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  1. Very excited! Really good stuff! For me the incubator is going to save a lot of time! That stat preview before hatching is really sweet! Really liked everything shown here, plus the trailer. Love this approach with more story content, with excellent voice over! Thanks Wildcard! Been here with you all since before the original's launch, and I am still here! Thanks for delivering such great content! Ark has a really special place in my library. Cheers!
  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Well at least is still coming.
  3. @Cesitar257 I noticed this too. The game downloads really fast, but once it goes into "installing" it takes like forever on my SSD. My take is how many files (lines of code?) are being updated vs other games. Its not exclusive to Ark mind you, but yes, Ark suffers from this constantly compared to others. Its a curious thing indeed, but it doesn't impact me much as I do other stuff while its updating. Ark is a really big game, I believe it is still the largest game I have installed, so naturally there are more files to go for updates than other titles, hence why some files coul
  4. @FlagrantVagrant Yes, I have two I keep for pets on my base at "The Island" map. They are very rare, ironically I see them more often when I am actually not looking for one. While both of mine I found at a canyon formation that lead to the redwoods / water area from the western side of the isle, I do find them more often on mountains, at higher elevation. Do be careful as there are also gigas at the top, so don't get chomped looking for them. Cheers!
  5. I too have the same issue you describe about not being able to transfer between servers within the same cluster while playing and hosting on the same machine. I looked this up extensively a few months ago and my conclusion is that you cannot transfer servers while on the same machine you are in. So the fact your friends can transfer is consistent with myself playing from another machine, it works just fine. The whole topic is poorly documented, perhaps because it is a basic concept for server admins? I don't know if there are any good / improved documentation for this since last I looked
  6. It would be awesome if they did come back to it. Right now I am looking forward to the TLC 3, I really liked both of the previous ones. WIth that said, I really would like the Tek Saddle for my Wyverns. Cheers!
  7. Wyverns could use a facelift if anything. Aside from the ones that have been cited on the topic itself that is.
  8. Is that an Aircraft at the top right????????? Heck ya if so!!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED!!!!! Thanks for all the fun and wonderful memories, which are still ongoing! My, its interesting to see how busy it has been! Keep it up!
  10. Yes!!!! Lore!!!! But before lore, lets address a little of my expectations. So I love the Tek dinos and all things transformers. I really do and I, as a private server admin/owner, have enjoyed Tek Dinos and are still a lot of fun to me and friends. I did struggle with a few things though, when I first brought up the "dinobots" in Ark I suggested these would be built and fueled much like Tek tier stuff now days. They would be powerful and mechanic (with fuel to balance its use). I never factored breeding (but maybe dynamic breeding was not even a thing back then when I brought this
  11. In short, I would say my favorites are Rex, Fire and Ice Wyverns. I struggle to name a victor, so Rex for dinos, Wyverns for fantasy & flyers group. For water it would be the Mosasaur, it would be the plesio, but its face is just horrid. It feels however very unfair to name a favorite tough, Ark as lots and lots of amazing and fun creatures... This is a question that is more loaded than it would seem. Longer version...: I am really torn on this one, I mean usually Rex is my favorite, hands down. I love the real creature's "design and presence" since I saw its skeleton in ~1984-86
  12. Ok, so this is were I stand with this. From a multiplayer-PvP perspective things are good the way they are. With that said, its no secret that I have been enjoying Ark a lot more with very few friends, sometimes solo even (as they do not play on a consistent basis, its still the same server). On a personal experience, yes I would like to breed those to make my ultimate being, particularly the Wyverns as mix and matching them is appealing to me. Having a server option (like the one to permanently keep the Titanosaur would be ideal as I could flip the switch on or off). As for
  13. I like how Wildcard provides some general overview into the technologies, logics and the rationale used to address certain things and why it may / may not take said time or how complex a situation may / or may not be. I believe that providing insight of the back end helps drive discussions and conversations (for those that are interested on those) to a constructive road. Also, the attention given to game suggestions round ups is also nice some of those things are very interesting and its cool to see which suggestions are evolving into something. it is a nice format.
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