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  1. Now you know that in future when ever you decide to cite or link wiki could be intentional lie. Yes is complicated and im sure that OP know the answer on his own question, it happen all the time. Or maybe all readers believe that Earth is flat still. Or maybe someone want to try to fertilize egg with fertilizer and then start to push it in cube?
  2. You are right but is not that the point. After years of playing i know food values and how creatures are programed to act but an newcomer must read wiki a lot of times to get (if) it. For example let see info an newcomer could find on wiki in past. Argentavis can pick wild animals. First thing newcomer have to learn that there is big difference between singe player and multiplayer game. After that newcomer have to find and read hidden info that argy can do it only in pvp. And that is not enough as in past argy could pick up dodo also in pve what was disabled with an update after years of gameplay. So telling someone in game that his argy can pick up a dodo is full lie - not intentional lie but because you are not aware of that particular game update.
  3. I have read on wiki that you use mejorbery to tame herbivore as it prefer mejo more than other beries. Later i found that mejorbery is only bery that herbivores dont want to eat and it always remain in trough. A lot of info from other players can be false due constant game updates and fixes. Well i could sel a newcomer an egg and fertilizer to apply on egg and then try to push it in cube too. Earth is flat.
  4. I guess we will not have spyglass in Ark 2 or we will still have first person view using it or just mutilated 3 d zoom in function.
  5. I have problem to see player name even if he stand still in front of mee as is now. I hope that will improve.
  6. I wish mutations of stats we obtain would be based on experience (usage of tame) tame get and not with mindless breeding as is now. So if you want damage then your tame need to live and grow trough hunting and dealing damage before he is ready for reproduction.
  7. Yea a lot of things can be done without Tek. LIke lower food consumption for tames and low spoil rate of food in trough. no need of fridge om snow or ice biomes and similar Btw do you know tame who could cause that structures last 30+ days before decay and what tame i could use to store 540k ingots instead of tek dedicated storage?
  8. Noa

    Tattoo system.

    I hope i will be able to make clean avatar without any tattoo on it.
  9. I have impression that they care only for those players in their local PST zone according to all announcements as seem they don't know what GMT is.
  10. Noa

    mutagen bulbs

    Situation is created by developers with rarity and respawn timer on r seeds. So if a player want acquirement and unlock note it he need to try on several gen2 servers till he get one. Also because of rarity is almost impossible to get r-seed. In the end who wouldn't want to have prime meat or prime fish meat in any time in his base? If you could collect r-seeds like berries you would not have that problems.
  11. Buying lvl 500 top stats Carcharodontosaurus with asc sadle. (now not after 5 years of breeding) It will be introduced too late in game and cant catch breaded giga except if his initial stats are pure fantasy-
  12. Try PVE. Servers are full even if nobody is online, And is a lot harder than PVP so it is real challenge where imagination and patience will cross your limits. (you can't destroy enemy structure or tame)
  13. Noa

    Price Ark 2

    Its 6 years from release and also from time games were around 50 USD. Cost of development and production is increased in that time, we have like 5 years of inflation to count too. Today basic games tend to be 60 - 70 USD at release and and each later dlc 40 to 50 USD. Your 20 USD is for old games. Also about your post "$300 ? I think you were wrong hahahaha because not even monster hunter with all its dlcs is worth $300 usd." I suggest to inform your self more as some "free" games gameplay cost 20 k USD as minimum because of pay to win and greedy monetization - you can also find on you tube dude who paid 100k USD to play an game ....
  14. More they postpone it and longer they wait harder will be to be a hit as many other games of this kind are being developed and released.
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