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  1. Wow team Wildcard! I really liked that you are going with a 3rd person approach, it keeps both games Ark 1 and 2 distinct and in all honesty I was not expecting it. 3rd person is essential for melee combat. Souls like combat has caught my attention here and I really spent a whole lot of time on a recent open world souls like game in a way I hadn't in a long time, about half of that community has fallen to my blade! With the added awesomeness of dinosaurs, it can draw me even further. I feel sorry for all those brave opponents I will fell, specially COD players, I shred them like butter, they are not used to melee. LOL. XD Exploring the narrative is something I always felt it was missing in Ark 1, so this part is particularly interesting to me. I wonder where will you take us? Thank you very much for waiting this long before releasing ARK 2, I was not ready when you announced it, but now as time is passing I feel am ready for something new and fresh. Thank you for supporting Ark 1 as long as you did (and still do!), I loved my dedicated server experience both with friends and solo. Thank you for the many "coolness" mixed together, with dinosaurs, robots, mythical and alien creatures, it's been fun, its ok if Ark 2 goes another direction, but I appreciate this experience nonetheless, it has been unique. Thank you for the "age progression" on tech, it was awesome going from nothing to Apex Tek. I wish you all much success, I feel ready for a new experience and with these fundamentals you shared, it seems something really cool is coming our way. Loved it. I love my Tek, but heck, with these features I can trade it for a new experience, plus we can always mod it back in with such talented teams out there. Time to reach out to old friends and get conversations started again. Take care!
  2. There is Difficulty Value and Difficulty Offset. These influence one another. Because the animals are persistent, its recommended to do the previously suggested "DestroyWildDinos" as this will wipe and recreate all the spawns using the new parameters. Difficulty - ARK Official Community Wiki Difficulty Value = DifficultyOffset * (Official Difficulty - 0.5) + 0.5 DifficultyOffset = (Maximum Creature Level / 30 - 0.5) / (Official Difficulty - 0.5)
  3. Such irony I find myself in. I am quite ahead with my rex line to tackle them all at The Island (Its a long breeding process so I am not up for specialization). My understanding of specialization is that for each battle there are "best" choices as main: Broodmother = Megatherium Dragon = Therizinosaur Megapithecus = Rex Optionals to include in all battles: 1 Yutyrannus (buffs) 1-2 Daeodon (Heals) Because of its long process to establish a good bloodline, I decided to just push, at least for now, my Rexes across all battles (old fashion, not as effective). For my Rexes I am aiming at 1000 melee % and 40k health. My saddle sucks and I had no luck so far with any blueprints regarding Rex saddle drops, this is where I am "stuck" at. As an extra, Deinonychus was used in one of the videos I watched. Take it with a grain of salt, I have not tested this myself but 4 of them with riders obliterated the Dragon like it was nothing. They were bred into powerful stats, but it was used on a multiplayer session, not sure how they would fare in single player/no riders. Cheers!
  4. Amusing thread, thanks for sharing everyone. Kudos for kickstarting the topic.
  5. Welcome to the team! I had my fair share of PvP and it was both fun and a blast! Done single player surviving against all odds and worked with mid & large/Alpha alliances to take over servers. Ark was originally built with an overly punitive and highly competitive design, meaning you essentially restart every day unless you were part of a large alliance with sufficient people in different time zones. It was only later that a huge section of creative / builder players was recognized by Wildcard. The game is so open ended, it was a natural outcome to expand the audience. If you are in PvP, there is a need to act aggressively to survive, it's not a place for softness or mercy or else you risk your progress if you choose poorly whom to save or spare. With that said, I found my passion and fun playing on a PvP private server (it did become "PvE" with established occasional wars). It started with friends but nowadays it's mostly me, yet I still find the fun in it all. Playing in a "controlled" environment assured me much needed progress and allowed me to balance my personal life in a healthy way that the game out of the box, simply does not permit. Ark is fun in many forms and thankfully each player is not locked in into a specific game mode. Its open and "moddable" nature creates so many possibilities, even balancing to your preference if needed. Don't worry, I am sure you will find that which feels best to you. Also, don't outright discard Single player either, it has some adjustments for individuals so the game is less of a grind. I still prefer the servers however, occasionally a friend does stop by, so its good to have that option. Thanks for sharing & cheers!
