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  1. Your ideas make things a little more palatable to the PVE community. As a little more info though--I use the heal extensively during taming, especially on squishy low level event dinos that just want to feed themselves to wolves than be tamed by me. Your changes will still hurt (but not as bad) unless they make the wild dino tribe also unaffected by the changes. That said, I do understand how these are good and beneficial changes to the PVP community.
  2. PVE does not want the snow owl 10 second immunity or the 2.6 second freeze ramp-up. It makes it much harder for people to tame Manas, Quetzes and other tames. It also makes purple OSD healing even more tedious and take longer. The no dismount on freeze thing is awesome though. That can stay. TLDR: Split PVP balances from PVE. Thank you.
  3. You only get 22 minutes even on alpha. You get more time on the Rag arena with 2 bosses than you do in the Valguero arena with 3 bosses. Let me let that sink in to the Devs. This is ridiculous. He gets bugged in the air where he just doesn't even seem to be targeting anything. I have a tribe of 3 people, and even with max damage shotguns and 12 minutes on the clock to kill him, we can't, because he won't land. and 3 people just can't pump him full of enough ammo. This means that even with hyper leveled boss rexes, it's a hard fight with a tight timer for any tribe less than 4, because hyper inflated boss rexes mean nothing if they can't actually hit manticore at all because he won't land. Manticore was designed with fliers in mind, but in 2 of the 3 arenas he's featured in, we cannot bring fliers and they won't fix his landing mechanics.
  4. Basilisks aggro hard onto meks, which can be healed through the tame! This method works great--they won't burrow. Even better if you can manage to craft a mek with high hp.
  5. Except that Extinction dinos are just the Flavor of the Month dinos to hate on. The cries for nerfs never stop. It almost doesn't matter what Genesis gives on or how crappy, there will be cries for nerfs. Once they nerf those, it'll be Gigas, then Boss Rexes, then Yutys, etc etc etc etc etc. Remember, though, you are the minority. To use your own logic, they should bend over backwards to placate the PVE community, as we are the larger community and they can fleece the most money out of us, whereas if they make your community happy and anger us, they will get less money as there are fewer of you. You want the game to cater to you. We want the game to cater to us. Neither is of us are wrong if we force the devs to give you the 'balance' you crave, while leaving PVE the hell alone. Everybody wins.
  6. I hope you're happy. You made me learn how to search twitter. This was not a thing I needed to know.
  7. This is not my statistic. This was a dev statistic. This is something Ced told us. I do not presume to think that Ced does not know what he is talking about.
  8. Dev confirmed statistic: more people play PVE than PVP, actually. It may have once been a PVP game, but it is now majority PVE, yet we the silent majority suffer often because the vocal minority cries. It would be fine if they would split PVP and PVE balances out. This suggestion post has 164 unique votes in its favor. It is by far the most popular suggestion in the whole suggestions page. If the devs listened and went ahead and separated changes out, this game would be so much better--but that's a lot of work to do. We PVE'ers are just tired of being quiet while PVP takes away all of our fun. What's the point of having unique dinos if PVP cannot adapt to changing metas? Why not, then, just make all new dinos essentially reskinned old ones. New turtle mount? Just strip away all the utility and make it a reskinned mosa with an innate platform saddle. (Bet you that building on it will use up like 30 dino slots, fYI, for "balance". ) New lava lizard? Just make it a re skinned thorny dragon. Would that make things better in the eyes of PVP'ers? Yes, and make things boring as hell. That's how we PVE'ers see things--your PVP outrage is homogenizing the game and making it boring. Manas are basically pointless now for PVE. They don't even really have the stamina to be fantastic distance mounts even at 5k stamina. Hop Hop Hop Hop Hop- jump off and regen. Low level gigas are medium grade rexes. Rhinos gather berries better than brontos. Wyverns and high bred gigas are the most used mounts on PVE. Most people just use boss rexes, with Therinzes as a far less used second. No variety because the dinos have been so nerfed and homogenized. Look, this isn't really an attack at you PVPers. I get it. You're super frustrated. But PVE'ers are too. The best thing we can both do, as a community, is stop fighting each other and start working together to pressure the Dev community into listening to ALL OF US and separate the balances out. Everybody wins--even the devs. Less angry community. More players. More revenue from map packs.
