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  1. oh a new very informative community crunch good work keep up the good work I hope that we will continue to receive so much information in the coming weeks
  2. very nice community crunch good work so many new informatIons
  3. EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/8418731
  4. nice comiunity crunch push the trailer push push push push push push push push is easier than talking about things that are crosswise in the stomach here but we are used to nothing else
  5. it will still take 2 years until ark2 at wc more likely 3 i think until then they will give us enough reasons not to buy it
  6. where is my base ? Pc Ragnarok Official again very good work WC it can only go uphill with ARK 2
  7. the problem does not only exist since yesterday
  8. do not expect so much then the disappointment is not so big i can only speak from the past where wc caused a lot of hype and in the end everyone i spoke to was disappointed an example was the trailer with the code that led to a timer and at the end of the timer not even a 2 min trailer much smoke for nothing
  9. i just wanted to say thank you that the server reports are taken care of so well and also a big thank you that we receive an confirmation from officeler since the beginning of the turkey trail event we are kicked from the server every 15 min on pc eu 226 i have reported the problem every day and nothing has happened but thanks to the bad servers the event is extended and we can spend more time on this miserable performance. I lost more dinosaurs through the server kicks than I won through the event THANK YOU and tickets you don't need to write any more because no saddle armor impri
  10. same i invalid attempt, already authenticating for the last update i didn't have any problems and now i'm trying to get on the server for about 2 hours as always good work wc continues
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