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  1. Carnotour, Cornellius. Though we used to have 3 pteras: Thundercracker Skywarp Starscream and of course I had a Rex named Grimlock, my first Rex on Ark, ever.
  2. Transfers are disabled at first.
  3. @Mazaker73, these two present good short answers you seek. I have personally not ascended Extinction in a legit form, but the "extra /hidden ending" definitely points to more lore. This can mean more stuff to the current game thru expansions, or it could be a full fledged sequel picking off were the first cycle left us. I personally prefer another Season Pass rather than a sequel to be fair, but this is the only solid public information regarding that the lore is intended to continue. While it can be disputed that social media accounts and individuals have posted this or said that, things can change as time passes, so I rather just look at the facts, right now there is a "cliffhanger ending" to the current season pass, not that its a huge cliffhanger mind you, but something to indicate that there is a story left to tell.
  4. I am not 100% sure, but yes, it was my understanding the creature's files are removed after an event ends. Therefore some mods grab these and become a way to implement them off season. This is what I understood anyway.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED!!!!! Thanks for all the fun and wonderful memories, which are still ongoing! My, its interesting to see how busy it has been! Keep it up!
  6. Hummm, interesting, I wish there was a little more details written there, but I recall those events. As some already know, I have been around since the days of TSL, which in a sense gave birth to the idea of Ark (though they were different propositions from the get go). I have seen it all since and in recent months I preferred to just observe the forums instead of tossing my two cents around as often... Less is more sometimes, besides you all provide excellent reading content and arguments, I really enjoy reading them. However, I have been vocal in past against the idea of a sequel at this time (I stress its a timing issue, a successor would make sense eventually), I think its a poor decision based on a number of arguments and long posts I have made... Clearly this is a lost battle and therefore I will not pry on it any longer, I accept this and I do not have the "big data" of customer engagement, so I have to trust them to run their business as efficiently as possible... Its only fair. Cedric has opened another approach for dialog which works for me (not undermining his colleagues, but Cedric has addressed some topics which are important to me in a way that just works), so I will not shut myself, and at least hear them out. The number of updates and fixes provided recently has also been noticed by me and I feel that since its restructuring Wildcard has gradually taken Ark to a better place, I am grateful for this. There are things I don't want to happen in this inevitable successor: 1.) Lose access to private server model, whichever product comes, I would need to be able to run it without an official server, I love you all, but I rather have my experience limited and customized to me and friends only. It is probably not going to be an issue considering how big modding and private server community is, so its more of stressing the importance for independence rather than been genuinely concerned. 2.) Start over, the grind is too much, the experience is fun, but as a 1 way ticket, I have 2000 hours, which is not even that much compared to others. But life, daughter, wife, job, etc... gives me plenty to do, thankfully, so starting over from 0 and grinding back up is a no no for me. How they will structure the grind will be important to mitigate this, especially for veterans. This could easily be mediated thru modding the server and tailoring to my experience, sure, but I never get it quite right and the "single player mode" server option is still not really well balanced. 3.) 1 Early Access is all I need for a game like Ark. I have entered a phase I rather have the "1.0" experience, not alpha, not beta, not Early Access edition. So I leave this to others, I am sure there will be people willing to take the leap of faith. It was fun and to an extent is nostalgic, but its better left in the past. 4.) We have so many animals and tools / options, I really doubt they can meet this amount of content from day 1 and any drops in gadgets and critters will upset someone in the community, but I leave this as a challenge to prove me wrong, maybe they will have 100% of everything in a new game in addition to new stuff... highly unlikely, not because they don't want to, because its impractical. That is it, if there is more content that is additive to my current experience, count me in - no questions asked. If its a new stuff from scratch, show it to me and then we will talk, but I am ready to stay right here in my base should it fail to impress me / be reasonable, specifically on those 4 points raised before. I hope for the best, for all parties involved, I really do... Whichever form it takes.
