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  1. He he. I'm sure you like this game and a lot as you complain. The day you will stop complain will be bad for Ark as you might be cold enough to leave it in silence. It was a lot worse time a go. It have many factors to cause it. I'm used to run in building and get up to 3rd floor then game move me back in front of house. Also with experience you will learn how to prevent disaster when lag is coming. For example you fly with argentavis and want to land to specific area and argy do not execute landing command. You need to look at his food gauge and stamina if it move, i
  2. You meet a friend when you're in trouble. ( or you discover that people you think are your friends are not friends) So play PVP, get in trouble, die a lot and someone might have a mercy, Second option form own tribe and hunt newcomers and invite them in tribe. This is very easy on PVP as in the group the power is. On PVE I'm sorry Wildcard did nothing to promote and somehow reward accepting new comers in already established tribe. And there are issues with accepting random players in tribe with various stealing and other tipe of scam. So not accepting is not because of you
  3. I guess because mana on PVP allow heroic escape instead of shameful death. On PVE for me is medium dino with bad weight and hard to influence where he will land plus bugged on few maps.
  4. If you have an bp with specified smithy or fabricator then try it in replicator, i tried without success. There are BP without specification as to where it should be crafted, and those can be crafted at smithy, fabricator, replicator, your inventory, argy and even in grinder. I searched for good BP to be usable in grinder for a long, one which give a lot of xp when crafting. I was interested in grinder as i have heard that it could be way to raise dino by riding it when crafting and having listro giving buff also without success. Well no success with replicator too and crafting
  5. 5 minutes lol you are lucky. 5 minutes is nothing, average waiting is about 15 to 20 minutes and it happen you wait half hour too. Once i was almost killed together with giga as i use to watch you tube until waiting but that time next round started faster than usual lol. Np on evo event when you know you will be rewarded. On no Evo event.. Interesting is when you wait on small vein for last one or two dinos round 5 an half hour and you get 20 elements only Those last corupted dinos are not spawn in same time as others but a lot later and usually get stuck so you
  6. if you count number of items needed to craft it you will see that even replicator cant hold so much ( more than 600 slots ) And BP was looted before Wildcard decided raise metal ingots to 300 in single slot and now with raised metal to 300 it cant be still crafted. If is explicitly said crafted at smithy you cant craft in replicator, i tried that wit lot easier and item less consuming blue prints. well there are more BP with same destiny like high level Mek BP.
  7. This i looted in underwater cave red crate Guess once i will be able to craft it i will also know all about slot cap and weight cap.
  8. Pegomastax killed my gacha (on pasive), and since first day in game i and my inventory I'm victim of ichthyornis lol. i agree.
  9. I like PVE. So unpleasant things aree many as game is not designed for PVE but for pvp in first place. Probably they added PVE in latter stage of development in fear to not get enough players for ark. For example extinction. Players are not for alpha king titan there as you don't get any reward except bugged homo deus skin earned with high tek technology like mega mek and that skin cant be applied on tek tier gear So for what players play there? For OSD and element veins. Server is claimed to be for 70 players at once but im sure there is no resources for all 70 players. At once
  10. I don't remember, i tried and had few mods on single player and probably didn't know what all they do for example one which allowed matting wyverns but that mod i installed much later in game progress when i have been higher level.
  11. Noa


    I miss a lot a dino or maybe a plant or Hight Terk thing lol able to auto collect and pick up multiple loot and multiple items (not poo) on floor (without eating them). Gacha is cause and not solution of this wish. On official servers.
  12. Cheat used to give engrams only temporally. After you relogged all was fine. Must be new cheat i didn't know at time playing in single player game.
  13. No I'm not confused, i wrote i shoted it with trank arrow when nacro beries ended to keep him sleeping also because i didn't know for taming bonus at that time. But in the rest of taming process he have eat only berris all kind except stim ones. It was long a go in single player as son i paid for game and started to play it. I learned of kibbles, right taming food and what do additional damage on taming level a lot latter when i started to play on official server. Basically all my tames on single player game didn't have any bonus and some of them got even lowered level/stats onc
  14. I think you need textures for every item you posses from other maps. For example if you use glider on island - game need to get its appearance from somewhere. Not sure if it work in that way, its just my believe. In other games missing a texture can cause horrible lag and even a crash.
  15. I used otter because of artifacts and also because i like shoulder pets, not for weight. Will consider your advice with bulbdog in future also because i got ghost skin for him in last event, thx.
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