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  1. my submission is boverisuchus, I have 2 main ideas for what this creature could do ingame, but want to start with basic facts. Sciencey stuff I want to have a bunch of background info on boverisuchus cuz I feel thats important for understanding the creature. It lived not long after the asteroid hit and killed almost everything, Boverisuchus was one of those that lived through the chaos that waws post apocalyptic earth, and I think a story like that doesnt sound to far off from extinction. IRL it was 6-7 feet long or a little more than 2 meters. These bois heavily armoured skin, filled with osteoderms, but had none on its tail (the bone knobs u hind on the back of crocodiles, if u want an example look em up). A very large piece of its identity is the hoofes instead of claws. The claws were modified in a way to be hoofs allowing it to just get around better on land and is therefore a terrestrial croc. IT was also able to gallop. it was alot more dinosaur like than croc and many fossils have been mistaken for dinosaur fossils ( I want it to be a little more croc than its irl counterpart). thats basically everything important in the wiki but I have more info. I first learned this thing existed from a Trey The Explainer video on YT and he goes over the fact that theres a big debate over if this thing could stand on its hind legs. my guess is it could but only while runing (more on that later). My vision for just the model aparently this thing was alot more dinosaur than croc but I really want to lean into that croc bit. If u look at the image on the wiki the tail almost looks like it doesnt belong and is from a diff creature, my idea for the tail on the IG model is its alot more like a normal croc with those really big ridges. I also like the idea it has much longer legs than the dauchshund legged-fossil. and a much longer neck, I dont really have an ability in mid for the neck, I just like the idea. My idea for size is its a little taller than a gigantopithicus at its peak. and a little longer than a stego. Wouldnt mind these being tweaked to be larger (anything but the metric system) I have 2 ideas for the abilities. Ill start of with the base abilities and then the gimmick that puts it apart from the other creatures will be concept 1 and concept 2. concept 1 is the more reasistic one while concept 2 is an earlier idea. its basic abilities are: are a pretty normal walk, a good speed gallop, and a charge attack. Its attacks are a bite, a tail swipe similar to modern crocs. I would like to see some atleast a knockback maybe even a small stun. And then its charge attack. the charge attack is significantly faster than the gallop similar to a packy charge. Once it rams into something at the end of its charge it does a unique stun and maybe like a dinopithicus' bleed. I would really liketo see some unique animation sequence for that stun using the knockout and wake up animation, that would be really cool and really bring the creature to life. Yall did something similar in the rhynio give birth animation, one more animation plz : ) concept 1 the idea behind both concepts is that this is a creature built to be the creature u ride while doing OSDs or element veins. with concept 1 I really leaned into that and decided to have it work similar to the carch, with a meter at the bottom that fills up as you kill corrupted creatures. as it kills more and more its damage and maybe defense is buffed. The damage multiplier does more damage to normal creatures, but does its full strenth when attacking corrupteds doing insane damage when fully charged. One last minute idea is as it fills up is does a more and more powerful bleed when it charges a corrupted creature. This is a dossier example i created using concept 1. Crocs are known for surviving through all the eras and I think Boverisuchus is a perfact example of that, but these creatures are drasticly different from their not quite mezozoic cousins, these are modified creatures, with a behavioral augmentation to kill all corruption wild on the island i noticed many creatures were different from their pre-historic ancestors, these boverisuchus, are the link between us, and the machines. they are designed like cats, to kill all that they can find, these were created to rage at all corruption infested creatures they find. making swift work of the largest corrupteds, beating up creatures many times larger than itself. I guess either those that debated if it could run bipedal were