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  1. Martellus

    Reasons to not make Ark2 and expand Ark

    @chancho33015, the argument went well for me until the Aberration portion, personally I really liked that expansion and felt a step forward in my experience. Although admittedly, I still hold Scorched Earth in a special place. With that said, I have repeatedly said I would not jump into an eventual Ark 2, starting from scratch after such a time investment is just not for me at all. So in my case your argument fits perfectly. I will stick around as long as they keep building on top of the current experience, once they move on, I move elsewhere. For Extinction: 1.) There were some news which confirmed that the poke ball thing was going to happen, that we will be able to cube dinos into the inventory space but they will run on timer/expire, similar to what PixArk currently has but with expiration, would be my guess. 2.) I too hope for some form of vehicles to make it into the cut, the recent teaser seems to point to a mech/exosuit type thing which got me really excited for, maybe other forms of technological vehicles will join in as well. If the map has an old city, streets terrain could provide space for such strolls. 3.) They also mentioned NPC (Corrupted animal) sieges, one of Ark's competitors already does this, its not excellent but the idea exists, if they can make it work better, it will be awesome and provide some form of danger to fend off, the issue is how to make it fun and not annoying (think of the Nameless and how they after hours of play become pests rather than a fun challenge). 4.) I certainly have high expectations for Lore on this one, including talking to an NPC, I would prefer several. This is just me saying with out any evidence what so ever, but if the lore does not move beyond the dossiers, I will be disappointed. 5.) Finally, I really, really want a new character model for players. I have seen the work that other survival games have done, one in particular and their player models are fantastic, from the point you draw a tool or weapon to face expressions and overall character models, they are amazing. Cheers!
  2. I like my Rex, traditional I know but hey? Its awesome!
  3. Martellus

    Titanoboa taming

    Not, they take other eggs as well, but they all must be fertilized eggs. I only mentioned the giga eggs because its their equivalent of a "kibble", so it goes faster.
  4. Martellus

    what is your favorite dragon (No Aberration)

    Ice Wyvern for me. It has the coolest look, Fire Wyvern would be second. I do not like the Rock Drake as much as other survivors and it pales in the magnificence of its Scorched Earth relatives, in my opinion of course (solely based on looks and flight). While Dragons are fictional creatures, it does not really matter how you classify them as it is depended on each lore. Western and Eastern interpretations of Dragons are distinctively different to name the most obvious variations. I do wish I could one day own a "Great Wyrm" in Ark (something like D&D's Fire dragon from book of monsters version 3e or 4e, definitely not v5e), sadly, the only available one stands on its hind legs and is a boss creature only as of today. Cheers!
  5. Martellus

    Titanoboa taming

    I was trying to tame a Titanoboa with fertilized eggs. Took me a while to get enough eggs for the feat and I failed. I have not tried taming one again since. The most likely problem I encountered is that I had it in a pen and it got aggroed by me or the wall itself. If it is aggroed, it will not work. I have seen a few videos on this subject and seems that for taming a Titanoboa the best practice is to do it in open area where it is, to which point I am only going back to it once I have several fertilized giga eggs. No point trying sooner with such a hassle. Cheers!
  6. Martellus

    (Singleplayer) Caves not spawning dinos

    I play on a private player, I have the same issue with Lower South to be sure, haven't farmed Swamp or Carno Island as much but it seems to be the case there as well. There is little I can add to what you already said, I too am insistent on completing 100% of the base content in The Island Ark. The only thing that is different in my case is that I do not have the single player option on, I try to keep it as vanilla as possible however and no mods. It took me ages to find a pair of Megalosaurus, even longer to get the Megalania to show. I am now missing 1 male Megalania and the taming is quite horrid as the torpor drops very quickly on it. Cheers!
  7. Now that I saw the teaser on a bigger screen with better lighting, I do hope its an Exo-Suit! It looks awesome!!!!!!
  8. Martellus

