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  1. Uhh, iirc you were the one fixating on the elitest notion that it is now too easy to get gigas. My point is that if you know what you are doing, gigas (insert almost any dino here) really aren't that hard to tame, and never were, kibble or not. People who have more similar dinos out don't outstand how the egg laying system works: only 15 eggs total (and of those only 6 can be from the same species) can be on the ground at the same time within render distance of each other. This is not their fault, this is the fault of a game that hides basic gameplay mechanics and over-relies on a wiki. I get more eggs if the types I want now than I ever did before simply by the fact that I have fewer dinos out. Additionally, this game was literally made with the idea that the maps would coexist with each other, not in a vacuum. If you don't like hespirornis eggs, go farm rock drakes or wyverns. If you choose to play on one map only, you're basically handicaping yourself--but that is YOUR choice. I recognize that we will have to agree to disagree--just don't say that the new system is too hard while simultaneously saying that it is too simple.
  2. I started with a giga on center via mutton taming it. Ok, to be fair, I found 2 sheep first, mated them, and then murdered their spawn to tame a giga. I traded for boss rexes, mutton tame ALL my mosas, mutton tame yutys on 2x (oh god their old kibble was even worse than the new kibble options). This was when the game went out of early access. Like, you're splitting hairs. I hate the old kibble system. I hated it in legacy, when there were fewer dinos, and I hate it now. I literally cut 150 dinos out of my base last weekend. it was glorious. Obviously you're entitled to your own opinion, and I respect that, but I see a lot of people out there angry because they don't like change. I hated, HATED feeding a base full of dinos whose whole purpose is to sit there, lag the server, and do nothing but lay eggs. Pseudo elitism aside, this is much, much better in my opinion.
  3. I mean I mutton tamed our first giga anyway, so really not sure what the difference is...
  4. Caerbannog

    New kibble system Y or N

    If you have the game on PC you had the ability to test the patch in single player.
  5. I am a little surprised with how fast they pushed this to console tbh
  6. They had a beta up for 5 weeks. You could have participated in the kibble changes if you are on PC. They did a great job about listening to feedback on S+ and kibble.
  7. Yep, sounds like PVE'ers have to suck it up and imprint a giga for 2+++ weeks, as the managarmyr is no longer a valid mid-teir OSD assistant. Back to wyverns for travel. Woo.
  8. Caerbannog

    FPS drop after last patch

    I've noticed a huge performance drop since the last patch. I have to run my RTX 2080 TI at lowest settings, and I still have a PowerPoint slideshow in any sort of metal or glass structures or the water on aberration. Adding a small amount of dinos to the mix and I get like 10fps in base. It's very upsetting how unoptimized this game is.
  9. Caerbannog

    Cannot Connect to Any Server

    Servers are connectable again. Thank you. It would be awesome if we could get training on all baby dinos, so when something like this happens beyond our control, we aren't too screwed. It is awful to miss a giga imprint by a few minutes and then not be able to get it to 100% because you literally had no ability to get to it.
  10. Right now I can't connect to any official server without Host Pending Connection Timeout. I was just playing on a server, went to switch to a different server for imprints, and the client won't let me back in on ANY server now without timing out. Restarted steam and this did not help. Imprints are due. This really sucks.
  11. Caerbannog

    Giga raising plan

    Oh I agree. It's terrible. And the practically nonexistent buffer for imprints is also terrible. The brand new changes to cryopods help, but it still sucks getting 97% imprinting because you were ever sightly off. The honest truth is it is irresponsible game design to create game mechanics that encourage you to spend unhealthy amounts of time at your computer with broken up sleep patterns. Babies need to eat slower, and less. Baby phases for big dinos should not be 28.5 hours long. These mechanics attempt to slow/throttle power creep, but only acts to brutally punish adults with jobs. And before people say that these dinos are luxuries--they aren't. Especially not gigas. Imprinted gigas are 200% better than wild tames. You cannot solo a red OSD with a wild giga, but you CAN with an Imprinted one. And you need a small team of imprinted gigas to take on purple OSD's. And again--the new changes help, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
  12. Caerbannog

    Rumors of vaults being raided on PVE

    Have you ever gotten suck inside somebody's base because you are on a fast mount, minding your own business, and a base loaded around you trapping you in because of poor server fps? It sucks. These guys don't have to hack to get in a locked base-the game practically opens the door. I'm hoping the big s+ walls help with this (fewer components = faster loading).
  13. Caerbannog

    Giga raising plan

    You can get them to 100% on 1x, but you have almost no leeway. you pretty much have to be there right when the timer is ready each and every imprint to get to 100. It sucks.
  14. Caerbannog

    Mana in rag boss fight

    It wouldn't be allowed on aberration if it were classed as a flier.
  15. Caerbannog

    QoL Changes

    Add training to all babies for better, less upsetting imprinting!