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  1. No baby have about 33 k hp but once maturated, imprinted and added points will be at 60k hp full grown. Well baby was level 341 and damage like your about 1200 now is maturated i added points as he get them now is at 61k hp and 1850 damage and will be 40 points more to add as he get them. Btw i did support ticket about killed rex and send pics log file and such. I didn't got answer what happened with offline protection but they offered me to giver me new dino. But they can give max level 201 with unknown stats, gender, no mutations and on top not imprinted. So i have sent them pic with stats of new baby and asked to close case as i don't need their dino.
  2. I'm raising new baby rex right now, come to 345 ( Official server theisland345) and see by yourself. Btw is not top, people on our and many other servers have even better.
  3. I believed that when you are off line you have so called "off line protection" and that dinos are too protected but seem his is not a case. My rex ( bos rex 60k HP, 1900 dmg young and growing imprinted 100%) was killed until i was off line, He had " attack your target" setting. Log file don't have info what killed it, just that was killed. On beach where rarely big predators roam. ( mostly dodo , pasaurr and similar is there) Yea probably gift from devs with this event.
  4. Once done it will have single player version to to try on your will. Closed beta mean a lot of patience and avatar wipe on the end too.
  5. I'm new in game but curious about old things. Did dinos had "lgtb" ish colors or were more natural in those times? Nowadays all dinos are literate as they know exactly what is your propriety to damage it in case you were escaped. I wonder how come as ark didn't invented paper jet. i mean you can craft toilet but to use it you need to use something a lot older than paper, something archaic like element.
  6. Thx for suggestion but I'm not interested to try. Damage is already done, lost dire wolfs. As for stone trap - is not possible as you are to close to enemy foundation on all map. I feel is simply too high price for an hat or underwear to loose entire pack of dinos and to be afraid to leave base to not loose more.
  7. My experience with Turkey trial 3 event I'm a bit new to ark events, its my first year in game. I had to wait on imprint time for my dino so i decided to use that time to get some food. I want out with pack of tre dire wolfs pack and riding rex. At one point we encounter new unseen dino who look like chicken and is big like dodo. Latter i realized that is event monster level 250 turkey or something like that. I didn't know that it is so strong. I attacked it with wolf pack. Each wolf is level 400+, each have 8000 + hp and 800 damage + pack buff of course. Monster killed all wolves, Command to stop and follow didn't work. I tried to beat it with rex too for about 20 mminutes. I missed "want care" time to imprint one dino at base too. In the end when my rex lost about 16 k hp i had to run away. That's very "cool" and "funny" event. for developers probably. But there is problem. I'm still without food and i don't want to go out of base to risk to loose more dinos. Should i cryo all and come back when event is over?
  8. Everyone in this thread know that our ideas and wishes cant change basic koncept of upcoming release. and many hope to be surprised with even better content. As for links..... You go in shop to buy pice of bread. Seller ask 3 euro and you pay. But instead to give it to you he explain that bred will come next week. Instead to give you back 3 euro he give you a lot of links to read about how hard is to make bred , then links about transport problems, then links about oil and electrical power prices problems and so on. In the end attack an pic of bred on your jacket so you have "skin" of those in queue...
  9. Do you mean that postponing release was planed year or more too? Yea could be depending of presale of genesis pass result maybe.
  10. To participate you need to sign in as google user which I'm not. So cant participate. So i give in short few issues in wish to be addressed. -implement trade system. -improve AI of tames specially when they get lost, they don't know to circumvent obstacles and they get stuck too easy. -you don't have PVE servers at all.: Newcomers on official "PVE" servers get killed by enemy foundation as they cant place campfire and die from cold or of hunger. Even if they find place they cant have water as beach is full of pillars and you cant place water intake to bring water to your base bz pipes. Implement taxation for those who place pillars far from their base. In that way those who want to play alone and occupy entire server with multiple bases and rest with pillars have to pay monthly fee lets say 100 metal ingots for every pillar placed with intention to prevent other players to build. At least apply a code to campfire to be able to place it. Code exist as raft and tamed dinos don't have any restrictions on enemy foundations, gates .. ie an flyer can rest with no problems on enemy roof and an raft can move also on coast where sea is full of placed pillars and celling. Wish list is long but let stop here.
  11. Noa

    genesis hopes

    He he nice hopes. Let me add some too. - limited land usage - no build on newcomers spawn place, no pillars, dino gates every where to kill newcomers with cold as they cant place campfire (you are too close to enemy foundation. -player to player trade system with graphic interface support ( like opening two inventories where both players see what they trade and with confirming options.) Drop and pick up is archaic and full of possibility of bad things. -possibility to see who is on server in form of list -in game mail system with possibility to send or receive message, items, dinos, mats with a ransom so recipient see what is in but to get it have to put items, dinos, mats as specified by the sender. Both online and offline.
  12. Noa

    genesis hopes

    Are you sure we will still have specimen implants in genesis ?
  13. How many giga stand on an turtle as it is clamed as swimming base? Will be there some bigger base destroyer similar to now when we have raft and cant use it because of neurotic fish?
  14. Until waiting for your answer i was recruited by another tribe. Picked like an animal with Argentavis and dropped in their base. It was tribe of mutes, nobody to take a time and talk with me. Also didn't know how to talk in tribe as slash on numeric pad don't work. Now with google i discovered that is shift + ":". I waited a lot in their base. Seem only 2 members were online and no any attention for me so i left that tribe. But surprise: all i had and owned was locked as belong to tribe i left - stone house. tach house, mortar, forge, smithy, storage boxes with items, dodo and raft . All lost. So i run to obelisk and go for another server. I'm level 62 now and doing from start with tach house on new server again lol. Thank you for your time and have fun.
  15. id like to try No any experience except reading wiki and playing single player on pc. I tried official server but alone on server with 10k+ days is hard so returned on my single player game. Have few hours each day on disposition to play. I like pve with no big obligations. Oh, I'm 16+. Noa
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