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  1. Indeed. What I understand is that which has already been mentioned previously. For context, there was a spefic situation, which essentially made the devs opt for a hard 450 level cap on creatures. There were some pretty overpowered beasts back in the day as result of that situation and required a hard limit to fix the balance and reduce the impact caused as much as possible. The 254/255 per stat cap was always a thing, if I understood correctly if you went over that limit it would break/reset the cycle making your animal weaker again. You got to watch out how many points you have in
  2. I also like to add that if you do screw up and accidentally maxed both Patrilineal and Matrilineal mutations, yet the stats are good, you can always breed it with another rex that doesn't have mutations at all, this will "force" mutations to a single parent inheritance again. Not sure it still works, but it saved me in the past. It will set you back a bit as you will need to breed the line with a non-mutated one, but as long as the offspring has all the stats you want, you're ok. Cheers!
  3. Honestly, Going in a similar direction as the others, its such a challenge that I rather just mod things out. Often I mention the "pests" group, critters that steal, cause interrupt, dismount, etc... I remove them depending on the map and mood. Then I make them come back when I miss them, lol. Old "The Island" map can be found via mods, though I prefer the current layout more than the original, so I never went after it. Can't speak of experience nor if its still available. You can also remove tech tiers and/or engrams, things like that. I think Ark gives so much freedom in that rega
  4. Let's wait and see how the Ark animated series fares... We should walk before we can run. I mean, there was nothing produced in the past 3 years that caught my eyes, it was all very... average and / or weak writing. I call this phase the "check box writing". This was until Arcane, I mean I am no huge fan of League of Legends, but I totally loved this series, really impressive characters, story and setting... Not to mention that it's an art project too, I have never seen anything like it before. This show has rekindled my interest in a more passive entertainment medium, because darn it was
  5. @barnacles & son, welcome! Ark is a sum of several experiences in my life, kinda nostalgic to me. I love Dinosaurs, am a fan of Transformers G1 and Beast wars, Dinoriders, Dragons and games with age progression (think age of empires 2 or rise of nations). So Ark hits a lot of boxes in my criterias. I also love open world & sandbox games. I played Official PvP (both in large tribes and small groups alike), Official PvE, Official PvP with no offline raiding and finally I discovered the epicness of private server with friends and sometimes solo even, now I don't even think of goin
  6. Well, the last round was pretty rough. I mean if you appreciate irony, it was a hilarious outcome. If we leave it to "that '' youtuber, we would not be playing Ark but rather planet of the apes/bats game (which could be fun, but I rather have it be its own thing). He might even ask to remove dinosaurs from the game at some point. However, I don't want to deny that there were people honestly happy with the outcome. Therefore, Godspeed to those that really wanted to have, ahem, a different point of view. The next vote will fail by your standards, @Morikar, which I also seem to relate t
  7. I actually think its good not to specify exploits fixed. Just my two cents. We must post them, they work and acknowledge and fix them, because elaborating on these could prompt or make life easier for 3rd party programs, etc.... We don't want that. I am ok with these patch notes to be fair, but I guess it is curious for a download that big. I feel like the others have shared valid points for the most part.
  8. @Kodking194, I wish I could use a reaction like "read it" or "seen it". I do like longer and more elaborate texts and I can see you gave it some thought regarding the issue presented, you went beyond the "upset" and actually proposed something, this is worthy of recognition. It is not enough to complain, people should bring in ideas and proposals more often I would say. Please note that I to could do with a bigger focus on this myself. With that said, there are 2 things that I cannot fully onboard with your opinion, though I do align with what you are trying to accomplish. 1.)
  9. This is not an isolated feeling I am sure. However, I do believe that depending on the play style, the opinion shifts. Having played Ark in several modes but nowadays playing exclusively as PvE, I see little value in this critter, a PvPer will probably see it otherwise. I am not that familiar with memes, specifically the one you mentioned but I did see comments here and there and I am sure there was a bit of trolling in there as it would be in any place, really, not an Ark exclusivity. This is why community voting as Wildcard did is extremely risky, an alternative would be for them
  10. It is a bug, it seems to happen after an attack from Sabertooth Salmon. Nothing to worry about, I have the same issue with my own Basil. I was also concerned. EDIT: It is going to be there forever and ever. Drives me crazy, but I have gotten use to it by now.
  11. @maxplanck58 @Ganelon @Kazaanh Honestly I am not seeing much of a debate, granted it has not been that long since the official post confirming the results. It is pretty average remarks, nothing unusual or new to this community. We KNEW this would be the natural next step. It baffles me however, that people would get that furious with a game that offers so much customization. I am on the side that lost the argument, yet it is all good... I can fix this for myself. I pitched to the community a vote as to how I will treat this on my private server, it will either be modded to kee
  12. Well first of, congratulations to all that got your favorite animal in the Lost World, I would have preferred dinosaurs but I can relate if I was on the other side of the table. While I think we missed an opportunity to keep a more Jurassic/Cretaceous theme, there is always the option to correct the wrongs in each of our individual Arks. I was ready to chose between these two options, but I thought I should do something different here and ask you all for your opinions. I don't really need many votes, so a simple majority will do. I am fine with either options.
  13. I also would welcome this approach. Its very 50-50 here.
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