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  1. What if we have old kibble, wonder if they will eat it.. We had a fear this would happen as we never really saw anyone talk about imprinting. I saw more of what they should do to the kibble than anything else. Thanks for chiming in and answering.. Very much appreciated! Guess we will just have to do the work arounds..
  2. I get it!! ? and I see your point.. and I misunderstood.. It is and was specifically purchased for Ark in mind..and truthfully bought a little more than I needed to make sure ARK would play.. while keeping in the back of my mind, if and when in the future another game comes out, then it will play it without issues (told myself to justify the extras on my purchase and the GPU I wanted). I do really appreciate your clarifications!! I too do not understand them not fixing the issues.. more and more people are going to get this GPU and will have the same issues.. it is sad my 560 plays better than this RTX, lol..
  3. In reply and not meaning so sound mean, but more to clarify.. I didnt look for bug reports prior to purchasing a computer and was unaware of the unreal issue. I have played ark since DAY 1.. My laptop is getting tired, yet still plays like a champ.. we have two businesses and are very busy. I wanted a new computer to play ark, so I bought one. I don't have time to play many other games.. so I say, specifically for ARK at (clarifying) "THIS POINT IN TIME" ?as it is mainly the only game I play. I do play occasionally SC and COD, but these are not CPU intensive.. So, I beg to differ.. not counter productive.. just want to see ark nice and clear as it should be and not as was being seen thru a GTX 560, 8ram laptop. Was tired of 5 minute load times, NO, did not have an SSD.. Is there a BIG difference in what I see now compared to before?? HUGE.. helps to have a gaming monitor now too!.. Will this computer be used for future games.. Absolutely, if I find one I want to play.. I have only been gaming for about 35 years so I kind of think I understand why I bought the computer I did for current and future uses, then again.. maybe not?? ? But I do appreciate your reply.. Thank You! ? Clarification: This computer was purchase specifically for gaming and nothing else..
  4. OH.. Totally feel for you!! Went thru this myself.. I ordered a new customized computer around Thanksgiving and specifically requested the GTX 1080 Ti, yet when they sent it to me it, had the RTX 2080 in it. Had issues from the get go. After a week of frustrations and trying everything I could think of, sent the computer back and insisted it was the GPU. They swapped it out with a different RTX 2080 (grrrrr.. they said GXT 1080Ti was no longer available) and sent it back to me and again, crash after crash after crash (during the first 5 minutes of playing). So, I did more research. NOTE: I did buy the new computer specifically to play ARK. I was originally playing on 9yo Laptop (it was time) so this was a VERY BIG ISSUE for me. Long story short.. I found this link.. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/3223871682616487082/ The work around I used was Put in Set launch options -norhithread . This was the least invasive thing I had to do to the computer and works perfect. No more crashes (knock on wood). I do not run all epic although I can. My FPS average 100.. Very happy it works, but don't like the band-Aid.. Good Luck.. OH.. and I did see where someone mentioned to use the setting terrain shadows to low.. I think I have the same setting also only because I don't like the shadows as much but I ran it epic on all after I fixed it and had no errors.. It was after the fix that I changed various settings..
  5. OK, thank you for the caution. Much appreciated!
  6. I see the new kibble rework for taming.. do not see anything about imprinting.. Please let us know how this works for imprinting.. BTW.. Excited for the update.. Keep up the good work!!!
  7. Like the stats.. made for fun info and remembering all the times I got killed and still do by such dinos, lol
  8. I have skimmed thru this thread.. and please don't yell if I missed it.. but I saw where someone put out a pdf yesterday of the kibbles and who eats what based on all of the conversations going back and forth. One of the things I have noticed is that some of the dinos are missings from the list.. I did not see what is needed to tame a thylo for example. Which other dinos have been missed.. As far as kibbles and imprinting.. is it possible that if a baby wants a raptor kibble as comfort that we make the small kibble using a raptor egg for the comfort food? This is definitely one of the major concerns of our tribe is imprinting...
  9. Bearbrat

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    Saw this posted today: The Great Migration #2! This will be our final warning regarding the second deprecation of some of our legacy servers! It will take place on Friday, 9th of March. We'll be starting off by working on bringing these specific Legacy Servers offline in the early morning, and by the end of the evening, we'll have a launched a bunch of new Official Servers across all platforms. The save files for the PC servers will be made available on Friday the 9th, and we'll be working with Nitrado to get the console ones online as soon as possible! If you are a player on the Official Legacy Server Network please read the full post at the link below for more information as well as a list of which Legacy servers are being taken down permanently.https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/patch-278-tlc-pass-1-valentines-day-tlc-phase-2-preview-great-migration-2-community-crunch-118-r684/ I would assume they will do the save on March 8 and make them available when they say on March 9th.. I personally would not do any major taming or building after today because they do not "specifically" state the save date..
  10. Bearbrat

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    Yes.. Legacy wipe Mar 9th, but it did not say anything about saves for the people who at playing on the legacy servers which are being wiped, unfortunately. I must have quoted the incorrect thing.. I meant to quote..the question about the saves.. my bad.. I am sorry for the confusion! :-) This is what they said in relation to saved files and where to find such files: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-legacy-pve-saves/ Official PC Legacy PVE Savefiles These save files were taken from the Official Servers on the 10th of November 2017. Over time, if we end up repurposing more Legacy PC servers due to inactivity, we will ensure that their save files are accessible through here. To find your Official PC Legacy Server save file from the list, just hover over the drop down menu and scroll through the list; you can also hit Ctrl+F on the keyboard and type your server name or number to quickly find your server.
  11. Bearbrat

    Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    I have not seen anything about that.. you might have to keep asking again and again like we did... good luck! :-)
  12. Bearbrat

    Glitching Under Aberration

    This is interesting.. a year or so ago, we use to have the same issues on the island.. if anyone built ANYTHING on or near the 50 50 location, it created all kinds of problems.. It is weird that it is happening on AB now.. If I were you, I would definitely be putting in a ticket about this.. The base which is right next to mine (the one my tribemate cannot walk towards because she glitches into the mesh) is having issues of when people go by there, he has said something about people just falling thru the floor and dying or disappearing or something.. Definitely something going on!!
  13. Bearbrat

    Glitching Under Aberration

    WOW! .. No Duh!!! uhh.. she has stopped playing, completely because she cannot play.. was just making a comment to include so maybe WC would notice and fix.. squeaky wheel gets the grease in some cases..
  14. Bearbrat

    Glitching Under Aberration

    I have a tribemate that since the last few updates, cannot even play on Aberration because he character glitches thru the mesh... She starts saying, I am going under the ground.. and if you look at her character, it is halfway thru the ground... only the top half of her body shows.. but then.. if she moves in the opposite direction, her body comes out and it plays normal.. something is definitely wrong.. it has got to the point, she cant even play AB anymore.. and no response to her tickets she has submitted.