  6. Dinosaurs (I do mean Dinosaurs, not other critters), Wyverns/Dragons, Mechs, Age of empire style "tech age progression", open world/sandbox/exploration. Dinosaur breeding and base buidling is a plus, love the freedom that comes with it. Co-op multiplayer appreciated but not required, I play it as a single player game mostly nowadays with loads of peace and freedom. This is why I play it. PS: Minecraft is fun, even better with dinosaur mods.
  7. dire bears are supposed to be effective against the hives themselves, does this still holds true? The hive is so effective in my current organization that I never had to go back and fetch another queen. Yeah, I used the ghillie suit + bug spray as described above once the queen popped up, really smooth. It was also the event that tought me that animals could receive the bug spray buff. XD
  8. Indeed. What I understand is that which has already been mentioned previously. For context, there was a spefic situation, which essentially made the devs opt for a hard 450 level cap on creatures. There were some pretty overpowered beasts back in the day as result of that situation and required a hard limit to fix the balance and reduce the impact caused as much as possible. The 254/255 per stat cap was always a thing, if I understood correctly if you went over that limit it would break/reset the cycle making your animal weaker again. You got to watch out how many points you have in each stat, for reference every "click" you do applies a point, not to mention wild/inherited stats, the sum should not exceed 254/255. The level enforcement was adjusted I believe to make sure you wouldn't spend points past 450 and accidentally lose a creature. Not sure but I vaguely remember something in that regard. I stopped playing officially for a long time now, so I don't pay much attention to what is going on there anymore.
  9. I also like to add that if you do screw up and accidentally maxed both Patrilineal and Matrilineal mutations, yet the stats are good, you can always breed it with another rex that doesn't have mutations at all, this will "force" mutations to a single parent inheritance again. Not sure it still works, but it saved me in the past. It will set you back a bit as you will need to breed the line with a non-mutated one, but as long as the offspring has all the stats you want, you're ok. Cheers!
  10. Honestly, Going in a similar direction as the others, its such a challenge that I rather just mod things out. Often I mention the "pests" group, critters that steal, cause interrupt, dismount, etc... I remove them depending on the map and mood. Then I make them come back when I miss them, lol. Old "The Island" map can be found via mods, though I prefer the current layout more than the original, so I never went after it. Can't speak of experience nor if its still available. You can also remove tech tiers and/or engrams, things like that. I think Ark gives so much freedom in that regard that it helps not only extend its life cycle, but gives each player the power to play in a preferred way. A friend once asked me if I could provide a list of only the original creatures released in the first week of Ark, after struggling for a while I did find a list and he customized his server to exclude everything else, for example. Not my cup of tea as the more dinosaurs I have the better. Bugs are not dinos, mammals are not dinos, etc... I am not an expert modder, just did a few things here and there now and then. I do wish I could play 100% vanilla, but after removing certain animals (because they are not dinosaurs or mythical), I just went deeper and deeper into modding, lol. Modding is a thing that once you start, you can't stop as there are so many "perceived fixes" you can do that give a better experience to you personaly. I would encourage you to try that route, it does take work however to "restore" an "original" ark, though, and with patch fixes, boss battles adjustments and all, you may never really have that original experience anymore. Now I kinda wish I kept the original creature list avaiable to the person that asks for it... XD It could have setup the groundwork for you, even if partially.
  11. Let's wait and see how the Ark animated series fares... We should walk before we can run. I mean, there was nothing produced in the past 3 years that caught my eyes, it was all very... average and / or weak writing. I call this phase the "check box writing". This was until Arcane, I mean I am no huge fan of League of Legends, but I totally loved this series, really impressive characters, story and setting... Not to mention that it's an art project too, I have never seen anything like it before. This show has rekindled my interest in a more passive entertainment medium, because darn it was boring until Arcane. As a monster hunter fan, I knew I had to skip that live action movie, which I did and friends tell me I have not missed anything. Saved by my gut feeling! lol! The problem with movies is that they always target their audience, not us... Movies based on books are not for the readers, it's for the majority of the audience that will never read said book. Same with games, it's not meant for gamers, sometimes you may get lucky, but it is more of chance than intentional.
