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  1. They are supposed to offer support to the customers caused by bugs in the software - that i said too. Problem is that unsolved / fixed old and new produced bugs are too many. So support cant help customers in many cases because cases are too many. Even if they decide to deal with customer and his problem they give a date month or later to deal with and in that time everything is despawned. So if development would be less productive with a bugs maybe support could have more time to help in time. Instead of that, they are unable to find uploaded avatars, dinos as part of c
  2. Dont know, they are supposed to solve problems with bugs that prevent customers to enjoy game that development produced maybe?
  3. Argentavis work for me now, im surprised that this thread is stil going. About automatic testing, Any idea how to test why WC didnt solve avatar losing upon server transfer and why upload is not saved. Maybe to test also why support guys get paid.
  4. They finally fixed exploit for using Argentavis in ARK. It cant pick up wild dodo for some pvp reasons and now is finally balanced, no more pick up anything.
  5. It seemed to me that genesis 2 should be end of element and its corruption. What somehow contradict with saying that genesis happening before extinction. So apart tek disaster maybe we get new materials and resources and new way to get energy.
  6. Don't worry guys. Epic games did very smart decision to give Ark for free for some time. So we got massive invasion of new players what caused some effects too. Its like when you go on holidays and pay room in destination hotel just to discover that room is already taken as turist company sold that room to many other customers. Players from before stopped helping newcomers as is impossible in actual conditions. And new players got very bad experience with login problems , constant big lag, ping over 255 and all other negative effects. With that experience at least h
  7. How would feel if you go on prepaid holiday's and on your destination you discover that your room is already taken as turist company sold your room to many other customers? That's how it probably go. Turist company made deal (and got paid) with more than milion customers but they have les than 400 hotels and each hotel have 70 rooms.
  8. I input in google search - 11 am EDT and got time it will be in my town. I'm gmt +1 and +1 for summer daylight time so for me will be at 17:00.
  9. We expected it https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/534170-introducing-tropeognathus/&do=findComment&comment=2898975
  10. Because then first post that should be removed is thread opening post made by Wild Card for same mentioned reasons.
  11. I would like to try server traveling farming method. But servers are from stone age. There is no any synchronization. There is no code to save uploaded avatar, dino or items in mode that support could find it after avatar lost. (support use internal policy to not help, then compensation stipulation and similar methods to dodge and not help players) We are at 5 anniversary and this basic bug is still present.
  12. On US map they spawn on their own,, no need additional effort. All zombie matter, they provide several hundreds thousands jobs in film industry.
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