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  1. My suggestion would be to: 1. make it be able to glide, divebomb, and conserve stamina in “gliding mode” 2. instead of making a bomber saddle make it a saddle like the diplo’s making able to carry lots of people who can equip weapons I also think the hats should be accurate and be thicker than quetz but it should still look very fit and weightier than a quetz but should still look powerful and not just be a big pidgeon like the quetz. Although quetz is already more weightier than any pterosaur would have been.
  2. Anyone else noticed how they changed Mei-Yin’s backstory? In the trailer and character list it shows and says she fought for the Yellow Turbans instead of against them like the explorer notes say.(Specifically Mei-Yin note 14 on the island.)
  3. Wonder if it’s a bareback ride because at least to me most dinos look better with a saddle than bareback. Although dinopithicus and wyvern riding is good, but I guess they have to nerf it somehow.(just assuming from the dossier it looks like it won’t have a saddle.)
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