  12. @barnacles & son, welcome! Ark is a sum of several experiences in my life, kinda nostalgic to me. I love Dinosaurs, am a fan of Transformers G1 and Beast wars, Dinoriders, Dragons and games with age progression (think age of empires 2 or rise of nations). So Ark hits a lot of boxes in my criterias. I also love open world & sandbox games. I played Official PvP (both in large tribes and small groups alike), Official PvE, Official PvP with no offline raiding and finally I discovered the epicness of private server with friends and sometimes solo even, now I don't even think of going back to public servers. There is a bit of background, to me it is clear that the game became so much more once I removed myself from public servers. Don't get me wrong, Official was all fun, but my time, my schedule is very limited when it comes to a game like Ark, so to fully explore and experience all of its maps and content, I had to step down from open servers and focus on the pve side privately, which I stick to this day and I rather not go back to the origins. Ark did become the one game to rule them all for a long time in my case, I spent less on games in general because I was so invested in Ark, this was a positive thing for sure. I did a lot of creative things, and with breeding becoming a thing I went crazy. lol. When I look back, the game is not only expansive, its a journey and being able to share that with your son, just as I did with my daughter, is really awesome... Just keep those daily-weekly hours in check, the game is grindy, especially if you like big projects, start small and try to build efficiently, the rest falls in place as it goes. If I have 2 grudges with Ark, I would have to say it would be player character design, Ark is on the goofy side, the other grudge is that animal skins look like plastic, but hey it's a dinosaur so I like it. Cheers!
  13. Well, the last round was pretty rough. I mean if you appreciate irony, it was a hilarious outcome. If we leave it to "that '' youtuber, we would not be playing Ark but rather planet of the apes/bats game (which could be fun, but I rather have it be its own thing). He might even ask to remove dinosaurs from the game at some point. However, I don't want to deny that there were people honestly happy with the outcome. Therefore, Godspeed to those that really wanted to have, ahem, a different point of view. The next vote will fail by your standards, @Morikar, which I also seem to relate to. There is nothing WC can actually do about it. The way I handle situations like this: Applying past experience and setting the expectation along those lines (in this case very low expectation), think of it as "bonus" if it's otherwise. Wildcard did their part to try and counter some "odd" votes, I was able to catch the difference as I was personally invested on the topic. I can't fault them for trying, it blew on their face and any community engagement will do so to be honest. I am not interacting or engaging with the next round up, I will just let it pass. If I drop by when the vote actually takes place, sure I will vote, but I will do so knowing the least interesting one will win, therefore anything above that will be my "bonus", thus I will be happy. Ultimately if you want something well done, do it yourself, since I am no fan of programming, I will make do with WC, at least I have the option to mod things that I like to adjust, I never thought I, of all people would adhere to modding, but wow, some are really cool.
  14. I actually think its good not to specify exploits fixed. Just my two cents. We must post them, they work and acknowledge and fix them, because elaborating on these could prompt or make life easier for 3rd party programs, etc.... We don't want that. I am ok with these patch notes to be fair, but I guess it is curious for a download that big. I feel like the others have shared valid points for the most part.
  15. @maxplanck58 @Ganelon @Kazaanh Honestly I am not seeing much of a debate, granted it has not been that long since the official post confirming the results. It is pretty average remarks, nothing unusual or new to this community. We KNEW this would be the natural next step. It baffles me however, that people would get that furious with a game that offers so much customization. I am on the side that lost the argument, yet it is all good... I can fix this for myself. I pitched to the community a vote as to how I will treat this on my private server, it will either be modded to keep only dinos or have the foundation for a Dino vs mammals all out war to save the lost world (lost island) from the evil mammals (how I would like to portrait them in this map specifically). Either way, its a story to tell. We all had toys which we treated as the villain and dinopithecus could be that toy for me, heck I might even build a prison complex for them (maybe with some Humans vs ogres vibe). We just need to let the imagination free and voila! Problem solved! We determine our fun, our issues, our limits, and honestly, if a community vote derails folks from this and makes them angry... Then I dare say people are not leveraging the powerful tools Wildcard has given us to tell our own stories in our own way. There is no harm in this result, it's an opportunity that provokes us, in a good way, to the next steps. I played my cards and lost the round, now I can use my "wildcard" and turn this around. I am sure by now Wildcard knows Carcharodontosaurus also stands as one of the favorites, perhaps not only this creature but other top 10 can be leveraged as well down the line... no reason to fret at all, lets keep the ball going and have fun. Cheers!
  16. Alright, this map has my attention. I liked it. Loved the Armagasaurus and I am curious as to what the other 2 will be. I am excited to say the least.