correct, that or they made Boverisuchus do it, because it can run in a bipedal stance and chase down prey or knockover titans. I would hate to have any form of corruption on me, because these monsters will sniff you out and find you. No piece of corruption is safe from their cast-iron stomachs. Domesticated Boverisuchus is put in such a rage by corruption that having it while traversing the bad-lands would be invalueable, If it can catch up to a boverisuchus, it wont be able to go home and tell the tale. If one was to pasify it with the opposite of corruption, and was able to feed it and make friends to the point of taming it, these would be unstoppable in defending those sub-orbital supply drops. Fortunately, one such fellow at the camp managed to pull it off. and collecting resources to fend against everything this dying earth throws at us has been much easier. concept 2 While still focused at killing corrupteds, concept 2 was meant to do that while the doom soundtrack was going by having a turret that was capable of supporting any mountable turret, while being accesable from the rider's saddle. The turret could hold any firearm or turret (except autos). I also had this elaborate system where if its a hand held gun it does the normal damage, and if its a turret it uses the saddle armour. (25 armour = 25% damage, so primitive saddles are not good, 100 armour does 100% damage or normal damage) where if it had more than 100 armour it was capable of doing more damage than the turret would do when placed. Last part of concept 2 is it had a Tek saddle that came with a Tek cannon, capable of raw damage output way greater than that of a tek rifle, basicly a tek assault rifle. but the gun could not be switched out like on a normal saddle. concept 2 wasnt a very realistic idea of what the devs would do to boverisuchus and eventually concept 1 came to mind and thats alot more feasable than slightly different andrew. enjoy my bad drawing I posted this creature for abberation and didnt think it would do well ( it didnt). but hopefully this gets more votes, ive put alot of thought into this creature and hope he makes it. and aparently a bunch of the images i used are now top results on google images. TY for reading
  2. I know at one point there was a whole website dedicated to this and it was taken don or stopped working, but where do yall create your custom dossiers? alot of the submissions ahd their own custom dossiers that i really liked and would love to try to make my own
  3. I’m up for a scale megatherium looking thing. Pangolins irl need more recognition for the wierd dinosaur walking things that they are and I feel like a thing that burrows suits abb
  4. Factual context My submission is the boverisuchus, which is a crocodile that was like 7 feet long or so. They stand out as having modified claws that resemble hooves. these hooves show it ran around on land wand was more of a dinosaur then a croc. capable of galloping around and some scientists believe it could walk on its hind legs. the wiki doesnt say anything about this but if u look almost anywhere else theres talk about debate on whether it was fully bipedal, more of a hadrosaur's bipedal/quadraped nature, or if it was just a quadroped. I first learned about this guy in a Trey the Explainer video on YT, and thats where alot of my knowledge on this guy comes from. search it up if you want, its like a 30 minute video. (for those that have no clue what im talking about: bipedal: walk on 2 limbs, quadroped: walk on 4 limbs). I personally think in the middle is where it should go, ill explain once i get to my actual submission. and one last thing is its believed to be very heavily armored but no osteoderms ( those bony nobs that modern crocs have on their backs). so just soe really think scales and hhide. disclaimer: we have no clue what wildcard are gonna make this thing do, this idea may or may not be what comes to the game. This disclaimer can apply to all submissions, so just because i put it here doesnt mean it only affects boverisuchus, but also everyother submission, just wanna put this out here. My idea: to start off heres my idea, boverisuchus isnt massive but still noticably larger than a kapro (maybe 1.5 - 2x, what ever the diffference is between a kentro and a stego is). boverisuchus is also noticably bulkier, butnot too ft like a trike is where it has significantly less movement speed, remember this thing could gallop. this and its tough hide make it able to tank hits for a while. I dont believe