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  1. Okay so before you down vote this I would like to say that like many submissions doesn’t provide new metas maybe we can make it so that it can easily tear down metal, and slam its tail into the ground for a piercing ranged attack.
  2. Great work with suggestion, personally a reasource scanning ability would be very useful as I don’t like to use the wiki to find reasources. A quick story but I lost three new eqqus on Val while trying to locate a crystal vein.
  3. He means something like a Rex, and apex predator.
  4. Ok I like Anky’s idea, that and mine have been piled under yet another generic astrodelphis wanna be. Just saying, do something to make your ideas stand out from current creatures in the game, like my blimp with battleship turret idea or anky’s bola bomb, gas grenade, or swarm slinger idea. Which are things that feel how do I put this “arky” yet build upon current concepts in the game. Although I do kind of like how xackbelle wants to give it a pick up ability similar to the megalosaurus. I hope with this post it didn’t come across as mean, it’s just meant to be some constructive criticism. After all with a new creature you want to provide something new to ARK maybe even something game changing. And remember this is a creature VOTE so we have to stand out from the rest, so that way people would actually want to play with the creature. I think Kess’ regurgitate idea has a lot of steam though, just a suggestion but maybe able to hold a swarm of shoulder pets in a made up second stomach like the vulture and regurgitate these shoulder pets later in combat.
  5. My idea My idea for the sinornitho is to make to crystal wyvern size (realistically shoulder pet size) that could attach to trees, climb walls, be venomous, glide, and just be a cool ambush creature. I would imagine it lurking in the canopy of Vanahiem to lunge at any unsuspecting survivor in packs piling on venom damage and bite and swipe attacks. They would pin down creatures smaller than a trike, but stun survivors. To tame them you need to knock them out and through a mini game “rewire” their brain. They would have a weakness to fire as well. I would love to see others suggestions for this. By the way the looks are based off the planet dinosaur series. (Except size) Look I’m just trying to make up for my really cool steampunk saddle design for the hatzegopteryx being buried under someone else’s suggestion for the same Dino, so maybe check that out.
  6. I love this idea as a visual and experiment, although I think it has a lot of unused potential. Like maybe able to have a fireball you can move around but it has a recharge bar that is charged by taking up what would be fire damage to others. The concept is hard to explain.
  7. Remember everything in this post is subject to change if this gets voted in. The only unique ability of neovenator is that you can assign them to complex patrol routes. Common Name: Neovenator Species: Neovenator Salerii Time: Early Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild Neovenator on these isles is rather big for a Neovenator, in fact closer to an allosaurus than a neovenator. It hunts alone or in a mating pair around the vast grasslands and beaches of the archipelago. It is quite interesting that Neovenator has instead of shrinking to fit its habitat it has instead grown. They will hunt their prey with extreme persistence and rarely lose their prey’s trail due to the size of the islands. The neovenator most of the time will be protecting their nest or hunting for their mate. It is well to note that the neovenator is intensely claustrophobic and will stop chasing you if you run into the dense forests of the archipelago. Domesticated Neovenator is a relatively mediocre mount however it is a great swimmer and long distance runner and is great for overpowering the native population. It is naturally a very good flayer of corpses being able to specifically harvest hide or meat with extreme precision. It is one of the smartest creatures on the island being able to understand complex patrol orders, it's basically a really big guard dog. It is a natural swimmer, an astute adaptation to getting around the islands.
