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  1. Okay then, so that explains my opinion on them. When I read Grumpybear's post, I thought they'd been balanced recently or something.
  2. #ARKed should be a thing. Heck, maybe it already is.
  3. You can do that, but it may mess up your colors if you have any. If you didn't know, all mutations come with a color change. It can also mess up your other stats, but you can iron all that out with enough breeding. It'll take a hot second, but you can definitely do it.
  4. Also check out syntac's video on the topic-he does a great job at explaining it.
  5. Best shoulder pet is either sinomacrops or fjordhawk. Fjordhawk gets your stuff back to you when you respawn, and it's adorable. The ferox is also amazing, since in a pinch, you can just yeet it out, feed it element, and wreck some face. With the sino, you can fly, glide, parachute, do a screech that scares away tiny things (microraptors and pegos included), use it to destroy insects, and also a backpack. The Fjordhawk returns your items to you, and also tells you the health of creatures near you, direwolf style. Best travel creature is definitely the maewing. Speed, adorableness, a hilarious belly flop, what's not to like? Managarmr and gasbags are also really good, especially when you can use them right. Equus is solid choice for maps that lack maewings. Wyvern is probably almost better than the maewing because nothing can really screw with it and get away in one piece. Plus, flying around on a dragon? Sign me up! Cheers, good luck, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  6. Plus, deinos are super small and pack a serious punch, so it's worth taming and breeding them. Their eggs make extraordinary kibble, which puts them at yutyrannus level, just a lot smaller and easier to breed/tame.
  7. Like GrumpyBear said-have a mutated male, and keep swapping him out for further mutated males while keeping your female setup. Ideally, you should throw out your perfect fs as they're babies, and so they grow into each other and minimize space loss. Pick up the male when you get a mutation, and replace him with your new preferable mutated male. Also, work on one stat at a time. Say you have 10 females around a male. That male should be only mutated in, say, melee. Make a different setup for your health stacks, stamina stacks, etc. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of your mutations. Also, save your extra babies (nonmutated or non-preferable stat babies). Use them to level up the final product by, well, killing them. Especially for boss armies, this is useful. Or snag an explorer note on your character and/or one of your preferred dinos and just murderize them. Lots and lots of levels, especially with mass breeding things like gigas or carchars.
  8. I tend to search for 130+ with max difficulty 150, but it's really what you're comfortable with taming. Mastercraft longneck with (I think) almost 200% damage makes taming a breeze. Got that off of a regular drop. Mad. Tried taming a 145 bronto once. It was almost down, but glitched into the wall. Wasted almost 20 darts on that thing. And just so you know, torpidity scales with level. There's no points into torpidity for creatures. Points into fortitude for humans makes it more difficult for you to get knocked out though. Cheers, good luck taming, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  9. Hold it right there-it's a 6 hour buff? Nevermind then. I thought it was, like, ten minutes. I withdraw my argument, your honor.
  10. Bring a longneck or a sniper, bp or higher quality preferable, a pump shottie, a pike or sword, plenty of water, med brews, and food. Also bring lesser antidote and wear whatever armor fits the cave best. Lava cave? Ghillie armor. Snow cave? Fur. And so on and so on. As for quality-an engram quality shottie would work, just not as well as a drop shottie. Primitive quality longneck is fine, just bring around 30 shots and a scope, which should be all you need. Bring plenty of shotgun ammo, and ride on something that both fits, and is powerful. Direwolves are a great starter options, as are baryonyx. Thylas are probably the best for purely land caves, while the bary slays in underwater and above land as well. Hope that helped! Cheers, good luck, and happy ARKing!
  11. That thing is worth about as much as the dirt on my feet. For how difficult it is to find and tame, it's honestly probably not worth it. Squishy as hell too, so your once in a lifetime tame meets a megaladoodle, poof, it's gone. If you're desperate, go for it. But you'd probably have a better time just searching cave drops and underwater loot drops on the island.
  12. I love the ARK community. Everyone (most everyone) is super supportive and always ready to give advice. Check out Syn's discord for more cool peeps-I go by Xenomorph998 over there. Cheers, good luck, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  13. For resources, tickle chicken is number one. Moschops is a close second. For war, the carchar takes the crown. You could (I think) tame it on day one, with lots of pain. Rex, of course, is the og, while giga is the best out of the pod damage dealer.