boverisuchus would be able to run around its day to day life as a bipedal beast. It would tip over, imagine walking around hunched over with your arms almost touching the groudn the whole day, not doable. boverisuchus is able to support its elf on its hind legs while running, doing its charge/ naruto run. when it runs into an enemy it can slash at the enemy with its teeth and hooves to tear the skin open and inflict a bleed. I also believe it should have an option to do a pounce once it gets to its enemy, doing a stun and i would like to see soem sort of animation sequence involving kockout animations. where it falls down and gets back up. now for the part wildcard might not keep, we ready? i think it should have a turret saddle. the turret would not be a set turret type. you could fit it with any firearm, or one of the actual turrets. im not gonna go into full technicality because i believe that would make it be even more likely it wont make the cut. but heres the basics: weapon damage is determined my the actual guns damage, doing the same it normally would. turrets damage would be defined by saddles damage multiplier. (a 25% normal saddle u crafted in the smithy or wherever would do 25% of the turrets normal damage, a 100% damage saddle would do normal base turret damage. alright technicality aside, now lets move onto the part i dont think will mkae it. TEK saddle, tek saddle comes auto equipted with a tek cannon, does a little mor edamage output tthan a tek rifle. this saddle cannot have its turret swapped, if u want to swap guns you need the normal saddle. these are like meks, the normal ones can have their mounted weapons interchanged, the mega mek cant. This creature was designed for extinction, and the OSDs but im giving it a shot on abb, maybe it can build up a fan base here like the carch did, well see. excited to see the communities reaction to this. the whole concept was designed for extinction but i think it could fit well with abberation. personally think the massive dung beatles that weve had in all the previous votes fit abb, but no one knows how this is gona turn out. i see this as contending with your rock drake as the creature you rockwell on. while I dont see the turret thing coming to the game, ive made almost all my ideas (not the turret thing) based on factual info on what this thing could probably do. realsiticly this isnt gonna be the 2.2-2.6 meters the wiki says it is. but I really think htis is a unique creature that we should atleast consider. now i need to save all of this and revise it for extinction. TLDR: bipedal boi, bout 1.75x bigger than a kapro, does bipedal naruto run chartge that either stuns enemy or bleeds it, hooves not claws, thick armor and health pool, turret saddle, turret cn be interchanged similar to a meks, can hold guns or actual turrets. tek saddle with a stronger version of the tek rifle. Think htats all lets see if i forgot anything or if someoen suggest somethign
  5. I wanted the prosauropod dude (don’t remember what it’s called). But fasalo was second on my list. The spider was an oddity and I sorta see the appeal but like I feel like we can have something better than a raptor with a word taming method and a big jump. I just really want some more platform saddles, which is probably the only reason fasalo was so high on my list. I didn’t think of it like that, we haven’t had a new lizard since thre magmasaur. I personally wouldn’t say it’s a lizard but it is sorta, but the last one we got before magma being the megalania really puts that into perspective. I’ve been watching people play ark since before rag (that’s how far I can think) and finally got a ps4 a month or so after Val launched. Then built a pc last year with one game in mind. Now we look to a new game. As someone who hadn’t bought all the DLCs (on steam, can’t say the same for PS) I’m glad they are going to be free with ASA. Can’t wait to see new optimizations and everything. You know the maewing is actually unusable on ps4? It moves so fast it can’t render in new places. Gen2 was fun.. They’re only releasing ASA to next gen consoles but hopefully with ur5 optimizations they will be able go a little longer before saturating our consoles capabilities. As of now, ARK2 is coming out at the same time as next-next-gen pc hardware and I really hope that stuff won’t be necessary to run it. Looking forward to the future of ark and optimisations and hope profits *cough* snail *cough* don’t get in the way of making the best game the team at wildcard can make.
