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  1. Need to see first. But if i find place with clear sky, no fog, temperatures normal for human so no hypo and hyper problems, water nearby and all resources not far that will be my choice. Only problem is if exist such place will be already full of enemy foundations in pve ...
  2. Finally i found info on internet what need to do. So learned fishing rod engram, chair engram, almost died when collecting honey. Crafted rood but there is no UI interface as was shown on WC pic found on internet. Instead that is very intuitive - you must intuit and find out what to do. Maybe UI open once you sit on chair so let craft chair and place it as is shown on pic. No way, you are to close to enemy foundation. So maybe to learn raft engram tooo and try? Sure you relay need raft on Scorched Earth as map is full of water. Next you need army of big ass tamed dinos to keep you alive during fishing. Next once placed chair on raft and sit down you realize that you cant aim wit rod in direction where fish is because chair don't let you to turn. Next fishes are far from bait and need a lot of time that they decide to eat bait but on this part I'm used on it. Like waiting, postponed, waiting, postponed, all normal lol genesis.. And then finally happened and surprised me. Few sec on screen display press C. Before i have read on screen message and ready to press C new message was displayed - press A. And bait was eaten and fish gone. So in total is not worth so much work for event clothes, can live without them too. And chibi i have from Santa Raptor event which keep resetting level and xp until now. Maybe they fixed that with last patch, anyway you cant have HLNA on if you farm chibi xp.
  3. Bad news. Seem is safer to keep them unpodded as cryofridge can be unlocked by anyone just like tek dedicated storage or like many structures can be turned off/on by bad people.
  4. Statements i wrote are from my support tickets. Those are their words and answers to me. Whoever entity is behind zendesk act as support team. I have meet them with other games too. They used to collect problems players meet in game and help players out also by login in game with admin privileges. They used to report collected players problems to developers. Sadly quality of their service is lower as it used to be, They do not report any more.
  5. Support is not WC. Support is https://www.zendesk.com/ They are paid to act as instructed by WC. They are not WC developers and cant fix bugs. In my case they refused to contact WC. They are like cushion between players and WC blocking any attempt of conversation with developers. Only thing that remain is to post in forums and hope that someone from WC in his free time will read it..
  6. Devs did their job to confuse gamers too. I destroyed many structures near doors or near water pipe and similar because in circle of choice when you press E "destroy" command appear in same position as "open" or "drink". If they tested it that was in absolute no lag conditions then. Also on lag game interpret command E in open inventory for unequip as command O for drop - in this way i lost scuba armor - it decomposed before i realized it is not in inventory. Many times i found locked doors unlocked but that could be my mistake maybe i misclick on circle but... But i never open cryofridge with E and using circle of choice because two things - I'm afraid to destroy something like walls around or other structures and lastly using F is more handy and faster. When i was robbed (pve)i found dino gate unlocked, doors of room where cryofridge is unlocked. If i can think that gate and door i unlocked by myself maybe then unlocked and emptied cyofride cant be my mistake with using it by pressing F it must be possible to hack it without any dub it. I got used that anyone can turn of/on my generator, industrial forge, cooker, chemistry bench and fabricator but to unlock cyofridge is hard to survive.. Game graphics make easier work to bad people by displaying first generator, cyofridge, storage and similar structures first. Walls around base or dino gates are last to be show on screen So if someone fly fast or relog near base can see all crucial structures in base before walls around are designed. Devs should test things not on their supercomputers with no lag but with average pc and with all lag on running game servers.
  7. Could you break it to those who keep displaying this news on login screen too? According to news players have about 10 months time only. Except it was meant year 2021 or maybe 2025 who knows.
  8. december 11 is behind a corner ON game loading screen under news it say that on december 11th genesis cornicles conclude with installation of new "tree of tree" dlc. So we need to hurry to get all broken armor skin parts until then if not we get left out, naked. December 11th is near, maybe tomorrow or this night so we have very little time left. Until now i already did "none of none" but need to do one of one and two of two. Any suggestion to do it fast before december 11th?
  9. I played it as single player when it come out. Playing om island and wanted Vulture. As i remember that vulture are on SE from single player so i created an avatar on official. With pain i had to re remember all things why i hated it back in single player mode. Like stone house burn you alive when outside is midnight 4 Celsius and actually cold. Or that generator decay, or if distance between house walls is to big you lose insulation protection etc All just for few things i wanted on island - vulture, cactus broth and maybe to tame a pig daeodon or how is called.
  10. Would be cool but i don't get xp any more and chibi keep reseting.
  11. I play on the island so compared to it i have some hopes. Longer day and shorter night. At least part of map without claustrophobic additions with clear sky without fog and night at noon and without insulation or hyper/hypo problems . And cool skirt instead of ugly hide pants for my avatar. Trade system, messaging system, who is on server list etc.
  12. Installing more doors didn't help. You still lose house icon and insulation values. Remain to try with behemoth gate on other side of house But what if protection is determined with distance between walls? So maybe to build another wall in middle of house? But how to put giga in small box then? Or does not mater as all dinos do not feel cold and hot, rain and wind and ofc don't need to drink water lol.
  13. insulation question https://ark.gamepedia.com/Building say in notes this: Shelters provide the same insulation (~112 Hypo, ~57 Hyper) regardless if the shelter is made of thatch, wood, stone, metal, or any combination (tested on v195.1). Exception is the Adobe tier. But this is not true as many things on wiki. You enter in house and you get house icon displayed on right side of screen and mean you are protected. But is not house that offer insulation - protection but gate or door. Mean if house is big and you are enough far from door is same as you are out of house without any protection. You can feel hot or cold and even rain exactly as you would be out.. So question is what range or radius have dino gate or door and do i have to build many doors which will newer be used just to have house insulation? Btw whole statement in notes is full lie for ScorchedEart, Except adobe all other structures - buildings don't give any protection but burn you alive ( midnight and is 4 Celsius - cold but you are dyeing in stone house from hot.. just run out on fresh and cold)
  14. Tribe is better than solo. Surviving is a joke with help of tribe mates in pve but you loose starting from the start experience. Anyway not all dinos will be useful in new environment as in map of provenience. Probably will need to tame new genesis dinos and learn to use them. So even if you are not solo and helped with tribe mates will be a lot to do there. And we don't know jet if transfers of dinos, structures etc will be possible from start (count in account things like lag, bugs , danger near genesis obelisk or other type of receiver and similar)
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