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  1. Martellus

    DLC Worth it?

    It is also valid to mention that the experience is very different if you start off with fresh characters on these maps or you bring high level ones from the existing Island you are playing. For me, it was really worthwhile, my favorite map is still Scorched Earth, but some, not all, portions of Aberration are starting to warm up to me.
  2. Martellus

    Next tek dino?

    I agree that they are likely to bring the existing Tek Dinos to the game, it makes sense they are essentially ready and I am fine with that. I really like what they are doing here. The big question will be which creature they will "Tek up" next? Once these 8 have been used up.
  3. For sure, Argentavis. It is not as fast as your usual Ptera, but it can carry so much now as well as the added benefits mentioned previously. Also note that it can now attack creatures in air while carrying them. For human players it can carry the rider, another player on its talons and one more by its beak.
  4. Martellus

    What's a good Tek-Rex ?

    When you tame an animal in Ark, you never ever have 100% taming effectiveness. As they eat berries/meat or even their designated kibbles the taming effectiveness drops, if the tame gets hit during the taming process, it drops even further. So far so good. When you breed two animals, in this case a male and a female Rex (both tamed, not bred), the offspring they produce will have 100% taming effectiveness right out of the egg. So provided the baby inherits the stats you want from each parent, if it is the first bred generation, the baby will have 100% and therefore may gain a few more levels and be automatically distributed among the stats. Obviously this only works with the first generation you breed, all subsequent babies wont have that boost, they may gain mutations which gives levels, but not additional taming effectiveness. Please let me know if it helps, I saw a video to actually understand this process. 😁
  5. Martellus

    What's a good Tek-Rex ?

    Looks like a decent Rex, I would say your observations are pretty spot on. The HP is good, you can level that up to 30-50k. As for the Melee I wished I had a 400%+ myself, as my current is on the high 300%. Depending how far along you are, my advice would be to breed it (no imprinting required) to get the 100% taming effectiveness, this would give up a small bump on the stats. You could use it as a cloning template, but if you clone it be sure not to level the original, as the cloning cost scales with the level of the creature. Finally, my Rex with highest stamina is at 3k, I can chew thru the entire island with ease, but there are some rare situations which can lead to extended combat (like having to engage another animal after the original target), so my guess is that 6k stamina would be more than enough to handle all situations, non boss at least. Grats!
  6. Martellus

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I started as a PvPvEr, I really like the concept originally, overtime however I realized that with work, a wife and child I would be unable to keep it up do to my personal priorities. It came to the point that progressing in the game was really hard for me. It was interesting to be sure, but in the end not for me. Eventually I joined a PvE server, at first it was really neat, but then people kept coming and building all over the place, and not really great constructions but rather those boxed thatched ones. It was horrible and the Island had very few trees compared to the usual pvp, lol. Some tames were really hard to get, like the Sarco as people build along the rivers (this was prior to the swamp and even snow areas). After PvE didn't work out, I tried single player, while that had things going for it, I realized I wanted a server, to make my world "alive" even when I was not around. It was a huge thing for farming and breeding too, as single player was (is?) soooo slow on these when I tried it. So this is where I am at, private server, pvpve with friends / closed group. Overtime we stopped doing the occasional pvp altogether, so its kinda funny that pvp is enabled yet it plays mostly like a PVE. I have blast with it, but I admit I am getting slowly tired due to lack of PvE content and a more self sufficient base mechanic, at times it feels I work for Ark. Recently the farms stopped working properly and this has become a real issue for me, I may not be able to keep it up if its not fixed as even the berries in the fridges are on decline (more is taken out to sustain animals than going in). Yes, I love taming and collecting them all. Based on comments on the forums along with my experience, I concluded that the best way to play Ark is Private Server, keeping as vanilla as possible. Cheers!
  7. Martellus

    Crop Growth

    I don't know, I tried looking into this on the patch notes, but found nothing in the recent ones. This change or bug did not really help at all. The crops used to be perfect for refilling feeders, I didn't have a lot of them, just enough to keep the base going. I agree that it seems they are only working while it is rendered, which would explain the low yield. I hope this gets fixed or revised soon, I am not up for further maintenance upkeep as the game is pretty unforgiving without the Tek feeder. Thanks for bringing this up. Cheers!
  8. I really liked the 3 dino Skins from Arkaeology event, if I cannot have more dinos I would settle for at least skin variations. The Brachiosaurus has a challenge since its neck is not fully upright as I would like, but it still looks cool enough. Styrac looks awesome and Stigy is an increadible improvement over the original Pachy, might as well be a TLC pass on that one. I also loved the Tek Rex (moving away from a skin), but I have not seen a high leveled one worth my time yet. I said it once before, I have no problem with creatures sharing same roles as it gives visual and slight variations to whatever a tribe wants for a given task, while certain dinos are indeed outclassed by larger versions I consider these to be progressions and are somewhat expected. The example of the Pachyrhino vs Trike, one is a two seat player mount, were as a Trike is not, there are different things you can achieve depending on the situation, however, for a single player they might seem very similar, I would argue that in multiplayer they have very distinct roles, try putting speed on a Pachyrhino and have a buddy fire tranqs at ground animals, its incredibly stable compared to the flyers and an efficient knockout mount. For the other example of a Rex outclassing an Allosaurus, it would make sense, but I had 3 allosaurus that together would chew thru any other animal (imprinted and high leveled), except for Titanosaurs and gigas I guess, I also never tried an Alpha Rex with them. For caves I have been using Megalosaurus at night, it makes runs so easy. I also recently heard about people using a Carno in some caves, I am willing to give it a try as well as I am not fully sold on the Megaloceros approach. So in short I do not see a lot of issues with the current animal setups. My thoughts on this. Cheers!
  9. Martellus

