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  1. They are not even offering pre-orders yet. So clearly, no, they don't expect people to pre-order yet, because they literally cannot? Even once pre-orders are out, its your choice to just wait until its out, or whatever information you are waiting for has been released.
  2. The older consoles would go up in flames if they had to manage all the event content at the same time, thats why this option is PC only. As for everyone wishing they could play events in the future, if you play on PC you can enable any event in the future either in SP or on unofficial servers - at the latest once the aformentioned update comes that adds all the event content in. All they are really saying is that there wont be "new" events and they won't bother to keep adding and removing them for performance reasons anylonger - which for unofficial PC users is actually good, as you can then run the event when and how long you like.
  3. Its often enough discounted during various sales so people can grab it for cheap if they really wanted to.
  4. The mystery almost looks like a floating platform to build on, that was my first thought anyway.
  5. The Tek-look is just a filter on top of the actual part, its supposed to indicate a sort of garbled transmission of a hologram of the item. It does in no way mean that all of these are tek, because they absolutely are not.
  6. E3 starts on June 11, rumor has it that they'll show something there.
  7. The season pass has run out, it covered the 3 DLCs we got. So if this is an entire DLC, it'll be a seperate thing, or even a new season pass.
  8. The Raptor currently in ARK we all know and love (or fear) is actually a Utahraptor.
  9. Presumably this is a driver issue, and it affects a bunch of other UE4 games as well, to different degrees. As a work-around you can set Terrain Shadows to Low, that seems to mitigate it somewhat. I do hear there is supposed to be a driver later this month that addresses this, but we'll see when it really comes out. Regarding this patch, playing exclusively on Unofficialy servers myself, I appreciate bugfixes, but for me to even consider removing S+ (we usually use a slimmed-down version with only building improvements, not the game-breaking things enabled), stackable foundations!?
  10. Titanboa Egg is also for Extraordinary. I know Titanboa Eggs are also hard to get, but thats the entire point of this egg category. And Titanboas are present like everywhere.
  11. Honestly I find the triangles mostly useless, because you cannot really use them together with normal foundations. There should've been rotatable right-angled triangles, and not only the equilateral triangles that don't fit with anything else.
  12. Its extremely doubtful they would add these things, because they are borderline gamebreaking.
  13. Requiring Element for a Kibble on a map like Island where your only source is boss kills would be really annoying. On exctinction you get Dust from just harvesting benches or whatnot. Thats quite the different requirement. And Kibble that require cross-server play would be the worst idea ever. Not only that it would be super annoying, many custom servers don't have a cluster setup, and don't want to either.
  14. Console and PC don't play on the same servers.
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