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  1. This post is not an answer to this thread. it was moved by moderator. Original title was "What to do in ASA PVE" I tried to kill turkey with rex. 1 hour and didn't happen. I come back with 2 more so in total 3 rex. Result another half hour lost and turkey didn't die. What is worse i lost about an hour to bringing rexes back to base. They don't know to follow and they block each other not keeping any minimum distance. This is old fashion from ASE. Nothing remastered or code rewritten. Just copy paste. To shoot turkey ? Then for what we have tames in game? To b clear I'm not interested in that event at all but i wanted chiby to grind 5+ max levels. Evidently will be for another time or for another game. So what to do in game? -Tames are useless with their pack behavior. -We cant do breeding - tames do not want to mate. Seem server has a cap of 5000 from all players on server. -We cant build as there is always fear of structure cap of 5000 ( before was 15750 and still not enough) -We cant tame as guns and bows do not shoot (same as ASE) and you can do only 10 kible at time as cooker is bugged. -Avatars and tames cant improve movement speed with raising stats or with imprinting. - let not forget that dodo still walking thru foundations, that you can loose tame as he draught into the ground (lost doedi by farming stones with argy, doedi got under ground and tried to follow for few minutes till he died) Where is that advertised and promised "rewritten code"?
  2. Its old problem when you get mobbed with own tames. Going on boss will take ages unstucking and evading own tames until you get to obelisk. In old times cryopods solved this problem.
  3. Cryopods make you free of non stop meat run slavery specially with bad respawn and server instability.
  4. I incubated argy egg just on floor as i cant get electronic or silica pearls (ASA). Timers are affected a lot with all disconnections and rol backs. So it took me several days each time i waited that temperature fall to 12 c then dropped egg on flor. As soon temperature went up i picked up egg. Tedious but is possible lol. Thanx tp WC and hard to get silica - i play on official pve server with 70 concurrent players and resource are depredated ie not enough for all.
  5. I agree - nothing was changed. Rewriting code is a lie. I had to rescue dodo in foundation in ASA too. My base still need minute to spawn when logging or flying from far .If anything changed that is to worse like speed run stats, resource visibility etc..
  6. I guess trees, rock-stones and metal are also spawning too slow or not respawning. Its hard to build base with this conditions. I learned to avoid dinos with babies to obtain hide, meat, keratin. Seem they are harder to kill and more aggressive. I tried to claim a baby and is not to do with all disconnects and roll backs they maturate too slow and roll back nerf their maturation. So need to avoid anything to do with babies. Same go with taming. Impossible with server crashes, disconnects and roll back.
  7. Its a game, not reality. Its a game that contain also fantasy creatures. As for reality - its a fantasy to believe that realistic UE5.2 ASA can run on all old hardware. One is sure - for example when i want to see tame stats after imprint i had to run out of render range and come back. With ASA i will need to run far away, probably half map to get same results. Not an improvement with completely rewriting Ark code and UE5.2 engine that should help to run it more smoothly. Not all that WC advertise as good is good. Movement speed changes i see as downgrade and not improvement. You think that future buyers will be aware that ASA can be played only on nitrado servers and nowhere else? Early access mean not finished product , missing features and full of bugs and promised DLC's coming not on promised time but when WC see it fit - if we will get them at all with all future delays. Where we should put the line in gaming/fantasy/reality between an avatar carrying 1000kg + and running and jumping with that weight and an avatar who can bost his movement speed? Btw do you know people in real life able to run and jump while carrying let say 600 kg? (that's 2 stock of iron ingots in game)
  8. If they lived today you probably could not carry industrial forge or tek replicator in your backpack or inventory too not to mention that average PVE avatar can usually carry 700 to 1000 kg resources with no problems. Outrunning some creatures with avatar having godlike powers should not be a problem. Btw also if they lived today we would stil have serious problems respawning as nobody came back from death jet.
  9. Will be hard going in to the caves with small tames or without tames as tames you are used to - do not pass entrance. Will be hard to tame new dino and get it alive across the map to safe base. I guess how i will perform on gen2 quests with so bad movement speed. It was already hard, now it will be impossible
  10. Its big improvement. True power of UE5.2. Just wait UE6 to see movement speed decreased on half.
  11. Ark2 will be completely different game. Probably using "Ark" in title with hope to sell well. Ark2 will be soul like game. So game mechanic, avatar progression, leveling, combat, movement and so on all totally different - nothing to do with Ark. From trailer we know that will have realistic graphics, NPCs like some real world actors and children's. Game will contain also T-rex and you will be able to steal eggs. Game will be expensive as a lot of money will be spent on Hollywood actors and on producing animated series.
  12. Unfortunately game that i tried to see what is "soul like" game i didn't like - so my expectations are low.
  13. I don't know. There are so many ways of monetization's and so many business models nowadays. Do you know amount of money WC got by selling Ark and all dlcs in last 7 years? Google it, inform yourself. I don't know what they did with all that money but in my opinion should be more than enough for Ark remastered, for Ark2, for servers and all other expenses. Is obvious that money is long gone for unknown reasons hence all delays in production.
  14. Please don't give bad ideas to developers. For few $ your base do not decay, mean in PVP is indestructible. Reason that i play ark is that it don't have in game purchase. don't have official pay to win, nft, crypto, loot boxes and similar. Btw in game chat is already constantly trolled by individuals who are selling top stats tames, all resources, all crafted items, infinite amount of tek structures and entire bases. All that via discord links. You just need to have few dollars to pay and win. And if you guess why are so many areas pilared - in most cases is for future sales.
  15. No details but two things you need to have before all. 1. PC able to run 5.2 UE engine with all its functions. 2. A lot of patience.
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