  14. Don't forget to vote! Multiplayer is currently winning by what is (technically) 500%.
  15. I know it's been a while, but I've had to deal with some stuff in real life. Anyways, question of the day is back! I personally like SP, since you have freedom to do whatever the heck you want! Fiddle with settings, hypermutate creatures, build huge bases, harvest all the venom nodes in the ab cave on Fjordur, and nobody's telling you to stop (put why you prefer what you do down below). Cheers, have a great day, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  16. Thyla bleed doesn't work on bosses. Deinons are the only creatures that do bleed to bosses. Also, a carchar and a giga both max melee and health battling against each other-giga will crush the carchar. But with 100 bloodrage, carchar sends giga corpse into the air, no problem. Their obscene healing rates as well make them crazy for prolonged battles, as does their "shredded" debuff. Their aoe is actually a lot better than the giga, because tail spin go brrrr. And, carchars have better animations and a better model, and are just better at traversing than gigas. Gigas have next to no stamina, but the carch as somewhat higher stam and much higher speed with the kill rage effect. Gigas and carchars will both easily crush reapers in terms of raw damage output, but the reaper's tankiness is incredible impressive. 75% damage reduction is obscene. And you can take reapers into boss fights, from what I remember. And the reaper just looks so goddamn cool it's not even a competition. The reaper even does damage when it dies! And yeah, thylas are not to be underestimated. Max melee and health thylas exist. Just one can probably take on the broodmother, no sweat. Cheers, have a great day, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  17. What everyone else said is right. Alphas are not fun, neither are gigas and carchars. But another thing is aesthetics. Maybe you really like the look of metal (?). And also, I suppose prestige is a small part of it. Showing off your shiny new metal base to all your stone tier friends is a big flex.
  18. Hold up-really? I did not know that. Guess I'm a few years late on my paleontology, huh?
  19. Huh/ I might just remember wrong then, since it's been a hot second since I watched that video. Lemme try and grab a screenie of the stats.
  20. I like the Bronto idea. It's a little goofy, but I think it makes sense. Such a tall creature, and it should be able to stand up and, well, be taller. A stomp would be cool as well (think Brachi from ARK Additions). Also, rename the Bronto to the Apatosaurus! It's time we had some proper naming in here, since the Bronto doesn't even technically exist in the first place.
  21. Good point. I once tamed an otter on mobile, and it wasn't that bad, apart from the two spinos on the other side of the river constantly giving me anxiety. By the way, the safari hat is adorable on otters.
  22. Carchas are amazing. Take a carchar and a giga. Both have max melee mutations, max health, and max stam. Both have primitive saddles. Zero bloodrage, and the carchar gets wrecked. Max bloodrage however, and the giga corpse goes flying. The Carchar also has 1,100+ stam while the giga has 400 or so stam. In terms of health, I think they're both similar, but the carchar heals so fast, it pretty much negates damage that's not absolutely obscene. After completing an osd, for example (taking this info from Syntac's vids for reference) the imprint+5 melee mutation carchars were barely hurt. Carchars are the new kings of the ARK!
  23. Another possible reason that rexes are getting wrecked by carnos is their bleed. It's nothing to scoff at, and a pack of good carnos can probably make short work of most alphas. Carno island is a very bad place to do anything apart from that cave. Dangerous animals are all over the place, and pretty much anything short of a super high level rex will get wrecked hard. Very bad idea to tame rexes there, try the southeast part of the map (near herbivore island). Rexes are rare there, but the land is flat and generally pretty safe. I saw a rex there a while back fighting a pair of stegos. I returned hardly a couple minutes later with tranqs and the thing was dead. Stegos are no joke. Anyways, it's a really good place to tame them in. Just kill the rex that's there if you don't want, and then rinse and repeat. You can easily just kite it around or build a trap there, there's literally nothing dangerous there apart from the raptor packs that roam there. I think I've seen a carno or two near that area, but not that many times. Cheers, good luck taming rexes, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
  24. Scary but true. Kangaroos also box. Their primary should be a punch instead of a bite. And then maybe a berry gathering bite on the crouch key.
  25. Definitely the giga. That thing defines dated. I mean, have you seen the way the neck meshes into itself when it's biting? The singular, basic attack? The not terrifying anymore model? Compare that to the carchar, which has two attack variations on it's primary, a tail swipe, a passive snowball ability, better stamina and speed, better looks, and I'm definitely missing something. Other than the giga, definitely the mosa. Think of it as a water giga. Dated model, dated abilities, dated attacks, etc. Maybe give it IMMUNITY TO JELLYFISH (sorry for the caps, but I'm clearly very passionate on this point)!? Another creature that I'm surprised no one's mentioned is the spider. It's useless. Pathetic damage, squishy as hell, aggravating to tame, no useful abilities. Make it bigger, rideable, able to climb, and do a life draining poison at least. Another one is the Megalodon. GIve some love to the sharks! At least update the model. The pack bonus and bleed are cool, and maybe give it an attack where it bites and tears its opponent to pieces (or in the case of larger opponents, tear off a chunk and heal). And just an ocean tlc as well. Please make it not look like the bottom of a swimming pool, since if I wanted to see that, I'd head to the pool. Not play ARK, in which I want to see beautiful oceans full of life. Cheers, have a great day, and happy ARKing! Laters gators!
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