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  1. Aw, now that you mention it you're probably right. That would make me really sad. I was very excited about having a mobile base. I guess we'll have to see. XD
  2. Sadly they can't replace reapers or phoenixes at all. For me it was an argent. I just transferred to a really laggy rag server, ran my char to green obi and downloaded my cryopod so I could do a trade. Threw it out instantly after pulling it out of the obelisk and it poofed. I honestly figured it had to do with lag. People suspect that it's to do with downloading too quickly. Tribemate replicated something with a mana the next day. Downloaded it and threw it out and poof. Edit: The argent was an old argent I raised about a year ago. The mana was only a month old.
  3. Apparently some of the GM's are threatening enforcement actions against victims of the cryopod debacle, so yeah. Not just me.
  4. Well, it started with me asking for my chibis back because I had a bunch of rare chibis destroyed via server transferring. This ticket was auto closed. So I opened a new one asking for clarification and a dialogue. This was also closed. Resigned to my fate, I began to buy more chibis on discord with tek. While transferring, I pulled an argent down from the obelisk, went to throw it out, and it got, "Cryopod Cannot Be Deployed," and ate the argent. The next day my tribemate had her mana eaten by the same bug. So because they were unwilling or unable to refund my chibis (lost because of a server
  5. Suspended from Support with No Way to Appeal Hello, I apparently suspended from ARK support with no emails or notifications of this. I simply can no longer log in to check the status of my tickets. The dark irony of this is that I cannot even report GM abuse because that's tied to the support system--but perhaps that is the point, to keep people from having a way to fight back GM abuse. I submitted a new ticket this weekend asking for the two dinos that got eaten by the Cannot Deploy Cryopod bug that's been rampant, and apparently this was a request too far, even though there was
  6. Can we please have an event where we get purple 31 on more than just one color zone? =\ Purple would have been a fine winter wonderland color. I'm excited about the chibis though.
  7. I'd love to breed the turtle so I can have an awesome sea base, but I doubt they'll let us. Still, one can dream!
  8. No sarcasm at all, but I honestly thought that lag was not a thing on PVP servers--that it was only a PVE problem. Ouch!
  9. That doesn't work on maps like center --at least not since the last time I tried it. ;| It would be really nice if TEK can improve clarity under water.
  10. My PVE server never went down. I'm sitting in a pod waiting for the client to kick me out so I can patch. XD
  11. I've logged on to find a giga in my base. It's the same as dodorex. I know, I've been there to the orig dodorex, as well. I keep most of my stuff podded, GMS restored the rest. Why play a survival game to sit cosy in your house? How boring. Should you have to worry about being griefed? No. Should I worry about being jumped on the street? No. Do I know martial arts, just in the off chance it happens? Yeah. Because I like to hope for the best and plan for the worst. People are going to be people, no matter what the devs do. You do you though. You do you. I plan on enjoying
  12. My base is literally right outside of bloodhollows. I always built my ext like a PVP base, because extinction is the closest we get to PVP. It's better than PVP--at least wild dinos or kited dinos don't usually hop out of the mesh. Have I had people kite corrupted to my base? Yes, but they didn't go far, because I was prepared. On Ab I basically live in the blue/red zone, right on the edge. My base is lit and turreted like a fiend to protect from nameless and reaper kings and queens. I've had stuff spawn in my base before. You plan for it. Most of you guys are used to being all co
  13. Ever played extinction? Same thing, different tune. If you know how to combat corrupted on extinction, dodorex is no different. Do you really think the modern gigas won't be able to chew dodorex and spit him out? Plus ORP. What is PVE without the environment?
  14. During the Extra Life event they will probably show off a lot of sneak peeks.
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