    NEW Extinction Mini Teaser Predictions

    My heart wants it to be a cool exo-suit, but my mind tells me its a tek boss waking from slumber for some odd reason. I do like to point out I lack further context on the subject as a whole. Still, its a decent teaser to be sure. Cheers! EDIT/UPDATE: I now firmly believe this is an Exosuit of sorts, and it looks very cool.
  9. I have seen a mod that tries to do that "barn" thing and the idea of that mod was to make it look "underground/bunker like" so it dos not break immersion within the context (although to be fair, Ark already deals well with "mass displacement" scenarios). I really like your proposal as a potential solution. The fact we will be able to "convert animals into items" in Extinction, similar to PixArk, but sadly in Extinction they will expire and will need some sort of individualized maintenance (I would prefer an accumulated cost as a feed all once instead of dealing with each animal individually), I would still need to harvest food though, as I think it is necessary because otherwise it would be game breaking. While I have stated again and again that I moved off to a private server long ago, this thing would indeed be highly efficient in my case as well. My base takes a lot to load, requires a lot of space and could use an optimization feature like this one so it is not as taxing on my hardware. Cheers!
  10. thanks, good insight into how Titans will behave (permanent vs temporary). I appreciate it. I hope Plesio´s face is still up for a TLC after Extinction. Keep it up! I look forward to the next expansion.
  11. Martellus

    The new Argentavis model

    I prefer the new model myself, while the fossil record is closer to a vulture than an eagle, the creative liberties taken with Ark's Argentavis fits the lore. There is barely enough in there so see the traces of a vulture, but at the same time, parts of an eagle. I dare say this is a mix between the two already. My thoughts, cheers!
  12. Martellus

    tek dinos

    It was always pitched as a combination of many themes, including but not limited to sci-fi. For sure, striving for realism was not one of the them. Here is the first original trailer, the obelisks are there, the implant on the arm and so is the original Dragon boss, before it was isolated in arenas and had size reduction:/ face lift? http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/05/11/ark-survival-evolved-announcement-trailer (2015) There is also a first impressions video: http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/06/02/ark-survival-evolved-ign-plays-live-060215 (its long and I have not watched the whole thing, but it brings back fun Ark memories.) Ark began before Ark and Wildcard actually... I was one of those unfortunate souls that bought and played "The Stomping Land" game project on steam, some of the devs that would become Wildcard were playing it as well. It made a lot of noise on Steam with no marketing whatsoever, it just tapped a theme about dinosaurs that others were executing it poorly (just shooting the animals is not really novel or interesting to me) and exposed new demand for such themes. Sadly the project never took off for real and the developer caved into community pressure and made a sequence of horrible patches (asked by the "community") which infuriated and ended the community, a real implosion, we have not heard from the developer to this day. After TSL went into radio silence and the project was abandoned for over 3 months (maybe 6 months? Can't remember), the two Wildcard founders announced they had this game idea regarding dinosaurs (not actual fossil record, but "inspired" by those creatures, hence the creative liberties on each species they have in Ark). They pitched in a phone interview what they wanted to do (I think it was Jesse Rapczak, maybe with PCgamer? Can't find the audio for it) , how many animals they were working on and how clearly inspired by what seemed to me several 80s influences (Dino Riders in particular). At the time it was over 60 animals in commit, looking back, wow, they really sprinted since then. Because before Ark all games essentially asked you to shot or run from dinos on sight, Ark created a new mainstream structure, which was not only to survive them, but also interact / tame and much later, breed them. This is awesome and for mainstream, unique until Ark, something TSL had potential for but couldn't scale up due to several reasons. In parallel to Ark Survival's success, there was always a group of players that felt left out, they liked what TSL was, a tribal, bow and arrow, thong survival with Dinosaurs in it. Naturally this prompted a Mod, called Primitive Plus, and sure enough it found its audience, despite not being "primitive enough". The mod had such great success that it was officially incorporated as a free DLC., although not considered cannon to this day. Speaking purely from a chronological perspective on the events, Ark has and always had Tek elements from its conception and pitches. However, it is also a fact that there is an audience for a pure primitive place. Our community starts getting into these debates when one of these two facts are not recognized. Ark was never going for realism, and this is why I bought into it, Tek and Dinosaurs is just to awesome to pass up (I am a Dino Riders kid, after all) and those that are lore aficionados received Extinction quite naturally as the plot was going there from the get go. To suggest Ark was ever pitched as a primitive game creates an impression to me that: a.) Either you want to create a topic to get a debate going, for the sake of a debate. - or - b.) You jumped in Ark as part of a hype wagon and did not research the product fully, as the information and videos (especially the videos) are readily available on steams store. Please note that I like debates and I also have been a hype collateral with The Stomping Land, so we all have been in these situations in the past, the two previously mentioned potential options are merely my perspective on the sci-fi "I am surprised" reaction. My thoughts on the matter. Cheers!
  13. Martellus