  6. i think banning them is gonna be a little too far, but i think encouraging us to go with herbivores is what would be more likely. I was betwenn fasalo and the prosauropod dude (not gonna try to remember its name). glad that one of them made it tho i did prefer the Maevia. all I want is the platform saddle because we need more of those. I think like you said people think of what we see in pop culture such as jw, where carnivores are the big monsters and herbivores kinda exist and be.. idk. I would lik eto see more herbivores. A while back someone said this and quoted helena, something along the lines of "In a normal ecosystem there are twice as much herbivores as there are predators, but here there are twice as many predatores [something along the lines of artificially maintained ecosystem]" but now I feel like we really do need more herbivores. I hope they do what theyve done in the past where I guess wildcard internally votes for a second creature and we get another one. Thats how we got the sino and the carchar, so I hope we get something like that where we get either the giganotiraptor (suprised how far it got) or the maevia
  7. I think it would still be fun to be scared for your life and your argy as you escape with a level 45 egg. I’m not all for making ark easier, but would rather we still have our challenges
  8. This has been suggested every vote, and dont think it’s gonna change. With these 3 votes (actually so we get votes for gen/2?) oh and there’s probably a vote for the new story map. Either way, you get the point, lemme get to mine. It’s a cool concept, but I don’t think it particularly fire in any of the arks. Maybe the new one but even then, that’s a draw Of the cards to see if the new map feels quite alien enough for this thing. It’s a really unique idea but it’s most at home at abb, and even then I feel like it would be neglected and people would do what we’ve always done and go for the drakes. I’m rambling idk. I just don’t really think we need a doed on steroids for now, maybe later
  9. While I have absolutely no bias to anything that has a platform saddle in their listing (srsly we need more platform saddles), it’s important to look at the creature itself, there’s no guarantee it is gonna be a literal mobile egg incumbator, or a platform saddle, or anything else. Wildcard HAS stuck with the general feel of the creature submission (ex: carchar was always positioned as gifs rival, it is; dinopithicus was a gun slinger, I think of it as a tek terrorist, close enough) this moa is sort of a utility/ tougher scout. So I would think of this post as: here’s a big bird called a moa, it’s has utility and attributes that make it a scout, utility, and get-around creature. The main take away is don’t look at stats or very specific ideas for a creature, just look at the creature and the vibes it gives off. Love the trap-video style picture to show off the he idea, cap!
  10. Ignoring the extra unique features like the armor and such, this is still a really cool creature. Take my vote, this thing looks amazing, I don’t care if this becomes a resource gaverer or something the battle creature (actually the devs tend to stick to the theme of the creature, so it’s probably still gonna be a strong boi) I think platform saddles are under appreciated. And need to be added or just more creative. I’m just rambling I really like this guy, if it makes it to the top 10, it’s gonna be very high on my list of creatures
  11. My idea is a pentaceratops, for reference they are from the the same family as the trike, and look similar to one. The main difference is they’re less stocky, and longer legs. So I’d suggest a trike with a less damage resistant head, is more mobile (I really dont like how slow trikes are.) I’m not going with some “here’s some random dude that eats gigas and one shots death worms” and am keeping these as basic functionalities instead of trying to market it. Here’s my ideas for unique abilities so that this creature vote doesn’t feel wasted on something basic. I’m not gonna rely on these because.. it’s very unlikely to stay. Maybe it can do something with its really tall frill, maybe it’s a catapult (actually that sounds good for a giraffe with big horns, make that a catapult). actually no I like this one better, the frill hides you in its shadow, insulating you from the heat and protects you from vultures and kapros, or it could do the ferox thing where it throws creatures while charging.
  12. If you like the creature vote for it: wildcard aren’t going to make the creatures that are a carbon copy of the suggestion. Look at dinopithicus, it unfortunately is mot the TF2 heavy. Ok the bat is.. forgot what the bats fan dossier suggested it would do, and ryniognatha is (as far as we can tell as of now) FAR from the worlds mostest opest thing in da world. If you want a big hadrosaur That’s exclusive to scorched than vote for this thing, wildcard will give it their own flair to make it exciting without being stupid strong.
  13. Alright here’s what we’ve heard of: correct me if I’m wrong: mods are becoming cross platform, I think this applies to ASA as well as ark 2. UpFromTheDepths (creator of paleo ark, helped Garuda in concepts and testing Ark Aditions (AA) and has since been hired by wildcard) tweeted saying that paleo ark and AA are going to be free and compatible right at launch. So we’re already going to have the AA concavenator right at launch. I don’t think it’s worth changing the concave, and also in the past (when ark made their own deino) Garuda felt pressured to replace the creature that’s now lost from his mod with a new creature. Let’s not do that to our legend garuga
  14. I’m not quite sure if it fits in with SE. I think this would work great on extinction tho, let’s keep the idea for the extinction creature vote
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