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  1. iam really hoping its an awesome gauntlet you can make form something. or its a new bug that reinforces the whole 'stay the hell out of the swamp' feeling that comes with this game. anyway keep up the great work
  2. yeah i have a bunch of there mods, they are must haves. also now LAMAS!?! Dear Wild Card, Please add these mods and hire these mod makers.
  3. tek banana confirmed. or, OR and hear me out, MAYBE that awesome lookin tek rocket launcher. My vote is still tek banana though.
  4. I would guess a saddle for something with three heads or a futuristic dog-walker lol.
  5. no idea, first thought was a conveyor belt, but ... hm... maybe like a shipyard? like a place to build water or air ships?
  6. WOOT gotta get the SPOOK on!
  7. It could be a karkinos kind of thing but i think (and oddly hope) its some sort of giant flying creature. You know one of the kind were you see it in the sky and think "oh lord i need to HIDE!" Kinda like when you first start on say scorched earth and get to close to the wyvern caverns. A real, 'Nope' moment.
  8. looks like an enhanced fishing net. maybe its something you need to tame a sea creature?
  9. Guessing its either a turret, or a high powered spotlight. (kinda like the charge light) Or and this is a bit of a stretch, in the command and conquer red alert 2 they had prism towers that would do good damage but the beam they fire gets stronger from nearby towers. (seen below, skip to 1:49 to see one tower and watch to about 2:40 to see three) This is my guess but who knows. Keep up the great work WC!
  10. lol That makes it more clear thanks! But i am not crazy right? like the mouth parts look like a hand and the needle nose looks like an arm blade, with the tail and stinger looking like the other arm. I see it now though, and i think... dear god... i mean meganura and those DAMN ants were bad enough, but if we get swarms of these? well just one more reason to stay out of swamps, behind leeches, sarcos, snakes, and of course everyones FAVORITE jump-scare, Kapros. Honestly, FU&K the swamps, you want to have a good time in ark? STAY OUT OF THE SWAMPS! (though they are very pretty at
  11. Not sure what end i am looking at, on the one hand it looks like it has a huge blade on one of its arms, on the other hand it looks like that huge blade is actually its face. In any case it looks awesome, cant wait for more. Keep up the awesome work WC. Also props to the people who are here to comment on the topic and not basically everything else.
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