  9. The owl changes negatively affect PVE taming. PLEASE make this a separate change for PVP vs PVE. Leave PVE owls as they are. It's super frustrating that we have to pay for the minority of players, again and again and again. If you separated this change out between servers, it would make BOTH groups of people happy.
  10. On PC you paint it in your inv. You have to then equip it (or unequip) to see the paint. However, when you die/server transfer, you cannot keep your painted one--you get a new unpainted one. Painting is futile.
  11. I mean, all we've seen are early teasers. Give them time and they'll start releasing Mysterious Mysteries. But look, this has been a sci fi game for a long time. This is a game about forced evolution. I really like that they use fantastical creatures as well as historical ones. It is honestly more fun imo. Edit: edited for reading comprehension on my part.
  12. For ceilings/foundations, 2x2, 4x4, and 16x16 would be a huge help with server FPS and base loading. Same with foundations. 2x2, 4x2,and 4x4 walls would also help. Alteratively on PvE let us me the large sections of buildings together into 1 unit. This will help a lot with lag.
  13. Welp, that's my bad for not doing a better search. Going to add my vote to that post. Thanks!
  14. Larger ceiling and wall tiles 4 tall walls have helped PVE lag immensely. However, most PVE bases use far more ceilings than walls. Please give us the options to make 2x2, 4x4, and 16x16 ceiling tiles. This will really go a long ways to helping with lag. 3x1 walls would be nice, but honestly 4x2, and 4x4 walls would also really help with render lag and server FPS. Also please give greenhouse glass tall walls as well--PVE'rs use glass extensively in their builds. Thank you.
  15. So I have dyslexia. Sometimes the words just come out phonetically, and no matter how much I proofread, I just don't see the mistakes.. I don't feel shamed about my language skills, but I do appreciate the correction. Look, perhaps it's a generational thing, but all my friends (who are engineers/ software people / artists) might have consoles, but they all game seriously on PC. That's the problem with anecdotal data-- you can't draw any meaningful conclusions that hold any weight. If you make spurious claims with no data to back it up, I'm going to challenge that. You can buy a good gaming rig for $800-1200. Is that a lot? Yeah, but consoles aren't really cheap either. People keep using straw-man arguments about $2000 Alienware computers, and that's just silly. Hell, my 10 year old laptop can play ark even. I turn down all my graphics settings, and it does okay. Not amazing, but honestly it looks like some of the PS4 screenshots I've seen, so there's that. Your second statement, about all platforms being equal (or should be) is the more interesting topic. I, personally, don't understand playing a PC designed game on a console, but on the other hand I hate it when I see a cool title just to find that it's exclusive to Xbox, or PS4. So, to not be hypocritical, I'm actually ok with WC trying to cross platforms, because they are trying to be inclusive. Do I think they should perform equally across all platforms? Maybe, but I don't believe that that is technically feasible due to the core design philosophy of console generational design. Do I think they should have made a mobile (yes I know, mobile isn't made by the same studio) and switch version? No, because you are correct--they don't seem to be able to support those platforms well, and they get left behind. I feel especially bad for switch players. I feel that console players really want patches/etc to be gated so all platforms receive content at the same time... But I think console players don't always get that we PC players basically act as beta testers--so in theory console players should tend to have a better game experience with fewer bugs. That said, I do actually think it's pretty crappy that due to event timing, console players do end out missing some content--but in this case, Valguero is a free map, so I feel like there is a lot of entitled anger issues about people getting angry over something they are getting as a bonus. It's a thorny issue all around. I just got tired of the bullcrap statistics being thrown around with no supporting evidence--it servers to detract from more valid complaints.
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