    Transfers ruin pvp

    As someone who has experience both PvP in pre and post transfers I would say the new situation is not perfect, but is preferable to what was before. I will elaborate briefly as others have already provided very valid opinions. Mega tribes pre-transfer (back then called Alpha tribes) were rarely beatable, and most were defeated internally by some boredom or something like that, it happened to my tribe as people moved on to other games, we became weaker and a new Alpha would take its place. Alpha tribes would claim large portions of land and kill of certain mounts, establish some weird rules like you can't tame this or that and we will wipe you if you don't pay up cementing paste. That was my life at first. Then came the transfers, they messed with the established power and megatribes were formed to become cross server strategies and as such, fighting has improved and as large opposing tribes became a real threat. Now the well being of the server and actively seek allies is better, sure if a mega tribe does not know you, they might wack you as the alternative to allow you to grow strong is a risk by itself and trust is not easily earned. Arks PvP is designed to have large groups of people, the more you have it the more likely you are going to make it to the top. Eventually, I became rather tired of the format and moved on to a private server with friends, we mostly PvE now days (which makes the lack of PvE content more apparent btw), but it is the balance I can sustain as I simply cannot put 4 hours into the game everyday. I wanted to be able to do more in Ark, I just can't and I do prioritize other things in my life. I still love the posts, ideas and arguments created by you all, so in a sense my Ark PvP character lives thru your stories, and I will have it no other way today, private server is the way for me. Finally, I conclude that transfers do need a constant look, analysis and mechanics review as new ideas pop up as alternatives. I say transfers are necessary, even with its bad portions. Cheers!
  10. Martellus

    Human TLC

    I am on the same boat regarding the Human models in Ark. They don't look the part and I have this really close friend I wanted to introduce Ark to, but he never got past the human characters in Ark, he outright hated it. I personally believe Ark to be much more than a lousy human character, it is what you can do in the game that has dinosaurs which makes it epic. However, he did jump on that other game you mentioned as an example. I just cannot deny that the characters in that other game look so vastly superior, I have seen them in action, the sword fighting, general animations is spot on and the models for both Male and Females look super. I agree with a human TLC pass, out of all of the things, this one has stood out the most alongside the Plesiosaur head model. I would not go as far as a DLC though, this would essentially seek the ire of the whole community. Cheers!
  11. Martellus

    How do you use cook pot to craft skins?

    I still have not seen the Bone Wyvern skin, is it not in the cooking pot?
  12. Martellus

    Extinction Plant Species

    I would go with W. I don't know why, it just feels right. Unless they change the naming concept entirely.
  13. Martellus

    Im not sure what dlc should i get? help me

    If you get the season pass you would, as it is included in it. With the current summer sale if you are going for Ark, I would suggest getting the Season Pass, its incredibly cheap right now. Cheers!
  14. Martellus

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    One trip with Ark is good enough for me, at least based on my current experience. Nearly 2000 hours play time is pretty good for any game. I loved it, but I am so not grinding another adventure from zero, so no, no Ark 2 for me. I will however keep playing as long as they build on the current Ark as I already have the infrastructure in place. I may take a look into a sequel if I could somehow import my stuff from the current Ark into the new one (at least from a private server to another), having access to 100% of the current creatures and tools, then I could begin to consider another version of it. I just don´t want to lose all my hours, nor leave the stuff I come to enjoy behind. Also, over time I found my place, I dropped occasionally in PVP, but it was on PVE that the game really took form to me, private server of course - with friends. I only wish there were human NPCs to populate and help around the place, like on another game that has this already and it makes bases so lively and efficient for it. With that said, should an Ark 2 be released, then I hope it is everything you guys/gals hope to be, and be lot of fun. I will be here, enjoying the posts and comments you share, but one Ark Early Access is more than enough for me. As for an other season of expansion after Extinction, I would definitely be up for it, but I have no clue what to ask for as I know very little (like everyone else) about Extinction itself. The tamable Titans are certainly a plus, I really look forward to them, while the trailer did not hint at any form of narrative or NPCs, I hope these made the cut this time, if not that would certainly be my ask for any following expansion/add-on. Cheers!
  15. Martellus

    What's Your Best Arkaeology Event Loot?

    Common Mosasur Platform Saddle, very standard, nothing special.