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  1. we have always put out a leash, put the baby gachas within the leash area, expand it then reduce the leash down to short or min (this is to make sure they are leashed) and leave them on wander.. we could leave our base and they would pretty much raise themselves.. we did not have to stay in render distance
  2. Thank you WC for the memorial in honor of all those who have ascended. I also had two ark friends that ascended. We have all played together since Dec 2015. First it was Freddy who passed away unexpected 2 years ago, then it was Fant (she had over 10K hours of play time) who passed unexpected 1 month ago. They were a husband and wife duo. Fant and I put up a memorial to her husband when he passed and tribed up. When she passed a month ago, I put up a memorial of her dermis while the rest of the server put out headstones for her. There is one person who went above and beyond to honor he
  3. What if we have old kibble, wonder if they will eat it.. We had a fear this would happen as we never really saw anyone talk about imprinting. I saw more of what they should do to the kibble than anything else. Thanks for chiming in and answering.. Very much appreciated! Guess we will just have to do the work arounds..
  4. I get it!! ? and I see your point.. and I misunderstood.. It is and was specifically purchased for Ark in mind..and truthfully bought a little more than I needed to make sure ARK would play.. while keeping in the back of my mind, if and when in the future another game comes out, then it will play it without issues (told myself to justify the extras on my purchase and the GPU I wanted). I do really appreciate your clarifications!! I too do not understand them not fixing the issues.. more and more people are going to get this GPU and will have the same issues.. it is sad m
  5. In reply and not meaning so sound mean, but more to clarify.. I didnt look for bug reports prior to purchasing a computer and was unaware of the unreal issue. I have played ark since DAY 1.. My laptop is getting tired, yet still plays like a champ.. we have two businesses and are very busy. I wanted a new computer to play ark, so I bought one. I don't have time to play many other games.. so I say, specifically for ARK at (clarifying) "THIS POINT IN TIME" ?as it is mainly the only game I play. I do play occasionally SC and COD, but these are not CPU intensive.. So, I beg to differ.. not co
  6. OH.. Totally feel for you!! Went thru this myself.. I ordered a new customized computer around Thanksgiving and specifically requested the GTX 1080 Ti, yet when they sent it to me it, had the RTX 2080 in it. Had issues from the get go. After a week of frustrations and trying everything I could think of, sent the computer back and insisted it was the GPU. They swapped it out with a different RTX 2080 (grrrrr.. they said GXT 1080Ti was no longer available) and sent it back to me and again, crash after crash after crash (during the first 5 minutes of playing). So, I did more research. NOTE
  7. Like the stats.. made for fun info and remembering all the times I got killed and still do by such dinos, lol
  8. The Q's as seen in the soundtrack video and Argents in the trailer look like they are flying the speed before the nerf!
  9. No kidding.. I agree 100%... My fear is real also! hehehe.. and so sorry for the XBOX players.. we play on XBOX and PC in our house... so.. we get the both of both worlds :-)
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