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  1. do we know when the massive update (rock drake breeding, etc.) is coming to console? my guess is its coming with the Halloween event. we also need somthing new to spice this event as its probably the last Haloween event Ark 1 will have. maybe like Syntac's sugestion, somthing along the lines of the DOX hell horse.
  2. thisone atleast isnt a glide suit that will eat your chestplate, its also a backpack. I for see myself loging in and forgeting its on the ground, then when i try to glide i fall to my death, i then come back to where the sino WAS to remember i put it on follow and there ios no a giga. I go th check my tribe log to see it was eaten. sure the whale MIGHT encourage people like me to go in the water but once. then they see the big meg pack and never return, i see my icthy dying of starvation, well that isnt happening since the whale wasnt chosen.
  3. its the eyes and their weird scaly eyelids NOOOO. and over all the weird blocky facial structure.
  4. we also needa way to abort them. just like how the egg incubator has a way to crack the egg effectivly killing it.
  5. ... AND MORE! what was more? oh, the only thing not specified in title: 3 hours ago Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch! We're getting the weekend started with an EVO event and taking a look at some amazing community art!
  6. i found out the eggg incubator on ps4 is now the hardest thing to navigate. much harder than the path to the rock drakes. i was using it on valguero so im not sure if its all over the place or if its only stable on gen2. anyway, what happens is 1. the cursor or the yellow boxto show where you are when inside an iventory is blinking constantly. this makes it act like its there when you seeit and when it dissapears it is impossible to move it or select an egg, etc. 2. that makesmoving around it overly difficult. it also makes select an egg take about 10 seconds of constant tapping, than the fun
  7. lets see who madeit, ah yes ReaperOverlord. does hehave a yt channel? just checked. was a yter supportingBEFORE the vote, lc and other ark news chanels would have let us know, yes some yters voted for than told us they voted it AFTER the vote. we are complaining because even tho the sino lost it still made it because a yter madeit and went all out on letting everyone know he made it. i will say what UpFromThe Depths did was ok, he just said "hey i made this creature" he didnt make it some mascotor anything. we also want it added because if it isnt whats gonna win the next vote? (sarcastic-) N
  8. every carnivore isdifferent, u use raptors for boss fight? the rexis the default, the spino is theall terrain rex, giga is the one too bigforits own good, and a carchar would be a utilty giga with a weak pack boost.
  9. something alot of ppl look over: ALL shoulder pets reduce weight of things in their inventory, go to the wiki. this one of the few reasons ive used dimorphs in the past. so its nothing new. also yes they have an official dossier. official model. this what its gonna do. its anti pest (microraptor, pego, seagull) and a weightless glide suit. the community(including me) is fed up by the fact that a yter who failed as an influencer got their creature added, even after failing to rig the vote. the more i think about the more i wonder if bribery was involved.
  10. true, but wc knows over half the community (some ppl who realised monkey wont have guns realised and now want carchar) wants a carchar. the smart choice would be to implement it and then have a vote. this way we can have new ideas that instead of somthing that even wc knows will get voted in. we need carchar BEFORE the vote so, keep your secrets if you are making it for the next map but... just announce it before the whole communitry goes rogue. (and before the vote.)
  11. fair enough, but those things are still super hard to breed since they do damage back and inlessyou want to micromange the production of 12000 shotgun shells or find a stupid shotgun (the best shotgun ive found on gen sofar is a crappy aprentice) then ok. but ive said butations are really hard on console ive said in the past, even for single player breeding is on the line where its hard to play, anything under 10 fps ishard and thats about where we get. plus mass hatching of eggs will result in 1 second of lag spike for each egg. (ive hatched 20 ish eggs at once and almost crashed... SINGLEPLA
  12. im looking at it and some reaction videos to this, i would so go for a charchara over this but i guess its ok...ish?... its a glidesuit that doesnt eat armor. i think the best part is its a counter to the microraptor which we have always wanted. plus a counter to noglin, seagul, and pego. the more i think about it "as long as you bring plenty of snacks" chitin ways almost nothing and its in a shoulder pets inventory (which means the weight of the chitin will be reduced by 1/2) parachute- the stupid archa is now officially useless, the thing wontlet you use weapons. this looks like somthing t
  13. a mod for EVERYONE? US CONSOLE PPL CANT USE MODS come on. we are probably the ppl who needed the carchar considering we cant have an easy way of killing gigas, inless we raise an army of heavily mutated (btw efficently mutating 10 melee mutations only takes ablut 3 months with console. the 5 melee mutations on my allos took 2 months.)
  14. so... they gave the youtuber who failed as an influencer, their creature? this logic. im genuinely facepalming rn. you give us the carcharodontosaurus to us for the most pleased community, you dont make the controversial thing, a thing. trust me there are gonna be dinopithicus people who are with us, trust me. and... CosmicSkeleton, some one said the archa is a useless creature in our debate, now, it is the DEFINITION of useless. this is an upgraded archa, " lets you glide..." archa does this, except now the stupid sino has this, and is probably useful in a fight, AND this thing probably will
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