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  1. can you look into tropeo taming intervals please if not already. ty kindly. They seem to be extremely long compared to what dododex is reporting.
  2. around 48+ hours on mine... not a word from WC
  3. Island 82 is down as well. Been down for about 3 days now.
  4. not to say I told ya so, WC... but I told ya so. Server has completely died to the point it has been dead for about 2 days now lolol. thank you moderators for relaying this over to the tech guys, respectfully, Xihphor.
  5. wow lots of comments. I meant it to be positive but I really do understand while an event is going on and having the issue of not being able to play. It is so bad on 82 that the crashes happen so frequently that you can't even put something away before the next crash which rolls back to when you had the creature out... it is no joke, unplayable... and just would like them to fix it.. that would make me happy. Glad others feel the same way though.
  6. just adding some more proof that it is in relation to the influx of new players per the attached image. 99 new players on the 14th as to why the server simply cannot keep up with demand. Ty WC in advance for acknowledging this post and implemented some changes/upgrades!!!
  7. Pls Look WC - Servers Can't keep up w/ all the freebies This is a positive thread, trying to help WC out to acknowledge they have to upgrade servers with the amount of new players. (I'm a loyal Steam player since alpha and just want to see at least some server stability, been through a lot but come on guys you can do it!!!) This is NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland82's downtime since you introduced the free Epic Games version... Please see attached. The skinny is that is it up for 15 minutes, crashes, down for 30 minutes before a restart then the cycle continues. It is completely unpl
  8. Wildcard explains things or talk to people??!?!?!?!!! We can only dream good sir. But you know what we will get... this post locked with no response from an admin lol.
  9. it is an enforcement action, I bet you anything. happened before, they just login lock the server so people can't join while they dev wipe things. Sucks big donkey balls cause you just get screwed... happened to me during the xmas event while on the surface on AB. Player was dead and lost all my stuff on that character because the server doesn't shut down and the 30 min death bag disappears... and yea, your babies die too cause you can't feed them obviously.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ bump - if this is enforcement action, can you please just give a server announcement so we can put stuff away like baby dinos... just a courtesy to your player base. This gets old.
  11. mine fixed itself... woke up to myself being dead and my mana... sigh.
  12. Login Lock After Unannounced Restart AB276 NA-PVE-Official-Aberration276 this server never crashes... but only during raptor clause on the surface do myself and another get kicked. Unannounced server restart. Now 29 minutes later it is still "login locked" I tried my wife's account and the same thing. There are zero people on this now. To be fair I am truly pissed with the timing of WC's server admin stuff. BAD customer service. WHY over the xmas holidays as well when everyone is playing do you decide to do server stuff i.e. Enforcement Action. I have THREE server
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