climbing and grabbing on to trikes. this will be no different because i dont remember any of them having a turret mode, or being somthing PvEers keep for reasons otherthan novelty. I asked for critisism on my ideas for its attacks and qua
  12. Seeing as this didn’t get far and really wish it did, I have suggested a unique creature called Balaur, balaurs saliva can be turned into crispr (a rl protein that can be used to artificially alter dna). The saliva also hardens balaurs heathers to turn them into quills that can be shot out of balaurs tail. The quills have the saliva va which attacks its enemy’s nervous system. And last it has 2 claws which allow it to do a reworked raptor pounce.
  13. Feel free to give me suggestions, I want to stick with its main 3 things: pounce, quills, and saliva but I will take criticism on them to make them more balanced because as a sad single player, I don’t know the art of war and have no clue if these are too op. I don’t eat this to be “randomsaurus- the anti giga that no one asked for” because I don’t think a 4 toed raptor is a randomsaurus. I was thinking a saddle with a glide suit that IS NOT making this devil drake because that sounds like something that will become mana 2.0, twice the nerfs and half as fun! The saddle would make it be able to
  14. Post moderators. They don’t want any duplicate submissions and said if somone has the same idea as you then just support that person.
  15. ifthis does get voted there is no way the devs will keep the shapeshifting part. this will become a shoulder pet that... can give you the ammonite stuff? because the devs will find this useful, some how?
  16. Balaur is a raptor that is odd for MANY reasons. for starters it has 2 hooked claws on each tow. I have mixed emotions about what they did to the raptor. they took away the wild raptors ability to pounce. I feel like that was the one thing making wild raptors a menace. once they removed it, the raptors were puny creatures that would be killed by a bola and a pike. the fear factor was gone, so i present a new pounce mechanic. the Balaur will pounce on you and any thing up to the size of a parasaur. the creature can fight its way free and happy ending (if the creature is fast enough.) but
  17. I think maybe it could use the "Hydrated" buff to its advantage and deal extra damage to spinos and Trop. wyverns while they are hydrated. I think it could get somthingsimilar to thehydrated buff but instead its called "evolutionary input" which essentially means its WAY stronger. like close to the "insect killer" buff the megatherium gets. this activates a bleed. The skull on this thing is huge so I think it could be able to pick up creatures up to the size of the prokoptodon (kangaroo). from there it either can drag the creature into the water to drown it or use it as a weapon and use it lik
  18. of all things you could say you could have said "so glad we are doing our part to help thoseless fortunate!" "amazing how much the community made this year!" "180k, thats gotta really make a defference, best part is they are making a gaming room in the hospital" you chose to complain about the game THAT IS LITERALLY SAVING LIVES! gotta love karens complaining that the game is donating to charity
  19. Go mom the trikes. Oh wait you would only be able to milk the males cuz reptiles don’t make milk… the idea of this making somthing similar to wyv milk would be cool. Maybe u couldn’t feed it to wyverns but you could use it for hypothermic insulation to help you in joderheim
  20. Nope, no mammoths and why are there no paraceratheriums, the largest land animal to exist, someone make them part of the game(sarcasm). Lol. The idea of these pulling carts and caravans is super cool tho for roll play and actual use.
  21. Since micro manage simulator switching between shooting ur weapon and making an escape sounds… not fun, I propose all weapons do 1.5x damage and you reload about 2x quicker when in Pterodaustros saddle. this shouldmake micromanaging simulator more viable andrewarding than setting up a base ofoperations with thousands of beds and guns. this could make a skilled Pterodaustro rider and Pterodaustro quite valuable. I think upgraded rocket launcher is a good thing for PvP.
  22. I think if it could bend over and ram its foes with its sail to severely cut them would be cool. Also while in this stance nets get destroyed by its sail making it partially immune to nets(totally not token from one of my ideas for my submission the Pterodaustro).
  23. Kinda cool idea that has potential. It’s balanced and isn’t a PvP creature forced in to PVE ppl. It’s a traversal mount that has turned into super fast sordid roll with grapple abilities, trike tan that does damage to higher tier structures, and is an original idea. The tongue thing is weird and the idea of a sensory organ becoming a swinging tool isn’t very reasonable but then again. There is a flying platapus that a steals children by seducing them with breast milk so I think a tongue being able to hold a several ton creature is ok
  24. Simple fix! Rename it to something else like monolophosaurus. This is a really cool idea that has potential so just edit the post and change the title to say it’s a (insert medium sized therapodnwith crest)
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