  8. Remember if this gets voted in every thing is subject to change. Also yes this is a made up subspecies since most creatures in the lore are subspecies. My idea basically enlargers the hatzeg and has two saddles one for ten survivors or one with blimp and three barreled battleship turret on it. Unfortunately I don’t have any art work I’m not an artist when it comes to animals. Wild: While wild the hatzegopteryx soars above fjordur looking for prey and nesting in Asgard upon a cliff fiercely protecting their young unless a survivor has happened to befriend one. They can be pacified with a combination of a stench of bug repellant, cactus broth, and rare flowers.(cannot use the pacification to steal an egg) Taming: Taming the hatzegopteryx often requires a meywing where upon you have to hunt with a hatzeg to gain its respect, you will need to pacify it with using a combination of cactus broth, bug repellent and rare flowers. Then it will let you raise an egg in the nesting site, but be warned once the egg hatches their parental instances will kick in and you will be chased out of the nest requiring a meywing to harbor the child. Abilities: My favorite category if I could implement this creature it would have a gathering bonus and weight reduction for thatch, metal, flint, and obsidian, as well as with the ten person saddle, can use a dive ability. The aforementioned saddle can house up to ten people who can all equipped weapons while doing so. Another more expensive saddle allows you to at the price of gasoline operate an attached blimp with 2 wooden propellers and a three barreled battleship turret, with a bonus weight reduction for all items, and the disadvantage of not being able to dive. It would also have a fear roar. An even more interesting fact is that it can be the speed of an argy but also it only takes and while gliding (below 70 degrees) takes no stamina. The blimp also helps it sustain flight, and it has a natural resistance to and higher damage to tek. Furthermore the blimp saddle also has a walkable and buildable in piloting and cargo bay areas. This version also has a made up second stomach where they can store some shoulder pets for later regurgitation and use in combat. Turret: This three barreled turret can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and between 27 and 200 degrees vertically. It can fire either incendiaries setting wooden and thach structures as well as animals and players on fire. Armor piercing has a damage buff against tek structures and rock golems and can pierce through structures dealing less and less damage with each structure traveled through. This turret can be used in long range mode which deals less damage and increases range or high damage mode which shortens the range and deals higher damage. This turret also has heat vision. Each round (for all barrels meaning 3 shells) costs only a rocket, 50 cementing paste, 125 metal, and 75 gunpowder. Disadvantages: The Hatzeg takes large amounts of stamina to go upwards, and when firing the turret the hatzeg takes a small amount of damage from shock. The hatzeg also only has the speed of an argy, and the turret and blimp motors are expensive to operate. Furthermore ballistas, magmasaur projectiles, and jars of pitch can turn an advanced blimp saddle to a primitive one for a time and do more damage to the hatzegopteryx, and unfortunately they do have a severe weakness against wyvern breath. Dossier Common Name: Hatzeg Species: Hatzegopteryx Gigatus Time: Late Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Wild Hatzegopteryx Gigatus is a subspecies not all too different from its original form Hatzegopteryx Thambema except for the small factor of being as the name suggests way bigger than its normal variant with a wingspan of 50 feet all though this does not impede upon its gracefulness. Its beak, an interesting oddity, is also made of hardened bone with no skin or flesh. The Hatzegopteryx is a wonderful example of island gigantism being in the perfect habitat to grow this way. When hunting the Hatzegopteryx will often pick up a target and drop it from great heights, or the more common practice of landing and skewering a target with its beak and proceeding to swallow it whole. It really is a gruesome sight to bear witness to. But when not hunting the Hatzegopteryx will be gliding above the islands or nesting, yet presently I haven’t worked up the courage to visit the location where they do so yet. Domesticated Hatzegopteryx once tamed, the process being that of winning over a hatzegopteryx whence it will trust you nurturing its offspring, it will be a well all around purpose mount that any tribe should have. Like the quetzal on the island a hatzegopteryx is a mighty carrier of goods. Furthermore with its beak many tribes have bred the Hatzegopteryx to have a natural affinity for flint, thatch, metal, and obsidian. However this creature isn’t all seemingly passive in use, I have seen one tribe on the archipelago have a fleet of these with saddles to house up to ten people. All they really need to do then is get some riders, and then you have a perfect dog fighter, more so I would say than a tropeognathus. However the less common saddle practice of fitting it with a quite unique saddle turning it into a blimp with 2 propellers and all this to wield a 3 barreled battleship turret is also quite effective.
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