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  1. Can we please have an event where we get purple 31 on more than just one color zone? =\ Purple would have been a fine winter wonderland color. I'm excited about the chibis though.
  2. My PVE server never went down. I'm sitting in a pod waiting for the client to kick me out so I can patch. XD
  3. I've logged on to find a giga in my base. It's the same as dodorex. I know, I've been there to the orig dodorex, as well. I keep most of my stuff podded, GMS restored the rest. Why play a survival game to sit cosy in your house? How boring. Should you have to worry about being griefed? No. Should I worry about being jumped on the street? No. Do I know martial arts, just in the off chance it happens? Yeah. Because I like to hope for the best and plan for the worst. People are going to be people, no matter what the devs do. You do you though. You do you. I plan on enjoying the dodorex fun as it was intended. People literally begged for fear evolved, and now people are crying because they gave it to us. SMH.
  4. My base is literally right outside of bloodhollows. I always built my ext like a PVP base, because extinction is the closest we get to PVP. It's better than PVP--at least wild dinos or kited dinos don't usually hop out of the mesh. Have I had people kite corrupted to my base? Yes, but they didn't go far, because I was prepared. On Ab I basically live in the blue/red zone, right on the edge. My base is lit and turreted like a fiend to protect from nameless and reaper kings and queens. I've had stuff spawn in my base before. You plan for it. Most of you guys are used to being all cosy and safe on center and rag and island. I get that. But even extinction isn't as bad if you change your mindset. Velons, turrets, and a good guard giga will protect you from most things. And dodorex won't be that bad, either. Now, I'm not saying that trolls aren't a problem, because they ARE, and should be dealt with accordingly. I'm just saying a good backup plan goes a long ways in case either the game or a player trolls you.
  5. Ever played extinction? Same thing, different tune. If you know how to combat corrupted on extinction, dodorex is no different. Do you really think the modern gigas won't be able to chew dodorex and spit him out? Plus ORP. What is PVE without the environment?
  6. During the Extra Life event they will probably show off a lot of sneak peeks.
  7. I mean, I've had a giga spawn in my base before. The GM's are awesome and do what they can. Did it suck? Yeah Was it awful to wake up to first thing in the morning when I logged in? Yeah. Buuuut, this is Player vs Environment. One should never be too relaxed in a survival game. If you're not a little afraid of the game, where's the fun? And before you ask, I lost a lot of event dinos that the GM's are unable to replace do to the limitations of what they can do, so yeah it did really suck a bit, but the community on my server was awesome and gave me babies to replace what I had lost. The funny thing is ultimately I gained more than I had lost (and that giga was a 140 alphaboosted, with the alpha raptor hidden just outside the doors) and have hilarious memories. I was here for the first Fear Evolved. It was an amazingly fun time. I hope this is just like it. Edit: It was the one time I was really sad I'd called passive to the babies when they hatched, as they just stood in place like little appetizers for the giga to gnom gnom on, instead of running in righteous terror. XD
  8. TY For the info. I'll have to check out the sunken world. I know my tribemates would love it.
  9. Because they're listening. A very large amount of people wanted an ocean map and have wanted one for a long time. Now we might actually finally be getting one. This is pretty exciting. (And even if we don't, there's always the possibility the devs might make Tiamat an official mod some day.)
  10. Yeah, I live and die by the Ark Smartbreeder. Truly an amazing program and I all the people who continue to support it and make it work, including the people who made a new .json for deinonychuses.
  11. You're not going blind. They didn't add the numbers specifically to make things ambiguous. From the posts I read where people were impacted, it was something like 100 small dinos cumulative of any small dino type. So if you have 30 jerboa and 30 lightpets and 30 otters and 10 rollrats, you're at 100ish, and at risk for enforcement. And I get WHY they do it, but we small breeders want things to be equal between us and the large breeders. (Trust me, I'm a believer in cryopods. They saved PVE servers. But what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and to me it's easier to unpod 500 gigas, breed them, and repod them than it is to unpod 100 small dinos, feed them so they don't starve out during cyrosick, breed, repod, etc.) Just wait until they crack down on deinonychus farms too... Truthfully, if they made it so PVE didn't get cryosickness, or, even barring that, if cryopods remembered breeding states so I didn't have to constantly re-enable breeding, I'd be reasonably content with whatever else they chose to restrict.
