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  1. Common Name: Fjordhawk As soon as you’re respawned by the ARK, your friend will track you down and return your equipment to you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. I really hope this can be disabled. Better he wait on me on death spot. 2. Maybe this mean that green beam indicator on spot you are died will be removed?
  2. By no Tek i imagine that there will be no any teleporter under obelisk too, Traveling to another server will take several hours in some kind of voo doo trance under some mushrooms effect in concentration till you die and your esence leave and go meet new body on another server, Ofc no items or tames transfer too. And thats not only bad thing. Mean also no cryopods, no cryofridge, base despawn very fast in mode that one (PVE) cant go on holydays irl without to forget that he ever owned tames, base or played ark. As fantasy part of game PVE users will have duty to go under strong GM buffs every 5 days on PVP servers and destroy all there as revenge for all nerfs and patches caused by exploits of PVP players.
  3. Agree, it is historically confirmed that regardless of taming skills it was newer been able to learn to ignore phone calls.
  4. A bit fantasy or unrealistic. Giga baby is 17500 hp +, Wild giga mature 80k hp. If we count fantasy defense of 400 damage from giga (20% of 2000) Carcharo will be out of combat in few giga bites because of 5k torpidity - btw top giga now days have from 100k to 150k torpidity. Weight of 1200 is a bit useless as you will need ages to full fill his inventory on meat run because you will need to wait his teeth to grow.
  5. Wildcard introducing special "pvp only" tame to take care of tek. Its monkey poop thrower like we had from start just this one is a bit bigger. Yea fix could be to remove all pvp tames and stop nerfing and patching the game because of pvp. Than monkey would be more useful in collecting gacha crystals than to serve only for pvp.
  6. For me is worst way. You get not needed milk and on top it can be bugged and spoil in 20 min. i posted in game suggestion idea that WC change milk icon into middle finger icon in this case.
  7. It was promised lol. Actually all snails (at least mine) are in unintended forced matting process as they were all on wandering . Thanks for developer secrets we couldn't prepare on such big quality of developers life change.
  8. PVP patch and PVE nerf went wrong so they blocked server transfers til probably future roll back. You know one could transfer snails which do not exist after last patch on another server so lets block transfers.
  9. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Maybe to visit few FBI pages. They have entire teams in fight against cybercrime and a lot of info what they consider to be a crime. New Ark is a new hope and don't deserve to be sentenced by past feelings.
  10. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Depend on how you look at it. During second world war was completely normal for Japanese solders to exploit lokal resources like local females for their sexual needs using them as sex slaves. In that time it was just an exploit for them but today we call it a crime.
  11. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Im perfectly aware that they fixed an "bad doing" and was surprised on reactions when i called bad doing a crime.
  12. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Is just an example without using Fresiki mathematical standpoint combined with wall of dataset to prove it. WC should use "prevented an opportunity" instead of "fixed an exploit" to be more near to people behavior and general mentality.
  13. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Ok ok you guys convinced me. From now on i will take in account that cheating and exploiting is not a crime but normal human behavior like some sort of honorable doing.
  14. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    I don't like mathematical standpoint. It hurt a lot and it say that WC is specialized in selling game to criminals. Just look at patch notes, 90% of them contain "fixed an exploit" So big part of those 16 millions players are cheaters and exploiters by mathematical stand point.
  15. Noa

    I wont buy ark 2

    Also developers share your opinion and publish their monolog on twitter or any other communication channel except on official forum. Must be reason in that behavior.
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