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  1. d3vious

    Best way to breed shoulder mounts

    I just built a 1x1 box 2 walls high with a door on 1 side. Toss the little guys in there and set to wander and never had an issue. What's happening when you do that since you said you tried all kinds of buildings with no luck?
  2. d3vious

    TEK Generator can´t place...

    In case people still have this issue, the Tek Generator has a HUGE area that will get the too close to enemy foundation message. Its a lot larger than any other fixture in the game that I've came across yet. So even if you are inside your base you may still be too close to an enemy...
  3. d3vious

    Tek parasaur

    It has an Alien feeling to it, like AvP type of alien, I think it's the coolest looking Tek Dino so far, even if it is useless for established players in PvE.
  4. d3vious

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    PC - Aberration - Official - PvE Hatched a few featherlights, then went for a swim in the drake trench. Came out with 1x190, 4x185, 2x170, 2x160 and 2x150 kept the lower ones to see if I can get an event drake! Toss all the eggs in the incubation room and went to bed! Alarm went off 6 hours later, woke up tossed eggs in fridge, back to sleep.. Up a couple hours later went to work. Now after work I get to hatch some more babies
  5. Dogs and Cats living together 😂
  6. After trying this out if you place a Teleporter in Radiation zone with a Weight/Melee Bear and a few Mushroom Soups this will by far surpass farming Karks. Pop a soup, teleport, run around farming O.Poly, teleport back. Rinse and repeat.
  7. d3vious

    Blocking path way on aberration

    As long as its PvE Official Non-Legacy a GM will come make a pathway the size of a behe gate or if that's what they are using they will remove a door from a gate frame. Still sux tho, we have people who insist on blocking the rivers on our map which makes meat runs painful because the building doesn't load till your already face planted into them.
  8. d3vious

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Aberration - PvE - Official Built a Teleporter platform in Radiation zone, Made and placed Teleporter and Generator, fired it up.. learned you can't take Ravs to Rad zone. Brought drake and Megalos as bodyguards, Farmed several thousand red gems, made a 145.6% Rock Drake Saddle. Added some touches to Teleporter platform. Called it a day
  9. d3vious

    Reaper King = Strong?

    They sit at 655% w/o leveling but what is their HP at? A Reaper you don't need to pump any points into the HP. Their resistance and massive HP pool to being with let you place every single point into MD. We use them for the Alpha Dragon fight along with Deer and Shotguns. They destroy that fight.
  10. I never really farmed the Poly in Red zone, is it that good? I always resort to killing Karks along the river, one trip up and down usually gets what I need. But with Teleporters now, I can see bringing a MD Bear with a Weight Rav into blue to gather.
  11. d3vious

    Megalanias. Why not?

    I knew about the Dimorphs, have a few on AB, but had no clue about the Megalania's. Definitely going to get me some, even if just to have them on AB lol (Personally never seen one before, AB was my first map and I still spend about 80% of my time there with the rest of my time on the Center)
  12. d3vious

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    Can you place a Tek Forcefield on a Paraceratherium? If so.. Build a teleporter in green or blue and one in red. Snag your Para build a platform and place forcefield on the Para. Load on your gatherers and teleport to red. Have 1 person ride the Para and other ride the gathering dino staying inside the forcefield, fill up the weight on everything teleport back to green/blue. Rinse and repeat.
  13. d3vious

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    As many before me... Building! Climb ladder, select item, hit K, walk to location to place said item, get it lined up... BOOM! Earthquake! .... wait a few min rince repeat place item. Go to place next item... earthquake.. >_<
  14. d3vious

    What is yalls favorite abb tame

    Kark by far! Most useful utility Dino on Aberration! Equip 2x Weight Doed and start mowing down the rocks if your solo. If not have a tribe mate sit on an Anky, Doed or Roll Rat and go nuts gathering.
  15. d3vious

    Baby reapers and karkinos!

    Does that work with the Raw Meat, when he kills you he takes it all and will survive until Juvy stage? The added stone is a great, mine always seem to run to a corner and then you end up knocking down half the hut to get them out.