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  1. Real world dino with fantasy ability like grinding trough flak armor, dino will became very old waiting on homo sapiens to appear
  2. It have a lot to do with their servers hardware, their net code and bandwidth they are prepared to pay, then number of servers signal must pass (hop's) and caused packet lost before to reach destination. I'm on optical cable with very fast internet and almost 0 ping to my IP. And sure ping is just part of problem, game code next. I mentioned ping because its easy to see in game by pressing ESC. But be ware that displayed ping is capped to 255 so it can be a lot more as is displayed.
  3. Nah, i tried tapejara tek sadle and its laser gun. It do way too low damage for what it consume. One element for 25 shots and half of shots is lost due lag and high ping. So its use is just as cool looking and little better armor protection than primitive sadle. It will be the same with new flyer if not on start then wait for first patch nerf. Its sad that WC make new DLC's, TLC 1, 2, 3 but don't address apart bugs one of basic problems of the game. Don't know on PVP but on my PVE server average ping is 130 to 255. Giga don't eat what he killed but need to wait and try several times to get meat at this ping. Teri don't gather fiber And if you run in building and up on stairs and you come up to third floor game turn you back in front of building and need to try it again. Many bugs is co caused by lag like loosing gear or loosing Chibi and support do not want to help. Dinos do not respawn etc. One get tired of game where you have to wait almost on each step you do in game. Don't be optimistic.
  4. Bombastic advertising for something that will get nerfed and made useless like all other flyers, specially on PVE.
  5. Is not question if or not dino use jump pad. But why is allowed to do so without a rider.
  6. Ok, now i tested it by putting Tek Jump Pad between me and dino then i called it to follow me and it jumped regardless of pin coded lock. What i can say, try it yourself with pad and your dinos. There is no fall damage so dino will not get hurt.
  7. Frist thing when i came back from Genesis was to show it to a friend but he couldn't use it. So i cleared pin and unlocked it but still didn't work. Then i have read somewhere that it work only with tribe members. He even couldn't pick up it ( i pick up it like a chair) but i had to pick up it myself and then drop it for him to pick up dropped. Then he couldn't put it and try as is on enemy base (PVE server), he could try it in his base. Its cool feature, no fuel use, seems no decay and you can pick up it and place elsewhere any time you want. You can jump while riding dino too. But that dino can use it alone is something overseen by developers probably.
  8. Maybe, but i have seen dire wolf flying with my own eyes. He definitely used tek jump pad. It happened that i lagged with my giga inside other player base which spawned when i was inside of that base with owners off line and had to ask help to get out. But i think that was not a case with daeodon. And i also tested tek jump pad by running on it from other direction and it do not teleport you where it should, where it is set to, or where it is calibrated to.
  9. Tek Jump Pad (pin coded) can be easy hacked I had my pig (daeodon) on wandering (pasive)in base to collect resources -mushroom and beries. And one day i couldn't find it. After long search i found it out of base half dead with food gauge empty and health almost 0. I saved it in last moment. I searched for the way or hole to discover how it could get out of base with no success. Also i checked each gate if they are locked and possibility that someone opened it. No success and thing remained unexplained. Until one day i have just seen my dire wolf (pack leader) barking and buffed and flying in the sky. Then i realized what is happening. I have tek jump pad set for jump on roof of an building. Daeodon stepped on jump pad which is not programed perfect as if you use it from wrong side it teleport you not at point it is calibrated but somewhere else. And ofc daeodon is so smart to know pin to use it (second jump pad imperfection) and jumped outside of base where it got attacked by wild dinos Dire wolf ran to help daeodon but it ran there from other position so jump pad teleported it on building roof. As dire wolf didn't know that Tek Jump Pad is pin coded i forgive him hacking and using pin coded jump pad. So check your dinos, my pig and dog can easily break security systems in game.
  10. Before commenting please at least read hopdevil thread opening post and what topic is about. Official servers do not have admin. You are in wrong thread and in wrong forum. Please post your comments in your private servers forum.
  11. I don't drink but i would like to try some of what you smoke. @hopdevil I'm sorry that forum warrior's derailed tis thread so far off topic, i leave it here.
  12. You are right, i forgot that i see it on radar. If i se player in the swamp i should go from opposite direction, simple as building teleporters all around on pilared land for a newcomer who will learn certain engrams after a year or two.
  13. You should try WildCard game ARk. You will find a lot of fun and maybe you discover how to gather resources in empty area already harvested by someone else dinos witch move faster and have more weight/damage that any wild dino you could tame Or try to gather meat behind other player mutated giga and feed your carnivore tames. Try Ark i recommend you its really fun game..
  14. Yes please try PVE. You will get killed by cold and by straving as you cant put campfire nowhere on map. Nobody will take you in tribe. You cant build base as all map is pilared. All resources spawn are taken. Your taming and tames will be useless for resource and meat farming as they cant compete with other players high level mutated tames. Also your tames will be useless because of all nerfs done because PVP servers. You will full lag because so many structures and mostly because so many changes and nerfs donne because PVP servers. You will be robbed, structures unlocked and emptied and also you will loose items, chibis etc on every lag wave as Wild Card do not care about security - they developed game with PVP as a goal where such thing as security is not needed. You will learn that support do not exist and if exist such entity who claim to be the "support" then that entity at first most do not help as they are not developers and do not fix bugs and is full of internal polices or " stipulations of compensation " to prevent any help . Once you get all that PVE experience you will learn to love your PVP server.
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