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  1. Can PVE please have our manas back, circa 2-3 nerfs? This range / md nerf is just awful and obnoxious. Also, when I jump on on a mana now, it's super herky jerky. Is that just me or is anybody else also experience terrible graphical hitching on manas now? It's almost nauseating for me.
  2. Why? Imprinting work dinos is necessary (better people than I have done the math) and it's still a an unhealthy system that punishes you for being casual. Don't get me wrong: cryopods were a huuuge qol addition to baby raising, as was changing the timer to 8 hours. But raising big dinos is already brutal enough. They are already needlessly long to pull out of baby phase (28 rl hours? Seriously? Not healthy at all), and already needlessly long to raise, at 11.5 days and 34 imprints. There is no reason to add even more tedium or abusive mechanics. All I'm asking for is wiggle room on imprinting. To help with oopsies. To take the stress off. I don't really understand the big hang up. To put things into perspective, I play PVE. I'm currently imprinting 23 OSD gigas--because if I'm going to suffer through this ordeal, I'm going to make sure I have enough gigas to last me for 4-5 months of shenanigans. ( I like to push game mechanics boundaries and do silly things, don't judge.) However imprinting more than 3-4 gigas at a go pretty much means none will make it to 100% because you lose time on walks. It's very frustrating to put up with this for 2 weeks/3weeks (cryopods while at work) and only make it to 97%. I want to get rewarded for my suffering. I want 100% and less stress. If people try-hard and train every 2 hours and get done with imprinting in 8 days instead of 11...... Does it really matter? The act itself is more than sufficient enough to be balanced. We don't need to add extra consumables for this. ❤️
  3. Automatic Language Translation So, to help foster a more inclusive environment to people of different nationalities, I would really love it if ARK had different language localization by default, but also had the capability to translate different languages to your choice language. I and many people on English clients use a very large universal font pack to allow us to see Chinese, Japanese, and Cyrillic fonts. Additionally, I believe the reverse is true--people with other default languages often also use English Language globalization in addition to their own home language. This allows us to use google translate on our phones to try to hold conversations with our peers and pals from other countries. However, this is a very clunky solution, and the global font pack is an imperfect system that makes it impossible to see small text like hypo/hyperthermic values on our character paper dolls. I genuinely think if ARK added its own multi-language font pack into the game by default, this would help quell the rampant xenophobia that exists in game, and lend itself towards greater empathy. Additionally, if ARK went one step further and incorporated translation into the game (even though it would not be perfect translation), it would go a long ways towards cutting down all the hate. People would see other people as humans, as peers. Miscommunication and suspicion would be cut down, as we could explain to each other our actions and motivations. It would also aid with reporting as people would no longer have to guess whose tribe was whose if their computer was not set up to read a language foreign to them. I know this is no small task. But I also know that it is a possible task, as some phone games already offer this feature. Part of the beauty of ARK is that it is very much a global game. I love that I can log onto a server and see people speaking French, or Portuguese, or Chinese (and sometimes languages I don't even recognize). I think it would really add so much value and offer us the chance to be cultural ambassadors to each other if we could more easily communicate with each other.
  4. You're right. They were sued for violating a no-compete clause by Trendy, not Epic. That is my bad. However, the original ATV model added and used in the game (Patch 207) was using the Epic Games asset. They pulled it from the game for a while and then added it back in with their own updated version of the model. Default "free" asset or not, in my industry it's pretty frowned upon to use somebody else' stuff for one's own commercial gain in a released property. I am glad the original devs have moved on to other endeavors. Regardless of how you may or may not feel about them, they certainly did not utilize best business practices. I think it's the best thing that's happened to this game is that they moved on (where they are continuing to re-use old assets from another game to develop a new one). And yes, I know that *that* is not uncommon in the larger game industry as a whole (reuse of engine/reuse of music/ reuse of arts) to make sequels to games, but that doesn't make it feel good or feel appropriate, either. ATLAS should not feel like an ARK sequel. It shouldn't BE an ARK sequel. But it kind of is. And that feels terrible. Ark today is so much better than ARK was pre-September. And I, obviously, like ARK, or I woudn't care enough to play the game, nor would I bother on the forums. But just because I like a thing doesn't mean I agree with everything about it. In any event, the ATV controls leave a lot to be desired. It steers like the MAKO, and is just about as useful. But just because I, personally, don't like it doesn't mean that other people might not take joy from it. However, for it to be added into the main game, it would need to serve some other useful function, which I just don't see as possible unless it got a complete TLC overhaul, which seems unlikely.
  5. Caerbannog

    Tek binoculars

    Add to it the ability to see birth color on reaper queens please, and maybe even color /stats on wyvern eggs. I don't care if that feature eats a whole element per pulse--my tiny tribe birthed 50+ reapers looking for for. So much of that was wasted time and strain on our ab server.
  6. It's a really ugly grey area. Basically the lawsuit was about no compete, employee poaching, etc. Having a ATV in there which was blatantly taken from a former employer is kind of unscrupulous. Most companies have policies in place that if you use company time/equipment/assets on a project, that project then becomes property of the company. Also, the ATV steers worse than the MAKO from Mass Effect. I'm really not in love with it--but more power to you if you enjoy it.
  7. Electronic Arts. Part of that whole lawsuit. On the wiki you can (or could) see an EA stamp on the model's tire.
  8. I don't know that they can. The ATV was an asset borrow from EA
  9. Please make it so boss music doesn't overwrite your sound volume. I have tinnitus already. I do not need to be deafened by: Overseer starting music Overseer Ascension Rockwell Ascension OSD victory music Ele vein victory music Additionally, please make it so Titan music, OSD music and ele vein music are not zone/map wide on PVE at least (I can understand how this as a different dynamic to PVP). I need to hear game music to catch when a mob has spawned in my base. I do not care if anyone else is Titan taming or running OSD's. Thank you.
  10. Right now you can't craft a tek replicator in a tek replicator even though there is an icon to do so. This is silly and is punishing on servers like Ab and Extinction. Turn my tek rep into a replicating tek rep!
  11. This is something I agree with you on. Not sure why they felt the need to have it so low basically anything can damage it--especially considering it's so obnoxious to make. It would also be nice if you could actually craft a Tek rep in another replicator.
  12. I agree. The map is very punishing to those who don't have transmitters unlocked.
  13. Yeah but on the flip side, my hubby getting a warning basically told him that his opinion didn't matter. (I did enjoy the irony that it was HIS account and, not mine. He was less impressed with my teasing.) That's why they have a review system though so innocent people have a chance to get reviewed if they are falsely flagged. Because if it had been my account that had been warned, that would have been pretty tone-deaf (lul no females opinions lololol on forums) even though though, again, it was an automated script that looks for double accounts. But I completely understand the dev's justified concern about shadow accounts and sock puppeting. That's partially why I'm usually the only one who posts to the forums and we NEVER comment in each other's post except when our server is down for days and the outage reports do nothing. Even though we are two different humans, it would be pretty shadey for us to bump the other's post. In conclusion, I want to be really clear: one person should never have two forum accounts. That's BS.
  14. My husband and I have separate forum accounts. In the beginning, we got flagged by their automated script and his account got an automated warning, but Eli was awesome and sorted it out. It helps that my writing style is NOTHING like his--but usually I'm the only one on the forums anyway. We needed separate accounts for bug reports/meshed dinos/issues. GMs aren't a big fan of Person X putting in a ticket for Person Y, for example (harder to properly document, I suppose.) But yes, multiple forum accounts for the SAME INDIVIDUAL is a big no-no.
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