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  1. That doesn't work on maps like center --at least not since the last time I tried it. ;| It would be really nice if TEK can improve clarity under water.
  2. My PVE server never went down. I'm sitting in a pod waiting for the client to kick me out so I can patch. XD
  3. I've logged on to find a giga in my base. It's the same as dodorex. I know, I've been there to the orig dodorex, as well. I keep most of my stuff podded, GMS restored the rest. Why play a survival game to sit cosy in your house? How boring. Should you have to worry about being griefed? No. Should I worry about being jumped on the street? No. Do I know martial arts, just in the off chance it happens? Yeah. Because I like to hope for the best and plan for the worst. People are going to be people, no matter what the devs do. You do you though. You do you. I plan on enjoying the dodorex fun as it was intended. People literally begged for fear evolved, and now people are crying because they gave it to us. SMH.
  4. My base is literally right outside of bloodhollows. I always built my ext like a PVP base, because extinction is the closest we get to PVP. It's better than PVP--at least wild dinos or kited dinos don't usually hop out of the mesh. Have I had people kite corrupted to my base? Yes, but they didn't go far, because I was prepared. On Ab I basically live in the blue/red zone, right on the edge. My base is lit and turreted like a fiend to protect from nameless and reaper kings and queens. I've had stuff spawn in my base before. You plan for it. Most of you guys are used to being all cosy and safe on center and rag and island. I get that. But even extinction isn't as bad if you change your mindset. Velons, turrets, and a good guard giga will protect you from most things. And dodorex won't be that bad, either. Now, I'm not saying that trolls aren't a problem, because they ARE, and should be dealt with accordingly. I'm just saying a good backup plan goes a long ways in case either the game or a player trolls you.
  5. Ever played extinction? Same thing, different tune. If you know how to combat corrupted on extinction, dodorex is no different. Do you really think the modern gigas won't be able to chew dodorex and spit him out? Plus ORP. What is PVE without the environment?
  6. During the Extra Life event they will probably show off a lot of sneak peeks.
  7. I mean, I've had a giga spawn in my base before. The GM's are awesome and do what they can. Did it suck? Yeah Was it awful to wake up to first thing in the morning when I logged in? Yeah. Buuuut, this is Player vs Environment. One should never be too relaxed in a survival game. If you're not a little afraid of the game, where's the fun? And before you ask, I lost a lot of event dinos that the GM's are unable to replace do to the limitations of what they can do, so yeah it did really suck a bit, but the community on my server was awesome and gave me babies to replace what I had lost. The funny thing is ultimately I gained more than I had lost (and that giga was a 140 alphaboosted, with the alpha raptor hidden just outside the doors) and have hilarious memories. I was here for the first Fear Evolved. It was an amazingly fun time. I hope this is just like it. Edit: It was the one time I was really sad I'd called passive to the babies when they hatched, as they just stood in place like little appetizers for the giga to gnom gnom on, instead of running in righteous terror. XD
  8. As a person on PVE Official with 8 characters that need Alpha Titan King, I STILL don't want to keep having to kill them ad nauseum. It is tedious and annoying. I have to have 24 sets of heads for all my alts. I can only kill them in theory 4x /day but in actuality 3x per day cause lag. If I'm killing them it means nobody else can do anything with them for the next 6 hours. It's a waste. Even overseer doesn't consume your items. Rockwell does, which is also obnoxious but not nearly so as Titan King. It's a stupid time sink.
  9. TY For the info. I'll have to check out the sunken world. I know my tribemates would love it.
  10. Because they're listening. A very large amount of people wanted an ocean map and have wanted one for a long time. Now we might actually finally be getting one. This is pretty exciting. (And even if we don't, there's always the possibility the devs might make Tiamat an official mod some day.)
  11. Yeah this was asinine design. I have 8 characters I need to march through titan king. I've been saving up trophy heads for months.
  12. If it's on PVE it needs to be able to ignore pillar blocking (IE: be placed down anywhere) but at the same time decay after a short time so people don't abuse it (Like a tent). That would make it useful and cut down on people's need to put traps every 2 yards, and the SPIKE WALL SPAM OMFG. Also, I am sad tents can't be placed anywhere either.
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