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  1. Is not security system structure, its more like suicide structure lol. Every time i look space from my base my base disappear and is free area for wild dinos. By using console you get bronto, doedi, maewing, dodo and other wild creatures in base. ( by killing bronto in base you risk damage on your base and structures) Once you stop using console and you are back in base you see there are no walls, no structures, no behemoth gates, no nothing, just wild creatures. It need a lot of time that base reappear. And is not just my computer as wild animals on server are under
  2. Before incubator was introduced it was normal to happen. Because of lag, maybe server restart and similar. Timer was at 0 but you had to wait more. Simple test was to put that egg with timer on 0 in fridge, reopen fridge, take egg and look info on it, now will show you correct timer ( few minutes more to incubate ). Btw i see you have nice way to keep your eggs fertilized in your inventory.
  3. Well if it comforts you i didn't do most of missions. Missions are done for young people with fast reflexes and good eyes. Also mission do not explain what you have to do, what command/ buttons you need to press to drive maewing, enforcer, astrodelphis etc. In some missions you use mouse to change direction in other buttons, total confusion. All that could pass but excessive flashing, colors, lighting make me don't see anything. Also seeing how bad is to drive astrodelphis is bad advertisement for that dino, you don't want to tame one lol. But you are forced if y
  4. How inhuman suggestions lol, leaving him trapped without torture. He will die of boredom, At least place inside bee hive or something. No seriously is not worth loosing time about. Let him in, sooner or latter he will log of. Then find him with owl or wolf and drag him out of base in wooden cage. Pressure plate work too. Keep your parasaur full of food
  5. I don't have this problems. I cant do requirements for taming. Missions are too hard or too fast or ridden tame and boat do not do what i expect (fly, jump, change direction) and mostly boring, We survived in Ark for years and strider is not worth trouble.
  6. i play on official and found them using tek helmet (keep R and press E to get choice circle) so they are like enemy red. But in all places i found them they are high on mountain walls so any idea to destroy hive to attempt to tame queen is hard. Question is maybe they change place and build wild hive on some easier spot? We need to appeal to the Animal Protection Society as bees have to go to work really far from home lol.
  7. Seems to me that your guess is right by looking patch notes of today deploying patch
  8. A lot harder to tame and loosing many levels of taming bonus. No is not problem in not having kible. For example taming dodo level 150 on island without kible with mejo you loose max 2 levels ( of 75 ) so your dodo will be at least lvl 223. On Genesis 2 you loose 20 levels and dodo will be 205 lvl oinly. Thats a lot levels lost. Well for dodo who care but we tamed big mobs and i was always pissed of result and thinking that was my fault. Now i know is not, its nerfed.
  9. Noa

    Harpoon Launcher

    Why it don't work in water using net? Its underwater weapon or not?
  10. Product (genesis pass) is not delivered. WC delivered only single player part.
  11. Gen 2 seem is made that any resource you need except stone and wood is too far. And federation tek armor is too slow to get anywhere. Also have weight 22 kg and if ava go over certain weight armor is not usable. Its a lot slow and bad response on commands - from moment you have been hit by mob to time when you finally activate flying or fast run take too much time. Also if you have equipped tool or weapon armor often do not work at all. For new comer gen 2 is boring, all is to far, missions where you get hunted by pack of alpha raptors, rexes, yuti mean only loosing t
  12. Simply let that pack of alpha raptors, rexes, yuti kill you, by looking you tube or something else or press cancel mission. Didn't like and didn't do gen 1 missions and this ones are even worse for me. Yea will try to play without hexagons or find another game.
  13. Aby easy mission without being hunted by alpha raptors, rexes yuti and similar?
  14. While a lot of ppl cant join, there are players with replicator and transimter on gen2. Anyway is boring, all pilared. Btw two be even more boring i died two times by "you killed yourself", didnt found cause.
  15. Same on 345, deep sea cave and orbital supply too, all items and blue prints primitive with basic lowest stats.
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