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  1. Presumably this is a driver issue, and it affects a bunch of other UE4 games as well, to different degrees. As a work-around you can set Terrain Shadows to Low, that seems to mitigate it somewhat. I do hear there is supposed to be a driver later this month that addresses this, but we'll see when it really comes out. Regarding this patch, playing exclusively on Unofficialy servers myself, I appreciate bugfixes, but for me to even consider removing S+ (we usually use a slimmed-down version with only building improvements, not the game-breaking things enabled), stackable foundations!?
  2. Titanboa Egg is also for Extraordinary. I know Titanboa Eggs are also hard to get, but thats the entire point of this egg category. And Titanboas are present like everywhere.
  3. Honestly I find the triangles mostly useless, because you cannot really use them together with normal foundations. There should've been rotatable right-angled triangles, and not only the equilateral triangles that don't fit with anything else.
  4. Its extremely doubtful they would add these things, because they are borderline gamebreaking.
  5. Download is live now.
  6. nevcairiel

    What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

    Requiring Element for a Kibble on a map like Island where your only source is boss kills would be really annoying. On exctinction you get Dust from just harvesting benches or whatnot. Thats quite the different requirement. And Kibble that require cross-server play would be the worst idea ever. Not only that it would be super annoying, many custom servers don't have a cluster setup, and don't want to either.
  7. nevcairiel

    Unable to Craft Enforcer Lvl 145 in Terminal

    High Level BPs requiring a Tek Replicator to build is normal, and not exclusive to Enforcers.
  8. nevcairiel

    bug Cryo-pods reset imprint timer to vanilla 8 hours.

    That would be incredibly stupid design. Why let private servers configure different rates if some features are just going to ignore those rates? Hence, its far more likely that its a bug that it doesn't account for the servers rates.
  9. nevcairiel

    Purple OSD disappeared with a bang and a pop

    From what we've been told so far, no it does not, you have to stop it when you've had enough, and you get loot according to how many waves you did.
  10. Meteors got re-enabled on PC last night, and instead of invisible meteors, there are now fully visible meteors landing within the city walls and killing things. Progress, I guess?
  11. Console and PC don't play on the same servers.
  12. Because ARK is a PC game. Just face it. There is so many bad console ports on the PC (*cough*Fallout 76*cough*), its actually really refreshing to see a true PC game with a bad port to console for a change. ?
  13. While Abberation was delayed, it was no longer delayed after they officially announced an actual specific release date (instead of just a rough estimate). Extinction got an actual release day, Nov 6th, so I'm still somewhat positive about that.