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  1. Actually... it states- Creatures prefer their category of Kibble or above
  2. Holy bug fixes.. Thank You Wildcard... seriously finally, THANK YOU!
  3. Falling to their death when running out of stamina seems to be working as intended. Jump off if you don't want to die. Not a work around, just a realistic game mechanic. Kinda like when your swimming and you run outta stam? Do you want the game to let you keep swimming to get to the shore so you can recover stam? Naw they let you drown cause you ran outta stam.. same goes with flying.
  4. d3vious

    Can't build in some places

    This is all over the place... I was building a base in the Sanc and ran across area's where i'd get the cannot place message... Ended up tearing everything down and relocating.
  5. d3vious

    Issue when using Teleporter Pad

    Started after Extinction. I noticed it also but didn't pay it any mind.
  6. d3vious

    Incubating eggs disappearing

    Several posts on this so far. What type of eggs were you hatching? I experienced it with Large eggs. Spino, Giga, Rex, Quetz, Yuty. I also read another post someone experienced it with Tek Quetz eggs. I have yet to see any reports of the smaller eggs, smaller than a Rex anyway,
  7. d3vious

    Extinction Map Border Insta kills you

    Some maps have Lava, Some maps have Pink Radiated Water both instant kill you. This wall is just another thing we will learn to avoid.
  8. d3vious

    Wooden Tree Platform won't snap on Extinction

    Aberration has Redwood trees and we were never able to place tree platforms.. it may not be an option in Extinction either.
  9. d3vious

    Tek Quetz Fertile Eggs disappearing

    See my post below about 5 before yours.
  10. d3vious

    Fertile Eggs Disappearing

    No mods, Official servers.
  11. d3vious

    Fertile Eggs Disappearing

    PvE - PC - Official Servers - The Center 56 and Aberration 318 I've had several fertile eggs disappear while sitting in incubation areas. It has happened with Rex, Yuty, Giga and Spino eggs. Not sure if it's just the larger eggs or since that's what I have been hatching. I have had it happen on The Center and Aberration. Started after the gravity changes on eggs. Anyone else experiencing this? -No, there is no loss of power causing eggs to decay. -Only happens to some of the eggs placed out. Seems to happen if the egg is touching another egg. -Yes the eggs have proper incubation temp, both areas I have experienced this are rooms with 25+ AC's under the floor and never had this issue before.
  12. d3vious

    Best way to breed shoulder mounts

    I just built a 1x1 box 2 walls high with a door on 1 side. Toss the little guys in there and set to wander and never had an issue. What's happening when you do that since you said you tried all kinds of buildings with no luck?
  13. d3vious

    TEK Generator can´t place...

    In case people still have this issue, the Tek Generator has a HUGE area that will get the too close to enemy foundation message. Its a lot larger than any other fixture in the game that I've came across yet. So even if you are inside your base you may still be too close to an enemy...
  14. d3vious

    Tek parasaur

    It has an Alien feeling to it, like AvP type of alien, I think it's the coolest looking Tek Dino so far, even if it is useless for established players in PvE.