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  1. Alright thank you for the advice, ill give it a try then
  2. So I have just recently experienced what people are calling the Xbox One Black screen of Death , to put it shortly, my Xbox will load in but will not show anything afterwards no matter how many times I reset it, so i will have to Factory reset it (original xbox1 btw). My concern is if I will lose access to my ark character or not. I really do not want to lose my character (4000+ Hours and alpha ascension on Island, abb and gen1) so if anyone has experienced this before and/or knows what will happen please let me know thank you.
  3. Me and my friends are planning on beating Alpha king Titan so we want to use the mega mek( alongside the other titans) for the fight, so we will be defeating the previous forms with the titans, but we don't want to have to tame them all three separate times so we are wandering if you can beat Gamma and betta with the same titans since they heal when the king titan fight is initiated?
  4. I was looking around for some of the new snow owls earlier and I had accidentally stumbled across R-Procoptodons!!! It makes me curious though if anyone else has seen other R-creatures on the map so far that we hadn't been informed of...
  5. Cool thanks for the info. I'm just curious on whether or not you can do gamma and beta back-to-back with the same titans or if its better to tame the titans again for both of those fights?
  6. Genesis exclusive creature (the X-variants) are able to go to level 500 as their level cap.
  7. Never heard of the blood wyvern swarm strat but is sounds like fun. May try it out on single player to see how it goes, thanks for the input.
  8. The high quality meks are incase one of our titans die and still need something to dish out damage, not to transform into the megamek. I also believe that megamek can only be used for Alpha king titan which is why we are using the titans for the fight.
  9. Me and my friends play on Official and For a while, we have been determined to beat all the endgame bosses in Chronological order. We have beaten Alpha overseer, Alpha manticore and Alpha Rockwell (just last week) so now its obvious that King titan is next. We just have one concern about this. My friends and I have decided that taming all the titans and having high level meks as backup are our best way to go as Gigas take a bit too long to raise and I am the only one raising them in my tribe. The question I have is whether or not we will have to tame the titans for all three fights or if
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