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  1. Yeah, so this bug is only annoying me because of an ocd / completionist thing in me. Functionally, there is nothing that the padlock does when you can just click on it and view it so long as you have unlocked the dossier on atleast one other character before. Similarly to the other guy with the tame checkbox thing, it just comes down to ocd, and it being annoying that it's not working. I appreciate all the feedback you've given
  2. Hey, I'm curious to know more about your situation so I can learn more about the bug. Are you on singleplayer, official, or unofficial? How long has your server existed? At what point did you kill the bosses, like how long ago? And then regarding your specific bug, are you sure that you have to craft the mek / scout dossiers to get them, or do you just find them? Sorry, I haven't personally looked into those specific notes. Thanks!
  3. Hey, You mention all the other notes are fine for you, and I'm wondering have you killed any bosses within the past month or two on official or on a multiplayer server that was at least a few weeks old? If so, and you got the dossiers fully unlocked for doing that, that would contradict everything I know about the bug, but please do let me know if you have the dossiers for them or not. Thanks.
  4. Yep, it seems as if the developers have brought in more content that is literally broken day one, as in it cant even be used at the time that it's brought in. I was honestly kindof surprised that the HLNA notes are broken, considering all the other explorer notes besides the boss ones work just fine in multiplayer.
  5. I appreciate the feedback, unfortunately I have already done this multiple times, I've killed the bosses from a given distance, gotten the dossier on singleplayer, then when I killed a boss from an even closer distance on multiplayer, I didn't get it. I've tried many variations of this and multiple distances, and I've concluded that distance does not help in fixing the problem.
  6. Yeah, what's weird is that I've restarted servers before, but it still worked even after restarting it once or twice. It's only after multiple days that it breaks it, and I have no idea why. Considering this is a bug that affects official servers, I don't think there is anything we players can do to fix it aside from spreading awareness of it.
  7. To answer your question, the multiple times I have experienced this, none of them were on characters that had been transferred at that point. Transferring didn't seem to fix it either :L
  8. So I suppose you're experiencing it too then if you only have three unlocked despite doing all of them. Please if you can, fill out a bug report like I did so we can hopefully get this fixed. I appreciate you giving feedback
  9. Sorry if I came off passive aggressive, I've just be frustrated by the bug for the past few months. I've had multiple twitch streamers show me their explorer notes after doing the bosses on official and they didn't have them unlocked, so I know for sure it's not just a niche issue with me. I'm still slightly confused by the bug because it seems like it has some variations, idk.
  10. Actually, it doesn't unlock the dossier on other multiplayer sessions. Sure you can click on it and view it, but it still shows that it's locked. Instead of telling people how to do a workaround that doesn't actually fix the root problem, the bug itself should be fixed. Also, that command doesn't do anything regarding the dossier when I type in SP. Even after suiciding, it does not unlock the dossier so that's just a lie.
  11. Also, I have made a bug report, but I haven't gotten a response yet. On top of that, the screenshots I posted are evidence enough, a video would be kindof unnecessary when I can just tell you the exist process I went through. I appreciate the help.
  12. I have the steam version, and no I haven't killed the bosses with commands on my servers. Okay, so I've experienced this bug for multiple months now. I originally thought it was an issue that only afflicted my own non-dedicated servers. Recently I found out a lot of other people are experiencing this, even on official servers. I went to tons of twitch streams and checked with people that had beaten bosses and sure enough they did not have the notes either. After lots of testing, I've realized that it allows you to get the dossiers if you kill the bosses extremely early on in a server life time, like right away. Whether using commands or not, you'll get the dossier no problem. The problem is that servers that exist for a decent amount of time, atleast a few weeks, break the characters or something to where they can no longer get the dossier. I've seen this over and over again, and it would explain why people arent getting them on official, and I am not able to get them on my servers since it usually takes me a few weeks to get up to doing the bosses.
  13. Hey Caleb, I'd like to ask you a few questions. How old is your server that you got the boss dossiers on? How many days after it started did you get the dossiers? Are you sure you have the dossiers fully unlocked? or is the locked icon still on them, but you can click on them.
  14. Major Issue with Boss Dossiers (Has existed for months) Hello there. Let me make this brief, The bug involves an inability for survivors to unlock the boss dossier / notes. If you kill a boss on any official server, unofficial server, or singleplayer world, that is at least a week old, you will not get the dossier. This is a pretty serious bug for those of us who are completionists such as myself. If you'd like more people to hear about this, please up vote it, and if you don't believe me, feel free to try it yourself. The strange thing is that it works fine if you beat the boss right at the beginning of a server, for example if you admin cheat into a boss arena right at the start of a world and kill the boss. This bug ONLY affects servers that are atleast a week old, which includes all official servers of course. Here is the evidence of my character not having the dossiers. Seeing as bug reports never work, I really hope this gets addressed. All you have to do to reproduce the bug is to go on any official server, kill a boss, and realize that you do not receive the dossier. Keep in mind, if you already have the dossiers from beating bosses before, it's likely that you did it before the bug came about. This bug only made it so players who attempt bosses from here on out cannot get the dossiers. It hasn't been around forever.
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