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  1. Man this game has EVOLVED! (pun intended) over these last 2 years and I'm quite curious as to what that odd sentry robot alien...thing was in the trailer but it was interesting to get a glimpse at how the Otter and Phoenix look in-game and i am really looking forward to getting them once they get added and i definitely cant wait to see what the upcoming DLC's will be
  2. ok thnx dude cause I was worried cause I have everything set up there
  3. Oooo this worries me that when the hidden lake gets changed ill need to know it i'll have to move all my tames in there out in order to prevent them from getting deleted and if my base there is gone ill need to know if there will be a better place for me to build a new base
  4. well we do have 2 other raptors coming dude those being the troodon and the microraptor
  5. dude if u do look it up the camelops IS a creature that did exist during the ice age
  6. Even tho this maybe off topic but yet I personally want to see the Camelops to be introduced for this game because its a camel and for a desert its a perfect fit for it, however IF a desert isn't going to be added in I still want to see the Camelops (and yes the Camelops is a real creature look it up)
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