  17. The trailer that launched with the game on steam, posted on May 2015. Speaking for myself, they did deliver on the expectation they created here. That is all that needs to be mentioned. Cheers & carry on!
  18. You know, my first reaction is pretty much the same as you. However, let it sink in for a while. Bear with me if you can. I never enjoyed Primitive Plus for example, for that reason specifically. I never liked the idea of an Ark 2, I posted about it years ago and I systematically recommended against it with listed reasons, but 6 years... That is a lot of time and I did concede the devs need to move the franchise further. Ark has become my most played game ever, E-V-E-R, lol. It even stopped me from buying other games for a long time as I wanted to be in Ark and not elsewhere, they beat out some pretty heavy titles too. They somehow managed to mesh things I like together in a single game and make it cohesive from a narrative perspective, they got Dinosaurs, Dragons, Wyverns, Tek/ Cybertron (I love Transformers as well)... All in a single game. This is what my world / life would look like based on things I enjoy. I did play for a year or two in PvP, solo, small tribe and even a large tribe that conquered the server. While it was fun, it was in PvE-Private Server that Ark really pulled me in, to exercise creativity, to tame all those different animals and to seek out lore and set my own goals on my very own Ark. To me, myself and I, Ark failed on 2 specific fronts: Characters look really ungly and no Human NPCs to operate stations or to be placed around the base. I often go back and reference another survival game where they have both and player bases there look so alive and populated with amazing NPCs/player characters designs and motions. I suppose an opportunity for Ark 2 to improve upon. Now the post itself and Ark 2, I liked the way they communicated here. I was not sure about their commitment moving forward with Ark 1. There will be some additions to this origin game and it still has Tek and all the good stuff you and I like. So that is awesome! Plus, the community maps which are then made official are really good. Wildcard is doing in my opinion a good job of leveraging the community and adding to the game. I do hope for some more TLC passes on some creatures, this post makes this a possibility even though it's not committing to anything specific. Ark 2 - trailer acknowledges the Tek, it's there but the systems seem to be dying out as there is no maintenance or technology to maintain them. It's a reboot for the survivors for sure where they need to restart the technological process again. I love Tek and not having it down the line does remove a little of the shine to me, but maybe they will have some cool elements there that may surprise you positively as well. Who knows. I am not jumping into Ark 2 at least 24 months in, with the risk of skipping it entirely but that was me even before any confirmation/announcement. I probably will not even have the machine to run it and I don't play consoles. The trailer was a bit lackluster to me, I am not sure how I feel about the Rex´s design with that rat looking fur but I did like the nod to the heavy focus on narrative and lore. Also, I am not fond of games that don't give me plate armour, so little there appealed to me except for its ending on the cave, which did have the presence of Tek, ironically. Also, last but not least, we don't even know what kind of game Ark 2 will be, are you sure it is going to be anything similar to what Ark 1 is? Just a thought as we don't know. For what is worth, maybe you will get a Tek Plus total conversion mod, after 6 years for players that did not like Tek to be using a mod, perhaps its only fair we switch places with them. I also don't discard that Tek will make a comeback as Ark 2 expands again, Tek can be OP to kick it of and is part of late game experience. Wildcard is known to adjust their plans and release dates quite often I am told.
  19. As far as facelifts goes, I am cool with large animals like the Giga and Bronto to be updated. Because they are so large, you can tell they are really stiff and old. After the Rex and Trike revisions (two species I really like), I can certainly say that a Giga update would be really awesome. I would add Plesio's face to the list too, everything else is fine but that face feels really odd.
  20. Mined some metal for my new water pen. Its going to be awesome when done! Also, started planning a generator relocation and streamline the electrical system so I can remove all excess ones and feed a single one for my entire base. I postponed that for too long already. Continued my Rex breeding line. Still some raw stats to obtain, not quite there yet for my army. Yet they are reaching a point where not even an Alpha Rex can oppose it. Still need a better saddle blueprint though. Need I say that both Mammoths and Stegos have become really useful for my current structure? That was a nice TLC!
  21. Very excited! Really good stuff! For me the incubator is going to save a lot of time! That stat preview before hatching is really sweet! Really liked everything shown here, plus the trailer. Love this approach with more story content, with excellent voice over! Thanks Wildcard! Been here with you all since before the original's launch, and I am still here! Thanks for delivering such great content! Ark has a really special place in my library. Cheers!
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