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  1. I knew the carchar was going to be awesome since the first vote. this is farther than what I thought it would be. I didnt think it would be this big (insert joke about it being soo big). another creature thats basicly driven by blood is cool, tho getting repetitive. and all the spikes and stuff on it are really cool. tho seeing no immedeate place to put the saddle, and the checkmark and x by the collar icon is worrying. lastly, if anyones still saying giga tlc, plz stop. theres the giga, and the cooler giga, 2 different things. the true creature defeater was the sino doing everything the arche does but better. this actually has a strategy, which helena says "let it eat the smaller enemies first". over all, this is a really cool creature. cant wait
  2. Don’t bother, wait another month or two, than we’ll probably get some news, I’m expecting we’ll get it sometime in nov-dec
  3. on fyordur, anyone feel like theres twice as many drops at night? night is now my designated drop hunt time
  4. Dude, what will we get more of, the new map that’s gonna come out in… 2 months, or the sequel that they’ve probably got a quarter of the team working on in the background. They’re gonna hype the thing that’s coming first. Give it 2 or 3 months and we’ll get news on ark 2
  5. The Desmodus looks gorgeous! A shriek like that sounds awesome and the mood of this creature belongs in a cave. Love it but a few last minute ideas my gut be echo location (candied ring it has the ears for it) or something similar to the tapa, where it can cling to walls. Also is it confirmed if we can ride it?
  6. I think the monkey is the strongest of the 3. the sino is definatly the one that wins most useful, but the dinopithicus wins strongest. my main complaint about the monkey is on console (well atleast ps4) it refueses to load its texture fully (you know when u get the blocky texture) so far the dinopithicus looks like a monkey body with the face of somthing from starwars( not quite like jarjar binks but close enough to the point im using him as an axample of what im getting). like seriosly ive named it lip monkey. wildcard needs to fix this. actually just tamed my first amarag, i expected more from the fire tho. maybe i should be trying it on rexes but getting damage markers that say 0 on a turtle is kinda disapointing considering how easy it is to get a point blank shot on the amarag while its trying to kill a dimorph. also who decided this thing eats dimorphs? dimorphs are nuetral, the amarag is suposed to hunt agressive carnivores. (can confirm, innocent megatherium is carnivore, amarag tested and approved lol) overall, changes I would like are: optimise monkey. better fire spikes. faster working ice spikes the turtle dummy had to walk through like 3 ice spikes before it STARTED freezing. I was hoping on building in the jungle temple, I knew there was no way inthe pyramid so I decided on building in the main gate, who decided you cant build in the temple, was planning on building in there but I guess im going to the red woods castle
  7. Tbh it’s for the better. Actually what’s PVE about monkey disabling tek? Either way, I think we’ve had enough of managqrmrs and void wyrms and other stuff that’s the newest bestest ever pvp dino and somthing that everyone can use.
  8. Don’t worry if the people with too much time were coming for ark they already would have done so when they realized about 1000 pixel lives are ended each hour because mutations exist. If ur gonna get mad over this you might as well get mad over mutations “being offensive to people born missing limbs or were born with skin conditions” half the time, people who “are HoRrIbLy offended” don’t really care and make fun of this kind of stuff. Get over it.
  9. Ive been thinking about this: UpFromTheDepths suggested the dinopithicus could have a bandolier to hold grenades in, from there it could throw grenades. instead, it eats grenades, poops them out, then throws them. why is this? Ive realised, the bandolier would be a saddle, they never wanted to put a saddle on the dinopithicus because then, the saddle would determine the damage each grenade does. does this mean that, either 1. the dinopithicus's melee determines the grenades damage. 2. the grenades will always do a set amount of damage which just makes the... no wait then this would be an extra step making this redundant so... My guess is the dinopithicus is a way to get more damage out of your grenades with out having to make the worlds most expensive tropeo saddle.
  10. of all things you could say you could have said "so glad we are doing our part to help thoseless fortunate!" "amazing how much the community made this year!" "180k, thats gotta really make a defference, best part is they are making a gaming room in the hospital" you chose to complain about the game THAT IS LITERALLY SAVING LIVES! gotta love karens complaining that the game is donating to charity
  11. To add to your weekly post, make it capable of abortion. If u argue it’s Killy babies, well it’s ark, it’s for mutations and mutations is killing baby Dino’s
  12. Hey, WC the bulbdog costume cant be put on to the bulbdog. you need to give the bulbdogs a costume slot. I also cryoed my bulbdog than chucked it out, so its not a visual issue.
  13. is it safe to tell him? if they dont anounce any new emotes then we dont get any new emotes.
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