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Community Crunch 171: ARK Stream & Homestead Update Tomorrow!


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20 minutes ago, Geonosis said:

First off, thank you for all of your hardwork. I'm very excited to get my hands on S+! I have a question. If a dino wanted, for example, basic kibble, and I gave them exceptional, would that still be 100% effective? 

No, it doesn't exactly work that way. They like their own kibble, not their own kibble and up.

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1 minute ago, AdligerAdler said:

DisableStructureColission sounds PCish. Or is this in the setting of console versions now? I'm on PS4 official.

That setting should be on console, look for DisableStructurePlacementCollision, and set it to true. Might only be in the server settings which would require owning a server from a provider.

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Guest EnergyDrink
1 hour ago, d3vious said:


you do realise, basilisk lay eggs very slow, and you need rock drake eggs to tame basilisks... so getting a farming dino (Karkinos) will take SO much for a new player..

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3 hours ago, AndrewLB said:

Sooo..... when are we to expect an update that makes it so players with RTX graphics cards don't constantly crash? And what's up with DLSS being added? Or are they "a little further out?" You guys did go through the trouble of having nVidia add Ark to all their RTX promotional stuff...  Or was that just a marketing ploy to bump sales?  I'm asking because from what i've read on the Unreal Engine's forum that both DLSS and Raytracing  require not only Direct X 12, but also an updated engine which supports the technologies.

Try to use the command  t.maxfps 30  on the console. It fixed this problem for a tribemate.

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1 hour ago, NeddyTheNoodle said:

I've tested all of the recipes and I can tell you they are correct, unless they were changed last minute. Just because I'm not part of wildcard doesn't mean I didn't input the right values.

They have disclosed two separate sets of recipes. Until this update, and perhaps after, the augmented kibbles on Extinction (console) were different than the augmented kibbles on the PC beta and still worked on console. 


You are assuming the recipes are the same as the beta, which may be. The point is assumptions are useless until verified. We also don’t know for sure if the old kibbles recipes are uncraftable, or if that was only a mechanic for the beta. 


The fact is, there is a lot we don’t know and all anyone can do is assume. That’s the point, and why they should have given more and better details. It’s why there should have been an announcement a week in advance that listed the official and finalized recipes, and it should have explained whether it would be the same as the beta or if the old recipes would work along side the new. 


Edit: Has there been a change, because I thought titanboa eggs were “special” for extraordinary kib, but now it might now be.

Edited by ArkP1
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1 hour ago, ArkP1 said:

Glad they did so much for PC. Of course console got nothing, and no word on the final recipes. We still don’t know 100% what they are or if they actually work until someone gets the update and tries them. 


Would have been nice to have a week to prepare and more details. Instead I may have just got the shaft because I missed one day, and can’t get on before the update to save my eggs from the massive downgrade. For all anyone really knew, we were weeks out before console got the updates. 

I am a little surprised with how fast they pushed this to console tbh

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4 hours ago, AndrewLB said:

Sooo..... when are we to expect an update that makes it so players with RTX graphics cards don't constantly crash?


Presumably this is a driver issue, and it affects a bunch of other UE4 games as well, to different degrees. As a work-around you can set Terrain Shadows to Low, that seems to mitigate it somewhat.

I do hear there is supposed to be a driver later this month that addresses this, but we'll see when it really comes out.


Regarding this patch, playing exclusively on Unofficialy servers myself, I appreciate bugfixes, but for me to even consider removing S+ (we usually  use a slimmed-down version with only building improvements, not the game-breaking things enabled), stackable foundations!? :)

Edited by nevcairiel
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4 hours ago, NeddyTheNoodle said:

I see a lot of people asking how kibble and imprinting works. I've spent extensive 100+ hours with the kibble and structures system, here's to hoping I can clear up any worries for you.

Imprinting works the same way, it's just that your babies will randomly prefer any of the six kibbles, as well as any random vegetable, berry, or type of meat (including jerky).

All the recipes for kibble can be found here - https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble#Kibble_Rework

Now, because I updated the kibble wiki during the beta, I can't say that all of the dinos producing/preferring are 100% accurate, so I still recommend using the information provided on this post by Jen to figure out what types of kibble things prefer. Up until the point that the dododex has updated all the values, all you wanna do is figure out what kind of kibble the dino you're taming prefers, then go to the dododex and figure out how much of that kibble it will need based on it's level, etc, you know the drill. The taming times are generally still the same, it's just that now they use one of six categories.

Hope that clears this up for those confused, I know change can be overwhelming. Good luck survivors :D

Did you ever try using an old kibble, say a dodo kibble when it asked for a kibble of the same colour? That's what tons of us are curious about, lots of us have hundreds of premade kibble for imprinting  that potentially isn't worth anything now

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3 hours ago, ArkP1 said:

Do you have a more reliable source? The wiki varies on accuracy. 


Are you aware of official info from WC? Otherwise, I’m not interested. 

A couple of ark digests back, in the first s+as Nd kibble rework one, they listed the recipe for each new kibble, the wiki is a direct copy paste of that so it's accurate

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