  7. @WolfCry05, I like some of the ideas you bring up. I have advocated that the Wyverns from Scorched Earth could do with a TLC Pass, but more in line with that was done with the Rex or Trike, where the overall aspect and original vision is preserved in a better overall presentation. To me the Fire Wyvern is the best example, when I look at the dossier, the face looks pretty awesome, and while in game they do look ok, it feels more like its a younger Wyvern than a more mature and menacing one drawn in the dossier. If Wildcard tempers with their design and functionality I would trust them based on the past TLCs successes, which I liked all of them (the Parasaur was a bit disappointing to be fair since the model is exactly the same, though it admittedly was in a good place already). New Wyverns have actually been introduced since, they just don't fly/behave the same way, such as the Rock Drake (Aberration) and Managarmr (Extinction)... One for each expansion so far, so we may very well see "Sea Wyverns" or other wyvern like creatures depending in what kind of content they have up their sleeve. I do like your idea about bigger Wyverns, perhaps a new one could be introduced without tempering with the existing ones, something closer to the current Fire Wyvern, but bigger and meaner. Perhaps a larger Wyvern in Ark true to current ones, would not be tamed, a rare egg could be found some how, in an unconventional place of sorts, a dead egg... that some how could be activated, that would in turn breed a creature, but in order to grow to its full power and glory, it would need to be released on the map in a wondering like state (where it could be pick off until adulthood). Once it reaches a certain time or amount of miles of wondering it would be max sized or something... I don't know, like growing something big and powerful needs to come with risks and provide a real challenge in order to get it there... Not something you could breed in the comfort of your base... not that it would fit there anyway. lol. Just tossing more stuff around... as @d1nk said, perhaps you should post it in suggestions, you may not get many hits or comments there, but the devs do see it, I left a few there in the past.
  8. Yes!!!! Lore!!!! But before lore, lets address a little of my expectations. So I love the Tek dinos and all things transformers. I really do and I, as a private server admin/owner, have enjoyed Tek Dinos and are still a lot of fun to me and friends. I did struggle with a few things though, when I first brought up the "dinobots" in Ark I suggested these would be built and fueled much like Tek tier stuff now days. They would be powerful and mechanic (with fuel to balance its use). I never factored breeding (but maybe dynamic breeding was not even a thing back then when I brought this up). So, if I were to implement Tek Dinos today, I would do so based on parts. After Extinction, parts have qualities associated with them and that changes with the quality of the Enforcer (for example), Enforcers work pretty well with my original expectation for this type of critter, the only thing is that I thought it would require a hangar to build stuff and we could see a Tek Rex being gradually assembled as resources where donated to it. It was pretty cool the way I pictured. Then came the Tek Dinos as they are, and while they are totally awesome to me I had to find ways to justify the lore behind it, I am a lore driven person after all. First issue you raised, Helena and Tek Dinos/natural: I have always assumed that I was not close behind Helena's tracks, I have always thought that there is at least one or two generations in between the events of those survivors and myself. I never assumed ourselves (Humans) to be 100% the humans we are now, so longevity, strength, resistance, etc.. are not necessarily identical to our reality. Many years could have passed since Helena's initial discoveries. So between her observations and my own, there could have been a lifetime of changes to the specific Ark we have survived on. Could the Corruption be an explanation to the Tek Dinos? I personally did not not think so (but now it makes more sense), the Tek Dinos are either an inherit "glitch in the system" or since this was brought up, if the Arks are connected in a single network (and by all means it seems so, because we transfer between them), then Rockwell might have initiated the whole corruption, willingly or unwillingly. Rockwell was around the same time Helena was, etc... So if Rockwell triggered the corruption AFTER they went to now called Aberration, Helena's Island notes are in perfect harmony as the events happened after she wrote them. The harder to explain stuff: This is were I start to take issue, lore wise. Why, for all that is logic, do Tek critters drop meat, hide, etc...? WHY? its a tek beast, I expected components, stuff like that, blue blood or something, and yet they are just a reskin of the base template with a max level boost. The fact that Tek animals hunt/seek food, I can somehow justify (poorly at that, but just to find *something*) by saying Tek beasts still eat to process energy somehow, it would be so advanced that is mimicking a living organism so well. Tek breeding, this is another that I can imagine the Tek animal assembles a miniature (blueprint injected in egg form) internally and thru some kind of nano-technology they can grow and reconfigure its size appropriately as per design. Again very high sci-fi, but I NEED a justification for it, this is the best I could find. I just cannot explain the drops to myself and that specifically hurts the lore a lot to me, I would be ok if Wildcard messed with the Tek dinos loot drop or moved them to building templates, either way, I love that they are in and there are still some Tek ones missing and I hope they will come in as well. EDIT: Loot table has been ajusted on 292.100 patch as quickly noticed by a friend of mine, haven't hunted them on the Island for a while, so my worst issue with them has been resolved.
  9. In an age were everything comes down to videos now days, its great to have a good text based guide, it will help me look back and consult now and then, especially to some of my friends that are new to this. I really appreciate the effort you put @DeHammer, really nice!