  12. 1) If they have that many event jerboa, they're breeding. 2) The limit for "small easy tames" is somewhere in the region of 100 small tames out per tribe, based off the reports of people who did get their stuff killed. 50 is way under that limit. 3)As a lightpet breeder myself, I'm already paranoid enough that somebody is going to report my females out because they are pregnant, let alone the full 100. (Please note that I have fridges and fridges and fridges of shinehorns and featherlights and glowtails and otters but I only have a very small amount out at a time because I don't want to get wrongfully reported.) 4)II they're in the corner of the map, it is because they are trying to build where no one goes because they don't want nosy people reporting them when they aren't doing anything wrong even against the recently modified COC. I have seen many posts just like yours accusing rex breeders, giga breeders, etc of tame spamming, so of course they're going to hide their breeding operations because while it's ok to have a tribe capped with 500 female gigas out, having 100 female jerboa (or otter or lightpet or rollrat etc) will get you devwiped, and if people report the giga guys even when they're not doing anything wrong, they're going to spam report the jerboa guys. And yes, I know what tame spam is. I've seen legitimate tame spam. I've reported boat spam. But what you are reporting sounds like a breeder to me.
  13. I mean, technically speaking, ARK (and many, if not most) large video games and phone games essentially are skinner boxes designed to convince our still very animal brains into logical fallacies that convince us to continue investing more time into things, and are in general pretty addictive. Like, how many people in PVP still play because they have so much time invested already? Or how many PVE players feed their bases for months after they stopped really playing because the thought of losing all that work that they spent real life hours achieving? It's sunk-cost fallacy exploited really. And again, don't misunderstand. I also play the game. I knowingly see the hooks game developers use to keep people invested, and participate anyway. My point here is that there are a lot of complicated factors at play that go far beyond "people still play so it MUST be good". Please don't try to derail valid complaints with a disingenuous argument. Most of us don't really believe that the game can be fixed in a day. What frustrates people is that there are a ton of very very old bugs in it that were there in Early Access. Being able to brute-force simple 4 digit pincodes. Being able to brute force into tribes (although I think this new method was different than the old, but I do not know the details so I cannot speak much to it) is a really old bug that they fixed and then showed back up again. Buggy post-processing in the Aberration glowing water that kills pc performance if the video card post processing is set to above anything beyond medium. Rubber banding. Save lag. Save laaaaaaag. And what's the point of having an invasive Warden system like Batleye if it does nothing to stop 3rd party programs, aim bots, etc? Add that to the new ones. I get that exploit-fixing is a game of cat and mouse, and I feel like the developers never really anticipated how popular this game was. I feel like their gambit to split the company and dev team in half (one stayed on with ARK and one went to ATLAS) isn't paying off, as they don't have enough manpower to properly oversee a game that is still more popular than they expected it would be at this stage in its life, and I think this is unfortunate. The game, especially the PVP aspect of it, is literally on fire at the moment. It's a complicated problem with many factors, but much of it has to do with the fact that they are a small team, and that many core bugs weren't fixed early in the game development. And some of the things can't be reasonably fixed ever because of technical programming limitations that I don't entirely understand. So now they're literally doing triage every day on every platform trying to save the PVP side of things. I mean, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I would gladly pay a subscription fee if it meant the company would have the resources to fix performance and bugs and have meaningful support in a reasonable amount of time. Edit: I define "reasonable amount of time" as 2-3 months instead of 2-4 years.
  14. So I'm spoiled. I use my PC as my main work device, and I use a lot of intensive 2d and 3d rendering programs with very large file sizes and computer demands. I have 3 monitors, a tablet, and a very powerful rig, including a 2080 RTX, 64GB ram, and a solid processor. I still get graphical lag when somebody plants their base within render of mine. I still get graphical lag because the introduction of triangle structures (a neat thing) encourages many many tiny components, and they did not give us large ceilings/foundations to compensate, or a way to link many small structures into contiguous single units that load faster and are less stressful to the server in general. If there are more than 250 dinos on my screen (a breeding farm), my system chops. If there are 150 small complicated dinos (looking at you, light pets/aberrant glowy things/ deinonychuses) on my screen, it turns into a powerpoint slide show. I don't even have my graphics maxed in ARK because of this, so it's not like I'm running everything on epic. Now I love ark. I have more hours in it than I should, but it is not even remotely optimized. But I'm also willing to point out that it is not a perfect game and has a lot of problems. So I'm either lagging because of their net code is inefficient, or their graphical engine is inefficient, or somewhere in between, but I have bleeding edge hardware, so it's not my box. Please don't use the "stahp using a potatoe" argument to try to invalidate justified complaints.
