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  1. long time since this post, assuming its a known bug still not working just tried
  2. TRUE Transfer ALL Button (fast travel/server switching) Pretty simple button or double tap transfer all (something like that) So you don't need to go through your hot bar and individually take off 10 things and then go to your armor and individually take off 6 more things If you just want to fast travel to a different base. Or if youre switching servers and don't want or need bring that stuff with you, or it has a timer. I can't count the thousands of times I've had to go through and unequip stuff, seems like an easy fix.
  3. yeah I've been coming across more and more instances of it being worse than before. Doubt anything will be done, but keep the upvotes
  4. this would cause soooooo many trolls! also its not hard to get like 100 element now and keep its up for like 2 months! lol
  5. Awesome I'm glad im not the only one that used the old system wayyy more! effectively. Keep up voting and maybe something will change?! ... though probably not
  6. mgnt232

    Tek Incubator

    If incubation temp is your problem you shouldn't be raising in my opinion. Just throw in 20 AC and hatch anything anywhere. And something that raises your dinos? that would kill the game! Just play on an unofficial insta tame/raise server.
  7. A few updates ago they implemented some sort of search filter update. Now If I go for a meat run for babies there is NO WAY to search for just "raw meat", it will ALWAYS pulls up the hundreds of "raw prime meat". So instead of searching just "w m" and getting the raw meat for babies (old way), I have to type "prime" then drop all, THEN "raw" to get the meat used for the babies. Just an extra layer to the busy box that doesn't need to be there, if I want the raw prime meat, I will search for prime. I can't be alone in this, please upvote if you feel the same
  8. Personally I could not care any less about the story line or cinematic whatever, just give us 15 more levels lol. I feel this is ultimately what most people are after. Especially with rockwell being basically impossible without playing ab and raising drakes. Where as the other bosses can be defeated with an army you can raise anywhere, most just want the levels. At this point no one is starting fresh on ab... so anyone that hit max level after island ascension is basically stuck
  9. mine works fine? ah i see the above response now, thats probably your issue
  10. Most creatures should be able to breed. With that said I understand some things like Mantis/griffin/wyvs/golems/reapers ect for rarity and balance reasons. It was not too long ago that water breeding did not exist. But why can we not breed something like Achatina, Araneo, Lymantria, Pulmonoscorpius, and even Arthropluera / Onyc? The dinos are already in the game, this seems like an easy win for WC. Just make them able to pop out a baby and we will play and breed them for MONTHS on Ark. I'd say 95% fo your player base doesn't care how the breeding happens (baby/ a cocoon/ an internal raise) just make it happen. You can think of something
  11. 1 I'm really doubting Loaded Crysis has 2 posts on survivetheark... But doing a tlc on 1 dinos per month doesn't seem too crazy for them, and there are dinos that need it.
  12. Disagree they're supposed to be different. It allows for another challenge for breeders (PvE), just like tek dinos.
  13. Before I start I realize with extinction there are OSDs and waves of enemies, but not all of us are on extinction, a paid dlc. And only talking about PvE. Most of your player base is at the point where even our wimpy creatures can take down a couple rex. And really the only thing thats next is a giga that is just such a drastic JUMP its impossible to kill with 95% of creatures. The idea of OSD on every map with more difficult (maybe just higher level creatures, 200+) dinos might never be able to be a reality because WC wants people to buy extinction which i get to an extent. Another idea I've always had is mini bosses that would just use the boss arenas but not quite as insane to beat (again maybe just higher level creatures) and could just be for fun or a drop at the end (no element). PvE could be a lot more than just bring 20 rex and chomp for a few mins, make these mini bosses have lower drag weight requirements so we CANT bring the normal OP dinos in. Give us a reason to use other creatures. I'd like to be able to have a challenge for some mid tier dinos like a procotodon/raptor/carno. I think PvE just needs more of an end game challenge that 1 person can do as most tribes are just 1 person.
  14. I don't think we should get breeding events every weekend, or even every month. Would kill the game quickly, its supposed to be a grind. Especially with tek being much more easily available now most people have tek troughs which make breeding easy AND cryopods you can raise stuff literally any time you have free. The 2 times a year they do breeding is fine in my opinion.
  15. Was literally about to make this post! Upvote!
  16. Not sure on the specifics but something like this would help, provided its a limited number of totem claims per tribe. Just so my front yard doesn't have 200 pillars simply so trolls can't build right next to me If not can we just go back to single pillars? lol Its just slightly inconvenient to put a pillar then a ladder, but it hasn't stopped anything... just slightly inconvenient
  17. wait they almost always get screwed up changing timers. Not throwing my gigas out at all
  18. yup absolutely ridiculous how long cave drops/ only way to do boss battles on your server have been broken
  19. its been since extinction launch! like come on lol fix it!
  20. I don't expect much from WC but the ice cave drops and artifact are still broken. Its been like a month, this is stupid.
  21. please god say you fixed the cave drops and artifacts on official? Have no idea how you could have broken that... but really hinders game play ... another TLC would be awesome! There are so many dinos that really have no purpose like a carno Really hope this new kibble system doesn't make my kibble farm i put together pointless, and the THOUSANDS of kibble i already have made not useable. Finally, can PvE just pick stuff up whenever please. Or at least be able to pick up the tek stuff as well within 30 seconds. I get there is some pvp nonsense why you can't implement a lot of s+.... but can PvE stop being punished with the wide ban hammer?
  22. yup been broken for weeks now. Not a word from the devs... I think they did it purposely to get people on the new map
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