  10. In short, I would say my favorites are Rex, Fire and Ice Wyverns. I struggle to name a victor, so Rex for dinos, Wyverns for fantasy & flyers group. For water it would be the Mosasaur, it would be the plesio, but its face is just horrid. It feels however very unfair to name a favorite tough, Ark as lots and lots of amazing and fun creatures... This is a question that is more loaded than it would seem. Longer version...: I am really torn on this one, I mean usually Rex is my favorite, hands down. I love the real creature's "design and presence" since I saw its skeleton in ~1984-86... I got really impressed by it and it carries to this date. In Ark, that translates that the Rex is my favorite too, especially after the TLC pass on it, it became fantastic. The other one that draws me are Wyverns, but that goes totally into fantasy, however I just love how the Fire and Ice ones look (admittedly, fire could still use some work) , I really enjoy it... I kinda hope that a TLC pass on Wyverns is an option... Seeing how amazing the TLC creatures looked after a pass makes me wonder what they could do for Wyverns and their wings animations, overall aesthetics... I would like that a lot.
  11. Ok, so this is were I stand with this. From a multiplayer-PvP perspective things are good the way they are. With that said, its no secret that I have been enjoying Ark a lot more with very few friends, sometimes solo even (as they do not play on a consistent basis, its still the same server). On a personal experience, yes I would like to breed those to make my ultimate being, particularly the Wyverns as mix and matching them is appealing to me. Having a server option (like the one to permanently keep the Titanosaur would be ideal as I could flip the switch on or off). As for the saddles, I think that not having them from a conceptual perspective is that these "ultimate" beings are not tamed, they are earned. I prefer Wyverns not to have saddles as it reinforces their majesty as force of its own. However, the saddle topic comes up often due to armor... Perhaps instead of a saddle we could use actual armor set (slotted as a saddle), something cool, maybe scaled iron plates or something, could work... The issue is it should not have reigns, these animals would not be led, they would chose to follow its master, its different from the other creatures we submit. These are my thoughts on this, but after I am done with Extinction, I have only played vanilla Ark to this day (I run from Mods like a plague, always had poor experiences with them in other games). But the Wyvern breeding mod might be the only one I will make an exception, as I know I want to have 1 very unbelievably powerful Fire/Ice Wyvern in my roster, best of all I can remove the mod after it and still keep the game working, at least as it seems. Edit: When I say mix and match I mean in their own sub-species groups, no hybrids or such.
  12. I like how Wildcard provides some general overview into the technologies, logics and the rationale used to address certain things and why it may / may not take said time or how complex a situation may / or may not be. I believe that providing insight of the back end helps drive discussions and conversations (for those that are interested on those) to a constructive road. Also, the attention given to game suggestions round ups is also nice some of those things are very interesting and its cool to see which suggestions are evolving into something. it is a nice format.
  13. I for one really like the Ice Wyvern and Griffin models, they were both revamped. While normally I am not to keen on unofficial maps (have the least played hours on those), if it does bring unique creatures (that are somehow revamped by Wildcard akin to Ragnarok... then by all means it would be interesting). Normally I look forward to official content, mod integration is usually not what I look for so its nice of you, @CamCam123 to bring this up.
  14. @Cedric, I have personally never played Primitive Plus, essentially because it had no Tek tier and being a Dinoriders/ Tek fan this was something I could not do without. With that said, Primitive Plus is really important to those that do not wish the modern / futuristic stuff, and Wildcard ended up embracing this group despite not being part of the original Ark Survival Evolved pitch. With that in mind, would integrating the mod offer a "not Tek/metal" mode for this audience? It has a decent following it seems and while I do not care much for that mode, it would be a pretty harsh move to exclude the experience that audience were originally into. I am very happy with Ark base game without the Primitive Plus stuff. so if in order to meet that audience and not overly complicate Ark base game, perhaps Primitive Plus should be made into just a mod. On the other hand, while I do not like everything Primitive Plus has, there are some very genuine stuff there that could be added for variety such as constructions and a few unique resources. My main concern summary: - Would integrating Primitive Plus cause performance issues on Ark Survival Evolved base game / original maps? If so, I would rather not have it integrated. - Converting Primitive Plus into a mod might be more sensible considering the no Tek/Metal for that audience. - We need to do right by Primitive Plus audiences so they do not feel excluded, I would hate to be in their shoes and be excluded, so I do not wish this upon them. - While I do not like all Primitive Plus has to offer, there are some genuine cool stuff that could add to my vanilla experience, especially since I have been playing mostly solo recently and could use some additional novelty and shake ups, as long as I can still have it alongside my Tek stuff. Its a tough predicament to be sure, I appreciate you bring this up for further considerations. Good luck!
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