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  1. Aw, now that you mention it you're probably right. That would make me really sad. I was very excited about having a mobile base. I guess we'll have to see. XD
  2. Sadly they can't replace reapers or phoenixes at all. For me it was an argent. I just transferred to a really laggy rag server, ran my char to green obi and downloaded my cryopod so I could do a trade. Threw it out instantly after pulling it out of the obelisk and it poofed. I honestly figured it had to do with lag. People suspect that it's to do with downloading too quickly. Tribemate replicated something with a mana the next day. Downloaded it and threw it out and poof. Edit: The argent was an old argent I raised about a year ago. The mana was only a month old.
  3. Apparently some of the GM's are threatening enforcement actions against victims of the cryopod debacle, so yeah. Not just me.
  4. Well, it started with me asking for my chibis back because I had a bunch of rare chibis destroyed via server transferring. This ticket was auto closed. So I opened a new one asking for clarification and a dialogue. This was also closed. Resigned to my fate, I began to buy more chibis on discord with tek. While transferring, I pulled an argent down from the obelisk, went to throw it out, and it got, "Cryopod Cannot Be Deployed," and ate the argent. The next day my tribemate had her mana eaten by the same bug. So because they were unwilling or unable to refund my chibis (lost because of a server crash) I made a new ticket asking for the argent and the mana back. I want recompensed for the amount of time I sunk and lost into gathering all those chibis, and so decided that since they can't refund chibis apparently but will refund dinos, I'd get my time back in the form of all the dinos the game eats that I usually don't even bother to report. Apparently this was a ticket submission too far. I'm not the only one reporting hostility by the GMS over the cryopod deployment bug. And hitherto this point all my transactions with the GMS had been reasonable. But they're understaffed and given very little resources to assist players, so when players get upset they get defensive and here we are. EDIT: I want to be clear, the reason I lost the Argent was because I was forced to trade people for the chibis the GMS wouldn't replace. If they had simply replaced them, I would have never been put in a scenario where I had to transfer to a laggy server with an argent, would have never have thrown that argent out so soon after downloading (seems to be related to the bug apparently) and would not have lost the argent.
  5. Suspended from Support with No Way to Appeal Hello, I apparently suspended from ARK support with no emails or notifications of this. I simply can no longer log in to check the status of my tickets. The dark irony of this is that I cannot even report GM abuse because that's tied to the support system--but perhaps that is the point, to keep people from having a way to fight back GM abuse. I submitted a new ticket this weekend asking for the two dinos that got eaten by the Cannot Deploy Cryopod bug that's been rampant, and apparently this was a request too far, even though there was a huge twitter backlack to The Lil Panda for his glib attitude on this bug . (And yes, on PVE it's a bug happening shortly after people transfer/spawn in/download a pod from the obelisk.) What's the point of having a support system in place if it doesn't care about the players it's supposed to be supporting? If we get banned for? If I can't ask for chibis back, if I can't ask for dinos erroneously eaten by the game, what can I even ask for? How can I get recompense for all the time that I sink into this game that then gets wasted because some ARK bug happens? Like really, this is absurd.
  6. Can we please have an event where we get purple 31 on more than just one color zone? =\ Purple would have been a fine winter wonderland color. I'm excited about the chibis though.
  7. I'd love to breed the turtle so I can have an awesome sea base, but I doubt they'll let us. Still, one can dream!
  8. No sarcasm at all, but I honestly thought that lag was not a thing on PVP servers--that it was only a PVE problem. Ouch!
  9. The fact that you've never heard of the term isn't particularly surprising. Forcing one's own belief (a western cultural/belief institution built upon separatist christian values ) upon the others in the forums who may or may not be a part of that history and belief system or culture is the problem here. That's very much westrocentrism in play, my dude. Implicit bias is still bias, intended or otherwise. And it still does damage, intended or otherwise. WildBill implied that people should not be upset because a game is not working, and should instead be grateful about Thanksgiving. His very statement passed negative judgement on those who were justifiably upset that the game is negatively impacting them. He is implying that: 1) All people on the forums, regardless of location, culture, customs, historical precedent or anything else should be celebrating a very western, traditionally very christian holiday. 2) They are morally wrong for holding the game as more important than the celebration of said holiday Essentially he was attempting to invalidate people's valid complaints that this game is not working and that the mass patches. Me being nice, or not, is irrelevant. I wasn't the one attempting to hijack the conversation and pass my own values and judgments onto other people. People being unhappy that the game is not working and is destroying their hard work (babies dying, etc) is valid. Any conversation about Thanksgiving is invalid.
  10. TY for the update btw. Going to go exercise while I wait.
  11. Intentionally misquoting me is silly. I was responding to the person who implied that everyone should enjoy an American holiday by taking a few hours off ark. It's a very westrocentric statement.
  12. Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Not everyone celebrates that.
  13. How about they stop breaking and mulit-patching in the middle of an event? That would be awesome...
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