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  1. What is dedicated generator?
  2. Interesting. Player use Tek helmet and for rest he have homo deus (killed king titan alpha on extinction or cheated to get it) skin which cant be used on tek armor so he could be in clothes with that skin for example. And he don't ride basilo to get cold and electric protection. Also i don't see a lot of minions and other dangerous creatures like electrophorus that usually populate that area. I guess not an official server..
  3. Ah bad news then. I had in mind to use taxidermy tool to take skalp and rest of remaining skin from all those who decided to log off on my jumping pad or other structures preventing me to use them properly and make galley of bad people instead of mannequins.
  4. Is not just 0,1% of genesis gameplay. Moeder and controller are goal of map, it is ascension. To both you cant port gigas. Wiki "Ascension is the process of beating the last boss in ARK and ascending to the next level.".
  5. Cool we finally agree in something. So stop doing it.
  6. I think you are imaging moeder and controler fight with gigas Or you wana try to beat gama and beta King titan on extinction with x-Yuty?
  7. To be OP is your subjective opinion. There is 5 years of work behind giga stats. I don't think that any new comer should question other players work and constant breeding for years. If you want op giga then tame now female and male and try breeding and mutating them. after years you will have good dino to try on genesis. If you don't have it now, well you come too late to game, but still someone can have merci to sell you one.
  8. Just go play something else, there are a lot of games without giga. And let other players to play as they find most enjoyable. Or you found the way to ruin other ppl play even before genesis 2 is out?
  9. Right click on cloning chamber and chose option deliver clone tame criopoded and get tame in chamber inventory. Oh wait what DILO no option?
  10. My gachas too but not 298. Btw i mindwiped and pumped all points in crafting but could not go over that, seems those BP's are capped by developers. Only effect of my skills was in item better duration. (pick and bow with asc BP) With Tek BP's you get on extinction skills work a lot better, you get armors with 500-8oo protection and several K of durability each pice but it cost sea of resources to do it.
  11. I had in mind solo player without tame support as he didn't mentioned it in his first post and for general use like crystal, metal and stone. For him self solo yes better primitive than applying a lot points in melee. Crafting drill even primitive and repair cost was for me expensive but i still using it for weight reduction purpose. For using a dino i have seen ppl try other dinos too like thery with 3k damage but i personally didn't tried. And for vein without dino i have heard chainsaw can do too - also didn't tried.
  12. Even if you have good pick you need to sacrifice points in melee. So doing solo without farming tame you will not do effectively but there is other option for solo and no need to spend points in melee - is mining drill, engram you learn on genesis 1 at ava level 80 and tool have weight reduction too.
  13. Looking for whip BP, damage does not mater, just big durability. ( have matting partner in wooden cage and need to tame and correct his behavior without damaging him too much as i need him for breeding mutated avatars)
  14. You cant do nothing. upon patch something went wrong and instead of patch we got wipe of game. They corrected it and most of us had to download entire game again but some things you were doing in game are lost. Btw Ark 2 is not out jet, you need to post in another forum section.
  15. If eggs are larger than normal recipe then he need an abnormal recipe?
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