    Next tek dino?

    Well to complete the Dinobot collection, I would need the Tek Bronto. We already have Grimlock (Rex) and Snarl (Stego), there is a skin for Trike (which would be Slag). Swoop is a Ptera and I hope they make one, but for a flyer I could make do with the Quetzal version as it fits its airborne role. The only one I don't have a readily available substitute is the Bronto for Sludge. Cheers!
  14. I was reluctant to reply to this post, I wish this topic would stay in the freezer until the current Ark game is more rounded off, which is not by a long shot to be fair. Please understand this is my personal preference and I appreciate this will pop up now and then, hence why I decided to chip in. I believe @Aylana314159 summarized it best, key word there is: Flawless. I also find it highly unlikely I would buy it, despite how much I love dinosaurs, Tek and what an awesome experience Ark has been to me, both on PvP and PvE fronts, I am not in a rush, I have not defeated the ultimate lifeforms legitimately, I still have tames to get and breed, Caves on the Island still have spawning issues on occasion (I dare say frequently), I would appreciate a fix on that. Base maintenance takes a good chunk of a week's gameplay time and slows everything down even further. I still have A LOT to do in Scorched Earth and Aberration, I don't have a Reaper nor a Phoenix yet for example. Extinction has not even released, its by far the content I am personally most excited about, like I was when Ark was originally announced, I felt that PvE will be one of its central focus, which pleases me a lot. The NPC raids, titans, all the lore, Tek ruins, it just feels that I will want to build and move to a new main base there for good. I am honestly VERY interested in this one. I still hope we get NPC helpers, might even be little robotic or alien creatures, you know? To actually do some maintenance or streamline some of it at least. Considering how grindy this game is, I believe I will not be done with this expansion within 24 months, in other words I have so much content to go thru that I will be unlikely to buy another Ark game that has a "restart" as a proposal (both from a development or/and gameplay perspective), I make exceptions for Expansions and content, as they build on the current experience... that, I am always up for... but to start from scratch? Potentially with less content from the get go? No, but thank you. I will not grind again, I will not be part of another Wildcard Early Access, it was fun the first time around, but I rather not have things break as often. There is one game that sadly does not have dinosaurs in it, but it started after Ark and already has stronger PvE content, is more well rounded and player characters look so fantastic. If I move on, I will move on to a more complete and new experience at this point is less grindy and has helper NPCs. As long as we keep building on the current content, Ark and Wildcard can count on me, for sure. If we move on (and to be fair at some point they will have to), then Wildcard needs to understand that they will be doing so likely with a new generation of players and community. I don't see a lot of my friends moving on, but that does not mean that new/other players will not join in on the fun, perhaps a flawless execution might just be the thing the series needs to conquer all, and Dinos are always awesome. Cheers!
  15. Martellus

    TLC 3

    I agree that Carno and Plesiosaur, especially the latter need a face lift. I still defend a TLC pass for (not limited to ): Carno - Needs an overhaul Plesio - update face, its really tough to look at. Bronto - Because of its size, its stiffness shows a lot. It would be great if it got a more fluid movement set and animations. Diplodocus - This sauropod attack is terrbile, using its head to bump enemies without any damage does not help its case. I understand it can be deadly in PvP, but on a PvE side of things is just poorly conceived, long necks were unlikely to expose their heads for attack, it would make more sense to use its tail. Quetzal - Ever since the speed correction was applied, its animation does not convince me that it could remain airborne the way it flaps its wings. My two cents. Cheers!