  15. I do really really wish they'd at least give us a font pack that had all the characters from their more popular non english languages. Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, and Arabic. At least then I wouldn't have to use a font pack that doesn't format correctly keeping me from seeing certain things, and at least I could conveniently use google translate.
  16. He has a hard time landing on rhinos. He seems to land the easiest on medium sized things. (If you notice, he seems to land a lot more when Megapithicus and all his adds are running around; in short he seems to land on the monkeys easily.) Note: he WILL occasionally land on a rhino, he just seems to have a harder time than say a rex or a yuty. Often he'll come down, almost land, and then instantly fly back up. Basically, if a rhino body gets close to being underneath his body, the AI thinks it is trying to be pinned down, and flies away. Note: he WILL occasionally land on a rhino, he just seems to have a harder time than say a rex or a yuty. Often he'll come down, almost land, and then instantly fly back up. People have been using bait rexes in the center of the arena, but it's still not a guaranteed thing that he'll be able find the exact sweet spot to land, and often you'll see him dip down, fly up, dip down, come close to the ground, fly back up--because his stupid AI cannot find the perfect spot to get grounded. I've wiped 3 times on alpha because I only have 3 tribemates and we don't have insane rexes. (We use rhinos and shotguns and a bait rex; we hide in the front of the arena until he lands on the bait rex and then charge in.) Using the same exact strategy, I've killed Manticore with 7 minutes to spare, and with 15 seconds to spare on Beta, and it's all because he won't reliably land. Just because one run is lucky and he stays grounded does not mean his AI will behave the same way on the next round. Occasionally he gets stuck in the air where he's targeting something that he doesn't think he has any pathway to at all, and he just sits in the air doing absolutely nothing. The only way to reset him is to call EVERYTHING back to the front of the arena to force a target change. He essentially has a wyvern AI--which is fine when you can bring wyverns to a fight, but is not fine when 2 out of the 3 arenas he is featured in do not allow flying. I don't want to have to ask allies to come to a boss fight with me just to make sure we have enough gun power to shoot him down. I don't want to have to wait until October to bring in grossly overpowered rexes just to be able to do a boss fight, when I can reliably kill Overseer and Rockwell with the same amount of tribemates and a similar setup. I cannot do this boss fight on alpha--not because my dinos aren't good enough (they are), but because the mechanics of the boss I am fighting does not work with the dino constraints I am limited to.
  17. So, whichever boss you kill last will instantly disappear on death. Usually (but not always) this is Manticore, which is why if you shoot him in the air, you don't get the element. (Must be killed by a dino with gather enabled to get the element to transfer.)
  18. You only get 22 minutes even on alpha. You get more time on the Rag arena with 2 bosses than you do in the Valguero arena with 3 bosses. Let me let that sink in to the Devs. This is ridiculous. He gets bugged in the air where he just doesn't even seem to be targeting anything. I have a tribe of 3 people, and even with max damage shotguns and 12 minutes on the clock to kill him, we can't, because he won't land. and 3 people just can't pump him full of enough ammo. This means that even with hyper leveled boss rexes, it's a hard fight with a tight timer for any tribe less than 4, because hyper inflated boss rexes mean nothing if they can't actually hit manticore at all because he won't land. Manticore was designed with fliers in mind, but in 2 of the 3 arenas he's featured in, we cannot bring fliers and they won't fix his landing mechanics.
  19. Except that Extinction dinos are just the Flavor of the Month dinos to hate on. The cries for nerfs never stop. It almost doesn't matter what Genesis gives on or how crappy, there will be cries for nerfs. Once they nerf those, it'll be Gigas, then Boss Rexes, then Yutys, etc etc etc etc etc. Remember, though, you are the minority. To use your own logic, they should bend over backwards to placate the PVE community, as we are the larger community and they can fleece the most money out of us, whereas if they make your community happy and anger us, they will get less money as there are fewer of you. You want the game to cater to you. We want the game to cater to us. Neither is of us are wrong if we force the devs to give you the 'balance' you crave, while leaving PVE the hell alone. Everybody wins.
  20. I hope you're happy. You made me learn how to search twitter. This was not a thing I needed to know.
  21. This is not my statistic. This was a dev statistic. This is something Ced told us. I do not presume to think that Ced does not know what he is talking about.
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