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  1. Holy bug fixes.. Thank You Wildcard... seriously finally, THANK YOU!
  2. Some maps have Lava, Some maps have Pink Radiated Water both instant kill you. This wall is just another thing we will learn to avoid.
  3. PC - Aberration - Official - PvE Hatched a few featherlights, then went for a swim in the drake trench. Came out with 1x190, 4x185, 2x170, 2x160 and 2x150 kept the lower ones to see if I can get an event drake! Toss all the eggs in the incubation room and went to bed! Alarm went off 6 hours later, woke up tossed eggs in fridge, back to sleep.. Up a couple hours later went to work. Now after work I get to hatch some more babies
  4. Aberration - PvE - Official Built a Teleporter platform in Radiation zone, Made and placed Teleporter and Generator, fired it up.. learned you can't take Ravs to Rad zone. Brought drake and Megalos as bodyguards, Farmed several thousand red gems, made a 145.6% Rock Drake Saddle. Added some touches to Teleporter platform. Called it a day
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