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  1. I know that seems good, but they just slowly killing the game with kibble rework. Ark is a grind, now prices will plummet and people will get bored. Just what i think they killing it so atlas will be king soon
  2. mgnt232

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    wait they almost always get screwed up changing timers. Not throwing my gigas out at all
  3. yup absolutely ridiculous how long cave drops/ only way to do boss battles on your server have been broken
  4. its been since extinction launch! like come on lol fix it!
  5. I don't expect much from WC but the ice cave drops and artifact are still broken. Its been like a month, this is stupid.
  6. please god say you fixed the cave drops and artifacts on official? Have no idea how you could have broken that... but really hinders game play ... another TLC would be awesome! There are so many dinos that really have no purpose like a carno Really hope this new kibble system doesn't make my kibble farm i put together pointless, and the THOUSANDS of kibble i already have made not useable. Finally, can PvE just pick stuff up whenever please. Or at least be able to pick up the tek stuff as well within 30 seconds. I get there is some pvp nonsense why you can't implement a lot of s+.... but can PvE stop being punished with the wide ban hammer?
  7. mgnt232

    Rag Ice Cave Crates are invisible

    yup been broken for weeks now. Not a word from the devs... I think they did it purposely to get people on the new map
  8. --- CAN YOU PLEASE FIX CAVE DROPS AND ARTIFACTS?! --- Was almost excited, then I saw 30 seconds? I don't know if thats some pVp non-sense, but for PVE can we just pick up our stuff whenever please?! Just for reorganizing purposes. I would maybe use the 30 second pick once in like 3 months lol pretty pointless. Kibble - Cool your trying to do something else, but my kibble farm is so perfect already feel like it was a waste of time now probably
  9. mgnt232

    Crafting Skill Limit?

    There is a cap for armor and damage number (not sure about the other stats). I don't remember what it is but playing on an unofficial server before we often hit it. Its something ridiculous though thats unobtainable on official lol I was looking for the 60% number that sounds about right. I have a level 100 crafter on official and have gotten about 48% skill a few times. I am curious if there is a point in which points in the skill don't make a difference, or increase your odds of getting a higher %? Still often get that .3% crafting skill saddles with like 1080% in the skill
  10. mgnt232

    Alpha Rag Boss req?

    I don't go in medium without 40k+ ... some are guaranteed to get stuck on some golems lol level them up a bit more
  11. mgnt232

    Rock Drake Eggs

    if its same thing with broken wyv eggs, you can use a whip on the nest and it will pick them up... they're there, just invisible
  12. yup been broken for weeks. Wyv eggs are there if you use a whip you can get them, they're invisible cave drops are there too you just can't access them lol also invisible but no way to access them... you can bump into them and tell something is there
  13. mgnt232

    Loot drops stopped appearing

    Still no cave drops or artifacts ?
  14. mgnt232

    Rangnarok Wyvern Eggs

    Weeks now WC can we get a fix? I'm convinced they broke all this stuff purposely so we would get the new map. Its nothing game breaking, but this and no drops makes the game a lot less fun... but you know where nice OSD are?! the new map!... Please just fix it, I'm not moving.
  15. I'm on PVE, but can also confirm all of the cave drops and artifacts I've looked for are not there. Some of the spots will stop you, as if the artifact is there and invisible, but you still can't access it. Even killing the Icequeen will not spawn drops (what a waste of time doing that twice!)
  16. please fix this I imagine they broke all this stuff purposely to get people on the new map... but come on its been weeks now
  17. mgnt232

    Cave Drops not spawning.

    ok glad its not just my server... Have been waiting to post anything, but its been WEEKS now! I can't imagine this is a terribly difficult fix WC... Also no wyv eggs
  18. yup noticed that on ragnarok as well... i think its all maps, though they somehow haven't addressed this lol.... probably purposefully did it to get people on the new crud map
  19. Official xbox PVE 468 ranarok. Noticed after the update, figured maybe they would start. Its been hours now and not a Single supply drop has come down, and have even went through the lava and ice cave; nothing. Anyone else have the same issue on their server?
  20. ok well I'm "glad" they're all broken lol. Gives me hope it'll be fixed eventually Thanks for all the replies good to know I'm not alone or crazy too
  21. i didn't go to the artifact spots, ill go tomorrow if its still not spawning drops
  22. EDIT (Mar, 23 2018): Server Name - " Ark 766 Aberration " 1 spot open, first come first serve. Message me on xbox if you join up. GT " Magnet Time " . Join us on the NEW Aberration! CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM! Most dinos have been added in to include flyers and some scorched dinos (NO Giga/Wyv). A lot of the settings are changed, but very balanced. (IE: All Tek Gear engrams unlock at level 90 / fuel consumption 4x slower / crop decay 2x slower / ect.). Any questions about it feel free to ask. Once you establish a small base with a smithy, and flak armor you will recover your first starter argy (pelagornis/ptera naturally spawn to be tamed) EDIT (Feb, 2 2018): GT: Magnet Time It is PVE Server with x6 gather and x6 tame/raise. I will spawn ONE Argy/Saddle for a new member, no more use it carefully. Not being new to the game i feel its a bit much not to have 1 flying dino Host many games with prizes (like roll rat racing/ Nak,ed and Afraid/ Gauntlets), usually on the weekends and it's lots of fun. Prizes can vary depending on the game (No OP dinos like wyvern/giga) ALL custom drops! No more stupid glow stick or crop plots! Includes kibble in lower tier drops that you can't get on aberration, but its still needed to tame dinos on aberration (good job WC...) A lot of Boosted stats, like weight. At a level 100 easily get to 800-900 carry weight. Dinos have boosted weight stats as well. Dino decay extended x4, so if you're active and go on vacation you don't lose EVERYTHING in a few days like official. I played on legacy for over a year and Wildcard basically screwed us so looking to restart and never be wiped! Nice group just starting out looking to trade, explore, cave dive, breed (usually in party chat) Cross ark is enabled