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  1. Just for kicks. I remember one situation where I had a pack of troodons kill me and my parasaur. I took the stego out to finish them off too, because I did not need to get dismounted again. Also, the stego was hardly level 80 after being tamed and levelled. I have to get myself a high level sometime...
  2. Oof...R.I.P. Yeah, the beach alpha raptor is dreaded. I saw one hardly a dozen foundations from my little wooden spike walls base. Took the stego to finish it off. It didn't actually do too bad,although it had, like, a hundred health when we finished. After that, it even took out a sarco and a trike. Stegos are great for early game fighters.
  3. Nice! Stam could be pretty useful, especially if you're going to use them for travel purposes. After all, they're pretty fast, and they can climb. Fluffy murder kitty's pretty good at lots of things, like cave running, travel, alpha killing, titano killing with the bleed (just make sure you get the last hit), and lots of things.
  4. They definitely are! You can use cannons or rocket launchers/turrets, but cannons would be best since they don't to explosion damage. Rockets can ruin the taming effectiveness by hitting with explosive damage after it's down. Just make sure to use metal for the trap, because I think they can damage stone.
  5. True, true. *sigh*. I miss the old days, when we ran around in animal hides and it was okay to throw rocks at things. Okay, to be fair, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Humanity's come a long way, and not all of it is bad. But our lives have gotten considerably easier. Even here, in a video game...I personally relish the challenge that ARK gives. That's a big part of ARK's whole point, that...cycle of difficulty that persists even to the end-game. That's what makes ARK so special.
  6. That's so ironic...The first time I started Fjordur, I got killed by a lvl 135 R-giga that was wandering around the easy zone for...whatever reason. It wasn't even a server-just pure PvE singleplayer.
  7. What I personally would have said was "suck it up, no one cares", but apparently some people do care .
  8. Cool! Welcome back, my friend! *virtual fist bump*
  9. Whoa...I guess you need a solid boss-running army to even have a chance...
  10. Yeah...almost ok. I really hope WC does buff it at some point soon, maybe add some kind of impressive knockback to it.
  11. Yeah...shame. I sorta wish it was still stupidly cold, because it makes sense for it, right? Jotunheim was not meant for mortals to trespass in, and so it makes sense it was freezing cold. At first, you probably needed journeyman+ fur gear and some curries/stews/brews. Just watch some of Syntac's old videos. You'll see how he struggled...
  12. So more news today about the summer bash, because today is Friday, and Community crunches always come out on Fridays. Cool!
  13. So, you want to start surviving on Fjordur. Good! Fjordur pulls no punches. It'll throw cold at you, vicious predators out for your blood, and so much more. This is your guide to surviving on Fjordur (FYI-this is only for PvE, pvp is not my forte). STEP 1: Get up to the thatch hut asap. Get yourself a pick, an axe, and lots of extra spears. Also unlock the campfire on the way, because it'll be helpful in surviving Fjordur's deathly nights. Level fortitude and health until you get up to around 25-30 fortitude, which should be good for the time being. STEP 2: Once you get up to the thatch hut, make a 2x1 thatch hut, which is all you will need for the time being. Immediately place a campfire in the corner away from the door, so you don't kill yourself by accident. Place a storage box and a sleeping bag near it. You can upgrade to the simple bed later. STEP 3: NEVER go out at night unless you have fairly high fortitude and at least a set of hide armor. You can get hypothermia, even with this set of equipment and levels. If the cold doesn't kill you, the dark will. You won't see any approaching predator until it's too late, as I learned when I was assaulted late at night by a giga. STEP 4: Tame some kind of travelling tame early on, such as a parasaur or raptor. An Andrewsarchus would be preferable, but you may need a pteranodon to reach them, as they live in some fairly high-up cliffs. You can walk there, but it will be a dangerous trek on foot, as Fjordur's landscape is fraught with dangers, including the cold, predators, and high cliffs. If you can't find either, a Deinonychus will work-just beware of their bleed and pack bonus when stealing eggs. A lone Deinonychus will be able to run away from essentially any threat, and a good pack will be able to take on just about anything that blocks you. A flyer would be key, as they don't have to worry about cliffs and predators. STEP 5: Establish a secure base, such as in one of the castles, since you don't need perimeter walls. One of the castles I know has easy access to water in the form of a water vein, on which you can place a well and take advantage of Fjordur's lush natural resources. And that's all I have! If you guys have anything, make sure to post down below! Good luck on your Fjordur adventures, and Happy ARKing!
  14. Haha...no easy zones in any of those maps XD. Fjordur is pretty difficult too, what with the 30 degree cold at night. I needed a refining forge, campfire, and a 2x1 thatch hut before I was able to stop freezing. First priority is a house in Fjordur, along with a campfire.
  15. Useful, and totally going to get nerfed very, very soon.
  16. Ooh, right, what with all the detecting weather events and whatnot. On Scorched, definitely. Y'know, something like that would be useful here in California-but maybe not so much, since the only weather we get is hot, hot, and more hot .
  17. Lots of super cool replies! Okay, now on to our next topic-are the worth it to tame? I mean, sacrificing your own creatures for some wimpy little thing that has little to no use in PVE?
  18. Fair. But then, Cnidaria spawn in Easy zone rivers on the Island. Rexes and Carnos on Fjordur. And troodons compared to those? No biggie
  19. Interesting point of view, but I like it. It makes lots of sense.
  20. Ha! I thought so...What about their uses as tames in PvP? Don't they have their special scout mode thing?
  21. Okay, that's just stupid. One hit from a freaking thrown spear would kill that thing. Plus the extra ranged damage to fliers...a bow would one-shot that, easy.
  22. Okay, then that's just weird. It's possible that one of the parents has a higher melee stat than the other, and the baby inherited the lower one. That's really the only outcome I see here, other than the babies somehow got switched around...
  23. What are your people's thoughts on these things? Are they useful at all, looking from a PvE and pvp perspective, or are they just a nuisance? I personally have been assaulted by them before when I was still a bob. They knocked me off, and also knocked me out, and then went after my parasaur. I went out on the stego later and killed them all, since it prevents dismount. I got all my stuff back. Also, thing is, this was in the broad daylight. Not even at night, when they go Super Saiyan mode.
  24. Makes sense, I suppose. But in that case, why not decrease spawns just enough that it's more manageable? Or maybe have them act like titanos, where they spawn up to a certain level, but no more. Anyway, good luck with your jerboa breeding, and Happy ARKing!
  25. Yeah, that's the thing about egg tames. They always hatch out at the level of their egg, no higher, no lower. I still really like the fluffy raptor/cliff chicken though, just because of their sheer utility. I suppose it sort of makes sense, since all the egg tames are super powerful. I.e, the magmasaur, rock Drake, wyvern, etc. Deinonychus are rightfully difficult to get. I've used them in the past, and I know how powerful they'd be if you could just tame them outright (via forcetaming-I was curious). Good luck to you and McGoober, and Happy ARKing!
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